No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn, Except It's Football!


Computer Hope Great Thursday night game this week between the Titans/Steelers. I’m not sure it’s a must win for either team, but more importantly it’ll be a gauge to see if the Titans are good enough to contend with the ELITE AFC teams. Tennessee doesn’t necessarily have to win although with the Jaguars in Cleveland, a loss would push the Titans back into 2nd place. Keep an eye on whether or not the Titans can run effectively & if they can protect Mariota. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Oddly enough the Lions have been playing out of their mind on the road, so this might not be as dangerous a game as it might seem. The Bears have their own issues on offense, but what could be interesting in this one is that the Bears have a pretty good rush defense & their secondary can ball hawk at times with Eddie Jackson. I don’t think Detroit is going to be able to run on Chicago so can Matt Stafford have a huge game in the Windy City? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Can you believe the Jaguars opened up as 7-point favorites and it’s only moved to -8!? How in the world can anyone expect Jacksonville not to win this game by 20!? Jacksonville has a chance to put some distance between themselves & the Titans in the South. If the Titans lose in Pittsburgh & the Jaguars win, Jacksonville will be up a game on the Titans with a game left to play against their division rival. Jacksonville is ridiculously good. Computer Hope
Computer Hope It’s an old record to be sure, but this game will obviously hinge on Joe Flacco’s ability to throw 50 passes. If Flacco throws 50 passes, then the Packers are going to be in this game with a chance to win it late. If the Ravens can stick to a run first offense, there is no way the Packers are going to be able to stay with Baltimore. It’s one of the more perplexing situations in the NFL. Why in the world does Joe Flacco throw the football so much? Computer Hope
Computer Hope This game was actually supposed to happen in Week 1, but was reschedule because of all the weather the state of Florida was experiencing during this time. It’s interesting in a way with the Bills giving up on Tyrod Taylor. It creates an opportunity for Miami, Oakland & Baltimore to win games & get into the playoff chase for that last wild card spot. This is a game the Dolphins MUST win. The Bucs shouldn’t be good enough to win this one. Computer Hope
Computer Hope CLASH OF THE TITANS! Game of the week right here as it could easily be an NFC Championship game preview. This is going to be an excellent football game in regards to strategy. The Rams have been an excellent pass defense team & the Vikings sport an incredible WR duo in Adam Thielen & Stefon Diggs. If the Rams shut those two down, can Minny run the ball? Another thing to watch is the Rams offense against the Vikings D. Great game! Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Redskins have had issues at home. They have home losses to the the Eagles, Cowboys & Vikings. If the Redskins could have defended home turf, they’d be 7-2 instead of 4-5 & tied with the Redskins for first place in the East. The Saints are ROLLING at this point & the Redskins have to feel a bit dejected after last week’s loss to Minnesota that might have finished them. The Skins can pull off crazy though. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Not a much win for Kansas City, but I have to admit that as bad as the Giants, the Chiefs need to assert some dominance with a huge margin of victory to reestablish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Kansas City is 1-3 in their last 4 after starting the season 5-0. The defense has taken some hits & that unit needs to get back on track here in the 2nd half of the season to be ready for a playoff push. This win should be convincing at the least. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Arizona’s loss last week to the Seahawks pretty much finished any chance the Redbirds had at the playoffs. Houston of course is done now that Deshaun Watson is on the shelf. This is one of those touch NFL games where there is pretty much no meaning whatsoever in the outcome. The NFL has done a pretty good job at preventing these types of game, but sometimes they happen. I suspect Houston/San Francisco will have the same feel. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I don’t know who in the Bills organization thought it would be a good idea to start rookie QB Nathan Peterman against an outstanding pass rush defense with some players who can get home. Peterman should be on his heels all game long which should bode well for the Chargers, who could theoretically get back into this thing. On the other hand, it’s almost comical at this point how the Chargers can keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! Computer Hope
Computer Hope I guess somebody has to win this game. Both the Bengals & Broncos came into the season with high hopes of making the playoffs, but both teams sit at 3-6, and in Denver’s case, last place! This should be a pretty good barometer to see if the Broncos defense hasn’t given up on the season. Denver is playing at home with a defense that should be able to take advantage of an anemic Bengals offense. Denver’s not great, but the defense should carry. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I don’t give Oakland much of a chance in this game, but the Patriots don’t look like they have in the past. They are having issues with their O-Line a bit & their defense is playing more of a “bend don’t break” type of scheme. I think that gives Oakland an opportunity. Khalil Mack should get some solid opportunities to get home on Brady & I still think #12 is susceptible to big hits that will throw him off. Also the Raiders could get some looks on offense. Computer Hope
Computer Hope BAD BLOOD! It won’t be Tom Landry v. Buddy Ryan, but this game has some serious juice associated with it. It’s pretty much a MUST WIN game for the Cowboys who will be playing without Ezekiel Elliott. Last week the Cowboys were ABUSED by Adrian Clayborn & the Falcons which is rough sledding because Philly has a better defense than Atlanta. Dallas has to figure out how to protect Prescott with no Tyron Smith at left tackle. That’s huge. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Tons of playoff implications with this game. For the Seahawks a win could push them into 1st place in the West assuming the Rams lose at Minnesota. The game might be even more important for the Falcons who can’t afford a loss which would push them further back in the South. New Orleans is at home so they are likely going 8-2. Carolina is on bye but is 7-3. A loss puts Atlanta at 5-5 & possibly a little too far behind to make a move. Computer Hope

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