No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn Except It's Football


Computer Hope A potential Super Bowl preview game! Cincinnati hasn’t quite seen a defense like Seattle’s and the Seahawks are a completely difference defense when safety Kam Chancellor comes out to play. In Seattle first 2 games, they were 0-2 & allowed 30.5PPG. These were 2 games when Chancellor didn’t play. In their last 2 games in which Chancellor played, the Seahawks are 2-0 & have allowed on average 5.0PPG. I love the Bengals offense. Let’s see what Dalton can do against an elite defense. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This game looked a lot more tantalizing when at the beginning of the year Tony Romo & Dez Bryant weren’t hurt & Tom Brady was thought to be serving his final game in a 4-game suspension. Now it looks like another Patriots blow out. There is room for optimism here. Sean Lee is going to play. Greg Hardy & Rolando McClain are back from suspension so the defense could be a lot better. The Patriots are also a brutal rush defensive team. The Cowboys could clock control around a great O-Line. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Rams should have no trouble getting up for this one as the Packers are one of the ELITE teams in the NFL & St. Louis only seems to want to play the great teams! This might be the best defense Aaron Rodgers has faced thus far this season & given what Todd Gurley did last week against Arizona, the Rams could come in and do some serious damage. Keep any eye on Clay Matthews in this game. Green Bay moved him inside & this will be an interesting test to see if he can hold up Gurley. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The schedule seems to ease up on Denver a bit here, but Oakland is going to come at Manning hard with Khalil Mack & Justin Tuck so beware of what Oakland could do to an offensive line that is still getting used to one another. That said, I’m guessing Manning will figure out a way to torch an Oakland defense that ranks 31st in the league in passing yards allowed. Another problem for Oakland is that they haven’t seen a defense like Denver’s. Denver’s D could outscore Oakland’s O! Computer Hope
Computer Hope I’m becoming more & more a believer in Atlanta because I’m becoming more & more convinced that Dan Quinn was a tremendous hire for the Falcons. I’m also becoming more & more convinced that the Redskins are a decent football team that could surprise some people as long as Kirk Cousins can avoid throwing interceptions. I’m very intrigued by the Ryan Kerrigan/Trent Murphy duo on the outside as well. If Cousins avoids picks & the Redskins can get pressure then maybe an upset? Computer Hope
Computer Hope I’m really excited for this game for the Titans. On the one hand I’d love to see Buffalo come in and hammer Tennessee because I think the Bills might have something special going on with Rex Ryan & Tyrod Taylor this year. I love the defense & I think it’s a team that could beat the Patriots. On the other hand, I really like what this Titans team is doing with Marcus Mariota & the defense. I think a win by either team opens up some eyes to be sure. Could be the best game of the week. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Sort of a weird game for the Chargers as it looks like an almost must win when you look at their schedule. It’s not an overly easy one so the key for the Bolts going forward is to win their home games. On the other hand, the Steelers have games against Cardinals, Chiefs & Bengals coming up after this one so there is a decent chance a loss could push Pittsburgh to 2-3 with the potential to be 2-6 after 8 games! Note also the tie-breaker implications in this one & you have the makings of an important game. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Ravens finally got into the win column last week with an OT road win over the Steelers. I don’t expect Baltimore to have too much trouble dispatching the Browns this week & if Pittsburgh loses, the Ravens could find themselves in 2nd place in the AFC North despite the 0-3 start! The Ravens could wind up 11-5. It might not be enough to catch the Bengals but it should be enough to make the playoffs. The #5 seed in the playoffs might not be so bad this year as it probably means playing the Colts. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The 49ers have lost 3 straight while the Giants have won 2 straight. I’d expect the good times to keep rolling for the Giants as they are increasingly looking like the best team in the NFC East. This is off topic but I think the Aaron Lynch story is interesting. Lynch is one of SF’s starting DEs. He originally started at Notre Dame but transferred to South Florida & went to the NFL after a year with the Bulls. He’s on pace for 12 sacks. Who really needs college when you are 6’6/250lbs & can pressure the QB? Computer Hope
Computer Hope Beating the Raiders isn’t exactly mind blowing but I’ve been saying for weeks now not to sleep on Chicago & this is another opportunity for the Bears to start winning games. There are definitely flaws with the team, but I still can’t wrap my head around a coaching staff as good as Chicago’s putting an inferior product on the field. The team isn’t whole to be sure, but I still think there are enough weapons to be dangerous & if Jay Cutler doesn’t throw interceptions then the Bears can win their 2nd. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Not a good match up for Detroit at all! Matthew Stafford has thrown 5 picks in 4 games & he might be going against the most aggressive ball hawking defense the NFL has to offer. Detroit can’t really run the football meaning opposing defenses can cover their receivers & beg Detroit to beat them on the ground which the Lions cannot do. I would think Detroit’s offense is based on the pass but their containment plays on the ground simply don’t seem to work very well. Caldwell & Co. start 0-5! Computer Hope
Computer Hope No Andrew Luck for a 2nd straight game but I’m not sure Luck is playing better than Matt Hasselbeck at this time. Watching Hasselbeck reminds me of an interview I heard on the Dan Patrick Show a few years ago with Kurt Warner regarding the Jets QB situation at the time. Patrick asked Warner (I’m paraphrasing) where he’d be on the depth chart & Warner said the starter. Warner said mentally he’s better than ever but his body couldn’t hold up over a 16-game schedule. Hasselbeck is showing this. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Odd game between a couple of 1-3 teams who many thought might be the best team in their respective divisions. The Saints finally got a win last week against a depleted Cowboys squad, but I’d be all in with Philadelphia on this one. Sam Bradford is starting to get this offense & make better decisions within the framework. His last 2 games are markedly improved from his first 2 & I wouldn’t be surprised to Philly cruise in this one. Chip Kelly is taking a lot of heat, but he might get the last laugh. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Both of these teams completely suck but shouldn’t Jacksonville be the team looking for a victory here? At some point shouldn’t the Jaguars start showing some improvement by at least beating teams like Tampa Bay who are the worst team in their division starting a rookie QB? Blake Bortles is showing signs of coming around at least but the Jags might want to work on that pass defense which looks downright awful. I hope Gus Bradley’s not on the hot seat but Jacksonville needs to win this one at least. Computer Hope

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