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Like Brooklyn Except It's Football


Computer Hope A potential Super Bowl preview. It is interesting the juxtaposition of this game with the whole Favre/Elway thing. Favre was the up & comer while Elway was on his way out. The same analogy could be made between Rodgers/Manning although this isn’t the Super Bowl. It’ll be interesting to see how Denver’s defense responds to an ELITE QB, but also how Rodgers responds to an ELITE defense. I won’t be shocked if these teams meet again in the Super Bowl. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Roethlisberger returns at the right time because the Bengals are starting to run away with the division. A Pittsburgh win here doesn’t exactly make Cincinnati less favored, but if the Steelers lose, the Bengals would run to 7-0 while the 2nd place Steelers would be 4-4 & 3.5GB or effectively 4.5GB! That’s a HUGE hole & Pittsburgh can forget about the division! This is the best Bengals team in the Marvin Lewis era. A win here gives more proof to Cincy’s dominance. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Since Joe Philbin was fired, the Dolphins have beaten Titans 38-10 and the Texans 44-26. That’s 82 points. In their first 4 games, Miami scored 65! Note also that Miami has 10 sacks in their last 2 games. In their first 4 games they had just one! You can’t deny the talent wasn’t there but the play was lacking early. Does canning Philbin really make this team that different? We’ll find out now. Beating AFC South cellar dwellers is one thing. New England is another. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Carolina had never started a season 6-0 so obviously getting to 7-0 is making history. This game is coming at the wrong time for Indianapolis. Andrew Luck is coming under criticism for his play recently & now there is talk around the league that Indianapolis has by far the worst defensive front-7 in the NFL. Kevin Grigson & Jim Irsay are fighting. Chuck Pagano is on his way out. Once a franchise of stability, Indianapolis is getting ready to explode. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This is a really interesting game for a couple of reasons. The Saints could be gearing up for a decent run. With the years Atlanta & Carolina are having, it’s going to be hard for Who Dat to win the South by at 3-4 they are only 1.5GB the Vikings for the #6 seed. They have 4 winnable games meaning they could be 7-4 when Carolina comes to town & winners of 7 of their last 8 games! That’s a streak! The G-Men are 4-1 in their last 5. Don’t overlook them on the road. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Games like this are a lot more important than you imagine. At 4-2 the Jets are the #5 seed in the AFC right now with Pittsburgh being the #6 seed at 4-3. The Raiders are the #7 seed at 3-3 but a win here makes them 4-3 & drops the Jets to 4-3 but Oakland would own the tiebreaker. Tiebreakers are so important & Oakland is lucky to get this game at home. On the other hand, if the Jets are for real (and I think they are) then they should handle their business. Computer Hope
Computer Hope How important was blowing that OT game in Detroit 2 weeks ago? Consider that the Vikings are the current #6 seed in the NFC at 4-2. If Chicago had beaten Detroit, the Bears would be 3-3. A win over the Vikings gives Chicago the tiebreaker, thus making them the 2nd place team in the North. The 4-3 record would guarantee the Bears would be in the playoff picture. Now a loss to Minny puts the Bears at 2-5. I’m still not convinced Chicago is a bad team. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Dez Bryant returns this week & already there are reports talking about how different practices feel with Bryant being a full participant. At 2-4 the Cowboys can hardly stand to drop to 2-5, but I don’t think it’s a death sentence. On the other hand, Seattle really needs the win. At 3-4, the Seahawks only get back to .500 & remember that even if Seattle protects homefield from this point forward, that’s only 9 wins so a loss here could spell disaster for Seattle. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Big game for the 3-3 Rams but these types of games also make you a little worried for St. Louis. On paper the 49ers are a complete & total mess meaning the Rams should pull this one out at home. And it’s important given the state of the NFC. Nobody is running wild with a Wild Card outside of Carolina/Atlanta so getting to 4-3 puts St. Louis right in the thick of things. With all the talk of the Rams going back to LA, it would be cool to give the fans a playoff berth. Computer Hope
Computer Hope These are 2 of the 3 most disappointing teams in the AFC along with Kansas City. Most would consider Joe Flacco & Philip Rivers at least borderline ELITE starting QBs, yet their teams’ combined record is 3-11! I didn’t see that one coming. Baltimore’s best case record is 6-1 while the Chargers’ best case record is 5-2. Neither team has been lucky and both teams enter the week on 3-game losing streaks. Does either team really want to win? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Arizona should be on upset alert here. The Browns are 2-5 but their best case record is 6-1! Cleveland is losing games, but they are putting up tremendous fight in those losses so Arizona will be tested. The Cardinals are interesting. The two toughest teams they’ve played (STL & PIT) have given Arizona losses so there is some debate as to whether the Cards can beat good teams. Arizona’s back end schedule is NASTY so games like this are almost imperative wins. Computer Hope
Computer Hope A divisional game, but Atlanta should roll through Tampa Bay en route to improving 7-1. This has a chance to be a truly special year for the Falcons. Atlanta has a very good chance to get to 11-1 before traveling to Charlotte on December 13th! That should be a helluva showdown & 2 weeks later Carolina comes to Atlanta. What’s also amazing is that you can make a decent argument that Matt Ryan is on pace to have his worst year of his career! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Love the Titans upside with Marcus Mariota but Mariota isn’t playing so it’s hard getting a ready on Tennessee. I still think they have some interesting play makers so if Zach Mettenberger can play well they could grab a win. Houston has a pretty good chance to shake things up in the South with a win. They would be 3-5 with a win which would match Indy if the Colts lose to Carolina. Brian Hoyer is playing extremely well & somebody has to win the South! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Last year the Lions were 11-5 & in the playoffs. Two years ago the Chiefs were 11-5 & in the playoffs & 9-7 last season. So far this season the two clubs have a combined record of 3-11. Being inter-conference, this team is almost meaningless when it comes to the playoffs. KC is coming off a huge win over Pittsburgh & has a 5-2 best case record. I wouldn’t count the Chiefs out just yet. I think they lose at Denver but could win the rest meaning they could finish 10-6! Computer Hope

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