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NFL POWER 32 – WEEK 3 2015

#1 Computer Hope How much can you really learn from the Patriots hammering Jacksonville 51-17? The only thing about New England going on the “F YOU TOUR” of the NFL is just how gaudy Tom Brady’s numbers are going to be. Currently he’s on pace to complete 72% of his passes for 5,931 yards & 48TD. He’s ahead of 2013 Peyton Manning except for the TD numbers, but that can change quickly.
#2 Computer Hope Speaking of Peyton Manning, #18 is on pace to complete 64% of his passes for 4,026 yards & 27TD. What’s amazing about that is those numbers aren’t that far away from his 2008 season when Indianapolis went 12-4 & Manning was a 1st team All-Pro QB! Is he better than Rodgers & Brady right this minute? No he isn’t, but how is being the 3rd best QB in the NFL not a huge benefit?
#3 Computer Hope Since we’re on the subject of projections, Aaron Rodgers is on pace to complete 74% of his passes for 4,112 yards & 53TD! I’ve watched Green Bay’s last 2 games & Rodgers at this point is just toying with opponents. It’s almost shocking to a degree when he misses a pass. Moving Clay Matthews inside has been an incredible defensive adjustment. The Packers can argue they are #1.
#4 Computer Hope Yes the 49ers stink but 47-7!? Good grief! Arizona put on a clinic against the 49ers defensively as the Cardinals picked off Colin Kaepernick 4 times & sacked the QB twice. Carson Palmer is on pace to have the best season of his career & is 9-0 in his last 9 starts. Palmer is on pace to complete 64% of his passes for 4,283 yards & 48TD. In Arizona Palmer has a 19-6 record! Crazy!
#5 Computer Hope Miami is in a bad spot with their organization right now but Buffalo probably shouldn’t have went down & pounded them 41-14! That’s crazy! The loss to New England certainly doesn’t look bad & Buffalo has dominated in every other game they’ve played. Tyrod Taylor has been amazing & the defense is great. The McCoy/Williams RB duo is scary good. There are no weaknesses.
#6 Computer Hope You can make an argument that the Dallas win wasn’t that great because the Cowboys were playing without Tony Romo & Dez Bryant. I wouldn’t argue with you, but at the end of the day, the Falcons are 3-0 & have beaten the 3 best teams in the NFC East. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas, NY Giants & Philly are all battling for playoff spots by year’s end so this start is impressive.
#7 Computer Hope The Bengals look like the most complete team in football right now given how well Cincinnati has played on both sides of the ball. The one problem for me is that you can argue the Oakland Raiders have been their toughest opponent to date. TE Tyler Eifert is on pace for 69 catches for 816yds & 16TD. Andy Dalton has never had a weapon like this. Is Eifert the key to getting over the hump?
#8 Computer Hope Losing Roethlisberger at this point is killer & I’d expect the Steelers ranking to keep dropping in direct proportion to how many games Michael Vick starts. Vick is kind of an amazing story. The guy is 35 & is starting for a team you could argue is the 2nd or 3rd best team in the AFC! This is his 13th season in the league & he missed 2 because of the dog fighting scandal. What an odd career.
#9 Computer Hope You sort of knew Dallas couldn’t keep going without Romo. The loss to Atlanta was disappointing but somewhat inevitable at the same time. The defense is getting ready to be a lot better. Jeremy Mincey is back this week against New Orleans & Greg Hardy & Rolando McClain will be back next week. Things could come together a little so Dallas needs to beat New Orleans this week.
#10 Computer Hope You can only beat the teams in front of you. Carolina has started the season 3-0 but the wins have come against Houston, Jacksonville & New Orleans. Their combined record is 2-7 & the Panthers have won all 3 games by a combined 23 points. They aren’t exactly tearing the league up, but they are undefeated & I think the defense can play with anyone. TB should ensure 4-0.
#11 Computer Hope You can hardly blame the Chiefs for losing 38-28 in Green Bay, but things don’t get easier for them as they travel to Cincinnati this week. The Chiefs are a solid team & probably the best in the AFC West, but they could definitely start the year 1-3 & potentially 2-4 if they lost in Minnesota. I know injury is probably the reason, but I can’t understand why Jamaal Charles doesn’t rush more.
#12 Computer Hope It took Adrian Peterson a game to warm up, but in the last 2 he’s rushed for 260yds (5.3ypc) & 2TD! At this rate, Peterson is on pace to finish the year with 1,552 yards & 11TD! You can argue that would be the 3rd best season is his career. As for Minnesota, the loss in SF looks worse by the minute, but they have a chance to really put the league on alert if they can win in Denver this week.
#13 Computer Hope Lost in all of the Chip Kelly talk the first couple of weeks is how close Philly played Atlanta & Dallas. Sure the Eagles started 0-2 but Sam Bradford has essentially sucked & DeMarco Murray has been terrible. What people aren’t talking about is just how good the defense is & I trust Kelly to figure out the offense. With Romo & Bryant out this is the best teams in the NFC East. Remember that!
#14 Computer Hope Like the Eagles, the Giants have losses to Atlanta & Dallas but those teams have a combined record of 5-1 at the moment. Last week the Giants hammered Washington 32-21 but this week travel to Buffalo for a game that should be pivotal for both squads. The Giants are close to being complete. They need to play a little better defense & get the offense healthy. The ceiling is high here.
#15 Computer Hope The Raiders are 2-1 after beating Cleveland last week & rookie WR Amari Cooper is on pace to finish his rookie season with 107 catches for 1547 yards & 6TD. It’s safe to say that was a helluva pick! What’s great about Oakland is that they are winning the draft. Cooper & Mario Edwards this year. Khalil Mack & Derek Carr in 2014. Latavius Murray in 2013. I really like this team.
#16 Computer Hope Right now the Ravens are the most unlucky football in the NFL. They’ve started the season 0-3 but those 3 losses have come by a combined 14 points. The Ravens’ “best case” scenario record is 3-0 and the teams they’ve played have a combined record of 8-1! Baltimore is even -1 in TO margin! I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Ravens win 9 straight & be 9-3 when they welcome Seattle.
#17 Computer Hope The Jets need Chris Ivory to be healthy. He’s not the best RB in the world but he’s a solid starter when healthy. I can’t bang the Jets too hard for losing to Philly as I think the Eagles are a very good football team, but they can’t have Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball 58 times per game no matter how much magic you think is hidden in that fantastic beard of his. Still like this team a lot.
#18 Computer Hope The Browns probably aren’t the 18th best team in the NFL but they did get a win over Tennessee & lost to Oakland by just 7 points. I really like HC Mike Pettine & I want to see him do well. He’s taken over an impossible task in Cleveland because he really has no QB & the AFC North is a brutal division with 3 legitimate playoff teams so the Browns really never have an easy week. Tough spot!
#19 Computer Hope The Colts escaped Nashville with a narrow 35-33 win over the Titans. Unfortunately I watched that game & came away being more impressed with the Titans & how good Marcus Mariota could potentially be. The win might have lessened the heat surrounding Chuck Pagano, but this is still a SERIOUSLY flawed football team & now Andrew Luck is out with a shoulder injury. Not good!
#20 Computer Hope The Chargers have to be thinking about the long game right now. The back-to-back losses against Cincinnati & Minnesota are acceptable but they need to take of business the next 2 weeks with home games against Cleveland & a Big Ben-less Pittsburgh team. There are 10 wins on the schedule & possibly 11-12 with some luck. Now if only Philip Rivers could throw a few less interceptions!
#21 Computer Hope Getting blown out by the Bills at home is never a good thing but what haunts the Dolphins is their loss to Jacksonville. If they beat the Jags then Miami is 2-1 with a good shot at 3-1 with a win over the Jets in London. Now they are dogs against the Jets with a real shot at starting the season 2-7! This team is too good for that, but the big question now is whether Joe Philbin finishes the season!
#22 Computer Hope Simply put, this team should be 3-0. If I’m betting on a team to win the AFC South, it’s Tennessee. They should have beaten Indianapolis & the loss to Cleveland is mind boggling. The Titans won the 2015 Draft with Mariota. This is going be like the Luck/RG3 & Manning/Leaf drafts. Tennessee avoided a huge gaffe by Tampa taking Jameis Winston. Mariota is the real deal!
#23 Computer Hope Alfred Blue & DeAndre Hopkins had great games in Houston 19-9 win over Tampa Bay, but this offense can’t get Arian Foster back healthy enough. The Texans only led 10-9 after the 3 quarters so this wasn’t a resounding win. Like Mike Pettine in Cleveland, Bill O’Brien is handcuffed by lackluster QB play. The defense has the ability to be championship quality, but that offense? Good grief!
#24 Computer Hope Losing to the Giants 32-21 is hardly cause for concern especially as it was on the road, but Washington potentially could have won that game. They were statistically better than New York, but being -3 in TO margin for a game is going to get you beat in the NFL. This isn’t a bad football team. I’d love to see them ride the season out with Kirk Cousins & Matt Jones. You might be surprised.
#25 Computer Hope It’s bizarre to see the Rams beat the Seahawks on opening day & then drop a game against the Redskins & then lose a 12-6 game to the Steelers in which Big Ben left due to injury. There seem to be so many pieces here. The defense is really good & the skill position players look good too. If Todd Gurley can play at 100% it’s even better. Sam Bradford didn’t work but I’m not sure Foles will either.
#26 Computer Hope Doing a Power Rankings on merit is difficult because you want to grade the teams based on what they’ve done this year instead of reputation. The Seahawks are no way the 26th best team in the NFL but they’ve lost to the Rams & Packers with their only win coming against an 0-3 Bears team that many think is the worst team in the NFL. Seattle is good but they’ve done NOTHING in ’15.
#27 Computer Hope In their last 2 games against Pittsburgh & Arizona, the 49ers have been outscored 90-25! Colin Kaepernick was absolutely dreadful against Arizona this past week going 9 of 19 with 4 picks! There is talk of SF moving on from Kaepernick after this season but if he’s not a legit contending NFL QB, then another team is going to be trapped with him and that’s unforuntate. SF could start 1-10!
#28 Computer Hope The Jaguars simply didn’t look like an NFL team in their 51-17 defeat at the hands of the Patriots, but Jacksonville isn’t at the point New England is & they shouldn’t be either. What is interesting is that Jax has lost 2 games to Carolina & New England. Those teams are 6-0. Their next 2 games are road games against IND & TB. Two winnable games. The Jaguars could be 4-2 after 6 games!
#29 Computer Hope I still like Chicago. I still like John Fox as HC. I still like Adam Gase as the OC & Vic Fangio as the DC. I think Fangio will figure it out defensively & the skill position talen for the Bears is crazy good. Opening up with losses to Arizona & Green Bay is understandable & Jimmy Claussen wasn’t going to win in Seattle. Those 3 teams are 12-4/13-3 teams. Don’t sleep on the Bears.
#30 Computer Hope The Lions are in the boat Chicago is in but I don’t like the coaching staff nearly as much. My disdain for Jim Caldwell’s coaching abilities has been duly noted & I don’t think Detroit does anything with him roaming the sidelines. This was a playoff team last season & they have a VERY GOOD shot at starting the season 1-8 or even potentially 0-9! Does Caldwell survive the season at 0-9?
#31 Computer Hope Jameis Winston is on pace to finish the season completing 52% of his passes for 3,616 yards with 21TD to 16INT. In his rookie season Cam Newton completed 60% of his passes for 4,051 yards with 21TD to 17INT. Newton also rushed for 756yds & 10TD his rookie season. Winston is on pace to rush for 219yds & 5TD. That isn’t a resounding endorsement for Winston at this point.
#32 Computer Hope The defense is dreadful. There is always so much talk surrounding DC Rob Ryan’s & HC Sean Payton’s interactions on the sidelines to the point you wonder if Ryan is getting fired every week. What’s interesting to me is looking back to Ryan’s history as a DC & where his defenses have ranked in scoring defense. He’s essentially a below average DC with one good year (2013) on his resume.

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