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NFL POWER 32 – WEEK 6 2015

#1 Computer Hope The 34-27 win over Indianapolis started showing chinks in the armor for the Patriots. If Chuck Pagano doesn’t get cute with an insane play then maybe Indianapolis sticks around just a bit longer. Remember that Indy was up 21-20 at the half & Andrew Luck looked fantastic. Even with all that said, the Patriots still got a win. Injuries are starting to pile up & the Jets come to town.
#2 Computer Hope Talk about a weird game plan! The Packers were outgained by almost 200 yards & had the ball for 16 fewer minutes than San Diego & still beat the Chargers 27-20! Green Bay essentially dared San Diego to pass the ball all day as long as no passing TDs were accomplished & countered that with ruthless efficiency. Injuries are starting to mount but the Packers look great.
#3 Computer Hope No Tyrod Taylor but putting 34 on the Buffalo defense is still impressive as Cincinnati took down the Bills 34-21. You could make a decent argument that the Bengals haven’t played a tough schedule but Andy Dalton is on pace for 4700yds/37TD! TE Tyler Eifert is on pace for 900yds/16TD. This isn’t the same Bengals team we’ve seen the past few seasons. They look very dangerous.
#4 Computer Hope Was it a 26-23 win in OT against the Browns? Yeah. Did Peyton Manning look terrible again? For the most part. Are the Broncos 6-0 going into a bye? Yes they are! Peyton is very tough to watch. He throws a couple of ducks that end up as picks but then he hits that 75-yard bomb to Emmanuel Sanders & you think nothing is wrong. If he finds consistency they’ll win the Super Bowl.
#5 Computer Hope I haven’t really believed in Carolina all season long because I thought the schedule was weak, and even though Seattle isn’t Seattle right now, the Panthers were still down 20-7 against the back-to-back NFC Champions on the road & outscored the Seahawks 20-3 in the last 23 minutes of the game to take a HUGE 27-23 road win! With 3 home dates next, the Panthers could start 8-0.
#6 Computer Hope All season long we can’t wait to see the fireworks between Ben Roethlisberger & Antonio Brown, but who knew the real players were going to be Landry Jones & Martavius Bryant!? Jones came into the game in relief of Michael Vick & led Pittsburgh to a huge 25-13 win over Arizona! Bryant had 137yds/2TD. Pittsburgh has to be thrilled with how they are playing without Big Ben.
#7 Computer Hope It’s time to stop wondering if the Jets can keep this up & start to discuss whether or not the Jets are the best team in the AFC. The defensive line is probably the best in the NFL & while the total defense might be a step behind Denver’s, New York is FAR ahead offensively. Chris Ivory is a MONSTER. Marshall & Decker are great on the outside & Fitzpatrick keeps grinding.
#8 Computer Hope I still like this team although no Tyrod Taylor makes them extremely vulnerable. A very odd 3-3 start for the Bills as they have went W-L-W-L-W-L in their first 6 & are 1-3 at home despite being 2-0 on the road. They get Jacksonville on the road this week so hopefully they get to 4-3 before a bye week which they need. Miami after the bye in Buffalo would make them 5-3 halfway.
#9 Computer Hope If the season ended today, the Eagles would be your NFC East champions! There has been a lot of complaining about Chip Kelly but remember that the Eagles are now 3-1 in their last 4. They have a 5-1 “best case” record & one of their losses was gift wrapped to Atlanta in Week 1. The defense is OUTSTANDING! I think we’ll learn a lot this week when Philly travels to Carolina.
#10 Computer Hope Atlanta took on their first loss of the season in a 31-21 road loss to the Saints. A very sloppy game for the Atlanta to be honest. They lost 3 fumbles & had a few too many penalties. The defense also didn’t have a very good game plan for stopping Saints TE Ben Watson & Drew Brees had a great game. The Saints aren’t awful & Atlanta wasn’t going to finish the season 16-0. It happens.
#11 Computer Hope It’s possible the Giants are a good enough team to win 3 straight games, but aren’t quite ELITE enough to go on an extended run. The Eagles are MUCH better than they were ever getting credit for early in the season, but I didn’t see the Giants going into Philly & getting hammered 27-7! New York had a sloppy game with 12 penalties & 3 turnovers. Another 3 wins & they’ll be 6-3.
#12 Computer Hope The Rams are coming off a bye but they are the team that really sort of messes up the power rankings. St. Louis has wins over the Cardinals & Seahawks so you kind of have to rank St. Louis ahead of those 2. They’ve also lost to Pittsburgh & Green Bay. The difficulty lies in their loss to Washington. If St. Louis is 3-2 then it makes sense to have them #12. Maybe it does anyway?
#13 Computer Hope Losing at Pittsburgh would seem a lot more palatable if it wasn’t Landry Jones carving up your defense & allowing the Steelers to outscore you 22-3 in the 2nd half after you took in a 10-3 halftime lead. It’s worth wondering how good Arizona really is? Their wins have come against the Lions, 49ers, Saints & Bears. Those are bottom feeders. The 4-2 record might be more style than substance.
#14 Computer Hope Seems high given that the 49ers are just 2-4 but San Francisco has losses to the Giants, Packers, Steelers & Cardinals. All 4 teams rank ahead of them here. Their wins have come against the Ravens & Vikings meaning they have to be ranked ahead of Minnesota. I don’t completely understand San Francisco at this point. There is still quite a bit of talent here but it doesn’t play well.
#15 Computer Hope The loss to SF hurts. Minnesota is coming off a nice 16-10 win over Kansas City that wasn’t very close. Minnesota had a 10-0 lead at the half & a 13-0 lead after the 3rd quarter. Minnesota didn’t even play that great of a game as Teddy Bridgewater was off and the Chiefs defense held Adrian Petereson in check most of the day. Minnesota has a good running come. A 7-2 start is possible.
#16 Computer Hope A complete melt down in the 4th quarter led Seattle to their 2nd consecutive loss & a 2-4 start! The Seahawks have lost 3 close games so you can argue they are pretty close to being a 5-1 team. With Arizona looking disappointing, the Seahawks look good enough to win the West but this isn’t the same Seattle team we’ve seen in the past. The O-Line is terrible & that could hurt them.
#17 Computer Hope It’s somewhat foolish but I still think Washington can be a pretty good squad. Kirk Cousins can be the guy & I think if owner Daniel Snyder leaves everything alone, Jay Gruden can get this team to where it needs to go. Will it be this season? Maybe not as Cousins is still figuring things out & RB Matt Jones is too young, but Washington is never going to be an easy game for opponents.
#18 Computer Hope The Bolts are struggling but losing 27-20 to Green Bay in Lambeau isn’t awful. Philip Rivers did pass for 500 yards & almost led a very one-dimensional offense to a win over arguably the best team in the NFC. SD needs to figure out how to run the ball & the defense needs to get better but their schedule is favorable. They could be 7-4 when Denver comes to town on December 6th.
#19 Computer Hope Everyone is making a big deal about the gaffe play Chuck Pagano dialed up against New England which ended up disastrous. You can’t really argue that, but the fact that the Colts were in the game to begin with is a minor miracle. Indy actually led the Patriots 21-20 at halftime! The AFC South is terrible so the Colts should make the playoffs. Maybe they can pull off a stunner.
#20 Computer Hope The Cowboys are coming off a bye and the real question surrounding Dallas is where they will be when Tony Romo comes back? The Brandon Weeden experiment certainly didn’t work & Joseph Randle is banged up too. Nobody is pulling away in the East so at 2-3, does Dallas have a shot. They have 4 more games left & I think they go 1-3 at best. That means 3-6? Doesn’t look good.
#21 Computer Hope Don’t look now but the Saints have won 2 out of their last 3 including wins over the Cowboys & Falcons. Two of New Orleans 4 losses have been close ones so while the Saints are 2-4, they could be 4-2. Their next 5 games are: @Colts, Giants, Titans, @Redskins, bye, @Texans. That’s 5 winnable games which could make them 7-4 before the Panthers comes to town. I like them.
#22 Computer Hope So close yet so far away. The Browns suffered yet another close loss this season falling 26-23 in OT to the Broncos. How much of a surprise has TE Gary Barnidge been? The guy spends the first 5 years of his career behind Greg Olsen in Carolina & now he’s on pace to finish the season with 72 receptions, 1,101 yards & 13TD! He’s in the top-3 TE along with Eifter & Gronkowski!
#23 Computer Hope Sure the final was only a 5-point margin, but the Ravens lost yet another game, this one coming 25-20 to the 49ers. I can only defend Baltimore so many times before I have to realize they might not be that good. The Ravens are now 1-5. Their “best case” record is an astonishing 6-0 as they are 1-5 in close games & are -5 in TO margin. I have to rank them low but if they finished 11-5 I wouldn’t be surprised.
#24 Computer Hope Exactly like Baltimore. I don’t believe the Chiefs are a 1-5 football team, but they are 1-3 in close games & -2 in TO margin. The difference isn’t as startling as it is in Baltimore, but the Chiefs are not without Jamaal Charles so a turnaround is even less likely. KC did just about everything they wanted to against the Vikings and still lost. That doesn’t bode well, but at least the Royals are there!
#25 Computer Hope The Raiders are coming off a bye week so let’s really assess their playoff chances. The Raiders are 2-3. If Kansas City really is folding up this season then Oakland could get a couple of wins there. They also get Detroit & Tennessee. That’s 6 wins. They need to figure out how to beat Minnesota at home & sweep the Chargers. If they can do all of that, then they’ll be 9-7 & the Wild Card could be there.
#26 Computer Hope Houston improved to 2-4 with a 31-20 win over Jacksonville, but it’s the Jaguars so how much does it really count for? Brian Hoyer looked outstanding going 24 of 36 for 293 yards & 3TD. DeAndre Hopkins was untouchable & Arian Foster racked up over 100 total yards. Hoyer is having quite a year. The AFC South is terrible so there is still time for Houston if they can pull it together.
#27 Computer Hope The Bears aren’t going to quite get over the hump this season. Staring the season 0-3 because you lost to the Packers, Cardinals & Seahawks is understandable. Getting a couple of key wins over the Raiders & Chiefs to get to 2-3 was great but falling 37-34 in OT to the Lions when Detroit was winless shows you how far the Bears need to climb to be relevant again. Brutal loss.
#28 Computer Hope Was the problem that easy to solve? Miami with Joe Philbin as HC has been nothing but disappointing this season. Philbin gets fired & Dan Campbell takes over the Dolphins go out & whip Tennessee 38-10!? Miami knocks Mariota out of the game. Records 6 sacks. Shuts the Tennessee offense down while Ryan Tannehill & Lamar Miller play out of their minds. Let’s see what happens next week.
#29 Computer Hope The Lions almost gave it away in the 4th quarter but managed to hang on & get a 37-34 OT win over the Bears to record their first win of the season. To be completely honest, I think this was more of a game the Bears gave away & the Lions still have significant problems. The running game isn’t working & there is no pressure from the D-Line. I’m not sure I see 3 wins with their schedule.
#30 Computer Hope Losing Mariota is a tough break but there are still some interesting pieces on this Tennessee team that could keep them interesting. The problem is that they get Atlanta next which probably makes them 1-5. The good news is that I’ve seen the Titans twice now & they look to me like a very tough football team. The season isn’t over yet but they need to protect home field.
#31 Computer Hope The Bucs are coming off a bye week in which they are 2-3. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Saints look like they are heating up which means Tampa won’t be able to stay out of last place in the NFC South for much longer. Jameis Winston’s accuracy seems to be improving which is a good thing. Pass defense needs to get A LOT better but team is intriguing.
#32 Computer Hope There are a couple of ways you can look at this. The first is that Jacksonville completely sucks at 1-5 & Gus Bradley is now 8-30 as a HC. This experiment is not working. The other way to look at it is that this is a process. Jacksonville is young & that 1-5 could just as easily be 3-2. Management is going with option 2 at the moment. I still think Gus Bradley gets it so I’m happy for the patience.

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