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NFL POWER 32 – 2017 WEEK 2

#1 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Eagles 27-20. Right now Alex Smith might be the best QB in football. He’s THAT sharp. Kansas City didn’t even use Tyreek Hill that much & beat a very good football team in the Eagles. I thought the loss of Eric Berry might be tough to deal with but Daniel Sorensen stepped up & had a huge game especially getting pressure on Carson Wentz. The defense as a whole was dominant & with Kareem Hunt running as effectively as he’s been, I don’t see a real weakness on this team.
#2 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Packers 34-23. That’s the Falcons team we saw win the NFC last year! Green Bay was destroyed from the get go as the Falcons led 24-7 at the half and 34-10 at the end of 3 quarters! The Falcons used a balanced offense & turned the Packers over twice. Atlanta also did a good job with not allowing the Packers to get anything going with their running game. It wasn’t all roses however, Vic Beasley was injured and is expected to miss about a month. Bealsey is the most important guy on D.
#3 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Saints 36-20. Tom Brady was 30/39 (77%) for 447 yards & 4TD. Yes it was against the New Orleans Saints defense, but I think we can say that Brady’s week 1 performance against Kansas City wasn’t really indicative of his overall prowess or maybe we can argue that the Chiefs defense is incredible. Either way this wasn’t a game. The Pats jumped out to a 20-3 lead after the first quarter & were up 30-13 at halftime. I think New England needs to get better off the edge on D, but great game.
#4 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Jets 45-20. Yes I know it was the Jets but the Raiders scored 45 points and didn’t even really use Amari Cooper on offense! The Raiders even rushed for 180 yards & 3TD. Marshawn Lynch hasn’t put up crazy numbers but you can see he gives this offense a ton of confidence. Oakland’s defense looked really good. They gave up too many yards, but the Raiders are almost looking like a big play defense. They can afford to as the offense looks virtually unstoppable. They look GOOD!
#5 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Chiefs 20-27. The Eagles had issues with what we thought they’d have issues with. The Eagles ran the ball just 17 times and LeGarrette Blount didn’t get a single carry. The Eagles were never so far out of the game against the Chiefs that they should have gone to a pass happy offense. Defensively they had issues covering Travis Kelce, but their Front-7 having issues with Kareem Hunt is troubling. The Chiefs are the best team in the NFL right now. Losing by 7 isn’t the end of the world for Philly.
#6 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Vikings 26-9. Beating the Vikings is a huge feather in Pittsburgh cap especially because it gives them a win that could have been an easy loss & this will help when deciding their playoff seeding. The win loses a bit of shine because beating a Sam Bradford led Vikings squad looks a lot better than a Case Keenum led Vikings squad. It was nice seeing Martavis Bryant get loose giving the Steelers a weapon opposite Antonio Brown. The offense wasn’t crazy sharp but the Vikings have a stout D.
#7 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Cowboys 42-17. GOOD GRIEF! If Trevor Siemian keeps this up for another couple of weeks you have to wonder if the Broncos aren’t right there with the Chiefs for being the best team in the NFL. I don’t think the Cowboys are as good as they were last season but 42-17!? That’s insane! The Broncos completely shut down Dallas’ running game although the Cowboys barely attempted to run the football. Siemian threw 4TD passes & the guy is about as tough as you can get from a QB. Impressive win.
#8 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Giants 24-10. You have to give a lot of credit to the Detroit defense on this one. They made life miserable for Eli Manning and the Giants for first whistle going for 5 sacks, 8 tackles for loss, completely shutting the run game down & getting Eli to throw a terrible looking interception. Ezekiel Ansah was un-blockable and rookie Jarrad Davis looked like an All-Pro at times. Darius Slay & Tahir Whitehead also played great. If the Lions can get defense like this every week, they’re a problem!
#9 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Bears 29-7. You can’t really do this kind of analysis but the Falcons had problems with the Bears and the Bucs destroyed them. The Falcons destroyed the Packers so is it possible that Tampa Bay is already ahead of both Atlanta & Green Bay? That Bucs defense is NASTY. They only got home on Mike Glennon for one sack, but they also had 8.5 tackles for loss and recorded 8 QB hits. Gerald McCoy might be your defensive player of the year in the NFL. He is getting LOOSE in the middle!!!
#10 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Browns 24-10. Yes it’s the Browns & the Bengals but Baltimore’s defense is starting to look like their defenses of old when they were winning tons of games. The Ravens picked off Cleveland QB DeShone Kizer 3 times and eventually knocked the rookie completely out of the game. Kizer also lost a fumble and as a unit the Ravens  logged 10 QB hits! The offensive gameplan was a little more balanced with Flacco throwing the ball more often, but it was hardly a concern with the game in hand.
#11 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Falcons 23-34. Green Bay is HURTING. They started the game against Atlanta without both starting tackles Bryan Bulaga & David Bakhtiari. During the game they saw WRs Jordy Nelson & Randall Cobb suffer through injuries along with DT Mike Daniels. You are going to have a hard time winning football games if you have no players left to play. Aaron Rodgers can do only so much. I’m a big fan of Ty Montgomery, but the Packers need to get healthy & it’s only Week 2! Ouch!
#12 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Steelers 9-26. Losing by 17 looks pretty bad when you have Super Bowl aspirations but the the Vikings are a completely different team without Sam Bradford at QB. To be fair, outside of giving up a big play to  Martavis Bryant, the Vikings defense looked solid, but the offense couldn’t get much going. The Vikings can’t become a pass first team with Keenum under center. Keenum threw 39 passes compared to 20 rushing attempts. Got to give the ball to your best players I think.
#13 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Chargers 19-17. Probably closer than the Dolphins wanted, but after being forced to miss their opening week game because of a hurricane, I’m sure the Dolphins don’t mind escaping a road game against the Chargers with a win & heading back home. The Chargers have a beast of a defense & Jay Cutler was able to complete 73% of his passes for 230yds/1TD without throwing a pick. Jay Ajayi ran for 122 yards. Those are great signs moving forward & Cutler seems pretty comfortable.
#14 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Broncos 17-42. That was humiliating. Dallas completely got off their game plan of running the ball with Ezekiel Elliott, bending not breaking on defense, and allowing Dak Prescott to make a play or two and avoid mistakes. Dallas ran the ball 14 times compared to Prescott throwing 50 passes. The defense completely broke down as Trevor Siemian shredded the D for 4TD and CJ Anderson ran wild. Prescott made a few mistakes & threw 2 picks. If it could go wrong, it did go wrong.
#15 Computer Hope Last Week Beat 49ers 12-9. Wow! I don’t mean to overreact but the Seahawks lost to a Packers squad that was just manhandled by Atlanta and they barely beat a 49ers team that was beaten soundly by a Panthers team that just barely got by Buffalo. Seattle has issues up front & they aren’t unlike the problems the Panthers are having. Russell Wilson is a tough little QB, but he can’t take the pounding he did last week against the 49ers on a weekly basis and expect to survive. That O-Line has to get much better.
#16 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Jaguars 37-16. Tennessee got back to their winning formula of grounding & pounding and proceeded to grind up the Jaguars in Jacksonville. The Titans had Marcus Mariota pass only 27 times compared to their 36 rushing attempts. Derrick Henry had a great day going for 92yds/TD on only 14 carries. This is the evolution of Tennessee’s offense. Henry needs to be the starter & get 25-30 touches a game allowing Tennessee to out muscle teams. Let’s see if they keep this ratio going in Week 3.
#17 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Rams 27-20. The Skins needed a last minute TD drive to secure the win, but with Philly & the Cowboys losing, Washington is now tied with the Eagles & Cowboys for the division lead. You get the feeling this is how the year is going to play out. Washington isn’t going to take control of the East, but they’ll play well enough to always be around. Given how Dallas & New York played this week, you can argue the Redskins are the 2nd best team in the NFC East. That means playoff possibilities.
#18 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Dolphins 17-19. Is this the most cursed team in the NFL right now? They can’t stop avoiding injuries and when they do play they can’t avoid close losses. K YoungHoe Koo misses a 44-yard FG to win the game 20-19 with only a few ticks left on the clock. Last week after a furious 4th quarter comeback, Koo missed  44-yard FG against that would have sent the game into OT with all the momentum going towards the Chargers. Instead LA is 0-2 and already 2 games back in the West.
#19 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Bills 9-3. Carolina is shaping up to have a nasty defense. They’ve held their opponents to a combined 6 points over the first 2 weeks, but there are MASSIVE problems on the offensive side. Losing Greg Olsen is game changing for the Panthers & he’s their most reliable receiver. Cam Newton is taking a POUNDING and I’m not sure how the guy holds up. The coaches also don’t seem to quite understand how creative they need to be to use Christian McCaffery. It doens’t look good.
#20 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Redskins 20-27. Brutal loss for the Rams who had a real shot at starting the season 2-0 with a couple of home wins, but a late TD drive by the Redskins doomed the Rams to settling for a 1-1 record. The Rams were playing from behind most of the game, but this isn’t discouraging. The Rams would rather have a win but Todd Gurley had 136 total yards & 2TD which is a huge step forward from Week 1. If Gurley can be good, the Rams have a potent offense that will score a lot.
#21 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Titans 16-37. This was a solid game in showing teams that need to do similar things to win. The Titans rode their ground game to a dominant win. The Jaguars reverted back to a passing offense relying heavily on the play making abilities of Blake Bortles and disaster ensued. Making Bortles throw with no Allen Robinson & no DeDe Westbrook seems cruel & unusual, but when the Titans got loose in the 3rd quarter, Bortles had so start throwing. Hopefully they correct this.
#22 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Lions 10-24. I’m still holding out hope for the Giants, but right now they look terrible. Eli Manning looks old and there is virtually no running game with an O-Line that isn’t very good. Even Odell Beckham’s return didn’t really spark the offense. I still think this can be a pretty good team. The defense can be good. I still think the passing offense can be dangerous & maybe Paul Perkins can start giving the G-Men some type of running game. An 0-2 start is bad but I think they can rebound.
#23 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Panthers 3-9. Are the Bills…..decent? Yes they took a loss to Carolina, but it was a road loss by just 6 points and the Bills absolutely brought the HAMMER down on Cam Newton sacking the Panthers QB 6 times and also getting 6 QB hits. I know they’ve only played Carolina & the Jets, but Buffalo has given up only 21 points & the switch back to the 4-3 under DC Leslie Frazier is paying big dividends so far. They still don’t have any receivers, but you can win games when you keep them ugly!
#24 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Bucs 7-29. Chicago doesn’t have a bad offensive line but they had no answer for Gerald McCoy on the interior. McCoy tormented Chicago’s offense from the jump and never took his pedal off the gas. Chicago was turned over 4 times as well. That defense is going to give a lot of teams trouble. Chicago has no receivers so they are going to rely heaving on Tariq Cohen & Jordan Howard, but both were relatively non-factors against Tampa. Chicago also suffered quite a few injuries on Sunday.
#25 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Colts 16-13. If you can only beat a Colts team without ABSOLUTELY NO JUICE by 3 points then you have some big problems! With David Johnson out, the Cardinals have no go to guy on offense. They can’t keep relying on Carson Palmer & Larry Fitzgerald. The defense made Jacoby Brissett looks good at times & I don’t see at this point how the Cardinals aren’t the worst team in the NFC West all of a sudden. There is still quite a bit of talent on this squad but they need to play to potential.
#26 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Ravens 10-24. Maybe worse than the loss itself is the fact that the Browns weren’t just beat, but they were beat up. DeShone Kizer took a thrashing and eventually had to leave the game. The Ravens just teed off whenever they felt the need. WR Corey Coleman broke his hand & it looks like he’s out for 6-weeks at least. That’s your last 2-first round picks the last couple of years that are now not on the field. They travel to Indy next week in a game they could win, but who shows up?
#27 Computer Hope Last Week Beat Bengals 13-9. Cincinnati Bengals CB Adam Jones called Houston the worst team in the NFL and it’s hard to quibble with him unless you want to argue the Bengals are worse and that’s a good argument! The Texans did get a solid road win that they needed, but at the same time nothing looks good. The defense stiffened considerably, but the offense is terrible. I know everyone wants to believe in Deshaun Watson, but the guy is basically running around keeping plays alive. That can’t work long term.
#28 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Patriots 20-36. I heard last week a commentator start to compare Sean Payton to Jeff Fisher in the fact that Payton, like Fisher, is supposed to be this great coach, but the results are hardly proving that assumption. Granted, Payton has a Super Bowl ring, but that was 2009 & the Saints since then are 63-51. Not bad but not great either. Plus they are now 21-29 since 2014. I liked the Saints coming into the season but there are maybe 5 wins on the schedule now. That’s terrible with Brees.
#29 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Seahawks 9-12. If San Francisco had any type of QB play, they beat the Seahawks last week in Seattle which would have been nothing short of amazing! RB Carlos Hyde ran wild and the SF defense is salty up front. They even played without Reuben Foster and still got the QB for 10 hits, 3 sacks and 5 tackles for loss. Seahawks RB Chris Carson flashed at times, but the 49ers put together a solid defensive effort. All of a sudden there seems to be a view that tells us the 49ers are competitive.
#30 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Cardinals 13-16. Indianapolis might not be terrible with Jacoby Brissett. He missed on quite a few passes when playing against Arizona, but they looked a lot more like timing & familiarity issues which will resolve with time hopefully. The defense still can’t bring heat & the play of Marlon Mack has been somewhat disappointing at this point, but Indianapolis could beat Cleveland next week putting them at 1-2 which should give some confidence. The team is better than after Week 1.
#31 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Raiders 20-45. The Jets are terrible of course but they aren’t playing THAT bad. Given how the Bills played against Carolina last week, losing to the Bills 21-12 isn’t that bad. Yes Oakland beat them by 3TDs, but Josh McCown wasn’t terrible & the Jets were not completely out of it until the 4th quarter. The defensive front-7 should get better & Jamal Adams is going to get better with more experience. Wins will be hard to come by for certain, but I think they can at least put up a fight.
#32 Computer Hope Last Week Lost to Texans 9-13. This is turning into a dumpster fire rather quickly. There are now reports that some of the Bengals players are quietly lobbying for Cincinnati to take a look at Colin Kaepernick because Andy Dalton has been so bad. I have to admit, the defense played very well against Houston, holding the Texans to 13 points. That should be enough to win, but Cincy has scored 9 points in their first two games & Dalton looks horrific. Can the Bengals change QBs this early? That’s a statement.

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