No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn, Except It's Football!


Computer Hope This is actually a pretty wild game considering that the Rams get a home game against a Tom Savage led Texans team. If the Cardinals win this game they’ll improve to 5-4 & Seattle will drop to 5-4. They’ll both be 2 games behind the Rams (assuming LA wins) but what is interesting is that Arizona will force Seattle to 3rd place because of tiebreakers. Arizona could definitely make this a game if Adrian Peterson can keep running well. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Game of the week. The Saints have to be careful a bit here because Buffalo is coming off a tough loss to the Jets and need a win to keep pace not only with the AFC wild card, but also with the Patriots in the East. A Buffalo loss combined with a New England win probably kills the Bills chances for a division championship. On the other hand, New Orleans has Carolina right on their tail. I’m interested to see how the Saints O-line protects Brees. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Bears can force the Packers into the NFC North basement with a win here. Keep an eye on the running games here. Both Chicago & Green Bay are pretty decent against the run, but the Packers have been a very underrated rushing offense as a whole. If the Bears can’t stiffen up & get the Packers off the field, Green Bay could steal one. This game could provide a blueprint for the Packers moving forward if they focus more on running. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Must win for the Detroit and should be. This is easily one of those games where you have to beat the teams you have to beat. A Detroit win puts the Lions at 5-4 and if the Redskins can do to the Vikings what they did last week to the Seahawks, Detroit could be just a game behind the Vikings by the end of play Sunday. Cleveland has to figure out a way to get a win to avoid 0-16, but this isn’t one of those games. Detroit is going to start a run. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Bengals aren’t completely out of it and this will be a good game to see if Cincinnati can get back into the playoff picture. The Bengals have been a pretty good rush defense this season so if they can take away the Derrick Henry/DeMarco Murray combination, it could force the Titans to rely on Marcus Mariota to get a win & that might not happen. Of course, this means the Bengals are going to have to score some points. That’s not a given. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Seems like an easy win for Pittsburgh right? Not so fast. The Colts surprised a lot of people this week with releasing CB Vontae Davis. This reeks of the Colts trying to get rid of a bad apple in the lockerroom and you have to wonder if the possibility doesn’t exist that Indianapolis could get better by subtraction? Beating Pittsburgh is a long shot, but the Colts are at home & Jacoby Brissett & Marlon Mack flashed quite a bit last week in Houston. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Jets could climb back to .500 at 5-5 with a road win over the Bucs. If you would have told me before the season that the Jets would be a fringe playoff team in Week 10 while the Bucs would be looking at a top-5 pick, I would have never believed you. The Bucs are starting to have internal problems and HC Dirk Koetter needs a win in the worst way if only to shift the narrative back to football. The Jets defense continues to impress even if young. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Washington didn’t even bring a full complement of players to Seattle & walked out a winner. I’m really interested to see how the Redskins react after that win. Does the win itself bolster the team & give it a renewed sense of purpose? With Ezekiel Elliott once again looking like he’s going to serve the suspension, can Washington make a run towards 2nd place in the NFC East, or are they going to fold up against the Vikings this week? Can’t wait to see. Computer Hope
Computer Hope As much as I’ve loved trying to predict a Chargers renaissance the last couple of seasons, this game is going to get ugly early. What’s so amazing about Jacksonsville is that they really are a throw back to old school football days where they are SO TOUGH, PHYSICAL & DOMINANT! The Jaguars pretty much are the very definition of a brutally tough football team ready to run it down your throat. I don’t think LA has much of a chance. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Without Deshaun Watson, the Texans are left without a chance. Last week Houston didn’t even look very competitive against Indianapolis. That has some trickle down logic to it. If they aren’t competitive against Indy, and the 49ers improve quite a bit with Jimmy Garoppolo, can we start making the argument that while Cleveland is the worst team in the NFL, Houston is the 2nd worst? Adam Jones already called them that earlier this season. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Is this the week Ezekiel Elliott finally starts serving his 6-game suspension? It seems that way for now, but who knows given what has happened in the past. As a Cowboys fan, I just wish he’d get it over with so we can quit talking about it. On the other sideline, this feels like a must win for the Falcons. I don’t think they can afford to drop to 4-5 on the season & have any chance to make the playoffs. They might not be a playoff team regardless. Computer Hope
Computer Hope How bad are the Giants? They have a pretty legitimate shot at losing to the 49ers this week in San Francisco! Jimmy Garoppolo doesn’t look like he’s going to play so the Giants have that going for them. What could be interesting about the QB situation for both teams is that the Giants might sit Eli Manning to get a look at what they have in Davis Webb. I don’t think that happens, but Webb might get some action this week. We’ll see. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Two helmets I HATE the most are the current versions of the Patriots & Broncos helmets. Patriot Pat is AMAZING and I can’t believe the Patriots aren’t getting him more looks on the side of the helmet. I also love the white helmet much more than the silver helmet, and we won’t even get into the red Patriots uniforms which are FANTASTIC. The Broncos NEED to go back to that light blue helmet with the D. Love the old helmets for both. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Carolina played well last week and you almost got the feeling that the Panthers made an incredible move by dealing Kelvin Benjamin to the Bills and getting better by addition through subtraction. I think it opens up the offense a bit more & helps Carolina rely a bit more on the running game. Even with Jay Cutler under center, Miami simply isn’t very good so look for Carolina to get to 7-3 this week which is nothing short of amazing. I didn’t see that coming. Computer Hope

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