No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn Except It's Football


Computer Hope Man I wish this game was in New Jersey so the Jets would seem like a safer play to call for the win! My hatred for New England is well chronicled and nothing would make me happier than to see them lose a game so all this 16-0 nonsense would quiet down, but I don’t see them losing here. The real question will be whether or not the Jets keep it close because that could be a tip off as to how this game could go when the Jets are the home team. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I don’t think this is a “MUST WIN” game just yet from a playoff perspective as the NFC East is somewhat still sorting itself out, but the Cowboys need to win this one. They barely escaped against the Giants in Week 1 in Dallas & a loss here puts them at 2-4 while New York improve to 4-3. With the Eagles heating up & Washington being a tough out, the Cowboys season might already be wrecked. Tony Romo can’t come back fast enough. Computer Hope
Computer Hope To this point the Panthers are 5-0, but it’s an incredibly soft 5-0. The only viable team they’ve beaten is Seattle & the Seahawks had to completely melt down in the 4th quarter for the Panthers to come away with a win. With how well the Eagles have been playing of late, the Panthers have a legitimate opponent they can beat to prove to everyone that the record is more substance that scheduling luck. NFC Championship game preview? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Kansas City might be 1-5, but Andy Reid’s teams are not going to give up & they are not going to quit. Pittsburgh has been a little lucky without Ben Roethlisberger. They have gone 2-1 in his absence but barely got by SD & needed Landry Jones to play out of his mind against Arizona. The Chiefs still have a few good pieces and the D-Line can create quite a bit of havoc at times. With an inexperienced QB at the helm, Pittsburgh has to be on upset alert. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The game is almost as interesting for what it isn’t than what it is. Just a couple of years ago this rivalry was the talk of the NFL. Harbaugh v. Carroll. Wilson v. Kaepernick. The SF Defense against the SEA Defense. These teams were going to dominate the NFC for a decade! Now both teams are 2-4 & in the basement of the NFC West. People don’t think Kaepernick is an NFL QB & there is almost no talk of Wilson being elite. The NFL changes fast! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Speaking of changing times. Six years ago these two teams were playing in the Super Bowl. Now the Saints are in last place & the Colts look like an organization getting ready to decimate their coaching staff. Should be an interesting game as the Saints are starting to play better & Drew Brees definitely loves playing on the turf. New Orleans is climbing out of hold because Atlanta & Carolina are off to hot starts, but I wouldn’t count them out. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I think the Lions suck, but Detroit is coming off a home OT win over the Bears to get their first win of the season & they are playing another home game against a team with an inconsistent QB. If the Lions can figure out a way to limit Adrian Peterson, they have a good shot at winning this game & getting to 2-5. It’s also a pivotal game for Minnesota. A loss could derail the season but a win could catapult them to a potential 7-2 start! Computer Hope
Computer Hope If you’ve been reading this blog at all this season you know how much I’ve been talking about how unlucky the Ravens are. Injuries are mounting as are the close losses. At some point Baltimore is what their record says, but I’m still holding out hope. Arizona is 4-2, but it’s a soft 4-2 & the Ravens could win if Lady Luck turns their way. A win pushes Baltimore to 2-5 & this team is good enough to run the table with their schedule. It could happen! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Before the season began I thought Miami would be the 2nd best team in the AFC East. The division was stacked, but I thought the Dolphins would be better simply because they had more stability at the QB position & the acquisition of Ndamukong Suh make a good defense even better. That didn’t work out & Joe Philbin was fired, but in their first game post Philbin, the Dolphins beat Tennessee 38-10! Could it really have been that simple? Computer Hope
Computer Hope I’m probably underselling this game just a bit. Oakland comes in 2-3 while the Chargers are 2-4. On the surface it doesn’t look like either team is playoff material & the AFC West is somewhat of a disappointing given how San Diego & Kansas City has played. That said, Oakland has emerged a bit & SD is still a decent option. I don’t know if either team makes the playoff but one team’s ability to sweep the other will be a deciding factor in that equation. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This looks like a meaningless inter-conference game that should be one-sided which is exactly why the Falcons should probably be on upset alert. Tennessee will be without Marcus Mariota but I still think the Titans have some decent pieces & if Zack Mettenberger plays well then the Titans should make this a game. I still think the Titans look like the best team in the South with the eye test. A win here would go a long way for Tennessee. Computer Hope
Computer Hope At this point shouldn’t the Buccaneers go back to the Dreamcicle color scheme? Bucco Bruce is cool now and nobody in the NFL is rocking the light orange the way Tennessee does in college football. It’s beautiful with the Vols. Why can’t it be that way with Tampa Bay? We can keep Captain Fear. He’s pretty sweet. All we have to do is change his colors a bit. Oh yeah, the football game. Two of the 3 greatest mascots (Oakland). Tune in! Computer Hope
Computer Hope Speaking of color schemes, when are the Rams going to go back to Yellow & Blue & get away from this crappy gold & dark blue scheme? The old uniforms were amazing. The current uniforms are boring. The Rams helmet is outstanding but it’s muted with the gold horns instead of the bright yellow. Speaking of awesome, I love the new Browns uniforms and the fact they have a bullmastiff as a mascot & his name is Swagger! Now if they could just win games. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Geez. Another game in London. If I’m a Jaguars fan, how in the world can you get behind this team when you are co-opted out to London for some home games!? Maybe the NFL doesn’t want to be in Jacksonville any longer but the Los Angeles Jaguars? No thank you! The NFL is a money-making machine but you have to wonder, when is enough enough? Can’t the game just be perfect the way it is. Do we have to squeeze an extra quarter out of everything? Computer Hope

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