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NCAA POWER 25 – 2017 WEEK 5

#1 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Virginia Tech 31-17. Why Rank Them Lower? – I don’t think you can. They’ve won road games against Louisville & Virginia Tech and also have beaten Auburn. Yes Alabama looks like the best team in the nation, but Clemson has the resume. QB Kelly Bryant is a big time weapon & the Clemson offense looks NASTY all of a sudden with guys like Hunter Renfrow, Deon Cain, Ray Ray McCloud, Tavien Feaster & Travis Etienne. The D looks like Alabama’s!
#2 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Ole Miss 66-3Why Rank Them Higher? – They annihilated the Rebels after annihilating Vandy. Competition has to be noted but Bama has won their last 2 conference games by the combined score of 125-3! Jalen Hurts looks like a Heisman winner & the D is rock solid. Why Rank Them Lower? – The FSU win doesn’t look so good & nobody is going to remember that Deondre Francois started for FSU. The SEC looks terrible so not a lot of opportunities.
#3 Computer Hope Last Week BYEWhy Rank Them Higher? – If you think Ohio St. is going to eventually win the Big 10 & get to the playoffs then the Oklahoma road win over the Buckeyes might be the most impressive to date. Baker Mayfield is up there with Saquon Barkley as the Heisman favorite. Why Rank Them Lower? – Ohio St. hasn’t played anyone so how good are they really? The Buckeyes have had one serious opponent, Oklahoma, and the Sooners beat them pretty bad in Columbus.
#4 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Tennessee 41-0Why Rank Them Higher? – Jake Fromm is the real deal at QB. Georgia’s running attack is insanely good & the defense is as fast as Alabama’s & Clemson’s. The Vols aren’t great but 41-0 in Knoxville? The win in South Bend also looks very impressive. Why Rank Them Lower? – You can’t at this point. Road wins over Notre Dame & Tennessee are as good as it gets & no other undefeated team has any better signature wins than those 2 games.
#5 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Mississippi St. 49-10. Why Rank Them Higher? – Is this the best team in the SEC West? It took QB Jarrett Stidham a couple of games to warm up but in his last 3 games, he’s 58/70 (83%) for 846yds/3TD with 1INT. That plus War Eagle’s running attack!? Auburn is now playing at their best. Why Rank Them Lower? – They have a loss, but it was to Clemson! If you are nitpicking, Auburn isn’t nearly as opportunistic on defense as Alabama, UGA or Clemson.
#6 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Indiana 45-14. Why Rank Them Higher? – Saquon Barkley is the best player in college football & Trace McSorley is absolutely fearless at QB. The defense has tossed 2 shutouts & is allowing just 9.3PPG. So far Penn St. looks like a complete football team. Why Rank Them Lower? – Needing a late 4th quarter drive to beat Iowa doesn’t look so hot now that Iowa lost to Michigan St. who was blown out by Notre Dame. Who has Penn St. really beaten thus far?
#7 Computer Hope Last Week BYE. Why Rank Them Higher? – The road wins over Oklahoma St. & Arkansas are impressive even if neither team is a playoff contender. QB Kenny Hill has been fantastic as has the O-Line. The defense has given up 18.5PPG but is MUCH better than that. This is a complete football team. Why Rank Them Lower? – Oklahoma St. had trouble with Texas Tech & Arkansas hasn’t beaten anyone. If you believe in Oklahoma St., I’m not sure you can rank TCU lower.
#8 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Oregon St. 42-7. Why Rank Them Higher? – UW was a playoff team & nobody is talking about them. They don’t have a great win yet, but the trends are there. Jake Browning is playing very well. Myles Gaskin is on pace for 1300yds/17TD. The defense is +8 in sacks, +9 in TFL & UW is +7 in TO margin! Why Rank Them Lower? – Beating Rutgers, Oregon St. & Colorado doesn’t move the meter too much. Are the Huskies better than Michigan or Ohio State?
#9 Computer Hope Last Week BYE. Why Rank Them Higher? – The defense right now is absurd. Michigan might not look as fast on D as Georgia, Alabama & Clemson, but they are just as physical. The Wolverines are also ascending offensively. This team is so young & I think they get better as the season goes along. The Florida wins keeps looking good as the Gators keep winning. Why Rank Them Lower? – Florida looks terrible & Michigan’s offense can probably be stopped by a good D.
#10 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Northwestern 33-24. Why Rank Them Higher? – The Badgers defense might be as good as Alabama’s & Clemson’s. The offense looked stagnant against Northwestern & was turnover prone but the defense was dominant with 8 sacks on the day. Wisconsin can get you in a phone booth & beat the tar out of you. Why Rank Them Lower? – No signature wins yet & it took a little too much to beat Northwestern. A sloppy day on offense could cost them.
#11 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Rutgers 56-0. Why Rank Them Higher? – If you believe Oklahoma is a top-3 or even top-2 squad then the Buckeyes might be top-5. When JT Barrett is playing well the offense can hang 50 on anyone. The depth at RB is insane & the D-Line is still arguably the best in the nation. Why Rank Them Lower? – Ohio St. blew out another cupcake? Wow! I’m so impressed. Ohio St. has played one meaningful game this year & got hammered. Schedule better!!
#12 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Miami-OH 52-17. Why Rank Them Higher? – If you watched the Irish play Georgia, then you know ND should have won that game even with their offense completely shut down against the UGA defense. The running game is ABSURD and QB Brandon Wimbush gets better every game. Why Rank Them Lower? – As you saw with Georgia, the Irish struggle with uber-athletic defenses. Could they get by Miami-FL or Virginia Tech? Notre Dame has to prove it now.
#13 Computer Hope Last Week Beat USC 30-27. Why Rank Them Higher? – Wazzou got a HUGE win over USC this past week & illustrated why this team could be the best in the Pac 12. Luke Falk is going to ensure the passing attack is lethal, but the Cougars have a run game & just enough defense. If the D can keep their PPG allowed under 30, Wazzou is unbeatable. Why Rank Them Lower? – The Trojans might not be nearly as good as we all thought & Wazzou has yet to play a road game.
#14 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Clemson 17-31. Why Rank Them Higher? – Like Auburn, if Clemson is the #1 team in the nation, the Hokies could easily be a top-5 squad. The Hokies never led but were never completely out of it until a 4Q pick-6 put Clemson up 31-10. The Hokies at times looked just as fast as Clemson. Why Rank Them Lower? – You can’t. Ranking them #14 might be too low. I think we saw an ACC championship game preview Saturday night. VT will get another shot.
#15 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Duke 31-6. Why Rank Them Higher? – The Canes went into Durham and mauled a Duke team as confident as a Blue Devils squad can be. RB Mark Walton is a load to stop & dare I say the defense is starting to resemble the Miami-FL defenses of yore!? Why Rank Them Lower? – Who has Miami-FL beat? Duke, Toledo & Bethune Cookman? They should look dominant. It’s nitpicking but THE U has been bad on 3rd down. They need to figure that out.
#16 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Washington St. 27-30. Why Rank Them Higher? – USC was awful & beat up and still almost pulled the win over Wazzou on the road. Sam Darnold is still the best QB in college football & Ronald Jones is an outstanding RB. The talent on this team is top-5 level! Why Rank Them Lower? – It feels like the Trojans have struggled all season long & it finally caught up to them. The team isn’t playing to their talent level & that leaves them vulnerable.
#17 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Murray St. 55-10. Why Rank Them Higher? – Like Auburn & Virginia Tech, Louisville’s only loss came to Clemson who is arguably the best team in the nation, meaning the Redbirds be a top-10 team for all we know. QB Lamar Jackson is good enough to keep them in every game they play. Why Rank Them Lower? – Louisville really hasn’t beaten anyone. They struggled against a UNC team that is dreadful. Beating Murray St. and Kent St. doesn’t mean much.
#18 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Syracuse 33-25. Why Rank Them Higher? – Don’t let the final score fool you. NC State led Syracuse 26-7 at halftime & absolutely dominated the Orange on the offensive & defensive line. If you want to win football games, win the trenches & NC State does that as well as anyone right now. Why Rank Them Lower? – The win over Florida St. doesn’t look as good with the Noles struggling against Wake Forest. The loss to South Carolina keeps looking worse & worse.
#19 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Texas Tech 41-34. Why Rank Them Higher? – If TCU winds up being the best team in the Big XII then losing to them doesn’t look so bad. The Cowboys put the loss behind them & beat a decent Red Raiders team in Lubbock. Mason Rudolph is still playing out of his mind & there are so many weapons on offense. Why Rank Them Lower? – As TCU showed, the offense can be stopped by a good defense & OSU’s defense is about as porous as they come.
#20 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Wake Forest 26-19. Why Rank Them Higher? – Sure it was ugly but Wake Forest might be better than we think. The last second TD pass by James Blackman might be enough to give the young man enough confidence that going forward, Florida St. plays to their talent level. Why Rank Them Lower? – Beating Wake Forest by only 7 points on a last second TD pass? This was the same Wake team that would have lost to Appalachian St. last week if not for a FG miss!
#21 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Vanderbilt 38-24. Why Rank Them Higher? – To be fair, Florida’s only loss came against Michigan in Week 1. If the Wolverines are a top-10 team then shouldn’t Florida be close? It’s never pretty but the Gators keep winning and that’s all that matters. Why Rank Them Lower? – Florida needed a Hail Mary to beat Tennessee in Gainesville. Georgia just destroyed the Vols in Knoxville 41-0! Beating Vandy, Kentucky & Mizzou is one thing. Can they beat Georgia?
#22 Computer Hope Last Week BYE. Why Rank Them Higher? – WVU’s only loss came to Virginia Tech in a game the Mountaineers can argue they should have won. If they had won that game then West Virginia would have a pretty good argument they might be a top-10/top-12 squad. The offense is virtually unstoppable. Why Rank Them Lower? – Maybe they should have beaten Virginia Tech but they didn’t. Since then their best win might be a road game against Kansas. Schedule matters.
#23 Computer Hope Last Week Beat East Carolina 61-31. Why Rank Them Higher? – South Florida might have the most ball hawking secondary in the nation with 14 interceptions. The offense can grind you down with their run attack & QB Quinton Flowers isn’t making mistakes. That’s a recipe for winning lots of games. Why Rank Them Lower? – You can’t. Granted, the Bulls don’t play anyone, but at this point it would be a disappointment if they didn’t finish the season undefeated. They’re good.
#24 Computer Hope Last Week Beat N.Illinois 34-28. Why Rank Them Higher? – This is a tough football team and the win over Stanford will keep looking better as the Cardinal keep winning games. Rahaad Penny is a load at tailback & the Aztecs aren’t turning the ball over. If Stanford ends up winning the Pac 12 & SDSU goes undefeated they might be a top-10 team.  Why Rank Them Lower? – They haven’t been overly dominant in wins. Playing close games will bite you every now and then.
#25 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Arizona St. 34-24. Why Rank Them Higher? – You can’t. The loss to USC looks worse now that the Trojans lost to Washington St. & losing to a Mountain West team is still inexplicable even if the loss did come against San Diego State. Beat a tough opponent & we’ll talk.  Why Rank Them Lower? – Outside of RB Bryce Love completely crushing every defense he faces, Stanford is questionable on offense. The defense has also not been as good as I thought.


#21 MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS: I thought Mississippi St. would surprise a lot of people, but now it looks like the LSU win was meaningless and MSU just took back to back losses to Auburn & Georgia by the combined score of 80-13! GOOD GRIEF! If LSU is arguably the worst team in the SEC West, then Mississippi St. might be 4th or 5th in the division which is certainly not worthy of top-25 consideration. It doesn’t make sense though. The Bulldogs defense can be fantastic at times and I think Nick Fitzgerald is a good QB. Mississippi St. seemingly can’t break free of their 7-5/8-4 record tendencies. Are they good? Sure. Are they among the SEC elite? Nope.



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