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Computer Hope The best game of the week by a wide margin, there is a lot going on in this game none of which has anything to do with the AFC North. A Steelers win only brings Pittsburgh 2 games within the Bengals with 3 to play. They aren’t likely to win the North, but the Steelers have to keep winning. If the Chiefs & Jets both win this week then even at 8-5, the Steelers would miss the playoffs! As for the Bengals, the Patriots are leaving the door wide open for the #1 seed! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Kind of a neat game because the Vikings are 8-4 & Arizona is 10-2, but this is going to be another example of the Vikings being exposed by the NFL’s elite. Arizona’s defense is too good not to take away Adrian Peterson which of course will force Teddy Bridgewater to win the game, and that is something he hasn’t proven he can do. I think it’ll be hard for Minnesota to lose their playoff spot unless they lose out & finish 8-8. Arizona of course will move to 11-2 here. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I really like the intrigue here of LeSean McCoy returning to Philadelphia and the events surrounding his departure from the City of Brotherly Love to Buffalo, but there are also pretty big playoff implications here. A loss by Buffalo probably kills their playoff hopes as they’d fall 2 games behind the Steelers, Chiefs & Jets should those teams win without only 3 to play. A loss for the Eagles wouldn’t kill them because the NFC East sucks, but Philly has a real shot to win it. Crazy! Computer Hope
Computer Hope This has TRAP GAME written all over it. The Raiders are a lot better than their 1-4 showing in their last 5 games. The Broncos are looking at a road game against the Steelers next week so it might be easy to overlook a struggling Oakland squad. The Broncos have to be very careful here. A loss here combined with a KC win puts Denver just 1 game in front of the Chiefs & Denver still has a game against Cincy. If Denver & Kansas City finish 11-5, KC wins the West. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Patriots don’t lose three straight games so you can forget about Houston winning. That said, the story lines are pretty cool here. Bill O’Brien used to be an OC under Bill Belichick and Brian Hoyer used to back up Tom Brady so it’s cool to see the students face off against the teachers. Houston is 5-1 in their last 6 so they at least are heating up. The only way this game turns out to be meaningful is if New England loses which could very well mean the #3 seed! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Two teams in similar circumstances. Before last week, both of these teams looked to be potential playoff teams. The Bears were heating up & staying alive just barely enough to have hope. The Redskins, incredibly, were in 1st place in the NFC East due to tiebreakers. Then Chicago lost to SF in an OT game & Washington lost a home game to Dallas on a 50+ yard FG with no time remaining. The Bears are done but they could seal Washington’s fate too. GO SKINS! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Is Matt Cassel the worst starting QB in the NFL right now? Jimmy Clausen is starting for the Ravens so maybe Cassel might be better than Clausen, but you can’t win in the NFL if you have the worst starting QB in the league. The bad part is that Dallas can turn to anyone else. Brandon Weeden is the other option at this point which sort of gives credence to the notion that Dallas is interested in Johnny Manziel. At this point, Manziel would be an upgrade. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This should be a game the Giants win, but I’ve been saying that all season long so who knows if the G-Men will come to play? New York has had an up & down season. They started 0-2 before going 5-2 in their next 7. Now they’ve lost 3 straight. I can’t believe the Giants will lose 4 straight but they lost 7 straight last season right in the middle of the season. Miami has been miserable since beating Tennessee & Houston in back to back games. I can’t see them winning. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This has dark horse potential to be the game of the day, but not in the way you think. Indianapolis is riding the edge here. The team is THIS CLOSE from a complete melt down & it might happen if Jacksonville comes to play. After the 45-10 massacre last week at the hands of Pittsburgh, HC Chuck Pagano is a dead man walking as is GM Kevin Grigson. If Jacksonville has a big game, I wouldn’t be shocked if Pagano wasn’t handed his walking papers this week. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Jets should roll in the one because all of a sudden Ryan Fitzpatrick is in the zone & Tennessee is too young to get anything going against a defense that is as dominant as the Jets. The AFC Wild Card is going to be incredibly interesting down the stretch. The Jets, Chiefs & Steelers are all competing for those spots & none of them look to be division winners. One of these teams will be left out in favor of the AFC South champion. Expect ignorant chatter about playoff reform. Computer Hope
Computer Hope All you need to know about this game is that Jimmy Clausen is starting for the Ravens. Oddly enough this is Clausen’s second start against the Seahawks this season. Earlier this year Clausen filled in for Jay Cutler when the Bears lost to Seattle 26-0. I don’t think Clausen is an NFL caliber starting QB, but at the same time, I’m sure Clausen wouldn’t mind getting a few chances at starting games against teams not named Seattle just so he has a chance! Computer Hope
Computer Hope It’s really interesting to watch Philip Rivers keep San Diego in football games. The Bolts lost last week to Denver 17-3, but it wasn’t a blowout & Rivers keeps grinding along with another impressive year under HC Mike McCoy. Kansas Cit is BLAZING HOT right now & at Arrowhead they aren’t going to drop a game to a team that is dismal, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chiefs struggle a bit in this one if only because they play down to the competition. Computer Hope
Computer Hope One team has won 12 straight games this season & 16 straight dating back to last season. The other team has lost 6 straight games & look to be headed for the basement of the NFC South. This has blow out written all over it, but if I’m playing devil’s advocate, this could be a small trap for Carolina. You can’t help but think about 16-0 & Carolina’s last remaining test might be next week’s road game against the Giants. Maybe they overlook the Falcons? Computer Hope
Computer Hope This is one of those games where I think the overall narrative guides you. The Saints are going to win this game & here is why. There is no way Tampa Bay gets into the playoffs with Jameis Winston as a rookie QB. He’s not good enough. If Tampa Bay wins the’ll stay within one game of Seattle & Minnesota at best but the still have a road date against Carolina meaning at best they’ll be 9-7. That means a loss here & likely an 8-8 campaign which falls short. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Completely meaningless NFC game with no bearing on the playoffs whatsoever. It’s somewhat intriguing how incredibly far these teams have fallen. At the beginning of the season Detroit was coming off a playoff run with talks of taking the next step. St. Louis played tough last year & was though to be a dark horse candidate to shock everyone & win the NFC West. Instead both teams are 4-8 & probably are looking for new head coaches for 2016. Computer Hope
Computer Hope An even more meaningless inter-conference game between two last place squads. I suppose this might be something to watch if you like Johnny Manziel but these teams are basically playing for draft position and oddly enough, both teams are probably a QB away from competing for a playoff spot. The NFL is a crazy business. It’s the ultimate team game, but if you don’t have even a serviceable QB, then you are all but doomed to fail. That’s amazing. Computer Hope

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