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NFL POWER 32 – 2016 WEEK 15

#1 Computer Hope What’s so impressive about New England’s 16-3 win over the Broncos is that the Patriots ran the ball 39 times compared to Tom Brady’s 32 pass attempts. Denver did their usual great job at eliminating Brady from the offense, but the Pats were still able to grind out the running game and Denver simply didn’t have the offense to score 20 points. Dion Lewis flashed and he makes New England’s offense a lot more dynamic from a run perspective going along with LeGarrette’s Blount’s power.
#2 Computer Hope The Giants 17-6 win over the Lions was similar to what New England did to Denver although the defensive effort was much more impressive given that New York was tasked with slowing down Matthew Stafford and not Trevor Siemian. When you think the Giants offense it’s easy to think of Eli Manning & Odell Beckham along with the other receivers, but New York ran hard against Detroit with Paul Perkins & Rashad Jennings. Those two are proving to be a formidable running duo.
#3 Computer Hope It was back to business as usual for the Cowboys in an impressive 26-20 win over Tampa Bay. When the Cowboys aren’t playing the Giants, they look absolutely unstoppable offensively. Tampa Bay’s defense had been on fire coming into Sunday night, and Tampa Bay had no answer for the Cowboys offense. Keep an eye on DE David Irving because he could be a game changer for Dallas’ defense. He had two sacks and gave the Cowboys that big time  pass rush off the edge they really need.
#4 Computer Hope The Steelers had a mess of a time getting into the endzone against the Bengals, but managed to do it when it counted most late in the 4th quarter to put the Steelers up 24-20 which ended up being the final score. Chris Boswell kicked 6 field goals and probably earned some fantasy MVP honors with 5 of those being 40+! TE LeDarius Green is becoming a pretty big part of the offense which is impressive. If Green can stay on the field, the Steelers offense becomes even more dynamic. Wow!
#5 Computer Hope Oakland needed to come from behind to beat the Chargers 19-16 and improve to 11-3, but I don’t hold that against them. The Chargers almost always beat on teams before losing at the end. With Kansas City losing to the Titans, Oakland moves back into the AFC West lead and into the #2 seed in the AFC. I don’t think they can get the #1 seed away from the Patriots as I have a hard time seeing the Patriots losing their last 2, but winning the West should get them a bye & a home game.
#6 Computer Hope I’m dropping the Chiefs from #2 to #7 but you can make a pretty good argument the Titans belong here after Tennessee went into Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs 19-17 after being down 17-7 going into the 4th quarter! The Chiefs get a home game against Denver this week and finish the season at San Diego. Those should be two wins giving KC a potential 12-4 record. That’s all they can do in hopes of winning the West, but if there is a team that can on the road & win it’s Kansas City.
#7 Computer Hope The Falcons were favored by almost 14 points in this game so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they thrashed the 49ers 41-13. Atlanta got up 21-0 after the first quarter & cruised from there. The Falcons did a great job via the run. Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman and Terron Ward combined to rush for 249 yards & 3TD. Freeman scored all 3TD and racked up 139yds on 20 carries. The Falcons defense played well too and is flashing the last 4 games. That’s a nice development!
#8 Computer Hope The Packers went up 27-10 on the Bears before Chicago ROARED back to tie the game! The Packers needed a bomb from Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson followed by a Mason Crosby field goal to secure a 30-27 win at Soldier Field in terrible conditions. It was Green Bay’s 4th straight win improving the Pack to 8-6. They’ll have a chance to win the division outright the last week of the season when they travel to Detroit. Aaron Rodgers has 10TD and 0INT over his last 5 contests.
#9 Computer Hope The Titans easily had the best win of the week. Tennessee proved they belong among the NFL’s best by going into Kansas City in one of the most difficult stadiums to win in and come from 10 points down in the 4th quarter to beat a 10-3 Chiefs team who had everything to play for! I think Tennessee might be New England’s biggest challenge in the AFC because of the way they play football. The win over Kansas City had to boost their confidence through the roof. Got to win the South!
#10 Computer Hope Another week another week gone in which Detroit has yet to beat a playoff team. Unless the Redskins get that last wild card spot or miracles happen and the Colts win the AFC South, Detroit has to beat the Cowboys this week if they are to beat a potential playoff team. I really like Detroit and think they are having a good season but their deficiencies are exposed a bit against good teams. They can certainly change that narrative by beating the Cowboys & Packers to finish the season at 11-5.
#11 Computer Hope I don’t want to hold Tampa Bay’s 26-20 loss to the Cowboys in Dallas against them too much. Jameis Winston in his previous 9 games had completed 64% with 15TD & 4INT averaging 251yds/G. The Bucs went 7-2 in those 9 games so the QB was due to be a little bit off and it happened against the Cowboys. I still loved the way Tampa battled back after going down 17-3 and actually took a 20-17 lead before Dallas scored 9 unanswered points. I think they can win their last two.
#12 Computer Hope Seattle’s win over the Rams combined with Detroit’s loss to the Giants pushed the Seahawks back into the #2 seed in the NFC. They can’t be the #1 seed. That dream is dead but I do think it’s imperative that the Seahawks get a 1st round bye and get the divisional game in Seattle. The Hawks are 7-0 at home but just 2-4-1 on the road. I can’t imagine them losing their last 2 games given that they get Arizona at home and then SF on the road. The #2 seed = NFC Championship game.
#13 Computer Hope I don’t want to say the Ravens got lucky in beating the Eagles 27-26, but Doug Pederson made a gamble by going for 2 on Philly’s last TD in order to win the game outright. That 2-pt attempt failed which gave the Ravens the win. Philly also dominated time of possession and without a smattering of big plays, I think Baltimore gets hammered in this one. The Ravens play Cincy & Pittsburgh on the road to finish the season. It’ll be make or break football for their playoff hopes.
#14 Computer Hope I can understand losing to the Panthers, but I can’t understand losing to them at home on a Monday night game with everything on the line. Washington can still certainly make the playoffs but now they need quite a bit of help because both Dallas & New York are getting in. They are behind Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Detroit & Atlanta at this point. The Redskins MUST win out & that won’t be easy as they play a road game against a Bears team that won’t die & then finish with NY.
#15 Computer Hope This might be entirely TOO LOW for the Dolphins. The 34-13 win over the Jets made Miami 8-1 in their last 9 games making them one of the hottest, if not the hottest, team in the NFL! I know it was the Jets and the Dolphins got a lot of help via turnovers, but Matt Moore threw for 4TD passes and give the defense some credit for creating those turnovers. Miami needs to keep winning as they have already lost games to Baltimore & Tennessee giving them uneasy tiebreaker situations.
#16 Computer Hope Some idiots were actually picking the Browns to beat Buffalo. Marcel Dareus gave us a guarantee and the Bills followed through, destroying Cleveland 33-13 and keeping Buffalo in the playoff hunt. The Browns were never going to win this game. The Bills are one of the premiere teams in the NFL at getting to the QB on defense while the Browns have given up the most sacks by far in the league. That is a massive disadvantage that is almost impossible to overcome. I hope Buffalo makes it!
#17 Computer Hope You can’t blame Denver’s defense for being a bit upset with the offense after Denver’s 16-3 loss to New England. Denver held Brady to a pedestrian game and the Patriots as a team to 16 points. This was the 2nd week in a row Denver’s defense has put in a solid performance only to see them lose the game because of offensive ineptness. The Upshot now only has Denver with a 14% chance at making the playoffs. If the Bills & Chiefs win this week, that percentage drops all the way down to just 5%!
#18 Computer Hope If the Jaguars had any idea on how to close a football game, Houston would have lost last week. Instead the Texans find themselves 8-6 and with a COMMANDING division record of 5-0! I’m not entirely sure how to take Brock Osweiler getting benched in favor of Tom Savage. Is this more of a sign of internal discord & there is a bad storm brewing in Houston? Or is this more of a sign that Houston might get on the right track and Osweiler was exposed as the QB that Denver let go?
#19 Computer Hope Where as this Colts team been all season? I know Minnesota has been tanking, but for the Colts to come to Minneapolis and thrash the Vikings 34-6 in front of their home crowd in Adrian Peterson’s return from injury was a bold and loud statement! More impressive is that Indianapolis was +3 in TO Margin, +5 in sack different and +14 in time of possession. That’s total domination. Indy can win the South if they win out, Houston loses out & Tennessee loses to the Jags, but beats Houston.
#20 Computer Hope Drew Brees can’t win the MVP award because at best the Saints finish 8-8 and just outside of the playoffs, but the Purdue product is going to get to 5,000 yards and either get to 40TD or come close to it. He’s completing 71.1% of his passes which is ridiculous. Is there really a better QB on the planet? I think Brees still has a couple of years where he can maximize his title window. The question now becomes whether or not Sean Payton is around to see it. Rumors are starting to swirl about him.
#21 Computer Hope Great effort by the Panthers who played spoiler to the Redskins, beating Washington at home and practically kicking them out of the playoff race all together. Cam Newton put together his best game since Week 2 when the Panthers beat the 49ers 46-27. It’s funny to think back on the 2015 Panthers & note how great they were defensively. That’s true but the defense has played well too this season but Newton has been down & the Panthers are worse for wear. He proves that MVP was legit.
#22 Computer Hope Another week in the NFL can only mean another opportunity for the Chargers to play a game they should win only to fall in the 4th quarter and lose. This happened yet again Sunday when the Bolts lost to Oakland 19-16 & fell to 5-9. What can you really say at this point? I hope the Chargers stay in San Diego. I also hope they keep Mike McCoy. Even with all that has happened to them via injury, the Chargers are THIS CLOSE to being 13-1! Maybe it’s a Tamp Bay/Jon Gruden situation?
#23 Computer Hope The 24-20 loss to the Steelers ensures the Bengals will not be making the playoffs for a 6th straight season. At some point I wonder if the Bengals do suffer a bit from the loss of coordinators. Their last 2 offensive coordinators (Hue Jackson & Jay Gruden) are now head coaches. Their last defensive coordinator (Mike Zimmer) is also a HC. That is a lot of coaching talent leaving the building. You might even be seeing this a bit in Seattle & Arizona after Mike Quinn & Todd Bowles left to be HCs.
#24 Computer Hope The 34-6 loss to the Colts was humiliating, but let’s not get too disgusted with the Vikings efforts. At some point the defense was bound to have a let down game & Indianapolis essentially played their perfect game. Minnesota’s narrative was going to be negative after the Bridgewater injury. The subsequent trade for Sam Bradford & the 5-0 start changed that narrative but the facts never varied. Would Bridgewater have fared any better than Bradford though with no Peterson & no wideouts?
#25 Computer Hope I always thought the adage was that you go for the tie at home and you go for the win on the road. Eagles HC Doug Pederson did it the exact opposite late against the Ravens when he went for two down 27-26 instead of going for the extra point to send the game into OT. I kind of like it as a move. You don’t want your team to lose no matter what, but the Eagles aren’t going to the playoffs and this showed a bit of bravado & confidence about your offense that might pay off in the near future.
#26 Computer Hope I’m going to keep beating this dead horse some more but I HAVE NO IDEA why Arizona refuses to let David Johnson run the football. New Orleans has Drew Brees as their QB and they let him throw the ball 48 times but also ran it 32. Arizona had Carson Palmer throw the ball 40x and ran it just 15. The Saints won time of possession by almost 15 minutes! How in the hell does that happen when you can give the ball to David Johnson & let him run for 4 yards per carry? Makes no sense.
#27 Computer Hope The Bears were one big pass from Aaron Rodgers away from pulling off the upset & ruining the Packers postseason hopes & dreams! I’m not saying Matt Barkley is the answer, but over the last 2 weeks the Bears have almost beaten the Lions in Detroit & upset the Packers. Those two losses came by a total of 6 points. Now go look at the Bears pass rush numbers. Vic Fangio is getting it done. If there really isn’t a franchise QB in the 2017 draft, why waste it? Stick with Barkley for awhile.
#28 Computer Hope The Jets were destroyed by the Dolphins and Matt Moore but they didn’t do themselves any favors by giving the ball away 4 times. New York ranks 2nd in the NFL in turnovers lost with 30, behind the Chargers 32. The difference is that the Jets rank 30th in turnovers gained whereas San Diego ranks 2nd! This puts the Jets dead last in TO margin at -19! There is some thought that this number represents luck and that the Jets could be due for some regression to the mean at some point.
#29 Computer Hope I held out hope on the possibility that the Rams might rally in their first game in the post-Jeff Fisher era, but it was more of the same as the Rams fell to Seahawks 24-3 in Seattle. The same story reared its ugly head as the Rams could do practically nothing on offense. The Rams have the worst scoring offense in the NFL! Could Jon Gruden really leave the booth for LA?
#30 Computer Hope Another game the Jaguars probably should have won but didn’t and thus comes the end of the Gus Bradley era. I like Bradley so it’s tough to see him take it on the chin like this. Regardless of who takes over, the problem with the Jaguars begins and ends with Blake Bortles. This is why it is so important not to miss on a 1st round QB. You draft a guy like that to be the face of the franchise, but when he doesn’t work out, good coaches get fired and the franchise is set back 5-10 years.
#31 Computer Hope Is there anyone on this team worth keeping? Offensively I think you keep Carlos Hyde at RB and maybe Andrew Tiller at guard. Defensively the picture is a lot brighter with edge rushers Eli Harold & Aaron Lynch along with DLs Arik Armstead, Ronald Blair & DeForest Buckner. Maybe a couple of other young guys on defense & maybe John Theus because he’s so young but this roster stinks. If there is ever a team that needs to be completely blown up, it’s the 49ers. Very disappointing.
#32 Computer Hope Getting completely blown out by the Bills isn’t exactly a good thing even if you do come into the game 0-13. What might be the most interesting question is whether or not Hue Jackson can keep his job if the Browns wind up 0-16!? It’s one thing to go 2-14 or even 1-15 in your first year, but o-16!? I’m not sure it would be a great move to jettison Jackson because who wants to walk into that dumpster fire. What’s crazier? Who here really thinks the Browns have a chance at going 0-32!

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