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Computer Hope I’m not sure Andy Dalton would have had much chance on the road with the caliber of defense Denver brings to the table, but putting AJ McCarron back their in his 2nd ever career start is asking entirely too much so I think Denver nails down the win. The Broncos need the win frankly. They have to stave off Kansas City from winning the division & the Steelers loss puts Denver potentially as the #6 seed. The Broncos need the #2 seed. They need the bye quite a bit. Computer Hope
Computer Hope If you were to ask me two reasons why Arizona’s bid for a Super Bowl title might get derailed, I would have told you injuries to Carson Palmer & Tyrann Mathieu. Last week against Philadelphia, Mathieu tore his ACL & he’s out for the season. Palmer injured his thumb & while not out for the season, it’s of concern. If Green Bay wins out & Arizona loses out, the Packers would nail down the #2 seed in the NFC. This should be an amazing game to see how Arizona reacts. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The insanity of the NFC East continues. Right now the easy solution is for the Redskins to win & the Giants to lose. Division winners = REDSKINS! What happens if all hell breaks loose & the Eagles win & the Giants win? Everyone is 7-8 but the Eagles would be in 1st place due to tiebreakers. The last week of the season Philly takes on the Giants while the Redskins play the Cowboys. Winner of PHI/NYG wins the division if WAS loses. You get the picture! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Win this game & the Vikings will play the Packers in Green Bay for a chance to win the NFC North. It doesn’t matter what happens in Arizona between the Packers & Cardinals. Minnesota catches a huge break with New York being without WR Odell Beckham. That’s a huge feather in their cap towards getting to 10-5. You want the ultimate screw? Green Bay beats Arizona & lays down to the Vikings. This would give Minny the #3 seed but Seattle the #6 seed!! WOW! Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Jets are in must win mode. The Chiefs end the season with home games against the Browns & Raiders which means KC is going 11-5 with a conference record of 10-2! Pittsburgh is on the road for their last 2 but they are against Cleveland & Baltimore. They are going 11-5 with an 8-4 conference record. New York’s saving grace could be Denver. If the Jets win out & Denver loses one more time, the Jets would get the #6 spot over Denver. Jets MUST WIN. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Houston controls their own destiny. Win out & they win the South. With no Marcus Mariota on tap, this game looks like a no brainer for Houston, but the Texans are starting Brandon Weeden so anything is possible & I actually like the Titans young players. The Jaguars are no joke either so Houston doesn’t exactly have it tough going down the stretch to get to 9-7, but there are a couple of pitfalls to be sure that they must avoid to back to the postseason. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Beating Jacksonville isn’t anything to have a parade about but Atlanta would be wise to feed Devonta Freeman the football & keep the ball out of Cam Newton’s hands. Oddly enough, the Falcons could still make the playoffs if both Minnesota & Seattle lose out. It’s the only way it works as the 3 way tie would give the Falcons & Seahawks the edge over Minnesota! I could actually see Minnesota losing out, but if Seattle beats the Rams, then it forces the Falcons out. Computer Hope
Computer Hope After the Steelers, Texans & Jaguars, the Colts get a reprieve with Miami & Tennessee coming up. If your Indianapolis, the playoffs are still a distinct possibility and I think the two wins could result in the #4 seed which would also give Andrew Luck another couple of weeks of rest. Could a home playoff game with Andrew Luck coming back & a gigantic surge of emotion be enough for the Colts to not only make the playoffs but win a playoff game? That’s nuts. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This game should probably be much further down the rankings as it has no playoff implications at all, but I’ve had a soft spot all season for the Bears so I’m curious to see how they close out the year against the Bucs & Lions. Both are winnable games that catapult Chicago to a 7-9 record & quite a bit to build on for 2016. For Tampa I’m curious if Jameis Winston can have two big games & get to 4,000 passing yards in his rookie season. He’s surpassed all expectations. Computer Hope
Computer Hope You can be sure that Seattle is going to stop Todd Gurley from going for 150 yards & I highly doubt that Case Keenum can pull off two perfect games in a row. Even if he could I don’t think it’s enough to beat Seattle with Russell Wilson playing as well as he is. It’s amazing how well Seattle’s offense has played in their last 6 games. Marshawn Lynch probably returns at some point making them even more lethal. This is the one team that nobody wants to face. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Steelers can’t win the North even if Cincinnati loses out, but there are a lot of scenarios where the Steelers flip between the #5 seed & the #6 seed. As long as Kansas City is in the Wild Card, Pittsburgh remains the #6 which is a road game in Cincinnati. If they get to the #5 seed they get a road game in Houston. The other benefit of the #5 is that if both Wild Cards win their games, the #5 seed goes to #2 seed which means Pittsburgh avoids the Patriots. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Once again, I’m excited to see how Johnny Manziel does against a top-notch defense. Cleveland has no chance of winning but Johnny Football wasn’t horrible against Seattle last week. KC is playing for the AFC West title as any Denver slip up gives the Chiefs the division. With Andy Dalton on the shelf, this looks more & more like an AFC title game that will come down to Kansas City traveling to New England. Oddly enough, if KC gets the #3 seed they’d play Denver. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This most likely will be the most interesting non-playoff implicating game of the week. As a COWBOYS HOMER I haven’t been this excited about Dallas all year long, but I’m giddy about the prospect of handing the reigns over to Kellen Moore. What if Moore completes 75% of his passes over the last 2 games while throwing 350 yards & 3TD per game leading Dallas to 2 straight wins? What does Dallas do at that point with a 36-year old Tony Romo in 2016? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Fairly meaningless football game, but a couple of things worth watching. If Philip Rivers averages about 360 passing yards & 2TD over this last 2 games, he’ll eclipse 5,000 passing yards in a season becoming only the 6th QB ever to do so. On the other hand, a loss means a higher draft pick for SD! For the Raiders, a win pushes them to 7-8 & a possible .500 finish. They’ll need to beat Denver next week to get to 8-8 but even with a loss, 7-9 looks a lot better than 6-10. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Last season, Saints rookie WR Brandin Cooks caught 76.8% of passes thrown his way. This year he’s caught just 63.8%, but his numbers are much better as he’s amassed 74 receptions for 993 yards & 8TD. If his catch percentage been 76.8% this year, Cooks would have 89 catches for 1194 yards & 10TD! Cooks and WR Willie Snead have been huge bright spots for the Saints offense this season & both are incredibly young. The Jags have great young WRs too. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I’m interested to see how the Lions play out their last 2 games which are very winnable. If Detroit wins out, they’ll be 6-2 in their last 8 games. Green Bay is 6-2 AT BEST assuming they win out which is certainly no guarantee. If the Vikings win out they are at best 5-3. The Bears would be 3-5 if they split. That’s a compelling argument that Detroit was the best team in the NFC North for the 2nd half of the season. It’ll be interesting to see if it saves Caldwell. Computer Hope

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