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It’s now December so let’s start looking at these games through the playoff lens. There are quite a few teams with the playoff chances still in hand. By my count I’d say 12 AFC teams still had a credible chance at making the playoffs. In the NFC that number is 13 given the closeness of the NFC South. While it is difficult to say parity reigns supreme with the ELITE football teams in the NFL, parity definitely does reign supreme when it comes to potential playoff teams. The NFL has to be pretty happy that 25 of 32 teams still are viable playoff contenders.

Computer Hope Dallas is an interesting team because they are actually showing how complete they really are. Typically 10-1 teams are going to show some type of exaggerated statistic to somewhat prove why they are getting lucky enough to go 10-1 but the Cowboys don’t really get that many turnovers and they aren’t a huge pressure team. They rarely if ever beat themselves which is why their only loss was a 1-point affair to the Giants in Week 1. Bad matchup for the Vikings. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Believe it or not, this is a potential Super Bowl preview. Atlanta has the offense to get to the Super Bowl while Kansas City has the all around game strategy to do it especially if injuries are going to start taking a toll on New England. The Chiefs got a HUGE road win last week in their comeback to beat Denver and I’m almost positive they can’t pull it off a 2nd time. On the other hand, KC could keep Atlanta’s offense off the field. This one should be fantastic. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Lions have to shift their focus from keeping the Vikings at bay and turn their attention to preventing the Packers from taking away the division. The Saints are still very much in the playoff picture & get a home game here. It’s not a must win for Detroit the way it probably is for New Orleans, but note that if Detroit loses & Green Bay beats Houston, the Packers pull to within 1 game with 4 to play. A loss here makes Detroit’s room for error smaller. Computer Hope
Computer Hope On the surface this doesn’t look like much of a game considering the Patriots are 9-2 playing a home game against a Rams team that is 4-7 playing a rookie QB who is making his 3rd career start. I’ll give you all that, but what could make this one interesting is the play of Rams DT Aaron Donald who could get serious interior pressure on QB Tom Brady. If LA can slow down New England’s run game & Donald hammers Brady, then this game gets interesting. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The hits just keep coming for the Jaguars. Denver is in a spot where they need to win and it helps that they are coming off a loss to Kansas City. The Broncos will have more than motivation enough to get the job done on the road. Denver’s loss last week theoretically knocked them out of the playoffs entirely! That’s insane but a win here could get them right back assuming Miami loses to Baltimore. The Jaguars would fall to 2-10 with a loss. They’re better than that. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Every week I contemplate Houston losing the South. In my rankings I have them below Indy & Tennessee yet they remain 6-5 & division leaders. But I have to ask myself, are they really that bad off? The Texans are going to lose to Green Bay. We all know this, but that drops them to 6-6 & they’ll still lead because their division record is 3-0. If they can remain undefeated against their AFC South rivals, then the division is all but locked up for them. Seems bizarre. Computer Hope
Computer Hope How is this for a matchup! The Eagles are 2-6 in their last 8 games while the Bengals are 3-7-1 on the season. Somebody has to win right? It’s safe to say neither of these teams are going to make the playoffs, but the Bengals need wins in the worst way. There is growing talk of Marvin Lewis finally being let go at season’s end & there is even growing rumor of Andy Dalton potentially losing his job. All of this sounds nuts but the Bengals have been disappointing. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Can the Dolphins win 7 straight games? Tremendous playoff implications here because it’s a conference game. The Dolphins are fighting hard for a playoff spot with the AFC West teams while the Ravens have to work to keep Pittsburgh a step behind. I’m interested to see how Ryan Tannehill plays. He’s been tremendous lately & the Ravens defense will present a daunting challenge. This should be a low scoring affair that will be of great benefit to the winner. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Good grief! The 1-10 49ers against the 2-9 Bears! Does anyone want to win this game considering it could cost them draft position? A game like this is brutal for the 49ers because it’ll be a game in which two not very good teams play & that’ll give Colin Kaepernick an opportunity to run around a lot and give SF a victory. It’ll cause some idiots to say he’s the answer at QB, but what he’s really doing is holding the team hostage to a ceiling of 6-7 wins. Go Bears! Computer Hope
Computer Hope LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! This isn’t a must win for Oakland but considering they have 3 road games against the other 3 AFC West teams and this is at home, you might consider the Raiders NEED this one. Buffalo on the other hand REALLY needs this. Assuming Miami loses Buffalo could pull even at 7-5 and I still think the Bills could win out. What’s interesting to me is that Oakland has been winning lots of close games but Buffalo forces LOTS of mistakes. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Another potential Super Bowl preview. The Giants have put themselves in a really great position to at least make the playoffs with an outside shot at the East. This feels like a game the Giants will lose. They’ve won 6 straight and are on the road against a desperate Steelers team. At the same time, the Giants could make a HUGE statement by winning here & getting to 9-3. A win would feel like New York is throwing down the gauntlet at the feet of Dallas. Computer Hope
Computer Hope If Arizona keeps asking Carson Palmer to throw the ball 50x per game then the Redskins will win this one. This is a tough matchup for Arizona because while Arizona has a pretty good defense, Washington is becoming so balanced behind RB Robert Kelley that they are exceptionally hard to defend. Dallas showed a blueprint to beat the Redskins. You have to keep them under 30 & hope to outscore them. I don’t think Arizona can score enough to win here. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Another game I’m very much looking forward to. Bucs QB Jameis Winston has really looked like he’s taking a step forward. The Bucs are 5-2 in their last 7 with Winston throwing 14TD to just 3INT in his last 7 games! They are 1 game behind the Falcons! The Chargers on the other hand have the most opportunistic defense in the league & I think they’ll be hungry at home. San Diego can still make the playoffs and they can’t afford to lose home games. Love this one. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Don’t assume because Seattle is playing at home this is a gimme. The Seahawks mustered a pathetic 5 points last week in their 14-5 loss to Tampa Bay! That’s not Rays 14, Mariners 5, that’s Bucs 14, Seahawks 5. Carolina is coming off a heart breaking loss to Oakland but they can make an argument they should be 7-0 in their last 7. Cam Newton isn’t playing like an MVP but Carolina’s defense is playing better & if Seattle can’t score 10 points I don’t see a win for them. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This looks like a great opportunity for the Colts as Vontae Davis, Andrew Luck & TY Hilton look good to go, but as we saw last week, the Jets can be incredibly tough when Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t turning the ball over. The Colts could finally get to .500 at 6-6 with a win which could put them in a 3-way tie for 1st place if Houston loses to Green Bay. No playoff implications for the Jets, but I have a hard time thinking Todd Bowles isn’t playing for a lot of pride. Computer Hope

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