No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn Except It's Football


Bob Stoops retiring this week is a huge college football story and I wanted to wait a couple of days for it to sink in before commenting. It is surprising to see Coach Stoops retire so suddenly especially given what a high note Oklahoma went out on in 2016 and how good the recruiting classes are shaping up for the Sooners. If Stoops was going to potentially win a second national championship, it certainly seemed like he was gearing up to take a final shot.

On the other hand, it does make some sense. Stoops was going to be 57 this year in what would have been his 19th year in Norman. His dad died early from a heart attack while coaching football and I’ve read where that weighs pretty heavy on Coach Stoops’ mind, as it should. Stoops was being paid about $5 million per year and if you multiply four by 18 (just to get an estimate), Stoops has made at least $72MM in coaching. Does the guy really need the money? Almost certainly not. He doesn’t need the validation either. Stoops is arguably the best coach in Oklahoma football history. He has also won a national championship. What really is their left to prove for him?

Selfishly, I’d love to see Bob Stoops coach for as long as he can. Who wouldn’t? His Oklahoma teams are outstanding and college football is amazing when Oklahoma is relevant. Unselfishly, I’m glad Coach stepped down if he felt it was what was best for him and his family. He’s given his entire life to the sport of football. I think it’s safe to say he’s earned to make his own decisions and go out on his own terms. As college football fans, all you can do is wish him the best and wish good luck to Lincoln Riley in the hopes that he keeps Oklahoma at the level that Bob Stoops so easily (or at least he made it look easy) maintained.


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