No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn, Except It's Football!


Computer Hope Talk about bizarro world, the Dolphins have been an outstanding rush defense team the entire season which will give the Ravens the thought they should have Joe Flacco throw the football 40-50 times in this game! It’s so crazy. On the other hand, the Ravens coaches have been so slow to adjust that it’s possible they try to run into the teeth of an excellent Miami defense. Forget the Ravens. This game is about Matt Moore leading. Computer Hope
Computer Hope It’s funny. The Browns have jerked DeShone Kizer around the last couple of weeks with regard to his role on the team. This week they name Kizer the starter against….THE VIKINGS!? Good job Hue Jackson! Kizer gets to see one of the best defenses in the league which is probably going to make the rookie look terrible which will once again lead to the inept Cleveland leadership switching up his role once again. What a disaster! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Very interesting game for both teams who think they are playoff contenders. The Bills get a very good opportunity at home to be a pretty decent Raiders squad to improve their record to 5-2. On the other hand, Oakland showed significant signs of life on offense last week against Kansas City. Can Oakland use that momentum to catapult themselves back into the playoff picture or will there be some let down after an emotional victory? Computer Hope
Computer Hope If the Ravens lose to Miami and the Bengals take care of business against Indianapolis, Cincinnati would improve to 3-4 and move into 2nd place in the North. At worst they’d be two games behind the wild card teams. This is a perfect time for the Bengals to feed the ball to Joe Mixon 30 times and see what upside the rookie has & if he has the ability to take over games. Sure Andy Dalton & AJ Green would take a back seat but so what? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Game of the week in my opinion. Both teams come into the game on 3-game winning streaks, but the Patriots have been vulnerable at home and the Chargers have a SERIOUS pass rush that could get to Tom Brady. The problem here is that the Chargers have had issues at linebacker which is going to be BRUTAL given that the Patriots run Rob Gronkowski underneath quite a bit putting him on a LB. Can the Bolts limit this ploy? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Chicago is A LOT better than everyone imagined, but the Saints are a ball-hawking defense that will be going up against a rookie QB who hasn’t thrown the ball all that much. It’ll be interesting to see if Chicago can keep this close & avoid turnovers. If that happens, then Tariq Cohen & Jordan Howard can run the football. If the Saints get out to a 20-0 lead early it forces Chicago to throw & if that happens, the Saints blow it out. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Can the Falcons really go 0-4 against the AFC East? If they lose to the Jets, then Atlanta will 3-4. They would be 3-0 against the NFC and 0-4 against the AFC East!! That’s crazy! Atlanta is a lot better than their record would indicate & I still think they have a legit shot at getting back to the Super Bowl. At 3-3 it’s not horrible but the Falcons are in must win mode against the Jets. I think the Falcons get back a bit of swag here. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Next. If the 49ers lost to the Cowboys at home 40-10, what is it going to be like for them going on the road to Philadelphia? The Eagles opened as 11 point favorites and now the line has moved to Philly being a 13 point favorite! There really isn’t any doubt that the Eagles will move to 7-1 here. What might be most interesting is that there are quite a few teams breathing down Philly’s neck despite the incredible 7-win start. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The battle for the NFC South basement! This game really is going to come down to which QB plays better. Tampa Bay has done an outstanding job of protecting Winston, but the Panthers have been a great edge rush team. Can the Bucs give Winston enough time to make plays? Conversely, the Bucs haven’t been good at getting to the QB so Newton should have a lot of time to work. There won’t be any excuses for Cam in this contest. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Deshaun Watson has had 3 pretty big games against the Titans, Chiefs, & Browns. The Chiefs game doesn’t count because Watson ran up his numbers in garbage time. The other two games came against defenses that have been horrible so far this season. Now Watson gets the Seahawks and their championship caliber defense. Watson has completed 55% of his passes the last two games. This could get ugly early. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Big game in the NFC East. If we assume Philly wins and gets to 7-1, the loser in this game drops to 3-4 and will be 3.5GB the Eagles in the East. The winner is 2.5GB which isn’t fantastic but it appears to be a huge gap. There is quite a bit of strategy here. The Skins have been great against the run which could slow up Elliott. On the other side, Dallas has been down at LB & Kirk Cousins is going underneath a lot. Which plan works? Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Lions are coming off a bye and they get to host the Pittsburgh Steelers who are playing extremely well at the moment. The Lions are sitting at 3-3 but Minnesota gets the Browns are probably going to get to 6-2. A loss here for Detroit would put them at 3-4 and 2.5GB the Vikings, a lead they probably can’t get past. The Steelers have something to play for as well. They don’t want to go to Foxboro for the AFC title game. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Broncos are screwed here because I don’t see the Chiefs losing 3 straight games with the 3rd loss of the 3 coming at home. It’s one thing to lose to the Steelers and the Oakland by 1 point on the road, but losing to a reeling Broncos team at Arrowhead? What’s somewhat amazing about this is that Denver could fall into last place in the West if both Oakland & LA win their games & Denver loses here. I don’t see a win here for them. Computer Hope

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