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Computer Hope Baltimore gets really lucky with Ben Roethlisberger missing time with a knee injury because I’m not sure the Ravens avoid an 0-4 start with as well as Pittsburgh has been playing the last couple of weeks. The Ravens aren’t as bad as the 0-3 record would indicate. They’ve played the most difficult schedule of anyone in the league thus far & have lost all 3 games by a combined 14 points. A win definitely puts Baltimore back on track but you never know with Mike Vick. He could be heaven….or hell! Computer Hope
Computer Hope The Eagles had a pretty impressive win on Sunday beating the Jets in New York. The Jets currently have the #1 ranked scoring defense in the NFL & Philly was able to put 24 on them. With Dallas losing to Atlanta (and without Romo & Bryant) there is a lot of chatter about how the Eagles are likely to take the East. I think that isn’t fair to the Giants, but a road win against a divisional foe certainly rights a lot of early season wrongs with the Eagles. Sam Bradford needs to keep getting better. Computer Hope
Computer Hope I don’t think the Rams have a chance in hell here but St. Louis did pull off a stunner to open the season in beating Seattle so maybe they can pull off a little more magic against the Cardinals. The Rams are one of those odd teams that sort of play up or down to their competition which is why you see them beat Seattle one week & lose to Washington the next. The other detail in this game is the playoff odds for the Rams. Losing to Arizona puts them effectively 4 back. That might be too far. Computer Hope
Computer Hope It’s interesting to look at these the two QBs and their stats so far. Manning is completing 64% of his passes with 5TD to 3 picks. Bridgewater is completing 68% of his passes with 1TD to 2 picks. Manning gets hammered for being too old to play while Bridgewater is the new face of NFL QBs! Granted, age does play some role but Denver is 3-0! Huge game for Minnesota here though. A loss drops them to 2-2 & likely 2GB the Packers while a win probably forces their way into top-5 team consideration. Computer Hope
Computer Hope This isn’t a home run game for Buffalo. The Bills have shown themselves to be an excellent football team thus far, but keep in mind that Giants are no slouch themselves and their 2 losses have been essentially games they’ve thrown away. New York could easily be a 3-0 team which makes you look at this game a bit differently in my opinion. I don’t know if the G-Men win this game, but I think they are the team to beat in the NFC. With Dallas being so beat up & things iffy in Philly, the Giants could capitalize. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Huge game for Kansas City when you just consider the mathematics. A Chiefs loss combined with a Broncos win puts KC effectively 4 games behind Denver with 12 to play! The Chiefs might be out of contention before the season really ever gets underway. Conversely a win for the Bengals could put some significant distance between them & the rest of the North. With Ben Roethlisberger hurting & Baltimore’s inability to win, Cincinnati might skip towards the finish line as AFC North division champs! Computer Hope
Computer Hope More drama in Indianapolis. During the early part of the week the media was pounding home the story that the Colts were in discussions with Andrew Luck about his playing style & that he needed to rein things in to think about the future. At the end of the week the stories were all about how Luck is sitting out this week due to a shoulder injury. At this rate maybe Chuck Pagano simply thinks it’s easier to not be the HC of the Indianapolis Colts than to be the HC. Indy wins, but the drama continues. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Did you really think Drew Brees was going to miss this game? The Cowboys are 2-8 over their last 10 games against New Orleans so Brees has to be licking his chops to get a chance to throw against the Cowboys defense. There isn’t a team Brees lights up more than Dallas when you consider how many times he’s faced Dallas. New Orleans needs a win to be sure. If Atlanta & Carolina both win, the Saints can ill afford to start the season off 0-4 while the Panthers & Falcons both start 4-0. Computer Hope
Computer Hope The 49ers looked absolutely awful against the Cardinals last week which is a bad sign with Aaron Rodgers coming to town. Rodgers is toying with defenses at this point & if Arizona can put up 40pts on you then Green Bay could potentially flirt with 50! SF’s defense can’t possibly be this bad can it? It’s amazing to see how bad the 49ers are playing & how good Jim Harbaugh already has Michigan! If you believe in Utah then you can argue that the Wolverines are a top-5 team! Computer Hope
Computer Hope I’ve been saying this all season but I like the Bears. Jay Cutler returns to action this week & while Culter isn’t going to inspire confidence except in the hearts of opponents, I still think he’s a viable NFL QB with a truckload of weapons at his disposal. If Cutler could just stop making mistakes, I think the Bears offense could easily score enough points to make up for any deficiencies in defense. You win games 31-28 just as much as you win games 6-3. I like Oakland but this is a game Chicago “should” win. Computer Hope
Computer Hope THE LONDON GAME!!! The Dolphins are coming off a blow loss to Buffalo. A loss here would put them 0-2 in the division and 0-3 in the conference with their only win being a 7pt affair over the Redskins. EEK! I’ve been saying all season how I thought Joe Philbin was a dead man walking & nothing has changed that. A loss here puts Miami 0-2 in the division which means at best they finish 2-4 in their own division. Oddly enough though I think the team is fairly talented. I like Philbin but maybe they really do need a change. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Jim Caldwell against any other NFL team typically means the other NFL team is favored to win. Jim Caldwell on the road against a team who has won the last 2 NFC Championships probably means Detroit will be lucky to lose by 20 or less. Owners can be patient at times but Caldwell is in the same boat Joe Philbin is in but potentially worse as Detroit was a playoff team last year with a legit shot at starting the season 1-9 or even 0-10. I think we can safely assume the Lions aren’t returning to the postseason. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Atlanta showed what they could do last week against Dallas against a backup QB & they’ll face that same kind of QB in Houston whether it be Ryan Mallett or Brian Hoyer. You sort of have to wonder why the Texans didn’t try to make Ryan Fitzpatrick the starting QB? He led them to a 9-7 run last season & this year he’s actually making the Jets look like a playoff team! Atlanta keeps looking better & better! How great of a hire was Dan Quinn? A 4-0 start puts the league on notice in my opinion. Computer Hope
Computer Hope Jameis Winston against this Carolina defense? Enough said. I don’t think Carolina has a chance in hell against the other elite teams of the NFC, but you have to give credit to a team that wins the games they are supposed to. Carolina’s first 4 games come against TB, JAX, HOU & NO. Those teams are a combined 3-9. Is Carolina showing anything by being 4-0? Not really but winning inspires confidence & beating bad teams typically leads to playoff games. Once you get into the postseason anything can happen. Computer Hope
Computer Hope San Diego is playing like crap while the Browns are a crappy team. San Diego should get this one done fairly easily. The 1-2 start isn’t great but the 2 losses have come on the road against Minnesota & Cincinnati. Both of those losses are understandable. On the other hand, SD barely beat Detroit at home in the season opener so you could make an argument the Bolts should be 0-3 & reeling. Instead, they could be 2-2 & in 2nd place in the AFC West! SD needs to play better but there is plenty of time. Computer Hope

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