No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn, Except It's Football!


Computer Hope This game would have been a lot more interesting had the Lions beaten the Bengals last week & had something to play for. It would have been doubly interesting if Aaron Rodgers was playing & the Packers had won their last 2 games. Both teams would be 9-6 and in the thick of the wild card. Instead this game virtually has no meaning because regardless of outcome, the Lions will finish in 2nd and the Packers in 3rd in the North. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Oddly enough this game does have some meaning. If the season ended after Week 16, the Colts would have had the #3 pick in 2018 NFL Draft while the Texans would have the #4 pick. Houston’s pick goes to Cleveland & what makes this game interesting is that if Houston loses to Indy, Houston would move up to the #3 spot meaning the Browns would get the #1 and #3 picks in the 2018 NFL Draft! But the Colts want to lose too! Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Vikings still have something to play for as a loss could cost Minnesota the #2 seed in the NFC. The key for the Vikings is trying to get this one over with quickly to give the starters even more rest than the extra week they’d have for being the #2 seed. The Bears currently have a top-10 pick in the ’18 Draft & that could be at risk if they won. I do think Chicago will play hard. John Fox could potentially be coaching for his job. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I don’t think the Jets have much of a chance & New England does have to play well because a loss combined with a Steelers win would cost New England the #1 seed in the AFC. It’s worth noting that Jets WR Robby Anderson needs only 61 yards to get past 1,000 receiving yards on the year. Anderson developed a solid chemistry with Josh McCown but has struggled a bit with Bryce Petty. I think the Patriots have little trouble. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I think the Giants simply want to get the season over so they can start playing for next year while guys like Kirk Cousins & Ryan Kerrigan aren’t going to let the Redskins take a week off. If Washington win, they’ll finish the year 8-8, playing the most difficult schedule of any NFL team this season. Given their injuries, it’s remarkable how well the Redskins have played this year. I don’t think the Giants want to lose that #2 pick in the draft. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Dallas blew it last week with their home loss to Seattle so this game has pretty much no meaning at this point as the Eagles have already clinched the #1 seed in the NFC and the Cowboys can’t make the playoffs even if they win their season finale. It’ll be interesting to see how the Cowboys play in this game. Dallas is a team that needs to make some changes in the offseason, but will Jerry Jones actually make those changes? Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Steelers have something to play for in that if they beat the Browns & the Patriots lose to the Jets then Pittsburgh would win the #1 seed in the AFC. If Pittsburgh doesn’t think the Patriots lose, the Steelers could choose to rest their starters an additional week, but I think there is something more here. I don’t think the Steelers want to be the only team Cleveland gets a win over this season. It matters, but it doesn’t matter. Computer Hope
Computer Hope It’s simple. Atlanta wins & they win the last wild card spot. Carolina has already clinched a wild card spot, but there is something for the Panthers to play for. Should Carolina win while both New Orleans & Minnesota lose, Carolina could vault from the #5 seed to the #2 seed in the NFC! That would be an incredible jump. Carolina could also jump to the #3 seed if New Orleans loses. This should be the best game of the week. Computer Hope
Computer Hope A meaningless AFC West game which is too bad because the AFC West rivalries are so intense. The Chiefs can’t do any better than the #4 seed so a win or loss doesn’t much matter. I think what could matter is Denver’s spot in the NFL draft. The Broncos currently are sitting at #6 in the NFL Draft & a loss could push them even higher. The Broncos should be looking hard at a franchise QB in the draft so a loss could be beneficial. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Jaguars are locked into the #3 seed and that makes this game somewhat interesting because the Titans need to get a victory to get into the playoffs. Should Tennessee win, they’ll be the #6 seed. Should they lose & the Chargers win, LA would then slip into the #6 seed. If you are the Jaguars, wouldn’t you rather face the Titans at home in the Wild Card round then have to face a very dangerous LA Chargers team with Rivers? Computer Hope
Computer Hope You better believe that Sean McVey wants to get to 12-4. The Rams have a lot to play for as they currently are the #3 seed, but that could change to the #4 seed if they lose & the Saints or Panthers win. It’s significant because I think the Rams would rather avoid either the Saints/Panthers in the Wild Card given how they’re playing. On the other hand, the 49ers can’t lose with Garoppolo under center. The Niners will play to win. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Dolphins can play big time spoiler here & if Miami is motivated to play & Jay Cutler avoids turnovers, Miami could easily end their season with a home victory & finish 7-9. I think the Bills getting into the playoffs would be interesting. They’d be the #6 seed which means a date with Jacksonville. If Blake Bortles is terrible then the Bills could win which would set up a game in New England in the divisional round. Interesting. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Chargers are basically the unluckiest team in the NFL, but they get a home game this week to get to 9-7 & possibly get a wild card spot. They’ll need the Titans to lose, but that could be the case considering Tennessee isn’t playing very well & the Jags would rather not enter the playoffs on a 2-game losing streak. If there is a team that could potentially beat the Pats, it’s LA. Beat the Raiders & Jaguars, and they”ll get the chance. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Seattle didn’t play particularly well against the Cowboys last week but managed to get a win. Seattle needs Atlanta to lose to Carolina to get into the playoffs, but it’s possible. Seattle is a very dangerous team. Their defense looked really good against the Cowboys & the O-line held up reasonably well. The Seahawks are an experienced playoff team that could be a very dangerous out once in the tournament. That experience matters a lot. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Saints have clinched their playoff spot but they’ve still got quite a bit to play for. A loss to the Bucs combined with a Panthers win would cost New Orleans the South & force them to go on the road in the wild card. A win combined with a Rams loss would elevate New Orleans to the #3 seed. That matters. If the Saints get the #3 then they’d potentially play the #2 in the divisional round. That’s an indoor game against Minnesota. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I can’t imagine the Bengals ending their season with back-to-back wins over Detroit & Baltimore so the Ravens should be in good shape. The Ravens can still make the playoffs even if they lose, but the Ravens could miss out entirely if they lose and the Bills & Titans win. I’d love to see the Ravens dominate Cincinnati with their running attack. It’ll be interesting to see how the Ravens play when it gets to playoff time. Will they run more? Computer Hope

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