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Computer Hope Nothing better than Cowboys/Redskins rivalry games in prime time, but this game seems a little hollow. The Cowboys seem to be nosediving at this point in the season with the annual rumors of Jason Garrett’s demise rearing their ugly heads. The Redskins are that team approaching LA Chargers territory for bad luck. Both teams are behind the 8-ball which makes this game a make or break affair. Getting to 6-6 holds a glimmer of hope. Computer Hope
Computer Hope So much going on here. I think style here is going to matter. Steve Sarkisian seems to have figured things out offensively for the Falcons as they are starting to score quite a bit & Julio Jones is starting to flex. The Vikings are SO GOOD on defense, and that will be a good test for the Falcons to see if the offense really is playing better. I think it’ll be really great to watch Xavier Rhodes & Julio Jones go at it all day. This is a huge game obviously. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Bills are extremely reliant on creating turnovers to get wins. If you discount the Chargers game in which the Bills were -6 in TO margin, Buffalo is a 6-4 team with a TO margin of +12. The problem with that statistic this week is that Tom Brady really doesn’t turn the ball over and the Bills have a non-existent pass rush which means Brady is never going to be uncomfortable in the pocket. Put those two things together & New England rolls. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This game could get interesting if Jimmy Garoppolo plays which looks to be the case with CJ Beathard now injured. Last week against the Seahawks, Garoppolo came in at the very end with Beathard got hurt & was 2 of 2 for 18 yards and a TD. Sure it was garbage time, but that introduction had to have 49ers fans pretty jazzed up about the possibilities. The Bears aren’t a very good football team so there is a decent chance the 49ers grab a win. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Instead of Jameis Winston v. Aaron Rodgers, we are getting Ryan Fitzpatrick v. Brett Hundley! Hundley actually looked pretty good last week against the Steelers. He hasn’t had a great year in relief obviously but he flashed a bit against a solid defense & he should be able to build on it this week in what should be a home win over a bad Bucs squad. Green Bay isn’t completely out of it just yet. Atlanta & Seattle could lose this week so a win here is vital. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Titans should win this game which is interesting because as much as I watch the Titans play, they don’t seem like a 7-4 team that is leading a division. Sure it’s the AFC South but still. I think the Titans are almost a product of schedule. Win a couple of close games against the Browns, Ravens & Bengals. Show your true colors against the Steelers but then play the Colts & Texans in your next two weeks. Winning games yes, but also average team. Computer Hope
Computer Hope A TON of amazing games this week, but that also means a lot of clunkers as well. Broncos/Dolphins are certainly one of those clunker games. The Broncos are a colossal mess right now at 3-8 & are bringing Trevor Siemian back out to play QB. I’m sure the troops are duly inspired. Miami has lost 5 straight after starting 4-2 & are likely going with Matt Moore at QB which is dreadful. I’m not convinced Miami is awful, but they’ve gone sideways. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Kansas City has to be really careful here. They are in full implosion mode after last week’s 16-10 loss to the Bills. Fans are calling for Alex Smith to be benched in favor of rookie Pat Mahomes which is never a good sign. Combine that with a Chargers team who is 5-2 in their last 7 & the pressure is high for Andy Reid & his boys. That’s a bad recipe against a very loose Jets team that is playing with zero pressure. KC needs their running game back! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Great scheduling for the Jaguars. The loss to Arizona last week was abysmal, but they’ll get to bounce back at home against a Colts team they destroyed in Indianapolis a few weeks ago. Blake Bortles is obviously a limiting factor for the Jaguars and he proved it against Arizona last week. Maybe this week is a good time to experiment with the possibility of calling a game with zero pass plays. Can the Jaguars lure Kirk Cousins to Jacksonville? Computer Hope
Computer Hope The lost last week to Minnesota was killer for the Lions because it put Detroit completely out of the race for the NFC North. Now they have to hope to sneak into the wild card. Seattle & Atlanta have tough games this week which could result in losses, but that means Detroit has to win & that won’t be easy in Baltimore. The last time the Lions won in Baltimore was December 3, 1950 when they beat the Baltimore Colts 45-21. That’s wild. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Don’t expect a repeat of last year’s performance. Last year the 0-14 Browns hosted the Chargers & came away with a 20-17 win that would be Cleveland’ only win in 2016. Don’t think for a minute that Philip Rivers has forgotten about that game & he’ll make sure his teammates don’t forget either. Is Lady Luck starting to show mercy to the Bolts? They are 5-2 in their last 7 & get a game against the Browns which should give them another victory! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Eli Manning’s streak of starts is coming to an end at 210. You have to wonder if Manning is playing next year & if he is, will it be with the Giants? With two Super Bowl rings, there is nothing much left to play for to be honest unless he walks into a GREAT situation & can succeed. I get the Giants need to do some things, but benching Manning to go with Geno Smith? Good grief at least hand the reigns to Davis Webb! We know who Geno Smith is! Computer Hope
Computer Hope BATTLE FOR THE NFC SOUTH!!! From a statistical point of view, the Saints should win this game & it’s almost imperative they do so given that it’s a home divisional game, but the Panthers have won 4 straight games & are looking better & better on offense while the defense continues to keep playing at an extremely high level. I can’t wait to see how the Saints rushing attack does against Carolina’s front-7 that is excellent against the run. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Is Blaine Gabbert the answer to Arizona’s QB questions? Gabbert is getting some pretty good press after throwing 3TD against the Jaguars & leading the Cardinals to an improbable win last week to improve Arizona to 5-6 & remain on the very periphery of the playoff picture. That’s 5TD in two starts. On the other hand, he’s also thrown 3 picks. It’ll be really interesting to see how Arizona plays this week against a solid Rams squad after such a win. Computer Hope
Computer Hope WHOA! These are the kinds of games Sunday night is made for. I think Seattle is going to have a hard time with this one. The Eagles front-7 is so good that the Seahawks are going to have a hard time moving the football on the ground. They aren’t good at this already, which means they are relying on Russell Wilson to throw the ball, but Philly can get after the QB really well. Can Wilson make a ton of plays outside the pocket? That is the only way here. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I think a big part of the Bengals being able to win and sustain a winning culture at this time is their reliance upon Joe Mixon on offense. Mixon broke out last week against Cleveland so I can’t wait to see what he does against the Steelers & if he can keep his momentum going. Cleveland is an excellent team against the run so Mixon’s breakout is a legit data point & not an outlier that happened against  a terrible defense. Cincinnati has a real shot to win. Computer Hope

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