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Hey I’m getting better with picking teams to root for that actually win! I was really surprised last week to see the Seahawks get bounced. It seemed like the Vikings game was a typical game that a championship caliber team barely squeaks by en route to playing for a championship, but the Seahawks didn’t come to play football until the 2nd half & simply ran out of time. The other surprising thing was how amazing the Patriots offensive line played against Kansas City. There is no way in the world to beat the Patriots if Brady has THAT MUCH time sitting in the pocket. Once again, I’m going to show you who I’m rooting for first before the game preview.

1. DENVER BRONCOS: Peyton Manning winning his 2nd Super Bowl is still by far the best story the playoffs have left. I’m completely in the tank for Peyton so I’m going to choose him no matter what, but seeing him shut up the naysayers would be poetic justice to the millionth degree. Manning dominates talk of course in the AFC, but there are a lot of players on Denver deserving of a championship. CJ Anderson is running well and Demaryius Thomas & Emmanuel Sanders are outstanding receivers. Defensively the Broncos are loaded with guys like Von Miller, Demarcus Ware, Derek Wolfe, Aqib Talib, Chris Harris, TJ Ward & Sylvester Williams. You can always point to Manning, but there are a lot of guys on this football team wanting to prove they are championship winning players. Isn’t there also a bit of Patriots fatigue built up as well? Seeing Brady & Belichick in yet another Super Bowl leaves me yawning.

2. ARIZONA CARDINALS: Impossible not to be rooting for Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald & Bruce Arians at this point. I wouldn’t want Arizona to beat Denver in the Super Bowl, but it would be pretty awesome to see the Cardinals get to the party. Another reason to root for Arizona is because of how old their coaching staff is. I think they have a couple of guys in their 70s and another one in his 80s on staff! Talk about OLD SCHOOL! I think Arizona would have had a great chance at getting to the Super Bowl last season had Carson Palmer not gotten hurt after a tremendous start to the season. I think it’s great that Lady Luck didn’t punish them a year later & that the Cardinals picked up right where they left off. I still think Carolina isn’t all that great. If games are 5 quarters in length then I think Seattle eventually beats the Panthers & let’s face it, Seattle was a 10-6 team anyway that loses 7 games when you count the playoffs. Arizona will be the best team Carolina has faced all season.


Computer Hope Manning v. Brady! The old guys won’t go away! Strategy here is about as easy as it gets. For Denver to win they need to get pressure on Brady & avoid allowing New England to run those little slant routes. Denver has to be effective running the football to set Manning up to pass & the Broncos cannot turn the ball over. You can’t give a short field to Brady. For New England, if they protect Brady & score 25-28 points, it should be enough to beat Denver. It sounds simple but these are the story lines we’ll hear about when either team wins. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I wouldn’t expect Arizona to give up 31 points in the first half. What was somewhat scary about the Seattle/Carolina game was that the Panthers are SO EXPOSED against the pass. I simply don’t want to face Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown & Michael Floyd & David Johnson on passing plays if I’m the Panthers. All that talk about Seattle using the Minnesota game as their tight game they needed to win applies to Arizona with their win over Green Bay. Surviving that game looks a lot like a championship team getting that close win early. Computer Hope

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