No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn, Except It's Football!


Computer Hope This one shouldn’t be too competitive as the Colts are simply playing out the string & hoping the season gets over as soon as humanly possible. Baltimore should have no problems winning out & thus making the playoffs so they’ll be plenty motivated to get this one in the bag. Chuck Pagano is a lame duck head coach at this point so really the only thing the Colts are playing for are their jobs. Hopefully Alex Collins gets worked. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Green Bay losing to Carolina last week essentially eliminated the Packers from playoff contention so the organization shut Aaron Rodgers for good & will look towards next season. It might not have mattered anyway with how well the Vikings are playing at this point. With the Green Bay essentially laying down, Minnesota should get a win which means they are still in the hunt for the overall #1 seed in the NFC. They’re motivated. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This is it. Cleveland ends their season on the road against the Steelers so the Browns best chance to win is this week against the Bears who are 1-6 in their last 7 games. Cleveland will have to play well because the Bears have kept fighting late into the season. Two weeks ago, Chicago went into Cincinnati & hammered the Bengals 33-7! Last week in Detroit they played the Lions tough before losing 20-10. It won’t be easy. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Bengals have all but quit on the season evidenced by their last two games in which Cincinnati has been outscored 67-14 at the hands of the Vikings & Bears. That’s good news for Detroit who still has playoff aspirations at 8-6, just a game behind Atlanta. News has already leaded that Marvin Lewis is gone at the end of the season, but the Lions need to be careful if the Bengals decide to give it on last try & play to win. Computer Hope
Computer Hope It’s going to be interesting to see how the Rams play this one. LA came out extremely motivated last week & destroyed the Seahawks in Seattle to control the West. Do the Rams start taking their foot off the gas just a bit to get ready for the playoffs or do they push even harder at this point to gear up for an historic run? If that does play out, it’s bad news for the Titans who all of a sudden look like they could miss the playoffs. Computer Hope
Computer Hope A more important game than you think. Kansas City hasn’t been great of late with last week’s win over the Chargers being the exception. The Chiefs have a tricky season finale against the Broncos who seem to be playing well of late. If KC loses out & LA wins out, the Chargers win the division which is why defending home field is crucial. The big question will be which Miami teams shows up? The one that beat New England or…….. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Dolphins (& really the Seahawks & Broncos) gave a blueprint on how to beat New England. You have to play tight press man coverage on their receivers while getting quite a bit of push & pass rush from the interior defensive line. Gronkowski makes this difficult obviously because he’s a man beater & huge, but for the most part that’s the formula. Can Buffalo accomplish this the way Miami did a couple of week ago? Computer Hope
Computer Hope This game is a lot bigger for New Orleans than it is for Atlanta. Atlanta losing this game doesn’t matter as the Falcons have beaten Detroit, Dallas & Seattle this year. They have an advantage when it comes to tiebreakers. The Saints need to stay ahead of the Rams for the #3 seed. From where I’m standing, I think I’d much rather take on a #6 seed Falcons squad than I would a #5 seed Panthers team in the Wild Card. Huge game. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Chargers aren’t out of it yet & all they can hope to do is win their last couple of games. The Jets aren’t an easy team to beat if they play solid football so LA can’t take this one lightly. If Josh McCown were playing then I think the Jets might actually win, but the Bolts catch a break here. If LA finishes 9-7 I think they get into the playoffs. I think Tennessee loses out & the Chargers own the tiebreaker over Buffalo. Just win! Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Broncos have won two straight games after having lost 8 straight, but the Redskins are a pretty good football team & I have a hard time seeing them lose at home against a fellow 5-9 team. That being said, keep an eye out for the Broncos. They can play big spoiler to Kansas City next week assuming KC loses this week & Vance Joseph would rather end the season on a high note with 4 straight wins rather than a couple of losses. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Carolina is a much better football team than Tampa Bay and the Panthers have so much to play for. Expect them to handle their business against the Bucs. This should be an interesting game though in the sense that Tampa Bay is likely parting ways with HC Dirk Koetter after the season & may part ways with Jameis Winston as well. Getting blown out by a division rival would only cement that sort of thinking within the franchise. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Jimmy Garoppolo has led the 49ers to 3 straight wins, but those wins have come against the Titans, Texans & Bears. It was the perfect time to get Garoppolo into the starting lineup & allow him to build confidence, but the 10-4 Jaguars with their defense is an entirely different animal. The Jags are going to be HIGHLY  motivated given the fact that if they win out they could wind up with the #2 seed & a first round bye in January! Computer Hope
Computer Hope The RETURN OF EZEKIEL ELLIOTT! This one is going to be over quick if the Seahawks play like they did last week against the Rams. This is essentially an elimination game as the loser will be completely out of the playoff picture. Even the winner needs quite a bit of help. Both teams have lost to Atlanta so either Seattle or Dallas need to win out & hope that Atlanta loses out if they want that last playoff spot. I think Dallas wins here. Computer Hope
Computer Hope A completely meaningless game. The only compelling aspect of this game is wondering if the Giants won, would their eventual 3-13 record knock them out of the #2 overall pick and give that pick to the eventual 3-13 Colts? There probably isn’t that much difference between the #2 & #3 picks in the draft, but Andrew Luck really can’t come back, then both Indy & NY would need QBs so maybe the draft picks would matter? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Brutal loss last week against the Patriots that for all intents and purposes ruined any chance the Steelers had at the #1 seed. They might have bigger issues though. Remember that Jacksonville beat the Steelers earlier in the season so if Pittsburgh lets up off the gas for just a second, they might be in danger of losing the #2 seed assuming the Jags win out! If Pittsburgh were to lose this would be their best bet. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Crucial home game for the Eagles in the sense that a win would secure the #1 seed in the NFC and they could rest their players in Week 17 and then get an additional week of rest due to having a first round bye in the playoffs. Given Philly’s injury concerns, that would be a welcome respite. I think the loss of Carson Wentz means the Eagles are no longer NFC favorites, but winning two home games to get the Super Bowl is doable. Computer Hope

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