No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn, Except It's Football!


Computer Hope It’s Tampa Bay so obviously Jameis Winston avoiding mistakes is key here. Tampa has played 2 home games this season & are 2-0 with Winston throwing 4TD passes with 0INT. The Bucs have played one road game & are 0-1 with Winston having thrown 2TD passes & 3INT! New England has one of the worst defenses in the league, but a loss here drops the Patriots to 2-3! It’s not must win, but 2-3? That’s insanity! Computer Hope
Computer Hope This game is more important than it looks. The Bills have a bye week after they play the Bengals & after their bye they get two home games against Tampa Bay & Oakland (who could be without Derek Carr!). Following those two games they are on the road against the Jets, home against the Saints & then back on the road against the Chargers. Buffalo could potentially be 9-1 before they play a road date against the Chiefs! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Could the Jets really push their winning streak to an incredible 3 games!? The last two games for New York have been at home whereas the first two (losses) were on the road so the Jets will have to play a little better away from New York. Then again, it’s Cleveland and DeShone Kizer has been a turnover machine for the Browns. After this week the Jets could be 3-2, the Bills 4-1, the Patriots 2-3 & the Dolphins 1-3! Nuts! Computer Hope
Computer Hope This might be the game of the week with both teams coming in at 3-1. Games like this are interesting from a tiebreaker perspective because if both teams keep winning they’ll be up against each other in either the Wild Card race for the #5 or #6 seed but also if both win the division then they’ll be playing for positions within the top-4 seeds. It’ll be interesting to see if Cam Newton can win back to back huge road games. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The crazy never stops for the Indianapolis Colts! After being arguably the 2nd worst team in the NFL over the first 4 weeks of the season, Andrew Luck is now back at practice throwing & the Colts get to host the 49ers this week. If you assume win, Indy will improve to 2-3. The Jags are in PIttsburgh. The Titans are in Miami & the Texans are at home against KC. Could every team in the AFC South be 2-3 after Week 5? Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Titans have to be careful here. If Marcus Mariota doesn’t play I think the Dolphins come out of this with a win. The Dolphins are too talented on offense to keep sputtering like this & Adam Gase is too good a head coach to continue to allow it. The Titans needs to stick to grounding and pounding. It not only keeps Mariota upright, but it plays to Tennessee’s strength which is their running attack & offensive line. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The good news is that somebody is going to get their first win of the season. The bad news is that either the Giants or Chargers are going to come out of this contest with an 0-5 record! The one thing to watch here is Los Angeles’ pass rush is outstanding while the Giants O-line is terrible. That in and of itself should be enough to push the Chargers to their first win, but the Bolts seemingly figure out ways to lose games. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I don’t think this will be much of a contest as the Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the NFL while the Eagles are playing like one of the league’s most ELITE teams. LeGarrette Blount flashed last week against the Chargers & if that kind of running continues, this one is going to get ugly for Arizona. Oddly enough, Philly is a little weak in the secondary so maybe Larry Fitzgerald can get loose. It won’t be nearly enough. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This is exactly why you don’t drop games to the Jets. Going into Pittsburgh with Blake Bortles at the helm with the Steelers defense playing well is a recipe for disaster. If the Jaguars figure out a way to win then fantastic, but most likely it’s a loss. If Jacksonville would have beaten the Jets, they’d be 3-1 so a loss drops them to 3-2 & guarantees them a spot at the top of the South. Now a Titans or Texans win has them 1 back. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This is a game ripe for Baltimore to get a significant road win. The Raiders will be playing without David Carr and the Ravens have to show something after the last two weeks they’ve had. It’ll be interesting to see if Baltimore will ground & pound which is something they should be doing but get away from all the time. We’ll also get to see what EJ Manuel can do with a playoff team around him. Oakland can’t afford to go 2-3. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Rams 3-1 start is outstanding, but I think we’ve all been waiting for this game to determine if the Rams are for real, or rather just pretending to be the first place team in the NFC West that we know the Seahawks to be. Seattle might be playing without Chris Carson & note that the Rams are +8 in sack differential. Given Seattle’s O-Line problems, the Rams could make another statement about their legitimacy. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Last week’s loss to the Rams doesn’t make a lot of sense, and unfortunately for Dallas this puts them in a must win game against the Packers. Interestingly enough, Aaron Rodgers has been sacked 15 times this season while the Cowboys defense is +6 in sack differential. If the Packers are still without their starting tackles, Demarcus Lawrence might run absolutely wild on Green Bay. It’s gut check time for the Dallas Cowboys. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Last week’s beating of Tennessee was impressive. Now let’s see if Houston can do it again against the best team in the NFL. You can be for sure that Alex Smith isn’t going to throw 4 interceptions & the Kansas City defense is miles ahead of the Titans defense. Rookie QBs are known to be wildly inconsistent. Deshaun Watson had a great game last week, but he’ll need to be greater this week for Houston to pull out this game! Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Vikings defense will still be tough, but the Bears look like they’ll face a Vikings team without Sam Bradford and without Dalvin Cook. At Soldier Field, this looks like a winnable game for Chicago which is interesting because it’ll be Mitch Trubisky’s debut as the Bears starting QB. A win over a division rival would boost his confidence immediately. The Bears aren’t terrible & could potentially be sneaky good if Trubisky clicks. Computer Hope

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