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THE TOP 10!!! These are the cream of the crop in my opinion and the most elite of the elite. What’s interesting about this group is the history they are all chasing. Of the top-10 coaches, there are 5 who have won national championships. Those 5 are Bob Stoops, Dabo Swinney, Jimbo Fisher, Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. Even though they’ve won national titles, they are chasing history in their own way. For Swinney is the prospect of becoming one of the greatest head coaches of all time. For Fisher it’s to stand side by side with Bobby Bowden in Florida State history. For Stoops it is trying to get back to what he achieve in 2000. For Meyer and Saban, their chase is for the crown of greatest college football head coach of all time. I’m of the opinion that Saban already holds the that crown surpassing Bear Bryant, but if there is a coach who could challenge Saban, it’s Urban Meyer. For the 5 guys on this list that haven’t won a national title, you can be sure they know it’s the last thing they need to accomplish to cement their legacy. The previous rankings can be found in the following links:


#10 – Bobby Petrino – Louisville

While it’s certainly permissible to question his off-field behavior, there is simply no questioning what Bobby Petrino can do on the field. He took Louisville to national championship contender the first go around with the Cardinals. He did the same with Arkansas. Now that he’s back in the ‘Ville, he tied Clemson for the ACC Atlantic division championship and had Louisville not lost to Clemson, then the Cardinals would have been the ones playing for the ACC Championship and the Clemson dream season would never have happened. That was year 3 and he’s already ahead of Florida State! Only Clemson and Florida St. have won more games than the Redbirds the past 3 seasons among ACC teams. Only Clemson & FSU has a better conference record. Recruiting has jumped about 10 spots already from the time Petrino took over until now. His foray into the NFL was a disaster and his questionable conduct at Arkansas was a bit concerning to say the least but Petrino has reinvented himself at Louisville and once again is proving to be one of the very best college football coaches in the nation! With Lamar Jackson returning next year, Louisville should be in the national championship hunt.

#9 – Jim McElwain – Florida

Some might think this is too high for McElwain but in his first two years in Gainesville he’s gone 19-8 with a conference mark of 13-3 winning two SEC East division titles with the Gators finishing the 2016 season ranked 14th! What’s remarkable about Florida in McElwain’s first couple of seasons is that they’ve been winning this much without any QB play. In his first season, McElwain had deal with Will Grier getting injured and then relying upon Treon Harris who should have never been under center. Last season he had to rely on a Purdue transfer who couldn’t find playing time with the Boilermakers! That same Purdue squad who has a record of 8-28 over the last 3 years! McElwain is an offensive guy so my guess is that it’s only a matter of time before Florida starts playing the kind of offense McElwain wants. They’ll always be outstanding defensively because of the athletes the Gators can attract to campus. What McElwain has accomplished with having to build up the program the way he wants it is incredible. Granted, they’ve been dominated in the SEC Championship game and the SEC East hasn’t exactly been fantastic, but I think that is more of a reflection on missed opportunity for teams like Tennessee, Georgia & South Carolina than it is on McElwain taking advantage of a weakened division. McElwain is starting to dominate recruiting too and Gators fans can be rest assured that McElwain won’t leave Gainesville for Ohio.

#8 – David Shaw – Stanford

Frankly this might too low for Shaw. Jim Harbaugh might have laid the foundation for the Cardinal in recent times, but what Shaw has done since taking over the program is nothing short of incredible. In his 6 seasons in Pao Alto, Stanford has won 4 Pac 12 North division titles. They’ve won 3 Pac 12 championships. They are a perfect 3-0 in the Rose Bowl and they’ve been to 4 BCS bowls. Shaw is on a 3-bowl game winning streak and in 5 of this 6 years the Cardinal have never finished below 12th in the final AP Rankings with 3 seasons in the top-10! He’s consistently bringing in top-20 classes which is incredible given the academic restrictions that Stanford is under. Even in his worst season, 2014, Shaw still guided Stanford to an 8-5 season with a bowl victory! Stanford had a little trouble getting started last year but finished the year on a 6-game winning streak to get to 10-3 which was the 5th time in 6 years Shaw had Stanford with double-digit wins. Shaw’s 64 wins in 6-years is Stanford’s greatest run in Cardinal football history! It’s going to be interesting going forward with Stanford and Shaw. The Cardinal lost to both Washington & Washington St. last season and Chris Petersen and Mike Leach aren’t going anywhere. I’m a HUGE fan of Gary Andersen at Oregon St. and the Oregon Ducks bring in a guy in Willie Taggart who at the VERY LEAST will have Oregon as one of the most talented teams in the nation. USC is starting to flex and Mike MacIntyre put the Pac 12 on notice last season. The Pac 12 is changing and it’ll be great to see how Shaw adjusts to the changes.

#7 – Bob Stoops – Oklahoma

Arguably the most underappreciated football coach in America. The last two seasons Bob Stoops has lead the Sooners to a 22-4 mark with a 17-1 conference record. He’s won the Big XII both years. He’s finished #5 in the AP poll both years. Got to the college football playoffs in 2015 and then won the Orange Bowl last year with a convincing 35-19 win over Auburn. All of that winning and Stoops still gets flack for not having Oklahoma where they need to be! What’s hurt Stoops in recent times is his inability to win big time games. It’s unfortunate that Stoops won a national title in Norman in his 2nd year back in 2000 because since then the expectation has been a national championship (as it should be at Oklahoma) but the Sooners have come up empty over the last 16 seasons! That’s a long time to wait when you are an Oklahoma fan. Oklahoma did play for the national title in 2004 and 2008 but the Sooners were hammered in the Orange Bowl in 2004 by USC 55-19, and then in 2008 Tim Tebow got the better of them in Urban Meyer’s 2nd national championship. The other knock on Stoops is that he hasn’t recruited at an extraordinarily high level the past few years (although his 2017 class is a top-10 class) and the Big XII has the perception of being “weak” which hurts Stoops to a degree because he’s the big fish in a relatively small pond. I’m not sure I buy into either excuses, but getting hammered early last year by Ohio State wasn’t a good look and Texas hasn’t given Oklahoma too much competition in the Big XII for quite awhile now. Stoops makes a VERY compelling case to be #3 on this list and #7 does seem a bit low to me, but he ended 2016 on an incredible note and the 2017 recruiting was fantastic. Stoops could very well creep back into top-3 status sooner rather than later.

#6 – Jim Harbaugh – Michigan

The last 3 coaches before Jim Harbaugh had the following first 2-seasons record at Michigan:

Brady Hoke: 19-7
Rich Rodriguez: 8-16
Lloyd Carr: 17-8

Jim Harbaugh in his first two seasons has gone 20-6 with back to back double digit win seasons! The only other Michigan HC in Wolverines football history to begin his career with back to back double digit win seasons was Fielding Yost who posted back to back 11-0 seasons back in 1901-1902! What Harbaugh has done at Michigan is nothing short of spectacular. Rich Rodriguez was a complete mess. Brady Hoke was lost and terrible once he got his own players to Ann Arbor. I’m a big Lloyd Carr fan, but outside of the national championship team Michigan had in 1997 where they went 12-0, Carr never had a team lose less than 2 games. Carr also lost more bowl games than he won and in his last 7 bowl games, Carr’s Wolverines teams were 2-5! Harbaugh has come in to one of the most significant, historically relevant programs in college football history, that hadn’t been relevant in almost 20 years and immediately made them a top-5 team. His last two recruiting classes have both been top-5 classes. Michigan is now competing with Alabama, Ohio St., USC, Florida, Florida St., and Clemson for recruits. Some might think ranking Harbaugh at #6 could be a bit too high too fast, but look at his track record at Stanford. Look what he did at San Francisco? Sure he hasn’t won the Big 10 East yet. He hasn’t beaten Ohio St. yet either, but Harbaugh’s entrance into the Big 10 made the Big 10 East immediately the best division in college football with the best rivalry now being amped up to all time historical levels. He’s a master motivator and is just getting started. If he can post back to back 10-3 seasons without any firm foundation in place, what is Michigan football going to look like when Harbaugh has the program firing on all cylinders?

#5 – Chris Petersen – Washington

I think some people thought Petersen might struggle a bit at Washington after leaving the comfortable confines of Boise. Dan Hawkins couldn’t make it work at Colorado after he left Boise State. Dirk Koetter had a much tougher road at Arizona State after leaving Boise State although Koetter has reinvented himself and is now the HC of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and has the Bucs close to playoff contention. The same struggle was thought to follow Petersen to Seattle. Most thought Petersen would turn out well, but that it might take a few years…..yeah it took 3. Petersen’s first two years with the Huskies saw Washington go a combined 15-12 with back-to-back 4-5 conference seasons. In Year 3, Washington would finish the season 12-1 (8-1) with a Pac 12 North division championship, a Pac 12 outright championship and a spot in the college football playoff. The playoff wasn’t spectacular as UW lost to Alabama 24-7, but to be honest, Washington played a pretty tight game against the Crimson Tide despite losing the game. Recruiting is improving under Petersen although it’s always going to be hard to pull kids into dreary Seattle over hot spots like USC, Florida, Florida St., Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Miami-FL, Texas, LSU, UCLA, Tennessee, Arizona State, Arizona and South Carolina. And that isn’t mentioning traditional powerhouse football teams with less than ideal locations such as Penn St., Ohio St., Michigan, and Notre Dame. With that said, Washington should be able to push their recruiting into the top-20 range annually without a problem and that is more than enough talent for Petersen to win and win big with. I think Rick Neuheisel and Don James showed that the Huskies could be relevant on the national stage and Washington is one of those teams that makes college football better when they are winning. The Pac 12 is changing a bit with a lot of incoming young talent as head coaches so Petersen has his work cut out for him, but he’s got Washington ahead of schedule and I don’t think they’ll regress. Washington should be as good or better in 2017 as they were in 2016.

#4 – Jimbo Fisher – Florida State

It’s easy to forget now that Fisher has the Seminoles back at the apex of college football that in Bobby Bowden’s last 5 years as HC, Florida St. posted a combined record of 38-27, finishing outside the final AP-Top 25 in 3 of those 5 seasons and having a losing bowl record of 2-3. Recruiting was way down and some thought that Bobby Bowden was finished and the FSU program along with him. Bowden was finished, but Florida St. wasn’t. Fisher stepped in immediately and led FSU to a 10-4 season, won the ACC Atlantic division title and got a bowl win, giving FSU their first double digit win season in 6 years! Fisher would win the ACC in Year 3. He’d win a national title in Year 4 and play for a another national title in Year 5! Bowden’s last 5 years in Tallahassee saw the ‘Noles go 38-27, but Fisher’s first 5 years in Tallahassee would see FSU post a 58-11 record with a national title and 3 ACC titles! The turnaround was absolutely stunning and put Florida St. back into the ELITE of the ELITE category. Recruiting soared and Fisher has the program humming with no let up in sight. One of the biggest clues that show how good a place FSU is in under Fisher is their last two seasons. Florida St. has had back to back 10-3 seasons finishing #14 in 2015 and #8 in 2016. Those are great if not spectacular seasons, but at this point in Fisher’s tenure, they seem like rebuilding seasons for FSU or disappointing seasons. When you average being a borderline top-10 over a 2-year period and it’s looked at as disappointing, you know you have expectations at an all time high, and Fisher knows he can meet those expectations!

#3 – Dabo Swinney – Clemson

It’s almost impossible to argue Swinney’s success. I’m trying to keep my analysis to the past 5 years and Swinney has enough success those 5 years, but if we stretch Swinney out to his last 6 years, he’s led Clemson to a 70-13 record including a 6-2 bowl record, a national championship, 2 national championship game appearances, 3 ACC championships and 4 ACC Atlantic division titles! It’s a better resume than anyone not named Nick Saban and Swinney can certainly stack up well with Urban Meyer. He has shown he can recruit top-5 classes to Clemson meaning there doesn’t seem to be any weaknesses to Swinney’s arsenal when it comes to head coaching college football. He’s leaped Jimbo Fisher in the ACC Atlantic which is no small feat and he’s keeping Bobby Petrino at bay, which again is no small feat. Swinney was also able to avenge his 2015 championship game loss to Alabama by besting the Tide in 2016 behind QB Deshaun Watson. Swinney has 6 straight 10+ win seasons at Clemson which is a school record. I’d also say that this year Swinney passed Danny Ford as the greatest football coach in Clemson history. The only question now facing Swinney has he moves forward is sustaining that success. The way you become legendary is winning multiple championships the way Nick Saban and Urban Meyer have been able to do. Note that Bob Stoops couldn’t do it. Mack Brown couldn’t do it. Jimbo Fisher hasn’t done it. Jim Tressel couldn’t do it. Steve Spurrier couldn’t do it. Lou Holtz couldn’t do it. It’s not easy. Winning a championship to begin with isn’t easy, but Swinney has about as much momentum going forward as I’ve ever seen and it’ll be interesting going forward to see how much he goes after a historical legacy. He’s a great head football coach. Is he an all-time great?

#2 – Urban Meyer – Ohio State

Speaking of all-time greats……it’s one thing for Dabo Swinney to pass up Danny Ford as Clemson’s best coach of all time. It’s quite another for Urban Meyer to be on pace to make people forget about the legendary Woody Hayes. Meyer has been in Columbus for 5 seasons guiding the Buckeyes after he left a Florida Gators program he won two national championships with. In those 5 seasons, Ohio St. is 61-6 including 3 perfect Big 10 seasons, one perfect season, a national championship, 5 Big 10 division titles and one outright Big 10 championship. In Woody Hayes’s first 5 seasons the Buckeyes were 33-11-2 with one national championship and 2 Big 10 titles. It’s comparable but I’d say Meyer has Woody. It’s hard to knock Meyer’s success. It’s incredible and he’s VERY DESERVING of being #2 on this list. Ohio St. is a machine at this point and there isn’t a team in America that out-recruits Ohio St. other than Alabama, and even then I’d say the Buckeyes Tide have equal talent. The one knock I have on Meyer is that I think he ran from Saban when Saban took over Alabama. I think this is incredible strategy by Meyer, but it also shows to me why you can never put Meyer ahead of Nick Saban unless Meyer just hammers him head-to-head 3-4 times in national championship games. Meyer took over Florida in 2005. Saban’s last year at LSU was 2004 and remember that Saban won a national title in Baton Rouge in 2003. So Meyer came into Florida without Saban at Alabama and the Mad Hatter at LSU. Fullmer goes 5-6 at Tennessee in 2005 and Mark Richt is in Georgia, but he’s not much of a problem for Meyer. Kentucky & Vanderbilt aren’t issues and South Carolina had just hired Steve Spurrier and it’ll take the Ol Ball Coach a little bit of time to get the Gamecocks rolling. Meyer recruits arguably the greatest college football player in history (Tim Tebow) and wins national championships in 2006 and 2008. Saban comes back to Alabama in 2007. Meyer couldn’t have known this. It takes Saban a season to get Alabama rolling but in Year 2, Saban has the Tide at 12-0 and playing for an SEC championship. Tebow is a junior at this time and in the SEC Championship game, Florida beats Alabama 31-20 although Alabama held a 20-17 lead going into the 4th quarter. In 2009, Timmy Tebow is a senior and Florida is expected to win a national championship giving Tebow 3 in 4 years. Florida goes 12-0, but so does Alabama. They meet in the SEC Championship game and instead of Tebow willing Florida to another win, Alabama DESTROYS Florida 32-13 on their way to Saban’s first national title with the Tide. Without Tebow in 2010, Florida slides to 8-5 and takes another beating at the hands of Alabama 31-6 in regular season play. Urban leaves Florida citing health reasons or family reasons or some combination of the two. It’s suspect timing because Alabama would win 2 of the next 3 national championship games with Auburn winning the other. Of course, a year later Urban Meyer takes over the Ohio State team which is conveniently in a conference without Nick Saban.

It’s an interesting story and probably 100% conjecture although it does make some sense. The irony of course is that Meyer comes to the Big 10 East where in 2012, the conference is in turmoil so to speak. Michigan is somewhat of a joke now that they’ve gone through the Rich Rodriguez era and Brady Hoke is screwing up. Penn State is a complete mess due to the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky scandal that is erupting. Bo Pellini can’t get Nebraska figured out and Ohio St. finds itself in the Big 10 Leaders division with Indiana, Illinois & Purdue! Sure Wisconsin is around, but as good as the Badgers are, Meyer has to know that Wisconsin could NEVER keep up with the influx of talent to Columbus with how Meyer recruits. The problem is that it doesn’t stay that way. Two years later the Big 10 welcomes in Maryland & Rutgers and the divisions change. Michigan & Michigan St. come over to the Big 10 East while Wisconsin changes to the Big 10 West. Penn St. rights the ship quick with Bill O’Brien before turning it over to James Franklin. Mark Dantonio is now in the same division as Meyer and lo and behold, Michigan brings in Jim Harbaugh! The Big 10 Leaders division goes from being a laughing stock division that Ohio St. could have dominated for decades to the Big 10 East which is now arguably the most difficult division to play in with 4 of the best head coaches in all of college football.

This bites Meyer a bit. Ohio St. was ineligible for postseason play in 2012, but in 2013 Ohio St. loses the Big 10 championship to Mark Dantonio and Michigan State. In 2014 Ohio St. does manage to win the national championship in the first ever football playoff scenario beating Alabama 42-35 in the semifinals before beating Oregon, but in 2015 they miss the Big 10 title game because of a tie-breaker loss to Michigan St. and last year they miss the Big 10 title game again due to a tie-breaker loss to Penn State! They get to the playoffs last season, but are humiliated by Clemson 31-0 in the semifinal game. Luckily Ohio St. didn’t draw Alabama because shades of 2008-2009 come to mind if that scenario played out again. Saban would have remembered and the outcome for Ohio St., like it was for Florida, wouldn’t have been pretty. I write all of this not to cast doubt on Meyer’s legitimacy. He’s an all-time great legendary coach. Everyone agrees, but I think an overlooked aspect of Meyer’s career is that he’s been fairly strategic in trying to put himself into the best place possible. You can’t knock him on that. Opportunity doesn’t come often and he’s taken advantage of that opportunity by helping it with putting himself in the right situations. That and winning Tebow from Mike Shula during Tebow’s recruitment has done wonders for Meyer’s status.

#1 – Nick Saban – Alabama

G.O.A.T! He’ll eventually tie or pass Bear Bryant’s record of 6 national championships. Saban already has 5 and to be honest he’s probably the greatest coach in Alabama and LSU history. Hell he might be the greatest coach in Michigan State history as well! Saban has been at Alabama now for 10 seasons. In those 10 seasons he’s gone 119-19! The man has averaged 12 wins per season for a decade! He’s won 4 national championships, 6 SEC Championships, 8 SEC West championships and has finished ranked in the AP top-10 for the last 9 consecutive seasons! This doesn’t even account for the national championship he won at LSU, the SEC championship he won at LSU or the 3 SEC West titles he won at LSU. Saban has also won 8 bowl games in this 10 years in Tuscaloosa. Nobody can out-recruit the Tide & Saban. He deals with a lot of coordinator turnover because everyone wants his coordinators to take over their teams! Jim McElwain was his OC. Now he’s the HC at Florida! Kirby Smart was his DC. Now he’s the HC at Georgia! Lane Kiffin was a former HC for USC, Tennessee and the Oakland Raiders and spent the last few seasons as Saban’s OC! Mark Dantonio was on Saban’s staff for 5 years at Michigan St. and he’s now the HC at Michigan State! Jimbo Fisher was on Saban’s staff at LSU. He’s the HC now at Florida State! The one constant is Nick Saban himself. We could go on and on about his accolades but they’ll all point to the same conclusion. Nick Saban is the best football coach in college football right now. He’s also the greatest college football coach to ever live.

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Now we are inside the top-20! What’s interesting about these guys to me is that all of them could make moves that would land them inside the top-10 if they had a championship caliber season, which for most of them is the last hurdle they need to overcome to get into that very elite category. As I wrote previously picking from #19 to #11 is probably based more on preference, but if you keep reading, there are some very interesting story lines with these guys that could affect their rankings going forward. Every coach/team mentioned here definitely has a story line that will be scrutinized in 2017. If you need to catch up, here are the links the previous articles in this series:


#19 – Bill Snyder – Kansas State

Coach Snyder is a tough one to rank because on the one hand you can argue he’s one of the all time great coaches in college football history. He’s unique in that he got the Kansas State job and kept it for as long as he wanted. He even came back after leaving at the conclusion of the 2005 season. In today’s football world, a coach at a school like Kansas St. would have bolted for another opportunity if they had had the success that Snyder has had at KSU. From 1995-2000, Snyder posted a 63-12 record with a 39-8 mark in Big XII play which included 3 Big XII North titles. Any other coach would have bolted for Georgia or Clemson or Auburn or Miami-FL. What keeps Snyder a bit lower is that he hasn’t won a ton at Kansas St. nationally. He’s never won a national championship. He’s only won the Big XII twice in 25 years of coaching. He’s 8-10 in bowl games. That mostly speaks to the ceiling of Kansas St. football. Snyder came back to Manhattan because Ron Prince lowered the standards. Snyder raised them again, but he can’t quite get KSU to national prominence. His hope was that Prince could do it. His hope when he retires is that the Wildcats get it right the 2nd time.

#18 – Mike Gundy – Oklahoma State

Gundy might be underrated by a long shot. Remember that Gundy has to go up against Oklahoma within his own state and Texas in his own region. Those are two college football Goliaths that are almost impossible to beat on the recruiting trail yet Gundy over the last 7 seasons has failed to win at least 10 games only twice. Gundy is coming off back to back 10-3 seasons and has posted 10-3 seasons in 3 of the past 4 years. Gundy almost won a national championship in 2011. If the Cowboys don’t completely blow it late in the year against Iowa St., then they would have played LSU in the national championship game that year instead of Alabama. The Tide beat LSU 21-0 in a revenge game after LSU beat the Tide earlier 9-6 in Tuscaloosa, but you’d have to think Oklahoma St. would have had a good shot at upending the Bayou Bengals. Oklahoma St. finished #3 in the rankings, but you have to wonder where the program could have been catapulted to had they brought home a national championship. What sticks out about Gundy to me as well is that he almost accomplished what Jimmy Johnson thought was impossible with Oklahoma State, namely winning a title. Gundy is about as Oklahoma St. as you can possibly get. He’ll be there forever if he wants and I can’t see him leaving which makes him quite a bit like Bill Snyder. Because of 2011, I’m not sure there is a ceiling to OK State football, so it’ll be interesting to see if Gundy can get over the hump and win a title.

#17 – Gus Malzahn – Auburn

It’s easy to forget that Malzahn led War Eagle to a national championship game his first season as head coach of the Tigers. That was a tall order beating a Jameis Winston led Florida St. squad so you can’t exactly blame him for losing. Malzahn has caught quite a bit of heat the past couple of seasons because he hasn’t replicated the success of that 12-2 squad from 2013. Malzahn is an offensive savant, but people forget just how good Auburn’s defense was in 2013. They didn’t create a lot of turnovers but they got after the ball quite a bit with quite a few sacks and tackles for loss. The O-line was dominant giving Tre Mason & Nick Marshall plenty of room to run. The defense & O-Line took a step back in 2014 and in 2015 Malzahn really didn’t have a QB as Jeremy Johnson wasn’t the answer. He entered 2016 with the same problems and Auburn struggled early, but when Auburn finally settled on Sean White, they reeled off 6 straight wins and won 6 of 7 after starting 1-2. The season didn’t end well with losses to Alabama & Oklahoma, but losing to Alabama in Tuscaloosa is hardly cause for concern and by season’s end Oklahoma was a top-5 team. Malzahn recruits extremely well and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Auburn really take off. Malzahn has his system in place and there is loads of talent here. Sean White is the unquestioned starter now and I”m willing to bet that Auburn gets back to double digit wins. In the SEC West, that is an incredible coaching job.

#16 – Pat Fitzgerald – Northwestern

What Fitzgerald has done at Northwestern is nothing short of amazing. Over this last 9 seasons, he’s lead the Wildcats to 7 bowl games. In the 114 seasons before Fitzgerald got to Evanston, Northwestern played in a total of 6 bowl games! It’s almost impossible for Northwestern to recruit on any major level unless some kids simply want to wind up in Evanston or have ties to Northwestern. While the Wildcats might not necessarily have it as bad as Vanderbilt because the Commodores play in the SEC, that might change given how good the coaching in the Big 10 is getting. I guess it could be worse and Northwestern could be in the Big 10 East, but Nebraska, Wisconsin & Iowa are pretty darn good. Lovie Smith is recruiting better to Illinois and Purdue & Minnesota just hired solid young coaches. It’ll be interesting to see how Fitzgerald adjusts to an influx of talent in the coaching ranks. He’s never gotten Northwestern to the Rose Bowl the way Gary Barnett was able to but he’s won 10 games in 2 of the past 5 years. Regardless of what happens around him, I have a feeling that Fitzgerald is going to keep winnings games. One thing I do want to mention about Fitzgerald and Northwestern is that if I had to pick any place for my son to go to college and play football, Northwestern would be in the discussion along with Michigan and Stanford. There really isn’t a better compliment to pay a head coach.

#15 – James Franklin – Penn State

From semi-mess to Rose Bowl in 3-years!? Franklin has more than earned ranking this high even if hadn’t took the Nittany Lions to a Big 10 championship in year 3. Franklin didn’t necessarily inherit the mess that descended upon Happy Valley in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, but Bill O’Brien was never going to be a long term solution and bolted for the NFL the first chance he got. Franklin didn’t shy away from the task of making Penn St. nationally relevant again and in just 3 years he had the Lions playing the Rose Bowl for the first time since 2008 and ranked inside the top-10 in the final AP poll for the first time since 2009! Franklin recruited at a high level immediately when taking the job, but he’s been able to sustain that success despite having a couple of 7-6 seasons to start his tenure. That success would only seem to increase the more Franklin wins because as a football purist, there isn’t many places more special to play than at Penn State! The only wild thing about Frankin’s success will be his ability to keep it going. He’s ranked #15 on this list which is fantastic, but he’s just 4th among coaches in the Big 10 East. That division is without a doubt the most feared and difficult division in all off football with Penn St. emerging as a national threat. Michigan St. isn’t always going to have off years and it’ll be intriguing to see what Franklin can do once Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State are firing on all cylinders. I think Franklin can handle the difficulty.

#14 – Kyle Whittingham – Utah

Did you know that Whittingham is 10-1 in bowl games since taking for Urban Meyer as HC of Utah!? That’s downright amazing and if I’m not mistaken that is the best record of any FBS coach in bowl games that have coached at least 6 of them. All Whittingham does is win football games, but what is most impressive about him is the transition Utah made into the Pac 12. In their last 3 years in the Mountain West, Whittingham guided the Utes to a 33-6 record including their perfect 13-0 year in 2008 which saw Utah finished ranked #2 in the nation! The transition to the Pac 12 was never going to be easy and Utah took some lumps early going 9-18 in conference play in their first 3 seasons. Their next 3 seasons have seen a complete turnaround as Utah has posted a 28-11 record from 2014-2016 with a conference mark of 16-11, winning a share of the Pac 12 South in 2015. A by product of playing in a better conference and winning is that recruiting has massively improved for the Utes since 2014 and the program has a lot more talent on hand to compete with other Pac 12 schools. Last season Utah almost broke through expoentially. The Utes finished 9-4 with a bowl win over Indiana, but their 4 losses came by a total of 19 points! The year before (2015) Utah finished 10-3 with 2 of their losses coming by a combined 15 points. Utah & Whitingham win their fair share of close games as well, but winning a lot more of those games than you lose is a clear indicated of a great coach, which is exactly what Whittingham is.

#13 – Mark Richt – Miami-FL

Richt is another tricky coach because of perception versus reality. There is a lot of sentiment that Richt was somewhat of a disappointment at Georgia despite coaching in Athens for 15 years and averaging 10 wins a season while also averaging a 6-2 conference record during those 15 seasons! Did I mention Georgia plays in the SEC? That’s outstanding but at Georgia that’s only close. During those 15 seasons, Richt won just 2 outright SEC titles and hadn’t one one since 2005 when Georgia parted ways with him after the 2015 season. Richt is a tremendous coach and a tremendous recruiter. There can be no doubt about that, but what’s interesting about Richt’s time in college football is that he got to Georgia in 2001. Urban Meyer got to Florida in 2005. Richt won 2 SEC titles from 2001-2005 and 3 SEC East divisions. It’s also worth noting that Nick Saban was at LSU from 2000-2004 and then at Alabama from 2007 to present. Richt is fantastic. Everyone would agree, but Meyer & Saban and absolute Hall of Fame locks. Saban is arguably the greatest college football coach of all time and Meyer is easily in the top-5 if not #2 behind Saban. Richt’s only real crime is being born at the wrong time, between Saban (9-years later) and Meyer (4-years prior). Richt will do an outstanding job at Miami-FL. Recruiting will be fantastic. He already went 9-4 in his first season and came pretty close to winning the ACC Coastal. He’s not in the Atlantic with FSU & Clemson so the real story here is can Richt take Miami-FL a step further than he took Georgia? Do that and he leaps into the top-10 of these rankings. Stay 10-3 every year and Richt is a top-15 coach for sure, but not quite elite of the elite.

#12 – Gary Patterson – Texas Christian

It took Patterson a couple of years to figure out the Big XII, but once he did, the Horned Frogs started dominating in much the same fashion that destroyed the competition in the Mountain West. From 2014-2015, TCU posted a 23-3 record with a couple of top-10 finishes and a share of the Big XII title in 2014. The 2014 season stung a bit as TCU dropped a 3 points game in Waco to Baylor which nailed their coffin for a shot at the college football playoffs. Florida St. was going to be in as they were 13-0 and defending champions. Alabama was 12-1 and SEC Champs. They weren’t being left out regardless. Ohio St. is Ohio State. At 12-1 they weren’t going to be left out. They had won 11 straight games and was coming off a 59-0 beating of Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship. The one team TCU could have argued against is Oregon, but Baylor might have had a better argument as Baylor beat TCU, but the Bears also lost to West Virginia. The thought was that if TCU can’t win the Big XII outright, should they be in the playoffs? I don’t know who they bump out and I don’t know how TCU would have fared, but that was a tremendous team and Patterson showed that he could take TCU from the Big XII and make them legitimate national title contenders. Last year was a bump in the road for Patterson and the Frogs and you could sense some let down after the Trevone Boykin/Aaron Green/Josh Doctson era ended on offense. TCU has a lot coming back in 2017 and my guess is Patterson jumps back into the top-10 of these rankings.

#11 – Mark Dantonio – Michigan State

I think we can all agree that Dantonio is a helluva football coach and is deserving of this ranking and maybe #11 is too low, but I do think there is a trend here that needs to be looked at because it involved Dantonio going forward. Dantonio really started to up his value as a HC starting in 2010 when he led the Spartans to an 11-2 record with a share of the Big 10 title. From 2010 to 2015, Michigan St. went 65-16 (39-9) with 3 Big 10 titles and 3 Big 10 division titles. Sparty won the Rose Bowl in 2013 and finished ranked in the top-14 in five of the 6 seasons and in the top-6 from 2013 to 2015! The 2010 to 2014 era is significant because of what was going on at Michigan during this time. From 2010-2014, the Wolverines were 38-26 (21-19). Michigan wasn’t Michigan in those 5 seasons and historically speaking, Michigan St. took on the role of Michigan while Michigan took on the role of Michigan State. What happened in 2015? Jim Harbaugh showed up in Ann Arbor! You could argue that the 2015 season showed that Dantonio could handle both Ohio State and Michigan, but that is tough because Michigan St. won a road game over Michigan when the Wolverines game it away. They also beat Ohio St. in Columbus in a game they shouldn’t have and then beat Iowa in the Big 10 championship in a game Iowa should have won. The playoffs exposed Michigan St. a bit when Alabama beat them 38-0, but maybe the Tide would have beat Ohio St. and Michigan by 40 points too! The proof might have come in 2016 when Michigan St. fell off considerably and finished 3-9 with a 1-8 mark in Big 10 play which included losses to Indiana, Northwestern, Maryland and Illinois. Winning those games would have pushed MSU to 7-5 potentially which would have gotten them bowl eligible at least with a shot at 8-5.  Maybe Connor Cook was that important!? Recruiting was down in 2017 for the Spartans while Michigan dominated. The trick with Dantonio is staying relevant while Michigan starts to dominate under Harbaugh. I think geography plays a role here. Auburn and Alabama can coexist as superpowers because they are in Alabama and the southeast. Florida and Florida St. can exist because they reside in Florida. The state of Michigan can’t resemble that type if relationship between it’s two football powers. Is Dantonio an outstanding head coach who can weather a bad year and get right back to the top of the Big 10 East or is he merely a solid head coach who took advantage of Michigan being down?

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We are now over half way done with the rankings with 36 college coaches in the books. You can probably say this with some certainty about any particular range of coaches ranked thus far, but I especially thought at this point that putting a coach here or there was especially difficult because it probably comes down to preference. I thought this was interesting in terms of recruiting because at this point in the rankings from #16 or #17 to #29 or #30, it probably comes down to a recruit’s willingness to buy into the system and his potential relationship with the coaching staff. At this point we aren’t talking about a recruit choosing between Alabama & Rutgers. It’s more choosing between Iowa and Mississippi State. There probably isn’t a wrong answer. To get you caught up, here are the links from the coaches ranked lower than #29:


Now let’s kick off with #29!

#29 – Kirby Smart – Georgia

Some might think this is a little too high for Smart given that he just came off his first year as a HC in Athens where the Georgia Bulldogs finished a pedestrian 8-5 with a 4-4 SEC record in an SEC East that was far from stellar, but I’d take the opposite approach and say Smart accomplished a tremendous amount in Year 1. Georgia did drop 3 home games it shouldn’t have (Tennessee, Vanderbilt & Georgia Tech), but those 3 losses turn to wins and UGA is 11-2 and not 8-5. That’s a rough argument because it cuts both ways, but I don’t think Georgia is going to have problems winning home games moving forward. The team played extremely well on the road even with Smart instituting his new defensive schemes with an offense that never really had a settled QB position. Throw in Nick Chubb coming back from injury and 8-5 doesn’t look too bad for a first year guy heading up one of college football’s elite blue bloods.

#28 – Clay Helton – USC

Helton may not have been the obvious pick to take the reigns in Troy, but he’s the right pick. It’s difficult to get a feel for Helton, but how can you argue with the results thus far? USC by year’s end was arguably one of the three best teams in football along with Alabama & Clemson. The Trojans ended the year on a 9-game winning streak that saw them finish the season with a 52-49 win over Penn St. in the Rose Bowl. Washington was fortunate that USC lost out on the Pac 12 South because I thought USC would have beat them in the Pac 12 championship game. All Helton has done over the last 2 seasons is go 15-7 with a conference record of 12-3! USC is also back to full scholarship strength for the most part and Helton is making no bones about cashing in. He’s recruiting at an exceptionally high level. High level recruiting. High level coaching. We are about ready to see some incredible wars between USC & Washington. The Pac 12 is bananas and Helton will climb this list by leaps and bounds after 2017.

#27 – Paul Johnson – Georgia Tech

I feel like this is too low for Johnson because he’s an incredible coach but he has a couple of things working against him. He’s a system guy because he runs that triple option on offense and that is going to have a tendency to play poorly when a new crop of players come in. This is essentially what happened in 2015 when GT finished 3-9. QB Justin Thomas returned, but their two leading RBs were freshman. That changed in 2016 when Marcus Marshall & Clinton Lynch returned, but RB Dedrick Mills turned out to be outstanding which gave Johnson quite a bit to work with. That improved the team and GT went 9-4 with a 6-1 record in their last 7 games including road wins over Virginia Tech & Georgia. Johnson doesn’t recruit the kinds of players that a lot of other schools are able to. He’s still won two ACC Coastal division championships in the last 5 years and the Yellow Jackets are a team nobody wants to face.

#26 – Kirk Ferentz – Iowa

Ferentz is probably underrated here, but you can’t help but be a little disappointed in Iowa every time they look like they are going to turn a corner. In 2015, Iowa had a tremendous year finishing with a perfect regular season but lost the Big 10 championship game to Michigan St. and the Rose Bowl to Stanford to put a black mark on an otherwise outstanding season. They followed that up last year with an 8-5 campaign that should have been 10-3. But we’ve seen this before from Ferentz. Iowa was 31-7 from 2002-2004 but followed those 3-years with a 3-year record of 19-18 from 2005-2007! The Hawkeyes finished 11-2 in 2009 but followed that up with an 8-5 season. Iowa has spurts of greatness but they are never sustained. Given the talent disparity between an Iowa and say a Michigan/Ohio State, what Ferentz has done in Iowa City is spectacular, but for some reason it always seems a bit disappointing. Iowa should win 10 games a year.

#25 – Paul Chryst – Wisconsin

The jury is still out on Chryst at this point, but the early returns are nothing short of incredible. Chyrst took over for Gary Andersen once Andersen bolted for Oregon State and the Badgers haven’t missed a beat. In his two seasons in Madison, Chryst is 21-6 with a Big 10 record of 13-4 with a Big 10 West division title in 2016. Chryst hasn’t had the most stable offensive game plan the last couple of seasons. In 2015 he had to deal with the loss of RB Corey Clement. Last he had to break in a new starting QB when Joel Stave graduated. What has been constant for Chryst is having a TREMENDOUS defense led by great coordinators. Dave Aranda was DC for Chryst in 2015 before bolting for LSU in 2016. In 2016, Chyrst hired Justin Wilcox to be DC, but Wilcox is now the HC for Cal. This year, former Badger Jim Leonard, takes over after having studied under both Aranda & Wilcox. If Chryst turns in another 11-win season, he’ll shoot up these rankings.

#24 – Dana Holgorsen – West Virginia

I’m a big fan of Holgorsen and he has the Mountaineers trending in the right direction. In 2014 WVU went 7-6. They improved to 8-5 a year later before having somewhat of a coming out party last season when they finished 10-3 (7-2) which was the best record West Virginia has had in the Big XII under Holgorsen. The interesting thing to see with Holgorsen is if he can continue the trend. Recruiting has dropped just a bit the last couple of years and it won’t be easy with the Mountaineers losing their starting QB along with a couple of their best defenders. It’s always going to be hard to compete with Oklahoma & Texas in conference play, but Holgorsen should have WVU set up enough that if one of the powers slip up, West Virginia should be right there to take advantage. That’s the key at this point. When does WVU get home games against Oklahoma & Texas in the same year and can they be primed to beat both of them?

#23 – David Cutcliffe – Duke

Last year’s 4-8 (1-7) team was disappointing but the 4-years prior to 2016 saw Duke finish 33-20, win the ACC Coastal once and get to 4-straight bowl games culminating in 2015 with their first bowl win since 1960! Before Cutcliffe came along the Blue Devils had never made it to a bowl game in back-to-back years. Cutcliffe did in back-to-back-to-back-to-back! He’s also been able to sell the football program as Duke has climbed out of the 50s and 60s recruiting rankings into the 30s and 40s. Duke is never going to out-talent anybody and the football team will always play second fiddle to the basketball team, but you can’t dismiss Cutcliffe’s coaching chops at all. Putting this guy at a place like Oregon or Florida would be scary given the resources he’d have to run the program. The ACC is getting tougher, but keep in mind Duke was a bit young last year. Cutcliffe is going to have more experience in 2017 and he’ll get the most out of it.

#22 – Mike Leach – Washington State

The Cougars were a completely mess under Bill Doba and Paul Wulff before the PIRATE took over. All Leach has done is get Wazzou back to a bowl game in his 2nd year and then come within a win over Washington of winning the Pac 12 North in year 5 last season. We shouldn’t be surprised. Leach spent 10 years in Lubbock at Texas Tech where he never posted a losing season and won 8-9 games per season. It took him 3 years to get Washington St. headed in the right direction, but over the last two seasons the team is 17-9 with a conference record of 13-5! Imagine if Leach wasn’t giving away games each season to FCS opponents!? Leach is still having trouble selling Pullman to potential recruits, but he never recruited exceptionally at Texas Tech either and it didn’t seem to matter. You can make a legitimate argument Leach should be much higher. Are there really 21 other coaches you’d rather have than the PIRATE himself?

#21 – Dan Mullen – Mississippi State

I’m only looking at the last 5 years of data for each coach, but it’s impossible ignore what Mullen has done over his team at Mississippi State. His only losing regular season was his first and he’s guided the Bulldogs to 7 straight bowl games. It was amazing how good Dak Prescott ended up for the Cowboys this past season, but what might have been even more impressive is Mullen getting the MSU to a bowl game in the year after Prescott left! Those were enormous shoes to fill and Mullen was still able to get MSU to 6 wins. While he’s never really had Hail State close to competing for a national championship, there have been glimpses. The Bulldogs started the 2012 season off 7-0 and reached #13 before faltering. In 2014, Mississippi St. started the season 9-0 and was ranked #1 before losing at Alabama 25-20. He’s never outrecruited anyone in the SEC West, but MS State keeps winning. There is a reason his name ALWAYS comes up when there is a big time coaching vacancy.

#2o – Brian Kelly – Notre Dame

One thing that stands out about Kelly against his recent predecessors in South Bend was his ability to avoid the bad season. Charlie Weis went 3-9 in 2007. Ty Willingham went 5-7 in 2003. Bob Davie 5-6 in 2001, his last season. But then it happened. Kelly turned in a 4-8 performance last year with HORRIFIC losses to Texas, Duke, NC State, Navy and Virginia Tech. All games the Irish should have won which would have made that 4-8 season a 9-3 season with the potential to get a solid bowl win to finish 10-3. Kelly has to be feeling tremendous heat as HC of the Irish. He’s recruited well, but the on-field results haven’t been good. Notre Dame really hasn’t beaten anyone of note and the championship game they played in against Alabama was a complete and total embarrassment! If Kelly can defend Notre Dame Stadium this fall, the Irish have a real shot at 11-1. Kelly needs it or else ND could be looking elsewhere for a head coach.

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Here are the links for the first two installments:

#50 – #65

if you need to catch up. Today we hit the thirties and I think the rankings start to become quite a bit more interesting as we start to hit some pretty big names in the coaching world. Let’s get to it.

#39 – P.J. Fleck – Minnesota

Yeah I’m rowing the boat! It’s difficult to argue Fleck’s track record as a first time head coach at Western Michigan. In his first year he led the Broncos to an 1-11 season. By his 4th year, WMU finished with a perfect 13-0 season before losing to Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl 24-16. Western finished 29-11 (20-4) in Fleck’s last 3 years as HC. Fleck brings an excitement to Minnesota that Gophers fans haven’t experienced since Murray Warmath led Minnesota to back-to-back Rose Bowls in 1960-1961! You probably don’t even remember those teams unless you were born in the 1940s or early 1950s! It’s hard to argue with his success, but Fleck faces a completely different animal in the Big 10. Iowa, Nebraska & Wisconsin aren’t Ball St., Kent St. and Bowling Green. It’ll be interesting to see if Fleck can raise the ceiling for Gopher football.

#38 – Tom Herman – Texas

The hottest coaching prospect last season who happened to have deep roots in Texas wound up as the new HC for the Longhorns after the university had had enough of Charlie Strong’s leadership. As with Fleck, it’s almost impossible to deny Herman’s track record. He was Urban Meyer’s OC at Ohio State before jumping to the head coaching job at Houston where in his first season, Herman led the Cougars to a 13-1 record and a final ranking inside the top-10! I think Herman is a better fit within the Texas culture than Strong was and he’ll do well. He’s a good solid coach that connects with players and it won’t be long before he’s tearing it up on the recruiting trail once he gets the foundation of the program built. As with Fleck, the road will be a bit tougher. Playing in the American isn’t the Big XII and instead of Tulane, East Carolina and Memphis, Herman will go up against Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., TCU, Baylor and Kansas State.

#37 – Willie Taggart – Oregon

Taggart was an interesting hire for Oregon, but once it was known that Chip Kelly wasn’t coming back to college football, the Ducks had to move on and all Taggart has done as his time as a college football coach is build winners. Taggart played prep ball in Florida and then played his college ball at Western Kentucky where he was an assistant for 8 years before taking the RB coaching job at Stanford under Jim Harbaugh. From there he came back to his alma mater to be HC. He inherited a WKU team that went 0-12 the year before Taggart arrived, but in Taggart’s 2nd year, he had WKU at 7-5. In his 3rd and final year he had WKU bowling. Taggart left WKU to return to his home state of Florida and coach USF where he took over a Bulls team that went 3-9 before he arrived. By year 4 the Bulls were 11-2. Now he is going to attempt to bring Oregon back to the heights reached by Chip Kelly. Unlike Herman & Fleck above, Taggart has hit the recruiting trail hard and it is paying off early. It’ll be interesting to see how Taggart does at an elite program with massive resources. His track record speaks for itself.

#36 – Bret Bielema – Arkansas

The decision to leave Wisconsin for Arkansas was an interesting one for Bielema a few years ago and after the Hogs 2016 campaign, the shine is off of Arkansas’s head coach. Bielema took over a program that was in pretty bad shape after a year of John Smith as HC coming off the Bobby Petrino scandal. Bielema’s first year wasn’t pretty as Arkansas went 3-9 without a win in conference play, but by year 3 (2015), Arkansas 8-5 (5-3) and poised to potentially step into the role of challenger to Alabama in the SEC West. It wasn’t meant to be as Arkansas regressed last season to 7-6 (3-5) with a bowl loss. The 7-6 isn’t completely awful, but the losses were terrible. Arkansas was blown out in all of their losses except a close loss to Missouri which itself was inexcusable. I’m not completely sold on Bielema’s style of offense working in the SEC West, and truth be told, the worst thing for Bielema is having to live up the incredible expectations Bobby Petrino set when he was in Fayetteville. LSU has been dealing with a similar situation after Nick Saban took the Tigers to top-5 status.

#35 – Gary Andersen – Oregon State

Andersen is one of my favorite head coaches in college football and Oregon St. is one of my favorite teams. The two coming together was great for me as I think college football is better when Oregon State is relevant. That’s probably just me, but so what! It’s interesting that I ended up with Bielema and Andersen together as both left Wisconsin for other jobs. Andersen is a helluva head coach. He turned Utah State into an 11-win team with a WAC championship in 4 season. He took Wisconsin to a Big 10 West title in his 2nd year. When Mike Riley left Oregon St. for Nebraska, their was quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding the Beavers program. Andersen came in and struggled his first year going 2-10 (0-9) but in his 2nd season last year, the Beavers improved to 4-8 (3-6) with conference wins over California, Arizona and hated rival Oregon! The scoring defense and scoring offense were also improved by 7 points each. The Pac 12 North is getting scary good with Chris Petersen doing work at Washington, Mike Leach winning at Washington St. and Willie Taggart taking over at Oregon, but something tells me Andersen is going to make life hard for those guys.

#34 – Justin Fuente – Virginia Tech

Absolutely love what Fuente did with the Hokies last season. Fuente had a lot of success at Memphis before taking the Virginia Tech job, but he’s been nothing but spades since landing in Blacksburg. Keeping Bud Foster on staff as DC was a genius move and speaks volumes as to the kind of man Foster is. Fuente also brought a run heavy attack to Virginia Tech which I think works in their favor. The Hokies have always been known under Bud Foster for having a very intimidating, turnover causing, very fast defense that hits exceptionally hard. Keeping those guys fresh and healthy by dominating time of possession is outstanding strategy that Fuente used last year to win the ACC Coastal in his first season where VT finished the year 10-4 and ranked #16 in the AP. Fuente is making deep strides in recruiting already and once the talent is assembled, Virginia Tech is going to be extremely difficult to handle.

#33 – Hugh Freeze – Mississippi

Like Bielema, the shine has dulled a bit on Freeze’s tenure in Oxford. After improving by a win each year for 3 straight years after a 7-6 campaign in 2012, Freeze and the Rebels took a tremendous step back last season finishing 5-7 (2-6). The overall records can also be a bit misleading as Freeze’s 5-year record in SEC play is not even .500 at 19-21. The bigger problem is the controversy surrounding the Ole Miss program and the NCAA violations. Ole Miss has taken a hit in recruiting already and if recruiting dries up for the Rebels then that spells disaster in arguably the most competitive division in all of college football. There is no question that Freeze can make Ole Miss great. He proved that in 2015, but how he deals with a potential fall out from these mistakes will be telling. The best news for Freeze at this point is that he’s still head coach and that QB Shea Patterson decided to stick around. With no bowl eligibility this season, Ole Miss should be playing like a teach with a chip on their shoulder.

#32 – Mike MacInytre – Colorado

You knew it was only a matter of time before Coach Mac had Colorado on the cusp of greatness. When MacIntyre got his first job as a HC at San Jose State, he finished 1-12 (0-8) in his first season as the Spartans leader. In year 3, San Jose St. went 10-2 (5-1) and beat Bowling Green in the Military Bowl! MacIntyre used that success to grab the Colorado job and what he did in Year 4 in Boulder almost defies reality. The Colorado rebuild wasn’t going to be easy. Not by a long shot. MacIntyre’s first 3 years as HC witnessed Colorado post a combined record of 10-27 with a conference record of 2-25!!!! Those were 3 straight last place finishes in the Pac 12 South! Last season, MacIntyre broke though HUGE as Colorado went 10-4 (8-1), won the Pac 12 South and drew Oklahoma St. in the Alamo Bowl. The Buffs posted wins over Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona, Utah, and Washington State! It was a BANNER year that was dampened a bit by losing 41-10 to Washington in the Pac 12 championship and 38-8 to Oklahoma St. in the Alamo Bowl. Was the breakthrough real, or did Coach Mac take advantage of an unusually weak Pac 12? Oregon was way down. UCLA was down. Arizona St. & Arizona were down. They beat Stanford 10-5 in an ugly contest and drew Utah & Washington St. in Boulder. I’m betting on MacIntyre. I think Colorado is good, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Buffaloes regressed just a bit in 2017.

#31 – Larry Fedora – North Carolina

This feels low considering it was just two years ago that Fedora led the Tar Heels to an 11-3 (8-0) record that saw the UNC win the ACC Coastal relatively easy. A deeper look though and you come away disappointed just a bit. That 2015 season was smoke and mirrors as UNC finished the regular season 11-1 but didn’t play a ranked opponent all season. They lost to Clemson in the ACC Championship game and then lost to Baylor in the Russell Athletic Bowl. Last season, the Coastal was again ripe for the taking but UNC gags at home to NC State in the season finale 28-21 and loses to Duke in Durham two weeks before 28-27! That seems ridiculous when you consider just how much offensive firepower the Heels had last season. Fedora has had some good seasons in Chapel Hill but no great ones and that task is going to get tougher and tougher now that Virginia Tech is in seemingly good hands with Justin Fuente and Miami-FL now has one of the best coaches in all of college football in Mark Richt. I really like Fedora and believe he can climb the rankings, but at this point it seems as if UNC has missed a couple of opportunities.

#30 – Mike Riley – Nebraska

The problem with Nebraska is that haven’t found anyone that can take the program to the heights that Tom Osborne did. Frank Solich wasn’t horrible actually and had a few top-10 squads in Lincoln, but not enough big time wins against bit time teams. The hiring of Bill Callahan was a disaster and Bo Pelini couldn’t quite get Nebraska past the 9-4/10-4 mark. Now Mike Riley gets his chance. Riley did wonderful things at Oregon St., and I was a bit surprised that he took the Cornhuskers job, but Oregon St. isn’t Nebraska and Riley now has every resource available to him. In his first season Nebraska wasn’t great at 6-7 (3-5) but last year Riley improved to 9-4 (6-3) with a perfect 7-0 record at home. Nebraska was even ranked #7 in the nation at one point after starting 7-0! It wouldn’t last as Nebraska would go on to lose games to Iowa, Ohio St., Wisconsin & Tennessee, but the season was a win. Riley is making big strides in recruiting and I think he’s putting an emphasis on the Black Shirts which is getting back to Nebraska football.

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If you missed the rankings for the coaches ranked #65 to #50, you can find it here or just keep scrolling and it’s the post directly after this one. We left off with Arizona HC Rich Rodriguez at #50 so let’s take a look at the coaches landing in the forties.

#49 – Kliff Kingsbury – Texas Tech

I’m not as down on Kingsbury as some people are. He’s heading into 2017 on the hot seat to be certain, but I don’t think it’s been all bad. Texas Tech isn’t the easiest place to win and so far in his 4 years in Lubbock, Kingsbury is 24-26 overall and 13-23 in conference play. Those aren’t tremendous numbers, but if you look at the league historically, the Red Raiders are following Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma St., TCU, Kansas St. and West Virginia. That makes them 7th in the league and a good coach at Baylor puts Tech 8th. Kingsbury has yet to record a winning record in conference play, but he recruits fairly well and I think he’s good for the university and the program. If trends hold, he should be in for a 7-9 win season in 2017.

#48 – Dave Doeren – North Carolina State

Doeren didn’t walk into a great situation given how NC State AD Debbie Yow dismissed his predecessor Tom O’Brien. Yow essentially cited lack of enthusiasm for the football program as justification for canning O’Brien, but in O’Brien’s last 3 seasons, NC State went 24-14 (13-11). In Doeren’s last 3 seasons as HC, the Wolfpack have went 22-17 (9-15). Yow wanted a football coach who could bring in Top-25 classes. Doeren hasn’t done that either. With that said, Doeren has been consistently 7-6/8-5 in his last 3 years, but he’s also went 3-5 in conference play those same three seasons. I think a coach can win at NC State & Doeren is doing just that, but he needs a breakthrough season with 9-10 wins.

#47 – Todd Graham – Arizona State

A lot of what I wrote about Rich Rodriguez can be written about Todd Graham as well. Graham is better than this but the Sun Devils have been regressing for a couple of year now. In 2013-2014, the Sun Devils posted a 20-7 record. The last two years that total has dropped to 11-14. Graham has been better than Rodriguez in conference play, but only marginally so. ASU went 8-1 in the Pac 12 South in 2013 and won the division. Just 3 years later they finished 2-7 and this is with USC still somewhat regrouping. Graham has recruited top-25 level classes to Tempe and Sun Devil Stadium can be a bear to play in for opposing teams. ASU was pretty young last year and I think 2017 will see a much improve Sun Devils squad.

#46 – Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M

Sumlin’s star could have been any brighter after the 2012 season when he took the Aggies to an 11-2 record and a final ranking in the top-5. A&M would beat a #1 ranked Alabama team that year and then go on to humiliate a solid Oklahoma team in the Cotton Bowl. QB Johnnie Manziel wasn’t quite as spectacular in 2013 and the Aggies dropped to 9-4. Life after Manziel hasn’t been promising either as Sumlin has turned in 3 consecutive 8-5 seasons with a slew of QB transfers that can’t help morale down in College Station. Making matters worse is that Texas A&M is 15-17 in SEC play over the last 4 years & Alabama isn’t going away. Life in the SEC West isn’t easy and Sumlin probably enters 2017 on a seat that is heating up.

#45 – Derek Mason – Vanderbilt

Mason has to deal with some of the difficulties of being a HC at a school like Vanderbilt in much the same way that Northwestern, Duke, Stanford and even possibly Virginia has to deal with. Stanford is somewhat of an exception, but Vanderbilt is the only one of those schools playing the SEC which makes their ceiling quite a bit lower. You can’t help but be impressed with Mason so far in taking over for James Franklin. Mason cut his teeth under Jim Harbaugh and David Shaw at Stanford so he knows the drill. His first year in Nashville saw Vandy post a 3-9 (0-8) record. Last year, Mason’s 3rd, Vandy improved to 6-7 (3-5) with a bowl appearance. The rebuild wasn’t as fast as James Franklin coming in, but the Commodores are in good hands.

#44 – Mark Stoops – Kentucky

Like Mason, you can’t help but be impressed by the work Stoops is doing in Lexington. Stoops took over a disaster of a program left behind by Joker Phillips and turned them into a bowl team 4 years later. In Stoops’s first year (2013), UK was terrible going 2-10 (0-8) but last year the Wildcats jumped to 7-6 (4-4) and got a rivalry win over Louisville! Stoops has shown the ability to recruit top-25 level classes to Kentucky which is borderline amazing considering they are surrounded by football blue bloods which is another feather in Stoops’ cap. UK was smart to stick with their HC despite back-to-back 5-7 (2-6) seasons. It paid off in spades last year with UK having their best season since 2009. The talent is there for UK to be even better in 2017.

#43 – Dave Clawson – Wake Forest

Wake Forest hasn’t been relevant since the days of Riley Skinner and Aaron Curry. When Clawson took over in 2014, the Demon Deacons hasn’t had a winning season since 2008 nor had they had a bowl win since 2008. Winning in Winston-Salem isn’t exactly easy which is why it was so amazing what Jim Grobe was able to accomplish with Wake. He couldn’t sustain that and eventually Wake ended up being a sub-.500 team which led to Clawson’s hire. Clawson had to do some rebuilding his first two seasons which saw WF finish with back-to-back 3-9 (1-7) seasons, but the Deacons broke through last year finishing 7-6 (3-5) including a bowl win over a very good Temple squad. That’s solid progress for this program.

#42 – Butch Jones – Tennessee

This is probably too low for Jones. I’m of the opinion that the Vols should have never fired Fulmer, but I’m also not sure Fulmer was going to get Tennessee another national title which should always be the goal in Knoxville. Tennessee made a couple of bad hires in Lane Kiffin and Derek Dooley and Jones was hired to clean up the mess. In his first season UT went 5-7. In his 2nd the Vols went 7-6 followed up by back to back 9-4 seasons. That’s progress, but to a degree Jones’s tenure at Tennessee has been marked by disappointment. In and SEC East where Missouri won a couple of division titles, Tennessee has come up empty despite SC not being very good and Florida being in a holding pattern until McElwain showed up. Is that a missed opportunity? It sure seems like it. Throw in the fact that UT is 14-18 in SEC play during Jones’s stay and he doesn’t look so good.

#41 – Jim Mora – UCLA

Like Jones, I think Mora is somewhat disappointing which is why he’s ranked in the 40s instead of the 20s. Last season was depressing with expectations that weren’t close to being met. The Bruins entered the 2016 season as the odds on favorite to win the Pac 12 South. With Washington thought to still be a year away, with USC still in rebuilding mode and with Oregon headed towards disaster, the conference and potential playoff spot was ripe for the taking. Instead, UCLA turned in a 4-8 season that saw star QB Josh Rosen miss half the season and potential 1st round NFL Pick DT Eddie Vanderdoes turn in an underwhelming season. The talent is here & Rosen is great so there is time for Mora to improve his stock in 2017.

#40 – Pat Narduzzi – Pittsburgh

Narduzzi was a tough one to figure out. On the one hand it seems as if he’s a little underrated. Since coming to Pittsburgh, he’s led the Panthers to a 16-10 overall record with an 11-5 mark in conference play. Last year’s Pitt squad was the best they’ve fielded since Dave Wannstedt took Pitt to a 10-3 final record back in 2009. On the other hand, the team under Narduzzi has also been puzzling. The 16-10 record is nice, but if you have watched Pitt the last two years, it could have been so much more. Last year the Panthers lost 4 games by a total of 18 points! The year before they lost 4 games by a total of 27 points. If Narduzzi can figure out how to win close games, we might be looking at a dominant Panthers team. However, Pittsburgh is also 0-2 in bowl games under Narduzzi’s watch & the defense got worse from 2015 to 2016 despite Narduzzi’s reputation as a defensive wizard. Narduzzi loses a truck load of talent so we’ll see how he responds in 2017.

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Let’s get back into action with some college football talk. This marks the beginning of my ranking the 65 Power college football coaches in the nation. I looked all the head coaches from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, ACC and Notre Dame. I took the last 5 years and looked at their records, conference records, history, recruiting efforts, bowl records and the overall trends of their team over these past 5 seasons. I’ll go in reverse order starting at the bottom and working my way up by 10 spots. This beginning post will start with the bottom 15. Here we go!

#65 – Chris Ash – Rutgers

Ash didn’t exactly walk into the best situation given the Kyle Flood controversy but in his first year in New Brunswick, the former Ohio St. DC finished 2-10 with a conference record of 0-9. His 2016 recruiting class also ranked #78 according to Rivals meaning talent isn’t pouring into New Jersey either. Most of Rutgers games weren’t even that competitive. In their games against Ohio St., Michigan, Michigan St. and Penn St., the Scarlet Knights were outscored 224-0! The Big 10 East isn’t the easiest division to play in, but good grief Rutgers can’t get HAMMERED like that. Ash probably has a little more rope but another 2-10 (0-9) season might spell disaster.

#64 – David Beaty – Kansas

Beatty has gone 2-22 in his first two seasons in Lawrence with a Big 12 record of 1-17. There has been improvement. Beatty went 0-12 his first season at the helm and improved by 2 games last season to 2-10. He also improved his conference record from 0-9 to 1-8. The powers that be at KU thought enough of that improvement to give Beaty a contract extension through 2021! Beaty did lead Kansas to their first win over Texas since 1938 and they came pretty close to beating Iowa St. and TCU! Recruiting it up a bit and Beaty has a chance to improve this ranking quite a bit. Sure Kansas only won 2 games, but in 2015, their average margin of defeat was 30.8 PPG. In 2016 it was 17.0!

#63 – Barry Odom – Missouri

Almost impossible to replace a HC like Gary Pinkel who had tremendous success at Missouri, but if there is anyone that knows Pinkel it’s Odom. Another positive about Odom is that there can’t possibly be a more dyed in the wool Mizzou Tiger than Odom himself. There will never be a lack of passion for Missouri football coming from the head coach! Odom’s first year as HC wasn’t a great one as the Tigers went 4-8 (2-6). That was the worst record the Tigers have had since 2000 when Missouri went 3-8 the year before Gary Pinkel was hired. Pinkel’s worst record in 15 years was 4-7. Odom has his work cut out for him and he needs to recruit better, but Pinkel did more with less so maybe he can too.

#62 – Bronco Mendenhall – Virginia

Mendenhall is a tough one to evaluate. His first year in Charlottesville was a disaster as the Cavaliers went 2-10 with a 1-7 conference record. I don’t think much was expected of Virginia in Mendenhall’s first season, but Virginia should have been at least comparable to their 2015 version which went 4-8. Instead, they regressed. Sometimes seasons can go sideways and that seems to be the case with Virginia. They shouldn’t have lost to FCS Richmond to open the season. They let road games at UConn and Wake Forest get away from them as well. Those 3 games turning to wins would have at least allowed UVA to get to 5-7. There is a lot of room to move up this season for Mendenhall.

#61 – Lovie Smith – Illinois

Before last season, the last time Lovie Smith coached in the college ranks was 1995 when he was DB coach for Ohio State. He was the head coach for the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 11 years leading the Bears to a Super Bowl in 2006, so it was quite an odd move that Smith would leave the NFL for collegiate football and all the headaches involved with recruiting 16 and 17 year old boys. Smith got a rude awakening his first season. The Illini finished 3-9 (2-7) with one of their wins coming against Murray State. The games weren’t even that competitive and Smith didn’t exactly tear it up on the recruiting trail. With Jeff Brohm and PJ Fleck joining the Big 10 West, it’s not getting any easier.

#60 – Dino Babers – Syracuse

Babers was an assistant coach for almost 30 years before he finally got his shot at Eastern Illinois and made the most of it. He went 19-7 with EIU winning back-to-back Ohio Valley Conference championships. He parlayed that job into the head coaching gig at Bowling Green and did well there too. Babers posted an 18-9 record with the Falcons, winning the MAC East in both years and the MAC championship in 2015. He traded that job for a Power-5 conference job with Syracuse. Unfortunately for Babers, he didn’t do as well at Syracuse as he did with EIU and BG. A 4-8 (2-6) record wasn’t fantastic and Babers didn’t kill it on the recruiting trail either. He still has plenty of time left.

#59 – Justin Wilcox – California

Wilcox has never been a head coach but for the last 11 years he’s been the defensive coordinator for Boise St., Tennessee, Washington, USC & Wisconsin. In those seasons here is how his defenses ranked in scoring defense:

2006: #20 (Boise St.)
2007: #26 (Boise St.)
2008: #3 (Boise St.)
2009: #13 (Boise St.)
2010: #56 (Tennessee)
2011: #36 (Tennessee)
2012: #39 (Washington)
2013: #29 (Washington)
2014: #46 (USC)
2015: #50 (USC)
2016: #4 (Wisconsin)

Clearly Wilcox has a track record of success which is good for Cal because the Bears haven’t had anything resembling a decent defense these past 5 seasons. Losing QB Davis Webb will be tough, but Wilcox will do a good job if he can keep Cal from giving up 40PPG.

#58 – Tom Allen – Indiana

Allen did a stellar job as a defensive coach at Ole Miss and South Florida before coming onto Kevin Wilson’s staff last season as the defensive coordinator. Allen didn’t disappoint, improving the Hoosiers’ scoring defense by 10PPG! That’s good news for Indiana as their problem has always been on the defensive side of the football. Allen has never been a head coach and his ascension to the throne was somewhat odd in light of the dismissal of former HC Kevin Wilson, but I think Indiana is in a much better place with Allen leading the charge than with Wilson, even if Wilson guided the Hoosiers to back-to-back bowl appearances. It doesn’t get any worse than the Big 10 East, but Allen has started recruiting well which is a good beginning.

#57 – D.J. Durkin – Maryland

Durkin’s first year in Maryland doesn’t look horrible when you consider the Terps were 6-6 during the regular season and getting bowl eligible before losing the bowl game to finish 6-7. A deeper look is a little more rough as Maryland started the season 4-0 against garbage competition and then finished 2-6 in their final 8 with wins over Rutgers & Michigan State, two team who combined for a 1-17 conference record. That’s hardly awe inspiring. Maryland also lost to Ohio St., Michigan and Nebraska by a combined score of 149-13. That’s not Rutgers territory, but it’s not great either. Durkin is recruiting well in College Park and he’s in a fertile recruiting ground which makes it easier. Still a lot of room to make up on Ohio St., Michigan & Penn State.

#56 – Ed Orgeron – LSU

I get the pull of Orgeron being a Louisiana native and who in their right mind isn’t in love with the guy, but I wonder if LSU made the right call in bringing their native son back home to head up the Bayou Bengals? For Orgeron, this is a shot at redemption. There is no question that Orgeron can recruit with the best of them and he’s in a prime spot to bring in a top-5 class annually. There is also no question that Orgeron is a helluva defensive coach as well and the Tigers will most certainly have his fingerprints all over their defensive identity. The question will be whether or not Orgeron can pull it all together. He’ll need a strong staff around him, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Orgeron will get it done.

#55 – Matt Campbell – Iowa State

It wasn’t a banner year in Matt Campbell’s first year in Ames has head coach of the Cyclones, but the 3-9 record hid some exciting trends. The Cyclones let a close to Northern Iowa get away from them but they also played Oklahoma, Kansas St., Oklahoma St., and Baylor very close. ISU picked up conference wins over Kansas & Texas Tech, even beating the Red Raiders 66-10 which was Iowa St., most lopsided win since the Cyclones beat Colorado St. 69-0 back in 1980! Campbell is young and energetic. He had tremendous success at Toledo and he has recruiting trending the right direction. There is no reason to believe that Iowa St. can’t be a bowl eligible team on a yearly basis under his watch.

#54 – Matt Rhule – Baylor

Hard to argue with Rhule’s bonafides. His first year at Temple was 2-10. His 3rd year the Owls were 10-4 and AAC East champions. His 4th year they were 10-3 and AAC Champions! The only thing that was tough to argue about Rhule was his taking the Baylor job to begin with. Rhule is a Penn St. graduate and all of his experience is just not east, but east of Ohio! Now he’s smack in the middle of Texas against some HEAVY HITTERS in Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. That’s not easy, and I’m not even mentioning the inroads that places like Notre Dame, Alabama and LSU have made the Lone Star State. Rhule will definitely have the Bears playing outstanding defense early.

#53 – Will Muschamp – South Carolina

I’m probably being a little hard on Muschamp here seeing how in his first season he took the Gamecocks to bowl eligibility when nobody except the most dedicated Gamecocks fans though SC would do anything but finish in the basement of the SEC East. My only caveat is that South Carolina and Muschamp worked the schedule which allowed SC to finish 6-6 and get to a bowl. Their non-conference wins included those against East Carolina, UMass and Western Carolina. Missouri was in the tank last year and Vanderbilt wasn’t great so there is 5 wins there. An upset win, which they got over Tennessee, was all SC needed. Muschamp will recruit well enough. Let’s see how his 2nd stint through the SEC East goes.

#52 – Jeff Brohm – Purdue

Brohm wasted little time building off of what Willie Taggart and Bobby Petrino did before him at Western Kentucky. Brohm finished his time in Bowling Green with a 30-10 record with a 19-5 mark in Conference USA play. In his last two seasons at WKU, Brohm led the Hilltoppers to a 22-5 mark including 2 bowl wins and a CUSA record of 15-1 which led to back-to-back conference championships. Brohm had Western Kentucky’s offense flying and the Hilltoppers actually led all of FBS in scoring offense in 2016. Brohm inherits a mess at Purdue, but he’ll get the offense rolling and if the defense follows suit, the Boilermakers could definitely start making noise in the Big 10 West.

#51 – Steve Addazio – Boston College

Addazio’s a tough one to figure out. I think what you have to wonder is what kind of ceiling does a program like Boston College really have? Addazio has went 7-6 in 3 of his 4 years on Chestnut Hill and is 1-2 in bowl games. That’s isn’t terrible when you consider that BC plays in the same division as Clemson, Florida St., and Louisville. In reality, BC is probably looking at a ceiling like 8-4/9-3 and Addazio is pretty close to having the Eagles at this mark with some aspect of sustainability. I think he could recruit better to be sure. Boston College should be able to get better players than what they have. Matt Ryan & Doug Flutie showed how good BC can be when they get elite level talent on the roster.

#50 – Rich Rodriguez – Arizona

Rodriguez is better than this but his teams certainly aren’t playing like it. Rodriguez had somewhat of a breakthrough in 2014 when the Wildcats went 10-4 and won the Pac 12 North, but it was colored a bit by a 51-13 loss to Oregon in the Pac 12 Championship game followed up by a 38-30 loss to Boise St. in the Fiesta Bowl. In 2015 the Wildcats dropped to 7-6 and last year Arizona completely collapsed finishing 3-9 with a 1-8 mark in conference play! Arizona’s conference record over the past two seasons is 4-14 and Rodriguez’s recruiting classes have been trending downward. USC seems to be stabilizing under Clay Helton. Colorado is emerging. That doesn’t play well for RichRod in the Pac 12 South.

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#1 OFFENSE: Clemson is close to taking a big leap & it should come this year when the offensive cupboard comes back full. The Tigers are 42-11 the last 4 seasons. It’s time to get to the next level. QB Deshaun Watson returns after being DOMINANT in his first 6 games before suffering an injury. A QB with the ability to run, Watson could emerge as the league’s best QB if he stays healthy. Clemson also returns their top rusher in Wayne Gallman & their top-3 receivers including Mike Williams who had over 1000yds last season with an 18.1ypc average! Gallman ran for 769yds as a true frosh. WR Artavis Scott was a great possession receiver. He, Williams, Watson & Gallman all could be 1st team All-ACC! The one weakness of the offense could be the O-line which loses 3 starters, but the talent coming in is ridiculous & LT Isaiah Battle could be all-conference. Clemson will get back to scoreing 40+PPG this year. DEFENSE: The losses are IMMENSE! Clemson runs mostly out of a nickle package & runs a 4-2-5. The front-6 is gone & 4 of those 6 players were NFL Draft picks, 1 was a 1st team All-American & 3 were 1st team All-ACC! Most notably gone is Vic Beasley, but Grady Jarrett, Stephone Anthony Garry Peters & Tony Steward were also big time losses. The secondary returns 3 of 5 starters & there is some extreme talent in CB Mackensie Alexander & S Jayron Kearse. As with the offense, there is a lot of talent spread out here with the only question being production. The D-line averages 6’4/293lbs!!! DEs Kevin Dodd (6’5/275lbs) & Shaq Lawson (6’3/275lbs) will be fun to watch. The defense won’t be nearly as good, but they don’t have to be. SCHEDULE: Notre Dame & South Carolina in the OOC is tough but both at home. They also get GT & FSU at home! They avoid Virginia Tech. I think Clemson takes the next step. BEST CASE: 12-0; WORST CASE: 5-7
#2 OFFENSE: It’s Florida St. so it’s not like they’ll fall off the map, but there was a special group of players in Tallahassee that was able to win 29 straight games including the 2013 National Championship. Gone from the offense this season is QB Jameis Winston, WR Rashad Greene & 4 starting O-Linemen. Also gone is all-world TE Nick O’Leary who was a tremendous difference maker. The Seminoles have some nice pieces returning including former ND QB Everett Golson but even Winston couldn’t replicate the magic of 2013 last year when FSU dropped from 51.6PPG to 33.7! The skill position players should also be outstanding with RB Dalvin Cook & WRs Travis Rudolph, Ermon Lane, George Campbell & Jesus Wilson. Cook could be a sneaky All-American candidate. Everyone here is talented but it’ll be a matter of how well this unit gels. DEFENSE: FSU brings back 7 starters on defense & 5 of their top-6 tacklers but the losses are enormous. DE Mario Edwards, DT Eddie Goldman, CB PJ Williams & CB Ronald Darby! These weren’t just 4 NFL Draft picks. They were 4 NFL Draft picks in the first 3 rounds! It’s worth noting that even with thse 4 playing last season, FSU still allowed 25.6PPG which was up from 12.1PPG in their championship season. Obviously there is talente everywhere & FSU has a couple of potential All-Americans in CB Jalen Ramsey & LB Terrance Smith. What Florida St. didn’t do a great job of last year is putting pressure on the QB. OLBs Chris Casher & Trey Marshall are going to have to edge rush. The interior D-line is going to have to get pressure too. I like the LBs so FSU just needs to gel. SCHEDULE: FSU avoids VA Tech from the Coastal, but has road games against Georgia Tech & Clemson. Outside of those 2 games, this schedule is ridiculously easy which portends well for a playoff run. BEST CASE: 12-0; WORST CASE: 6-6
#3 OFFENSE: Give a lot of credit to HC Dave Doeren who in his 2nd season improved NC State’s offense by almost 8pts & took the Wolfpack from 3-9 to 8-5 & a bowl win. The offense returns 8 starters from a unit that averaged 30.2PPG & I love how the offense is doing it. NC State is a run first football team that is relying on QB Jacoby Brissett not to make errors. RBs Shadrach Thornton & Matt Dayes combined to rush for 1480yds/17TD while Brissett chipped in 500+ of his own! Brissett also took care of the football throwing just 5 picks to 23TD! The QB compelted just 60% of his passes, but if his accuracty gets better, the Wolfpack just get more dangerous. NC State returns 3 of their top-4 receivers & 4 O-Linemen from a line that blocked for runners who averaged 5.2ypc! That’s amazing. I really like what this team could do. DEFENSE: While the improvement wasn’t as big, NC State improved its defense by 3pts & return 8 starters! I think all 3 levels will be better this year. Six of the back-7 return including the entire secondary! CB Jack Tocho has some skills & could be all-conference as could LB Jerod Fernandez. Overall I like the secondary. Both corners are 6’0 or better & the safeties are 6’2. The D-Line has me excited. Mike Rose is a player at DE & can cause some disruption. That should allow the opposite DE some room and I think Bradley Chubb & Darian Roseboro can take advantage. BJ Hill & Kentavius Street are the DTs. A big key to NC State’s season will be the continued improvement from the defense. I like the players here as NC State keeps getting better & better. SCHEDULE: They do get Clemson at home although it won’t be easy. They also draw a road game against Virginia Tech out of the Coastal but that’s about it. This is an easy schedule with a lot of home games. The Wolfpack could get to 10 wins. BEST CASE: 9-3; WORST CASE: 6-6
#4 OFFENSE: It’s pretty amazing that HC Bobby Petrino can come in and lose a QB who compelted 70% of his passes & was close to QBing an NFL team to the playoffs and yet still get the offense to come in just 4pts short on average of what the team did the year prior under a different HC! Petrino might make some questionable decisions in his personal life, but the man can coach a football team! The Cardinals bring back just 5 starters but included in those 5 are QB Will Gardner, RB Brandon Radcliff & WR James Quick. That might be enough! There are defenitly some losses as WR DeVante Parker is a big loss, but Quick & Ja’Quay Savage & Jamari staples & Keith Towbridge are going to make a tremendous receiving corps! Gardner already makes good decision. The O-Line took on losses but I’m not sure it matters. This offense will be potent. Petrino guarantees it! DEFENSE: The D suffers some losses as only 4 starters return but 3 of those 4 starters were 3 of the top-4 tacklers from a season ago. The front-7 will have to figure out a way to get pressure in their 3-4 scheme. Losing OLBs Lorenzo Mauldin & Deiontrez Mount has to be overcome by Ketih Brown & Devonte Fields. DE Sheldon Rankins is an all-conference DE that can get pressure on the QB so he should provide some help there. LBs Keith Kelsey & James Burgess should clean up the messes. L’Ville loses their entire secondary & it’s troubling. Gerod Hollimon is a HUGE loss. CB Charles Gaines is a HUGE loss. There is a lot talent back there including UGA transfers Josh Harvey-Clemons & Shaq Wiggins. I’m bullish on the defense as I think it’ll come together. SCHEDULE: They draw NC State on the road & Petrino hasn’t put enough talent together yet for Florida St./Clemson. Auburn/Kentucky OOC won’t be easy but this schedule isn’t too bad really. This feels low. BEST CASE: 12-0; WORST CASE: 6-6
#5 OFFENSE: HC Steve Addazio loves running the football & Boston College has used this strategy to some degree of success in his first 2 seasons as BC has posted a couple of 7-5 records although they are 0-2 in bowls. This year the Eagles return 4 starters, losing their starting QB, starting RB, leading receivers & their entire O-Line! That might spell disaster but remember last year that BC returned just 2 starters & lost All-American RB Andre Williams. That didn’t seem to matter as BC actually rushed for more yards per game than they did with Williams! Despite these losses, I think Addazio is so good with the offense that it might not matter. A couple of things need to happen though. Last year QB Tyler Murphy made too many mistakes. New QB Darius Wade needs to cut those down. Also RB Jon Hilliman needs to run better. Those things happen & BC will be fine. DEFENSE: Under Addazio the Eagles have been A LOT better at getting pressure on the QB. This year BC brings back their entire D-line & I’d expect DEs Kevin Kavalec & Mike Strizak to get even more pressure than they did last season. DTs Truman Gutapfel & Connor Wujciak are 6’3/300lbs DTs who get pressure as well giving BC arguably the best D-Line in the ACC. MLB Steven Daniels returns as well. BC loses their entire secondary except for S Justin Simmons who led the team in tackles a year ago. Josh Johnson & Isaac Yiadom will have to hold the edges down but with such a good D-line they shouldn’t feel a ton of pressure. I like the makeup of this defense a lot. SCHEDULE: You can win a lot of games by having a good running attack paired with a great pass rush! BC avoids the big boys out of the Coastal although they do get VA Tech. An OOC against Notre Dame won’t be easy either. They’d be a lot higher if they weren’t so inexperienced. BEST CASE: 8-4; WORST CASE: 3-9
#6 OFFENSE: I think what is unfortunate sometimes about teams is that they get locked into tough QB situations and really don’t know how to get out of them. This isn’t as pronounced in college football as it can be in the NFL due to contracts and what not, but you sort of find Syracuse in this predicatment with Terrell Hunt. Hunt is a pretty nice talent at at 6’3/234lbs definitely looks the part of a QB, but he’s never really been that good and Syracuse has never really had anyone better behind him to come & take his place. Last year Hunt went down & clearly Syracuse’s offense was dreadful as AJ Long & Austin Wilson tried to pick up the pieces, but neither QB was inspiring. The Orange averaged 17.1PPG last year & Hunt returns with 4 starting O-Linemen but he loses a bunch of skill players. Overall this just doesn’t look good for HC Scott Shafer. DEFENSE: Syracuse had been decent defensively the last few years, but this year the Orange return just 3 starters from a unit that allowed 24PPG & lose their top-5 tacklers and 7 of their top-8 top tacklers! DE Ron Thompson has some talent off the edge, but like the offense this is another work in progress for Shafer & his staff. The problem I’m seeing mostly with Syracuse is that physically they don’t match up well. The DEs seem a bit small, even Thompson. One of the DTs is 6’0 & they have a LB at 5’11 & a safety at 5’8. That’s all well and good if your LB is Chris Borland and your S is Bob Sanders, but that isn’t the case with Syracuse. It looks like this might be a tough year. SCHEDULE: Syracuse is tough because I think having them good at football is a positive, but it’s a positive when they are coming out of the Big East. It’s not as necessary if them being good prevents an historically good ACC team from being competitive. Syracuse is finding the road a bit tough in their conference: BEST CASE: 4-8; WORST CASE: 1-11
#7 OFFENSE: Most of the time you are beholden to your QB if you want to have success in football. Just look at the QBs who were in last year’s first ever college football playoffs? There were 2 Heisman winners! Last year QB John Wolford was the first QB in about 40 years to start his first game at Wake Forest. The results were predictable as Wolford completed 58% of his passes for 2037yds with 12TD to 14INT. The Demon Deacons’ offense was split 50/50 between rush & pass so HC Dave Clawson wasn’t exactly throwing Wolford to the wolves, but the young QB did have to make some plays. Wake averaged just 14.8PPG en route to a 3-9 record headlined by an incredible 6-3 OT victory over Virginia Tech! Wolford has some weapons returning this year & a year of experience. They aren’t going back to the Riley Skinner days just yet, but should score more than 14 per game! DEFENSE: Wake Forest has been pretty decent defensively the last couple of seasons & that should continue this year. Wake returns 6 of it’s front-7 including their top-3 tacklers. S Ryan Janvion, LB Brandon Chubb & LB Marquel Lee all posted 100+ tackles a season ago. Chubb, Lee & LB Hunter Williams could be all-conference giving Wake a dynamite LB corps. The Deacons also return 3 starters on the line including NT Tyler Harris who could be All-ACC. DEs Duke Ejiofor & Wendell Dunn have great size and while Wake loses both corners from a season ago, the front-7 should be able to take some pressure off the new starters. This is a solid defense so the offense needs to catch up. SCHEDULE: Tough break getting both Syracuse & Boston College on the road or else I probably would have had Wake at #5. OOC against Army, Indiana & Notre Dame is tough. Atlantic is top heavy & they draw UNC from the Coastal. BEST CASE: 6-6; WORST CASE: 1-11


ACC ATLANTIC OVERALL OUTLOOK: This is probably the most top heavy division in college football. You have Clemson & Florida St. who dominate this division in recruiting & then there are the other 5 teams. This division essentially comes down to the Noles & Tigers, but something to watch for this year if you want to go a little deeper into the conference is how the other teams are trying to adapt without having the superstar talent that Clemson & Florida State do. With Lousville you obviously have a superior coach that loves to run that spread offense. With NC State & Boston College, you definitely have a couple of teams that like to ground & pound while controlling the clock. I think Syracuse & Wake Forest are still finding an identity, but it is intersting to see how the other 5 will combat the dominance of the other 2. I think Louisville will join them shortly. Petrino is too good and he’s already shown he can take a program to the top. Remember what he was doing at Arkansas before he was let go. That is him getting it done in the SEC West for crying out loud! I also think NC State & Boston College are good programs with some history behind them. It’ll be Clemson & Florida State once again this year, but the others are coming.


#1 I want to look at Georgia Tech holistically rather than breaking them down. Before last season there was some talk of HC Paul Johnson being the hot seat and that maybe the best solution was for him to take his triple option offense & move on. Then stemmed primarily from what happened to GT from 2010 to 2013. That was a 4-year period where GT had records of 6-7, 8-5, 7-7 & 7-6. Not great. But in that 4 year span Georgia Tech was 7-15 in close games. Obviously this cuts both ways, but if GT wins their close games in those 4 seasons, their records would have been 10-3, 10-3, 10-4, and 10-3. That isn’t national title worthy but if you add those records to GT’s 11-3 in 2014 then you’d have 51 wins in 5 years. The only other BCS teams to do that are: Alabama, LSU, Ohio St., Michigan St., Stanford, Oregon, Oklahoma & Florida State! That’s ELITE company! Don’t forget either that GT won the Coastal in 2012 & 2014 and lost both ACC Championship games to FLorida St. by a combined 8 points despite being a combined 18-point dog! Of course you can’t look at it that way, but I think GT gave us a glimpse of what happens when you have an ELITE QB like Justin Thomas running the triple option & the Yellow Jackets catch a couple of breaks. What’s scary this year is Thomas returns & the GT O-Line returns 4 starters! Even better is that the defense returns 8 starters including 8 of their top-10 tacklers & 15 of their top-18! LB Quayshawn Nealy is a big loss but I think GT can overcome that. The bad news for the ACC is that Thomas is just a junior. The schedule is brutal for GT in that they have Georgia & Notre Dame OOC and also draw Florida St. & Clemson from the Atlantic! They do host Virginia Tech but play at Miami-FL. I’m not sure it matters. This is the kind of team you simply DO NOT want to face in a playoff game! BEST CASE: 12-0; WORST CASE: 6-6
#2 OFFENSE: Virginia Tech hasn’t had an offense this good since Tyrod Taylor’s final year in 2011 when the Hokies won the ACC & finished with an 11-3 record. Tech returns 8 starters from a unit that averaged 24.1PPG, but I’d expect those numbers to rise significantly in 2015. QB Michael Brewer comes into his 2nd season as a starter after throwing for almost 2700yds & 18TD. He’s got to get better with his accuracy (59%) & his decision making (18TD/15INT), but he’d got quite a bit of help. RBs Marshawn Williams & JC Coleman give the Hokies some “thunder & lightning” flavor. Isaiah Ford, Cam Phillips. Buckye Hodges & Ryan Malleck all return to form a solid & big recieving corps. The O-Line returns 3 starters with LT Jonthan McLaughlin having All-ACC potential. They need to get better in pass protection, but I think they will. This is a good offense with upside. DEFENSE: The D returns 8 starters from a unit that allowed 20.2PPG including the entire D-Line which has to be a scary thought given that DC Bud Foster is arguably the best DC in the nation! DEs Dadi Nicolas & Ken Ekanem are monsters. DTs Corey Marshall & Luther Maddy can collapse a pocket & get pressure from the inside. This is the best D-line in the ACC & arguably the best D-Line in the nation! The Hokies were #4 in the nation in sacks with 48! Expect more of the same. The secondary is SCARY. Kendall Fuller is an All-American at CB. Brandon Facyson was a 1st Team Frosh All-American last year & is a 6’2 CB! S Chuck Clark was beast! Arguably the best secondary in the nation & this might be the best defense in the nation. Look out! SCHEDULE: At GT makes me put VT in 2nd. They draw Ohio St. OOC which will be tough but avoid Florida St. & Clemson. Only other difficult road game is in Coral Gables. This team is excellent! BEST CASE: 12-0; WORST CASE: 9-3 (they are that good!)
#3 Like Georgia Tech, I’m not going to break down the Panthers according to script. In fact I think publications would be ranking them a lot higher if not for new HC Pat Narduzzi getting his first taste of leading a program & even then it might not matter. I would not sleep on this team. RB James Conner is an All-American RB & rushed for 1765yds/29TD last season! WR Tyler Boyd racked up 1261yds/8TD as the go to receiver & QB Chad Voytik will not be a veteran starter instead of a 1st timer. The O-line returns 3 starters & averages 6’5/318lbs! Boyd & Conner could be 1st Team All-Americans! Defensively the Panthers return 7 starters. I think they’ll improve at every level outside of LB where they lose Anthony Gonzalez & Todd Thomas who were their 2 leading tacklers. There are no obvious standout players but I’d watch CB Avonte Maddox & S Patric Amara. DT Tyrique Jarrett & LB Mat Galambos could also make qutie a bit of noise. It’s easy to forget that Pittsburgh is a traditional power in college football. I think the move to the ACC was an interesting one & I think their situation is somewhat comparable to Syracuse in that I love it when Pittsburgh is good & I think PITT being good is good for college football but there are only so many spots at the big table & when you get these giant conferences, some schools get edged out. I think this is inherently what happened with the Big East. The Big East was an amazing conference and I hate that it isn’t around any longer. For the season I wouldn’t sleep on the Panthers. I don’t think they’ll be quite as good as either Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech, but they can make noise especially getting UNC & Miami-FL at home. The OOC is rough with Iowa & Notre Dame and they also draw Louisville from the Atlantic, but their toughest road games are VaTech & GaTech. This should be a good year. BEST CASE: 10-2; WORST CASE: 5-7
#4 OFFENSE: The Tar Heels have to be feeling FANTASTIC this season returning 10 starters on offense! Their only loss was TE Jack Tabb who wasn’t much of a factor. QB Marquise WIliams after having a solid season last year completing 63% of his passes for 3068yds & 21TD. He also led the team in rushing but the combo of Elijah Hood & TJ Logan  should really give the Heels multiple options to carry the ball. UNC returns their top-4 receivers including Ryan Switzer who led the team in passing but also Mack Hollins (6’4) & Quinshad Davis (6’4)! Switzer is the ultimate slot receiver between those two giants. The O-line returns intact & had 3 potential 1st Team All-ACC players with G Landon Turner being an All-American candidate. The O-Line should be amazing this season & one of the best in the ACC. UNC averaged 33.2PPG last year. That should get close to 40 in 2015. DEFENSE: The HUGE problem! Carolina returns 7 starters from a unit that allowed 39PPG last season! EEK! DT Ethan Farmer could be a decent sized loss but for the most part this was just a terrible defense. Carolina can recruit football so there is talent here. Jalen Dalton is a 6’6/260lbs DE who could make an immediate impact. I think Dajaun Drennon (6’4/250lbs) would be good at the other DE now that he isn’t a frosh. CB Brian Walker as skills & the entire secondar returns intact. DT Nazair Jones & LB Jeff Schoettmer could be all-ACC players. Carolina is interesting because everything seems to work. The D-Line is big in the right places. The LBs are big & talented. The secondary is experienced. There should be a marked improvement. SCHEDULE: They draw Wake & NC State from the Atlantic & get Miami-FL at home. They do have to travel to GT & VT which is a huge disadvantage, but if not this year then when? Ten wins is definitely possible. BEST CASE: 10-2; WORST CASE: 5-7
#5 OFFENSE: Miami returns 5 starters from an offense that averaged 29.2PPG. There are some significant injuries here with RB Duke Johnson, WR Phillip Dorsett, TE Clive Walford, C Shanke McDermott & LT Ereck Flowers. Four of the 5 players were All-ACC a year ago so their loss will be felt. On the other hand, Miami gets QB Brad Kaaya back  for his sophomore season. Kaaya did OK for a frosh throwing for 3200yds/26TD. Like a lot of young guys in college he can improve his decision making & accuracy but he’s light years of where he was last season. Joe Yearby takes over for Johnson & Yearby is solid. Stacy Coley, Herb Waters, Malcolm Lewis & Braxton Berrios return at WR. The O-Line has just 2 starters returning but they are all big & talented. The O-Line is a big question mark but “THE U” has plenty at the skill positions. I think they’ll be fine. DEFENSE: What makes the Hurricanes “THE U” is the defense. Sure the offense has produced some amazing football players, but when I think Hurricanes football I think big time defense. The Canes bring back 6 to a unit tht allowed 24.3PPG which isn’t horrible but not exactly Miami standards either. The losses of Anthony Chickillo, Denzel Perryman & Ledarius Gunter are going to be felt but there is some talent returning. The LBs are strong with Raphael Kirby, Jermaine Grace & Tyriq McCord. That should be the strongest level of the defense, but I wouldn’t count out the D-Line either. DEs Chad Thomas & Al-Quadin Muhammad could be exceptional. The secondary returns both safeties with Deon Bush being possible All-ACC. There is immense talent here to be sure & now we just need to see how it gels. SCHEDULE: They draw Clemson & FSU out of the Coastal! They also play at UNC & Pitt. GT & VaTech come to Coral Gables. OOC against Nebraska & Cincinnati. It’s tough! BEST CASE: 12-0; WORST CASE: 3-9
#6 OFFENSE: Duke hasn’t scored less than 30PPG since 2011! The Blue Devils bring back 6 starters on offense & lose their QB & top-2 WRs but I’m not sure it’ll be that big of a deal. Duke returns RBs duo Shaquille Powell & Shaun Wilson who combed to rush for over 1200yds & 7TD last year. They run a little lightning & thunder act that is effective if not spectacular. Duke also returns 3 O-Linemen but 4 of the 5 starters are upper-classmen who I think will work out fine. They do lose QB Anthony Boone but I’m not so sure that isn’t a bad thing. Boone completed just 56% of his passes with 19TD to 8INT. Thomas Sirk steps in to take his place. Sirk is a kid who can run but has a big arm that get the ball down the field. The 3 returning starters on offense could be all-ACC type players so Sirk should be protected. David Cutcliffe’s resume speaks for itself. Duke will find a way to score. DEFENSE: Duke returned 5 starters in 2014 & allowed a spectacular 21.4PPG! This year they return 7 starters including 7 of their top-10 tacklers. LB David Helton is a HUGE loss at MLB but Kelby Brown was a 1st Team ALL ACC player in 2013 before missing all of last season with an injury & he’ll replace Helton so the loss might not be as bad. LB DeVon Edwards racked up 133 tackles himself so the LB unit is outstanding! Another important factor in Duke’s defense is that their entire secondary is back! Ohio St. transfer Jeremy Cash wa an all-ACC player lasst year leading this veteran unit. The D-Line might not be as good as the back-7 but are are some upside guys here although they aren’t overly. Duke is 19-8 over the last 2 seasons! WOW. SCHEDULE: OOC is a joke outside of Northwestern. They draw Wake & BC out of the Atlantic whic is a HUGE bonus & get Pitt & Miami-FL at home. It’s really a schedule that Duke can take advantage of & go bowling. BEST CASE: 8-4; WORST CASE: 3-9
#7 OFFENSE: The Cavaliers return 5 starters from an offense that scored 25.8PPG last season. It’s sort of a mixed bag really. The good news is that UVA didn’t lose anyone in particular that could be considered a big loss. The bad news is that Virginia didn’t have anyone that really performed all that great to being with. Matt Johns looks to be the starting QB but if last year is any indication, Johns needs to improve his decision making & accuracy. The skill players do have some talent. RB Taquan Mizzell looks decent and the Wahoos have some decent receivers in UNC transfer TJ Thorpe, Canaan Severin & Keeon Johnson. The O-Line had 5 returning starters & if they remain healthy should probably be the best unit on offense. I think we’ve been waiting awhile for things to click under HC Mike London but he’s so far been unsuccessful with his offense. DEFENSE: Virginia’s defense was solid last year giving up 24.1PPG but the problem is that they lose 5 of their top-6 tacklers & 7 of their top-11. DE Eli Harold is a big loss as is LBs Henry Coley, Daquan Romero & Max Valles who combined for 217 tackles! S Anthony Harris is also gone & he had 108 tackles! UVA also lost both corners. The good news is that the D-Line could be decent. DT Andrew Brown has some talent while Kwontie Moore & Mike Moore have great size at the DE. S Quin Blanding was a freshman All-American as a true frosh last year & led the team in tackles with 123! Blanding, Brown, DT David Dean & S Maruice Canady could all be all-ACC type players so there is some legit potential here. The corners & LBs will need to come through though and both are talented albeit youthful. SCHEDULE: It’s not or never for Mike London who might be coaching for his job. It’s the wrong time though as the top-5 in the Coastal are peaking & Notre Dame, UCLA & Boise St. are OOC! BEST CASE: 3-9; WORST CASE: 1-11


ACC COASTAL OVERALL OUTLOOK: From 1-6 this is a fantastic division. It’s not on par with the SEC West, Pac 12 North or Pac 12 South, but it’s not bad either with 6 of these teams probably going to be bowl eligible. I think the main focus in this division will be playing to the highest level. I think any of my first 5 teams could win the division so parity is through the roof. The coaches might be the most intriguing of this bunch. What separates the the SEC or Pac 12 division from this one is the coach. Narduzzi is new at Pittsburgh. You have to think Fedora (UNC), Goldon (Miami-FL) & London (Virginia) are on short leashes. Also Johnson (GT), Cutcliffe (Duke) & Beamer (VT) are all sort of getting up there in age and they are probably at their destination jobs although I could see Johnson coach if GT had decided to make a change. How well the old guard does is also interesting. The other thing to look for here is upside. We know GT & VT are going to be great, but it’ll be intersting to see if Pitt, UNC or Miami-FL can make a leap this year & join the top-2. One things is for certain, you can’t really go wrong with this division. I really like it, but I’m still saying Georgia Tech takes down the crown!

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The ACC has come under intense scrutiny this year with most people believing that they have fallen to “worst” conference of the Big 5 conferences. I’m not entirely sure of this. The ACC has somewhat devoured their own for the most part & having Florida St. not play well certainly doesn’t help the cause, but this is actually one of the more intriguing conferences in all of college football. The Coastal Division isn’t the SEC West, but every team is compelling with quite a bit to play for. The Atlantic is very top heavy with Florida St., Clemson & Louisville but all three are very good teams & let’s not forget Florida State is the defending national champions!

In a big picture sense, the ACC has to hope Florida St. wins out and gets to 13-0 because they’ll get to defend their title in the playoffs. If Florida St. tumbles or loses in the ACC Championship game then I think all bets are off & they are long shots to advance given their schedule & how it doesn’t look very good at all. Even with just the one playoff hope, this conference should be interesting to watch especially with the multitude of scenarios presented by the Coastal Division. It should be a very entertaining 6 weeks in the ACC.




7-0 As defending national champions, Florida St. probably has the easiest road to the playoffs as any other team because an undefeated Florida St. team definitely goes to the playoff to defend their title. That doesn’t mean there aren’t significant doubts. The win over Notre Dame looks solid but FSU should have lost that game. Close calls too against Clemson & NC State don’t help. The Oklahoma St. win looked good for a while until the Cowboys got blown out by TCU. A Thursday night game at Louisville will probably determine if Florida St. can hang on & go unbeaten. The real question is whether or not a 1-loss FSU team who wins the ACC Championship would be good enough to get in? The ACC is terrible. FSU has to hope Notre Dame goes 11-1.
5-2 One of the more interesting teams in the country, Clemson hasn’t been a part of the national conscious thus far because they started the season 1-2. Since that 2nd loss they’ve won 4 straight defeating their opponents by a combined score of 131-65. Clemson’s 2 losses have come on the road to Georgia & Florida St., so the Tigers can at least make an argument of being a top-15 if not top-10 team. They’ve already beaten UNC, Louisville & BC. Their toughest game remaining is a road date to Georgia Tech so 10-2 is on the table. It’s too bad they won’t get a 2nd shot at Florida St. in the ACC title game. They can’t make the playoffs or win the Atlantic, but with a bowl win, Clemson could finish the season 11-2!
6-2 Bobby Petrino is quietly putting together a monster season & the Cardinals are actually one of the more intriguing teams out there. It would be almost impossible for them to win the Atlantic because of the loss to Clemson. L’Ville would have to beat Florida St., hope Florida St. loses again, & hope Clemson loses two more conference games. I think the Cardinals could beat Florida St., and I think Clemson could lose on the road to Georgia Tech, but that’s as far as it goes & L’Ville still finishes in 3rd place in their own division. Louisville could play big spoiler though down the stretch. They have games against Florida St. & Notre Dame plus a season finale against Kentucky. The Cardinals will be a featured team down the stretch.
4-3 With 2 conference losses already, it’s difficult to see the Eagles being a player in the ACC Atlantic especially with road games against Florida St. & Virginia Tech remaining. The Eagles need to think about getting a couple of more wins to get bowl eligible and they have a couple of games they could win. This week they’ll travel to Winston-Salem to play Wake Forest in a winnable game. After that game & hopefully a win, they’ll have a 3-game stretch against Virginia Tech, Louisville & Florida State. They might come out of that with 3 losses putting them at 5-6 going into the season finale at home against Syracuse. It all starts with Wake Forest this week though. If they lose this week then bowl eligibility might be lost.
3-4 Syracuse has to be thoroughly disappointed in their season especially with home losses to Maryland (14pts) & Louisville (22pts). In, fact, Syracuse hasn’t beaten any team of note all season long. Their remaining schedule is daunting with road games against Clemson, Pittsburgh & Boston College. The Orange can forget about the Atlantic & it might be difficult to see them even winning 3 more games to get to bowl eligibility. If they can’t win a road game they won’t get bowl eligible but their home games come against NC State & Duke. They might go 1-1 there so it’s entirely possible to see Syracuse at 4-8/5-7. HC Scott Shafer was talking about a goal of winning 8 games before the season started. That isn’t happening.
2-5 Not a great season in Dave Clawson’s first as HC of the Demon Deacons. Wake showed a little bit of promise in their 1st ACC game playing Louisville fairly tough in a 20-10 loss, but in their last 2 games, Wake has been outscored 73-10 by Florida St. & Syracuse. With wins over Gardner-Webb & Army, Wake might be looking at a 2-10 season, ending the season on an 8-game losing streak. Their best bet for a conference win might be against NC State, but he game is in Raleigh, not Winston-Salem. At this point, Wake is just looking for moral victories & trying to gauge progress from the players who will return in 2015. If they can win another game or two then great, but I don’t think anyone is counting on it.
4-4 It’s amazing what you can look like with the right schedule. NC State faced GA. Southern, Old Dominion, USF & Presbyterian in their first 4 games. They won all 4 outscoring their opponents 161-74. In their next 4 games, the Wolfpack played Floridai St., Clemson, Boston College & Louisville. They lost all 4 games & were outscored 73-157. At 0-4 in the ACC, there is no way NC State plays any role in the outcome but they still have an outside shot at bowl eligibility given their 4 non-conference wins. The home game against Wake Forest is entirely winnable but to get that 6th win they’ll have to beat either Syracuse or North Carolina on the road or manage to beat Georgia Tech in Raleigh. They must go 2-2 in their last 4.




6-1 We live in a crazy college football era when instead of talking about Duke being longshots to get bowl eligible, we are discussing them becoming potential conference champions! What’s amazing here is that the 6-1 Blue Devils have to be in the playoff discussion. If they win out they’ll finish 11-1 with a likely rematch against Florida St. in the ACC title game. If Florida St. is 12-0 & Duke beats them to finish the season at 12-1, would that be enough to put Duke into the 4-man playoff? I think it wouldn’t unless you had a copule of conferences that wind up with 2-loss champions. More likely Duke is simply hoping for a big bowl. If they defend homefield then at worst they’ll go 9-3 & win the Coastal. David Cutcliffe is a ridiculous good HC.
4-3 The Wahoos can’t get into the playoffs with 3 losses & losing at Duke last week was killer. Both Virginia & Duke are 2-1 in conference play, but Virginia has road ACC games against Florida St., Georgia Tech & Virginia Tech. Those are all probably losses which would give Virginia 6 meaning they’d have to beat North Carolina & Miami-FL at home just to get bowl eligible! Mike London has to be up at night playing the “What If?” game. If Virginia wins their close losses against UCLA & Duke they are 6-1 (3-0) right now instead of 4-3 (2-1). They’d effectively be up 3 games on Duke with a schedule that if they finished 11-1 (8-0) could be playoff worthy. Then again, this team isn’t far away from 2-5 if they lost to L’Ville & Pitt.
4-3 Pittsburgh has to be one of the more disappointing teams in college football. I thought they had a real chance at potentially disrupting the nation by playing TOUGH & potentially winning the Coastal. I thought Pitt might have losses on their schedule, but I thought they would beat Iowa & Akron in Pittsburgh. At worst the team should be 6-1 with the road loss to Virginia, but they lost to the Cavaliers by just 5 points. The Panthers aren’t completely out of it. If they win out they’ll finish 9-3 (7-1) and win the Coastal. If they beat Florida St., they would finish 10-3 as ACC Champions with a huge bowl on tap. I hope they play to potential because college football is better when Pittsburgh is relevant. They must win at home.
5-2 At 5-2, the Yellow Jackets should become bowl eligible at worst with a win over NC State in Raleigh on November 8th. If GT wants more than that, then they have their work cut out for them. Their remaining schedule is: at Pitt, Virginia, at NC State, Clemson, bye, at Georgia. Their home games won’t be easy & they can probably forget about beating Georgia. For a second I thought Georgia Tech was going to sneak up on us. They started the season 5-0 with wins over Virginia Tech & Miami-FL! In their last 2 games they’ve lost to Duke & North Carolina. To be fair, GT could still do some damage. At 5-2 (2-2), it’s worth watching this week at Pitt. If they win, then GT could be 8-2 (5-2) hosting Clemson. They can still win the Coastal.
4-3 With 3 losses the Hurricanes aren’t going to the playoffs anytime soon. What will be interesting for Miami-FL is their ability to get bowl eligible. At 4-3, they need to at least 2-3 in their final 5, but their schedule is: at Virginia Tech, North Carolina, bye, Florida St., at Virginia, Pittsburgh. Each one of those teams will have something to play for & getting a couple of wins won’t be easy. I think what could be most interesting down the stretch in Miami-FL is how hot Al Golden’s seat gets. The Canes could easily finish the season with 5 losses, putting their record at 4-8! If that happens then at best you can argue the program has stalled. Could you imagine having job openings at Florida, Michigan & Miami-FL by the end of the season?!
4-3 With 3 losses, the Hokies are not going to the playoffs, but they could have legitimate say in who does. At 4-3 (1-2) the Hokies look disappointing & to a degree they are, but Lady Luck simply hasn’t been kind. Virginia Tech is 0-3 in close games & their 3 losses have come by a combined 15pts. They have a win at Ohio St. & their toughest road game remaining comes against Duke. If Virginia Tech wins out to get to 9-3 (6-2), would they win the Coastal? Yes, but Pittsburgh would have to lose 2 more conference games! The Hokies loss at Pittsburgh this past Thursday has huge tiebreaker implications! It doesn’t look like it now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the VT/Pitt game was the deciding factor in who goes to the ACC title game.
3-4 I though the Tar Heels were a darkhorse contender before the season began to shock the college football world, get to 13-0 & make the playoffs. Instead, here they are sitting at 3-4 (1-2) needing to win 3 of their last 5 just to get bowl eligible! What’s amazing is that UNC still has time to shock a few people. Should they win out, the Tar Heels will finish 8-4 (6-2) but because winning out means they’ll beat Virginia, Miami-FL, PITT, & Duke, the Tar Heels would own all the tiebreakers. The only problem is Virginia Tech. The Hokies beat UNC so Virginia Tech would have to lose another game in order for Carolina to finish first. Every game for the Tar Heels is important not only for bowl eligibility, but also because they are still division contenders.

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#1 PROJECTED RECORD: 12-0 (8-0); OFFENSE: Ridiculous. Florida St. averaged 51.4PPG last season en route to a national championship & bring back 7 starters from that unit including reigning Heisman Trophy winner QB Jameis Winston. There are a projected 8 senior starters 4 of which are returning offensive linemen! WR Rashad Greene  & TE Nick O’Leary return which will offset the loss of Kelvin Benjamin with the 6’4/200lbs Isaiah Jones ready to come in & be that big receiver. Florida St. doesn’t have 7 guys on offense that could be all-ACC. They have 7 guys on offense that could very well end up as All-Americans! They have the best QB in the country. They arguably have the best O-Line. RB Devonta Freeman leaves but Karlos WIlliams averaged 8.0ypc! It would be ridiculous for FSU to score more than 50PPG in back-2-back years, but who is going to stop them? DEFENSE: FSU returns 6 starters from a unit that allowed 12.1PPG! The losses on defense are a bit more dramatic than on offense as the Noles lose 5 of their top-6 tacklers. Losing Tim Jernigan, Lamarcus Joyner, & Tevin Smith will be tough as they were all All-Americans! LB Christian Jones was all-ACC as was S Terrance Brooks. The good news is that it’s FSU so the talent is HEAVY! CBs PJ Williams & Ronald Darby might be the best CB duo in the nation. DE Mario Edwards is a beast as is DT Eddie Goldman. Eight players could be all-ACC. This is still one of the best defenses in the nation. SCHEDULE: They avoid UNC & their toughest road game is Syracuse. They have a GREAT chance at back-2-back!
#2 PROJECTED RECORD: 7-5 (5-3); OFFENSE: Clemson had a fantastic year last year going 11-2 & winning a BCS Bowl. The offense was fantastic scoring 40.2PPG behind incredible offensive players in QB Tajh Boyd, WRs Sammy Watkins & Martavis Bryant along with RB Roderick McDowell. The problem is that every one of those players are gone including a couple of O-Linemen! Clemson returns just 5 starters & will have freshman starting at QB & RB. The good news is that frosh RBs Wayne Gallman & Tyshon Dye could be pretty decent & the Tigers get back WR Charone Peake who missed last year with an ACL injury. The bad news is that the O-Line is terrible & there is massive inexperience. It’s still Clemson so the athletes are there, but this offense takes a big step back in ’13. DEFENSE: The Tigers are much better off on the defensive side of the ball where they return 7 starters from a unit that allowed 22.2PPG including 5 of their top-7 tacklers. DE Vic Beasley was a 1st Team All-American last season who led the team with 13sacks & 23TFL! LB Stephone Anthony returns as well & he led the team in tackles with 131 including 13.5TFL! Both are All-American candidates. Joining Beasley is DE Corey Crawford, DT Grady Jarrett & DT DJ Reader. The D-Line is the obvious strength of the defense & is arguably the best in the nation! The secondary should also be very dangerous. This defense could get better. SCHEDULE: Road games against Georgia, Florida St. & Georgia Tech hurt. They also draw UNC & get South Carolina in the finale. If the offense comes around, they’ll get to 9-10 wins.
#3 PROJECTED RECORD: 8-4 (5-3); OFFENSE: The Orange are quietly going about becoming a consistently good football program again. They return 8 starters from an offense that scored 22.7PPG last year, but I think HC Scott Shafer is on to something here. QB Terrel Hunt is a dual threat QB who completed 61.2% of his passes. He did throw 8 picks to 10TD. The TD:INT ratio was worse than that as Hunt padded his stats against Wagner & Tulane but I like the 61.2%. The O-Line returns 4 starters, 6 of the top-7 receivers return and even though leading rusher Jerome Smith is gone, I think new starting RB Prince-Tyson Gulley could be an upgrade. Not a ton of talent here but these guys play hard & there is quite a bit of experience. They’ll be better. DEFENSE: Syracuse returns 7 starters from a defense that allowed 25.4PPG. They have a couple of HUGE losses in DT Jay Bromley & LB Marquis Spruill who were both NFL Draft picks, but the Orange return the other 5 starters of their front-7. Like the offense, the talent here isn’t great but I think a key could be the DEs Robert Welsh & Ron Thompson. They need to replenish the pass rush that Bromley & Spruill provided. I think the defense stays the same as far as production is concerned. SCHEDULE: The schedule sets up really well for Syracuse as they avoid UNC, Virginia Tech & Georgia Tech. They get L’Ville, Duke & NC State at home & the non-conference slate isn’t bad because Maryland comes to the Carrier Dome. BC & Wake Forest are terrible. They won’t beat Clemson or FSU but it’ll be a really nice season in 2014.
#4 PROJECTED RECORD: 9-3 (5-3); OFFENSE: This offense could get very interesting very quickly. The Cardinals only bring back 4 starters from a 12-1 squad that averaged 35.2PPG, but a deeper look gives you some signs that offensive genius Bobby Petrino could hit the ground running in his return to Louisville. True, QB Teddy Bridgewater is gone & that is a HUGE hole to fill, but L’Ville brings back 4 starters along the O-line & the one non-returning starter is a transfer from Florida who started! L’Ville returns 4 of their top-5 receivers & also their top rusher in Dominique Brown! Don’t forget about Auburn transfer Michael Dyer who was a 1st Team All-SEC RB in 2011! In his 1st 4 years at Louisville, Petrino averaged 40+PPG. Given Petrino’s pedigree & what L’Ville returns, if QB Will Gardner can be decent, Louisville is going to score! DEFENSE: Massive losses on this side of the ball as Louisville returns just 4 starters from a unit that allowed 12.2PPG and loses 6 of their top-8 tacklers. DE Marcus Smith, LB Preston Brown & S Calvin Pryor were all NFL Draft picks & will be difficult to replace. Charlie Strong didn’t leave the cupboards bare however. There is talent here on defense & guys like DE Lorenzo Mauldin, LB James Burgess & CB Charles Gaines should be impact players. I’m excited to see OLB James Hearns. He redshirted last season but at 6’3/270lbs has great size. SCHEDULE: Not bad at all. They get Clemson & Syracuse on the road which is tough but avoid UNC, VT, GT & Pitt from the Coastal! They can win every game on the schedule save FSU. Can Petrino go 11-1 in year 1?
#5 PROJECTED RECORD: 5-7 (2-6); OFFENSE: The Wolfpack return 7 starters from an offense that scored just 22.8PPG en route to a 3-9 record, the worst mark NC State has posted since 2006! The best player on offense might actually be RT Tyson Chandler who at 6’7/355lbs is the very definition of a mauler. The main problem with the Wolfpack is that they just need to get better. Projected starting QB Jacoby Brissett was highly touted out of HS and began his career at Florida. Freshmen WR Bo Hines & QB Jalan McClendon, OT Will Richardson & TE Cole Cook are nice pieces. I love how huge the O-line looks & RB Shadrach Thornton comes back. This could be an interesting running team who plays ball control offense. That can win games when other teams get sloppy. DEFENSE: The defense returns 7 starters from a unit that allowed 30.2PPG & they also lose their top-3 tacklers. It’s a mixed bag really. There wasn’t a ton of talent to begin with, but HC Dave Doeren should have the defense in much better shape. The D-Line returns 3 starters with DT Thomas Teal & DE Art Norman potentially being All-ACC players. What might be more interesting is in the influx of solid defensive talent in DE Kentavius Street, S Germaine Pratt, CB Troy Vincent, DT Justin Jones, & LB Ty Linton. The defense will be better this year. Not great but better. SCHEDULE: Tough to have a good record when you draw road games against L’Ville, UNC, Syracuse & Clemson & also draw FSU. That’s 5 losses right there. If they can beat either Georgia Tech at home or USF on the road, they could get to 6 wins.
#6 PROJECTED RECORD: 3-9 (1-7); OFFENSE: By season’s end, HC Dave Clawson may wish he would have stayed on at Bowling Green. The Demon Deacons haven’t had a winning season since 2008 & it doesn’t look good this year. They return 5 starters from an offense that scored just 18.3PPG. The worst part is that they lose their QB, top rushers, 2 top receivers and the left half of their offensive line! The best part of the offense is probably receivers where Jared Crump (6’3/190), Tyree Harris (6’3/180) & Zach Gordon (6’5/250) are all sophomore receivers with great size. They’ll need a QB to throw them the ball & that looks to fall on Tyler Cameron. Clawson needs to upgrade the talent level here. DEFENSE: Wake brings back only 5 starters from a defense that allowed 24.1PPG. In a year in which WF fans saw the Deacons go 4-8, the defense was the lone bright spot. Unfortunately Wake loses their entire defensive line & 5 of their top-9 tacklers. At least there are some decent pieces here. CB Kevin Johnson is one of the best in the league & LB Brandon Chubb & S Ryan Janvion combined for 183 tackles last season! The D-Line is alarmingly small but keep an eye on DE Desmond Floyd who at 6’5/260lbs could be an impact rusher. The defense might be worse but not by much. SCHEDULE: Nasty. They draw VaTech & Duke out of the Coastal. They also play NC State in Raleigh. They even have a game at Utah St.! They get BC at home so I think they can win that & I think they’ll beat Gardner-Webb. Nothing sets up well here. Wake could get to 3-9 but they could get to 1-11!
#7 PROJECTED RECORD: 3-9 (0-8); OFFENSE: Steve Addazio has shown himself to be a pretty good HC but he’s got his work cut out for him in 2014. Boston College returns just 3 starters from an offense that scored 27.7PPG en route to a 7-6 season. They lose some serious contributors in RB Andre Williams (2177yds/18TD/6.1ypc), QB Chase Retig (61.6%/1995yds/17TD/8INT), their top-4 receivers and both offensive tackles! WR Alex Amidon & RB Andre Williams actually left school as BC’s all time leading receiver & rusher respectively! The interior O-Line should be pretty good especially with C Andy Gallik & G Bobby Vardaro but this team is going to struggle to score 20PPG given the insane amount of attrition they’ve suffered! DEFENSE: The losses aren’t as bad on the defensive side of the ball as BC returns 6 starters from a defense that allowed 28.9PPG. The problem though is who they lost. LB Steele Divitto & LB Kevin Pierre-Louis were #1 & #2 in tackles with 112 & 108 respectively. They combined for 16.5TFL & 2INT! Also gone is DE Kasim Edebali who led the team in sacks with 9.5 and TFL with 15! DT Kaleb Ramsey is also gone & like Pierre-Louis was an NFL Draft pick! There are some interesting pieces here though. BC returns their entire secondary & LB Steven Daniels is a solid player. Thre guys are VERY interesting are 6’9/290lbs DE Brian Mihalik, 6’7/290lbs DT Mehdi Abdesmad & 6’7/270lbs Malachi Moore. That’s incredible size! SCHEDULE: Nasty. BC is rebuilding & unfortunately they get Wake on the road. I think 3-9 but could see 4-8 or 2-10. No bowl for BC!


ACC ATLANTIC OVERALL OUTLOOK: From a championship perspective there is really no team in the division that can possibly contend with Florida State. The Seminoles are ENTIRELY too good and the historically great teams in the conference such as Virginia Tech & Miami-FL are in the Coastal. Clemson is historically good too but they are going through a rebuilding year so to speak given what they lost on offense so Florida State doesn’t necessarily have to worry about them. The real story to me is what happens with Clemson, Louisville & Syracuse. Clemson could still be a fairly dangerous team if they can get their offense up to speed which could mean a win or two more than I think. Louisville is also interesting. Although they look like they lose quite a few players, there is still a lot of talent especially on offense. If Bobby Petrino can work his magic and QB Will Gardner emerges, the Cardinals could really contend for 10-11 wins. And then there is Syracuse who should be an extremely scrappy team with a schedule that could give them 8-9 wins. It’s an interesting division to a certain extent although the bottom 3 teams aren’t very competitive. Florida St. should roll in this one. There really aren’t any challengers.


#1 PROJECTED RECORD: 11-1 (8-0); OFFENSE: The Tar Heels bring back 8 starters from an offense that scored 32.7PPG including QB Marquise Williams. UNC was like a different team with Williams took over the starting duties from Bryn Renner. Williams didn’t disappoint going 5-1 in his starts, passing for 1698yds/15TD & rushing for 536yds/6TD! The Heels always have talent and Williams has a nice supporting cast around him. TJ Logan returns at RB & even though UNC loses TE Eric Ebron, WR Quinshad Davis (6’4/215lbs) steps in to be that legitimate #1 WR threat. The Heels return 3 on the O-Line. Williams, Logan & Davis should compete for all-ACC honors. Keep an eye on frosh RB Elijah Hood. The 6’0/220lbs speedster could have an impact. I really like this offense. DEFENSE: UNC returns 7 starters from a defense that allowed 24.5PPG. They return 9 of their top-12 tacklers. They have a couple of players in DE Kareem Martin, CB Jabari Price & S Tre Boston who were all NFL Draft picks that will be hard to replace but talent has never been an issue in Chapel Hill. DE Norkeithus Otis will try to replace Martin’s pass rushing ability & the entire LB corps returns. If there is a weakness it’s that UNC will start two frosh along the D-Line & have 2 new corners. There is upside to this defense & at worst they’ll put up similar numbers to 2013. SCHEDULE: UNC gets pretty lucky in that they avoid FSU & get VT, GT & Pittsburgh at home. Road games against Clemson, Notre Dame & Miami-FL could be problematic but I think UNC gets them at the right time. A huge year is in store for UNC!
#2 PROJECTED RECORD: 9-3 (5-3); OFFENSE: I think Paul Chryst is a great fit at Pittsburgh. The Panthers return 8 starters from an offense that averaged 26PPG. Chryst has averaged 26PPG in his first 2 seasons at Pitt but he was the OC at Wisconsin for 7 years when the Badgers were running up 30-40PPG! Losing QB Tom Savage is a blow, but RB James Conner (6’2/230lbs) & RB Isaac Bennett (5’11/205lbs) both return & averaged 5.5 & 4.7ypc respectively. I don’t know if Pittsburgh will employ the 2-man RB tandems Wisconsin destroyed people with but you can see the imprint. Pitt is running a 2-TE set & is stacked at WR with Tyler Boyd & Manasseh Garner. The O-line returns 4 starters & you get the feeling Pittsburgh’s offense is about ready to explode in year 3 even with a new QB a the helm. DEFENSE: Pitt returns 5 starters from a unit that allowed 27.2PPG. A lot is being made of losing DT Aaron Donald & there should be. Donald had 11sacks/28.5TFL & was a 1st Team All-American, but the Panther still allowed almost 30PPG! Like Carolina, the Panthers have some question marks on the DL & in the secondary. LB Anthony Gonzalez should be a lynchpin in the middle as will S Ray Vinopal, but I think it comes together somehow & Pitt allows fewer points in ’14. SCHEDULE: The schedule works well for Pitt as they get home games against Iowa, VT, GT, Duke & Syracuse. They avoid FSU & Clemson from the Atlantic. They get UNC in Chapel Hill but you can’t win them all & road games against UVa & Miami-FL seem winnable. Win at home & win 9-10 games.
#3 PROJECTED RECORD: 8-4 (5-3); OFFENSE: Virginia Tech brings back 9 starters from an offense that scored just 22.5PPG last season but do not return VaTech all time leading passer Logan Thomas! I’m not sure what to make of this. Thomas completed 57% of his passes for 2907yds & 16TD to 13INT. I’m almost of the opinion that Thomas held the Hokies back, but then I see what he’s doing in camp with the Arizona Cardinals & wonder if the talent around him was just terrible? The Hokies haven’t been dominant offensively since 2010 & I’m not sure the trend doesn’t continue. There is a lot of experience here outside of the QB position so maybe VT can get better but I’d expect them to struggle again offensively. DEFENSE: VT returns 9 starters from a unit that allowed 19.3PPG. It’s really an odd makeup. The Hokies return all 4 secondary players & have the best DB unit in the nation but they return just 1 of their front-7 & lose a TREMENDOUS amount of their pass rushing ability. There is obvious talent here but DTs Corey Marshall & Luther Maddy along with LBs Chase Williams & Deon Clarke will have to show an ability stop the run if the Hokies are going to stop opposing offenses from taking their secondary out of the game. CB Kendall Fuller could be an All-American! SCHEDULE: The Hokies avoid FSU & Clemson but get a non-conference road game at Ohio St. & conference road games against UNC, Pitt & Duke. Given the D-line I’m not sure a home game against GT is a win. It’s not horrible really but 3 tough road games mean at leas 3 losses. Bowl win gives them 8-9.
#4 PROJECTED RECORD: 8-4 (5-3); OFFENSE: The names might change but the results stay the same with HC Paul Johnson & the Yellow Jackets. You might think GT could be down as they bring back just 6 starters & lose their starting QB & their 3 leading rushers, but I don’t see it. The O-line has 3 starters back & 4 upperclassmen as projected starters. QB Justin Thomas is a soph but is in his 3rd year in the program. DeAndre Smelter (6’3/225) & Darren Waller (6’5/230lbs) gives GT a couple of huge outside threats to keep defenses honest & all in all it looks like GT will once again average 33-36PPG. It’s so hard to evaluate GT because it’s such a system based offense, but it works. DEFENSE: GT returns 4 starters from a defense that allowed 22.8PPG. That sound daunting but the other time Paul Johnson had just 4 starters returning was his first year in 2008 & it was the best scoring defense he’s had during his tenure at GT! DE Jeremiah Attaochu’s 12.5sacks will be hard to replace. Oddly enough GT loses a few NFL Draft picks in Attaochu, LB Brandon Watts & S Jemea Thomas. Like North Carolina, GT has questions at DL & in the secondary. There are some pretty nice pieces though. DT Adam Gotsis & DE Kenderius Whitehead should anchor the D-line & MLB Quayshawn Nealy could be all-ACC. It looks a little rough but you never know. SCHEDULE: It’s not terrible. They avoid FSU and get Miami-FL, Duke, Virginia & Clemson at home. Those are all winnable games. For the season to be a success, GT has to win their games in Bobby Dodd Stadium. I think they do.
#5 PROJECTED RECORD: 7-5 (3-5); OFFENSE: Duke returns 8 starters including QB Anthony Boone from an offense that scored 32.8PPG last year. There is certainly a lot to like here. Duke returns 3 starters on the O-line. Leading rusher Josh Snead averaged 6.1ypc & he returns. Boone completed 64% of his passes and while his TD:INT ratio was 13:13, you have to like his accuracy & expect his decision making to get better in his senior season. Duke has up to 5 players on offense that could be all-ACC with WR Jamison Crowder & G Laken Tomlinson potentially being 1st team selections. When was the last time you could say that about Duke football? There is no denying David Cutcliffe’s great job here but Duke isn’t sneaking up on anyone this year so the offense might be down a point or two. DEFENSE: Duke returns 6 starters from a unit that allowed 26.6PPG. The Blue Devils return their top-3 tacklers & 5 of their top-6. The only real loss is DE Kenny Anunike but do lose 3 starters along the D-line. They also bring in new corners who are sophomores so they’ll be inexperienced in the secondary. Still, S Jeremy Cash is a BEAST and LBs David Helton & Kelby Brown could combine with Cash to give Duke 3 1st-Team All-ACC defenders. That’s nuts! If the D-Line holds this unit could be a tick better. SCHEDULE: Like I said, Duke isn’t sneaking up on anyone this year & have road games against Miami-FL, GT, Pitt & Syracuse. They also play VT & UNC who will be ready to play. They’ll get bowl eligible but won’t win the Coastal & won’t finish with a 10-4 record.
#6 PROJECTED RECORD: 4-8 (2-6); OFFENSE: The Cavaliers bring back 7 starters from an offense that scored 19.8PPG in ’13. QB David Watford does return but he was so bad in ’13 that I’d expect Greyson Lambert to take over signal caller duties. This is a mixed bag. On the one hand why would you want a collection of moribund players? On the other, the guys were so bad they’d have to get better right? There are some great pieces here. Lambert looks the part at 6’5/230lbs. RB Kevin Parks ran for 1000+yds last season. WRs Kyle Dockins & Keeon Johnson are 6’3/215lbs & got a lot of run as frosh last season. TE Zachary Swanson at 6’6/260lbs is another huge weapon. The O-Line brings back 3 starters. If Lambert can be decent, this offense will really improve. DEFENSE: UVA brings back 9 starters from a defense that allowed 33.3PPG! It’s just like the offense really. Is anyone any good? There is actually quite a bit of talent on hand here. DE Eli Haorld led the team in sacks (8.5) and TFL (15). DE Mike Moore is 6’4/270lbs! S Anthony Harris has a chance to be an All-American & the Cavs bring back their entire back-7 which has TREMENDOUS SIZE! LB Max Valles is 6’5/240. CB Maurice Canady is 6’2/190lbs! I can’t help but think Mike London is a good coach & this defense could be extremely good. SCHEDULE: The schedule is BRUTAL with road games against VT, FSU, GT & Duke. They draw BYU & UCLA in the non-conference which is INSANE! They do get Miami-FL & Pitt at home. The more I look at UVA the more I like them, but the schedule keeps them from bowling.
#7 PROJECTED RECORD: 5-7 (2-6); OFFENSE: I can’t believe I have THE U here, and this is probably my biggest stretch as a prediction. The offense returns 7 starters from a team that averaged 33.8PPG but lose QB Stephen Morris who threw for 3028yds/21TD. Morris left Miami as their #3 all-time leading passer  so he’ll be tough to replace. That a rFR in Kevin Olsen is replacing him makes things doubly difficult although Olsen is in his 2nd year of the program. RB Duke Johnson & WR Stacy Coley can make a claim to being the best RB/WR duo in the ACC. The O-Line returns 3 starters & 6 of the returning 7 starters will compete for all-ACC honors. There is a lot to like here. Morris did complete just 58% of his passes & threw 12INT. If Olsen can match that, Miami’s offense could actually be better especially if Duke Johnson doesn’t miss half the year! DEFENSE: Miami returns 7 starters from an offense that allowed 27PPG. It’s Miami so the talent is there but for some reason the last 2 seasons Miami’s defense hasn’t been that good. LB Denzel Perryman is arguably the best ILB in the entire nation & should be a 1st team All-American. I like DE Anthony Chickillo but the rest of the team really needs to step up. SCHEDULE: So this is why I think Miami regresses this season. They draw Florida St. & Louisville from the Atlantic & both are read games. They get a non-conference road game at Nebraska. They also play GT, VT & UVA on the road & still have to play UNC & Pittsburgh. It’s an incredibly difficult road & Miami will be depending on a freshman QB. I just can’t see it.


ACC COASTAL OVERALL OUTLOOK: I think it’s interesting that Florida St. in the Atlantic is projected to go 8-0 in conference as is North Carolina. Like FSU, the 2nd place team in the Coastal (Pittsburgh) is expected to be 3 games behind the Tar Heels meaning the Coastal should end up quite a bit like the Atlantic with UNC having the division wrapped up. I also think the symmetry between the #2-#4 teams is interesting as both the Coastal & Atlantic have 3 teams expected to finish the season with 5-3 conference records. The middle of the Coastal with Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech & Georgia Tech should be just as interesting as the middle of the Atlantic with Pittsburgh, Syracuse & Clemson. All 3 teams are similarly flawed with a lot to replace on offense. I think at times like this you forget how much schedule plays a role in the outcomes of football seasons. Some publications feel this is the best team Al Golden has had at Miami-FL yet I have it projected to be Golden’s worst season since coming to Coral Gables. It’s easy to forget that Miami-FL is 7-2 in close games over the last 2 seasons with a TO margin of +12. Regression is going to come calling at some point & it certainly seems that is likely for the Hurricanes in 2014 given the QB situation and the schedule. While North Carolina should be one of the surprise teams in college football this season with just how many games they are going to win, the story of the ACC Coastal could be Miami-FL and how many games they are going to lose. Granted, going 5-7 isn’t going 2-10 or 1-11, but 5-7 seasons are simply unacceptable season for Miami-FL, and let’s not forget that Miami-FL hasn’t really been nationally relevant since 2003. That is a long time to have a team as historically great as Miami lay dormant.

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2014 ACC: A Look At Predictive Analytics From 2013

It’s always fun to look at the big picture when evaluating college football teams to get an idea of where their season might be headed. There are some advanced metrics that can give us some insight into some of the “luck” that teams will have in the coming season based on these particular stats regression to the mean in most cases. For the discussion below, I use the following:

CLOSE GAMES: Games decided by 7 points or fewer
PYTHAGOREAN: A theoretical winning percentage based on points scored & allowed; (PS*PS)/((PS*PS)+(PA*PA))
LUCK: The difference between Pythagorean & a team’s actual record

This doesn’t always mean that teams will trend opposite of what they did the previous year. You have to look at context and previous years to get a sense of where a team might be headed in the upcoming season. It also doesn’t mean that regression to the mean will be reflected in the overall record. A team could be 0-7 in close games with a TO margin of -25 and a Pythagorean suggesting they were 2.62 wins better than their win total from the previous season, but if the team is short on talent and has an extremely difficult schedule ahead without many opportunities for home wins, regressing might not mean that much in the win column.

Moving on to the ACC,  here are the overall trends for each team. Discussion follows:

TRENDING UP: Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia
TRENDING DOWN: Florida St., Louisville, Clemson, Miami-FL, Duke, Notre Dame, Boston College, Pittsburgh
TREADING WATER: Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Wake Forest, NC State

The ACC is the first conference we come to where the overwhelming favorites for the conference title are teams that are actually trending down given their predictive analytics from a season ago. Florida St. & Clemson are the two most talented teams in the conference and you can really never count out a Bobby Petrino led football program. Even teams like Miami-FL & Notre Dame are tricky because while they might be regressing from a predictive standpoint, the overall ability of the teams in question might actually have increased from a season ago. The team to really keep a look out for is North Carolina. Larry Fedora is in his 3rd year and the Tar Heels are the best they’ve been since he took over in Chapel Hill. The schedule is favorable and UNC avoids Florida St. during the regular season which could set us up for shades of 1997 when UNC & Florida St. hooked up in a HUGE battle for ACC supremacy at Kenan Stadium as the #2 Seminoles beat the #5 Tar Heels 20-3. It was also the last season Mack Brown coached at North Carolina before bolting for the Texas job. This could definitely make for an interesting year in the ACC. Don’t forget about Virginia Tech either. The Hokies are always good but the last 2 years have been a bit tortuous for the fans in Blacksburg. While their predictive measures suggest they are treading water, it’s not a bad spot to be in if Lady Luck comes calling.

Teams are listed in descending order of their Pythagorean winning percentage. Following the chart are the raw numbers in each category.

#1 It’s almost impossible to run the table at 14-0 & win a national championship without a little luck. Florida St. was no different as the Seminoles benefited from a +17 in TO margin, a 1-0 record in close games and a Pythagorean of .948 which suggests they were 0.73 wins worse than the 14 wins they eventually ended up with. All this points to regression but Florida St. is so good it might not matter. They get Clemson, Notre Dame & Florida at home. Granted they Miami-FL & Louisville on the road & they have a non-conference game against Oklahoma St. but really FSU didn’t have much luck when it came to close games or Pythagorean. While they lost a lot, they return a lot & the talent at FSU is arguably the best in the nation. Even with a regression to the mean with TO margin, Florida St. has a real chance to go undefeated in the regular season for a second year!
#2 Charlie Strong went out with a bang at Louisville & had a little help from Lady Luck as the Cardinals finished 3-1 in close games with a +17 TO margin! Louisville’s Pythagorean of .893 suggested they were .39 wins worse than their final 12-1 record would show. All of this points towards regression & L’Ville might be in for a rough year. They lose QB Teddy Bridgewater & the defense loses 7 starters & 7 of their top-9 tacklers from a unit that allowed 12.2PPG which ranked #2 nationally! The ACC isn’t the AAC and that’s reflected in the schedule. Louisville has road games against Clemson & Notre Dame. They have a non-conference game against Kentucky & also draw Miami-FL from the Coastal. There is still a lot of talent here & Bobby Petrino can coach some serious football, but taken together as a whole, it’s hard to see Louisville not taking a step back from 12-1 a year ago.
#3 After having back-to-back 11-2 seasons & a 32-8 record over the last 3, it’s about time for Clemson to step up & challenge for a national title. Unfortunately Lady Luck could be swinging the other way. Clemson benefited from a +6 TO margin & a 2-0 record in close games. Their Pythagorean of .767 showed they were 1.03 win worse than their 11-2 record, the 4th luckiest mark in the ACC! This points towards a step back in 2014 & the schedule suggests this too. It doesn’t help that Clemson plays Georgia & South Carolina as non-conference games! That’s ridiculous. They get Florida St. & Georgia Tech on the road. They drew North Carolina from the Coastal. They return only 12 starters & will likely have true frosh Deshaun Watson playing QB. This is still Clemson so talent is abundant, but if Luck goes the other way this could easily be a 6-8 win team by year’s end.
#4 It’s amazing to think Georgia Tech had the 4th best Pythagorean in the ACC & somehow managed to finish 7-6. Lady Luck hated the Yellow Jackets last year as GT suffered through a -4 in TO margin along with an 0-2 record in close games. Their .702 Pythagorean suggests GT was 2.13 wins BETTER than their actual record which was by far the unluckiest mark in the conference. All of this points towards serious regression towards winning for the Ramblin’ Wreck! Paul Johnson runs the triple option system which is extremely difficult to defend & doesn’t depend on so much continuity to succeed so GT returning 6 starters on offense isn’t crushing. It doesn’t help they return 4 on defense though. They avoid FSU & L’Ville out of the Atlantic but get VT, UNC, Pitt, & Georgia on the road. They also draw Clemson. Luck should be on GT’s side & they can win big if they win at home.
#5 The Tar Heels are another team trending upwards for 2014. The +2 in TO margin isn’t that significant, but UNC went 1-2 in close games & their Pythagorean of .641 suggests they were 1.33 wins better than their final record of 7-6. Larry Fedora runs a high octane offense & Carolina hasn’t disappointed here averaging 41PPG in 2012 & 33PPG in 2013. This season should be UNC’s best yet offensively as they return 8 starters on offense including QB Marquise Williams who won’t be a new starter. The defense should be better too with 7 starters returning along with 9 of their top-12 tacklers. UNC avoids FSU & L’Ville from the Atlantic & get VT, GT & Pitt at home. Road dates at Notre Dame, Clemson & Miami-FL are daunting but could be wins for the Tar Heels. With no Florida St. and Lady Luck looking to turn towards UNC, it’s not out of the question for UNC to run the table!
#6 I love what Al Golden is doing in Coral Gables but this could be a tough season for the Hurricanes. Miami was 3-0 in close games last year & had a +5 TO margin which actually bumps up to +12 if you look at the past 2 seasons. Their .615 Pythagorean suggests Miami was a 1.00 games worse than their 9-4 record shows. This all points towards Miami-FL regressing a bit in 2014, but what makes Miami-FL interesting is that Golden has improved his win total every season since his first & this is the best team he’s had, but the schedule isn’t kind. They draw L’Ville & Florida St. from the Atlantic & have to play Georgia Tech & Virginia Tech on the road. They even have a non-conference road game against Nebraska & another with Cincinnati. Looking at the schedule combined with how Lady Luck is likely to shy away from “THE U” this year, a down year is more than likely.
#7 Duke is another interesting team out of the ACC. They are coming off arguably the greatest season in school history, going 10-4 & winning the ACC Atlantic division! They couldn’t finish well losing to Florida St. in the ACC title game & then dropping a close one to Texas A&M in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, but Duke going 10-4!? It’s unheard of. They did get lucky benefiting from a 4-2 close games record & being +1 in TO margin. The TO margin doesn’t mean much but Duke’s Pythagorean of .602 shows they were 1.57 wins worse than their final record which was the luckiest mark in the ACC! What’s interesting is that Duke actually returns quite a bit & the schedule isn’t brutal as they avoid FSU, L’Ville & Clemson from the Coastal! They get VT & UNC at home & Duke beat both of them on the road last season. They’ll regress with respect to luck, but Duke could still win some games.
#8 The Irish aren’t in the ACC but I’m placing them here because ND is an ACC team in every respect except football & they’ll start playing an ACC-centric schedule. The Irish don’t show any luck when it comes to their TO margin which was ZERO but Notre Dame did enjoy a 5-2 record in close games & their Pythagorean of .597 shows they were 1.24 wins worse than their 9-4 record indicates. All of this points towards regression & let’s not forget just how much talent the Irish lost to the 2014 NFL Draft. The schedule doesn’t do ND any favors as they have road games against Florida St. & USC not to mention home dates against Michigan, Stanford, North Carolina, Northwestern & Louisville! HC Brian Kelly has a massive amount of talent in South Bend & Everett Golson returns as QB so this is probably a better team than last year’s but regression & schedule kill Notre Dame.
#9 Virginia Tech is the first team we come to that is essentially treading water. The Hokies were +7 in TO margin last year but 2-3 in close games. Their Pythagorean of .577 shows they were 0.50 games worse than their final 8-5 record would show. Things haven’t been easy in Blacksburg of late as the Hokies are an uncharacteristic 13-11 over the last 2 seasons finishing outside the top-25 in both years. This year luck could run either way but the schedule is favorable for a good run. They avoid FSU, Clemson & L’Ville from the Atlantic & get GT & Miami-FL at home. They do play at UNC & have a road game against Ohio St., but if luck swings their way & VT takes care of business in Lane Stadium, there is no reason to think Virginia Tech couldn’t get back to double-digit wins. It sounds crazy, but I think Logan Thomas graduating actually helps their prospects quite a bit.
#10 Pittsburgh is another team somewhat treading water. They were -1 in TO margin although they were 4-2 in close games. Their Pythagorean of .484 suggests they were 0.78 wins worse than their 7-6 final record would indicate. You could argue the Panthers are in line for regression & that wouldn’t be too far off considering they are +20 in TO margin over the past 5 seasons! Pitt actually draws a pretty decent schedule managing to avoid FSU, Clemson & L’Ville out of the Atlantic & getting GT & VT at home. They return 8 starters on offense although they do lose QB Tom Savage. A bigger loss is DT Aaron Donald but the defense might actually be better considering Pitt gave up 27.2PPG last season! They have a very favorable schedule & if Pittsburgh can win home games & not get killed by regression, they could be one of the more surprising teams during the ’14 season.
#11 Boston College could be in for a rough season in Steve Addazio’s 2nd year at the helm. The Eagles benefited from a +3 TO margin along with a 2-1 record in close games. Their Pythagorean of .478 suggests they were 0.78 wins WORSE than their final 7-6 record. This is likely to mean regression for BC, but what compounds the issue is how inexperienced this team is going to be. They lose RB Andre Williams (2177yds!) & QB Chase Rettig along with both OTs and their top-4 receivers. They only have 3 starters returning on offense. Just 6 come back from a defense that allowed 29PPG! The Atlantic is no easy division at the top & BC has a road game against VT. USC is a brutal non-conference game but Colorado St. won’t be easy. Given the schedule, regression & the youth of this team, Boston College could suck, but Adazio will get the most out of this group.
#12 Syracuse is another ACC team treading water. They were +2 in TO margin in 2013 but were -2 in 2012 making it mostly a wash and they haven’t seen much variation in TO margin over the last few seasons. They were also 2-2 in close games. What is interesting about the Orange is that their Pythagorean of .444 suggests they were 1.23 wins WORSE than their final 7-6 record. That shows some potential for regression for Syracuse which isn’t good news as it was the 3rd luckiest mark in the conference! Given the TO margin & the record in close games I’d say Syracuse is treading water, but the schedule could conspire against the Cuse. They get Wake Forest, Pittsburgh & Boston College, all winnable games normally, on the road which will make them tougher. They do avoid UNC, VT & Miami out of the Coastal, but Syracuse will need Lady Luck to shine to get back to a bowl.
#13 Wake Forest is another team that is basically treading water. While the 0-4 record in close games would suggest a big turnaround, Wake Forest was -2 in TO margin in ’13 after being +17 in TO margin from 2011-2012! Their Pythagorean of .367 suggests they were 0.40 wins better than their final 4-8 record which doesn’t indicate much of anything. Like Duke, Indiana & Kansas, Wake Forest just has a hard time winning football games given their situation. New HC Dave Clawson takes over for Jim Grobe who was a helluva head coach. Clawson did great things at Bowling Green & he’ll have his work cut out for him. Wake brings back just 5 starters on offense & defense. For the most part Wake Forest didn’t do too bad on their schedule avoiding UNC & Miami-FL from the Coastal, but did draw Virginia Tech. Maybe if Lady Luck shines BRIGHT they can win a few games.
#14 NC State enters the 2014 season basically treading water when it comes to predictive measures. They were ZERO in TO margin last year & 1-0 in close games. Their Pythagorean of .367 suggests they were 1.37 wins better than their final record of 3-9 in HC Dave Doeren’s first season Raleigh. What you have to look at is the environment NC State will play in this season to see if they can capitalize on Lady Luck. The team as a whole should get better as 7 starters return on both offense & defense. The Atlantic is a tough division but the Wolfpack have 4 winnable non-conference games. They avoid VT & Miami-FL out of the Coastal & get teams like Boston College & Wake Forest at home. Those 6 games right there get NC State bowl eligible at 6-6. If Lady Luck swings their way with close wins & a positive TO margin then there is no reason NC State can’t get to a bowl in ’14.
#15 There is a lot to like about Virginia coming into 2014. Their predictive measures show UVA to be regression towards the winning side of the ledge as they were -5 in TO margin & 1-1 in close games while their Pythagorean of .261 suggests they are 1.13 games BETTER than their 2-10 final record would show. It’s also worth mentioning that Mike London’s Cavaliers squads are -33 in TO margin in the 4-years he’s been head coach in Charlottesville. At some point the ball has to bounce Virginia’s way. Virginia brings back 17 starters so things look good. The problem is the schedule! Virginia draw both Louisville & Florida St. out of the Atlantic & have non-conference games against UCLA & BYU! Potential wins against Duke & GT are on the road while UNC & Miami-FL comes to Scott Stadium. Even a huge boost from Lady Luck might not help London keep his job for 2015.


Florida St.: .948
Louisville: .893
Clemson: .767
Georgia Tech: .702
North Carolina: .641
Miami-FL: .615
Duke: .602
Notre Dame: .597
Virginia Tech: .577
Pittsburgh: .484
Boston College: .478
Syracuse: .444
Wake Forest: .367
NC State: .364
Virginia: .261


Duke: +1.57
Notre Dame: +1.24
Syracuse: +1.23
Clemson: +1.03
Miami-FL: +1.00
Boston College: +0.78
Florida St.: +0.73
Pittsburgh: +0.71
Virginia Tech: +0.50
Louisville: +0.39
Wake Forest: -0.40
Virginia: -1.13
North Carolina: -1.33
NC State: -1.37
Georgia Tech: -2.13


Florida St.: +17
Louisville: +17
Virginia Tech: +7
Clemson: +6
Miami-FL: +5
Boston College: +3
North Carolina: +2
Syracuse: +2
Duke: +1
NC State: 0
Notre Dame: 0
Pittsburgh: -1
Wake Forest: -2
Georgia Tech: -4
Virginia: -5


Miami-FL: 3-0
Clemson: 2-0
Florida St.: 1-0
NC State: 1-0
Louisville: 3-1
Notre Dame: 5-2
Duke: 4-2
Pittsburgh: 4-2
Boston College: 2-1
Syracuse: 2-2
Virginia: 1-1
Virginia Tech: 2-3
North Carolina: 1-2
Georgia Tech: 0-2
Wake Forest: 0-4

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