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I’m getting this out pretty late this week so I’m only going to look at playoff implications here. The comments will be shorter than normal. My apologies.


It’s interesting to note here that a Seattle win puts the Seahawks at 9-4 with tiebreakers over both Philadelphia & Green Bay. Should the Seahawks find themselves in a tie with either of those two teams they’ll be the higher seed. I think Seattle struggles if they have to play in Philly or Green Bay so this could be a game primed to set up the Seahawks for the #1 seed. An Eagles loss would mean Philly has lost tiebreakers against Green Bay & Seattle which could mean an eventual #3 seed. Lots going on here. I think Philly needs this worse.
Another road game for the Patriots that could mean everything. Last week the Pats lost in Green Bay & now they travel to San Diego to play the Bolts. At 8-4 the Chargers definitely need the win to stay current in the AFC especially this week where a loss could put them back into the 8-5 tiebreaker glut, but a win here gives SD the tiebreaker over NE & also would knock NE out of the #1 seed should Denver beat Buffalo. I think the Patriots win but a loss here definitely shakes up the AFC & gives SD a chance to even win the West!
After dropping a home game to San Diego last week the Ravens need this win in the WORST way. A loss here for the Ravens not only puts their playoff lives in jeopardy at 7-6 but they would have tiebreaker losses to the Dolphins & Chargers. Unless they win the North I don’t think they’d make the playoffs. Miami is also in perilous waters. They have a tiebreaker loss to the Chiefs & won against Baltimore might do them in if they are 7-6. Note also that Miami still has to travel to New England which means a likely loss which means Miami at best is 10-6 this year. This is a MUST WIN for both teams but more so for the Dolphins.
Amazingly enough there is nothing Cincinnati can do this week to fall out of first place in the North but they can readily cement their status as North champions with a win. Cleveland plays Indy while the Ravens visit Miami. If Cincinnati wins they’ll improve to 9-3-1 while everyone else in the AFC North falls to 7-6 with just 3 games left to play. On the other hand, Cincinnati definitely could lose their last 4 games & Pittsburgh is in PRIME position to capitalize because they play 2 against Cincinnati. The bottom line is that if any team in the North can dethrone the Bengals, Pittsburgh has to win today. Unless that happens then the North might well already be decided.
With Arizona fading the Chiefs have to take advantage. Even if San Diego loses, a KC win only makes both teams 8-5, but a KC loss pushes the Chiefs to 7-6 and I’m not sure they can rebound given the way the AFC is shaping up. a bigger question might be the playoff status of Arizona. A loss here pushes Arizona to 9-4 & if Seattle wins the Cardinals would fall out of first place & into tiebreaker hell with Detroit & Dallas. If the 49ers beat Oakland then it would put Arizona just 1 game ahead of SF with 3 left to play. Arizona started the season 9-1 but might lose their last 6 straight games. They have to defend home turf.
It sounds bizarre but the Colts might be in MUST WIN mode even at 8-4. The Texans are 6-6 & play the Jags this week. If the Browns win then the Colts could be just one game up on Houston with a game left against the Texans. For Cleveland, they need to win their remaining home games to stay relevant in the North. If Pittsburgh & Miami win today, the Browns benefit greatly as their 8-5 record would push them closer to the Bengals. Cleveland actually has to become huge Steelers fans at this point & don’t forget Cincinnati still have to come to Cleveland! The Browns beating Indianapolis also would give them the tiebreaker over the Colts. It could mean the difference for the #3 seed.
A lot going on here. Green Bay can’t afford to take a snap off. Remember that the Packers lost to Seattle in Week 1 so if Seattle & Green Bay end the season with identical records, the Seahawks get the higher seed. That could mean the difference between playing the NFC Championship game in Seattle or Green Bay! Note too that if Detroit beats Tampa Bay this week & Green Bay loses, the Lions would be back in 1st place in the North! As for Atlanta, they need to win to remain atop the South because New Orleans hosts Carolina which should be a win. A Saints victory would put Atlanta down a game with the Falcons still needing to travel to New Orleans.
Big game for the Saints. A win here combined with a Falcons loss puts the Saints ahead of Atlanta with a game left against the Falcons in NOLA. Carolina might have a chance though. New Orleans has inexplicably lost their last 3 straight games in the Superdome so maybe they forgot how to win at home? I’d expect the Saints to roll in this one.
A game to set up a game to set up a game. Houston is still 2 games behind Indianapolis & effectively 3 since they’ve lost to Indianapolis already. Being 3 games back with 4 to play isn’t good odds, but Houston can get close should Cleveland beat the Colts. If that happens & Houston beats Indianapolis in Lucas Oil Stadium then Houston & Indianapolis would both be 8-6 going into their final 2 games. Indy plays 2 road games against Dallas & Tennessee. Houston gets two home games against Baltimore & Jacksonville. If both teams finish with the same record it’s likely to come down to record against common opponents. Let’s see what Indy does in Cleveland.
Should be a good game here although you never know with the Broncos. They could blow this one open or win by 10 points. The Bills need a win here to stay in the hunt in the AFC & if Miami drops their game to the Ravens & New England loses in San Diego then Buffalo all of a sudden is just 1 game out of being in 1st place in the East! As for Denver, they need to keep winning. New England opened the door just a little bit last week losing to Green Bay & now the Broncos have to hope they lose to San Diego. Peyton Manning simply can’t get around playing Bill Belichick in New England. I’m sure Denver would like the Patriots traveling to New England for the AFC Championship game.
Great game to see if Dallas really is tiring out. The Bears are in disarray but at least they at home. Dallas is still very much alive in the East & in the NFC. At 8-4 they control their own destiny. They have a road game at Philly &  a home date against Indianapolis they need to win. If they lose to Philadelphia they’ll have at least 5 losses on the season. They can afford that loss but they can’t drop games to Chicago, Indianapolis or Washington. This is their first test.
The Raiders suck so this shouldn’t be a tough game for the 49ers but you never know. At 7-5 the 49ers are still in the thick of it. The road gets a lot more difficult for SF after Oakland, but it does seem like the Jim Harbaugh watch is on full alert & he’s not coming back to coach the 49ers. I don’t know how this team doesn’t give up. If they were to lose to Oakland today then the season is over. SF isn’t making the playoffs.
Shouldn’t be rough on Detroit this week playing at home. The Lions still have a real shot at winning the North so they have to win games they should. This is one of those games. It is worth noting that Tampa Bay almost upset Cincinnati last week. A loss here by Detroit could be catastrophic especially if Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, Arizona & San Francisco win. The Lions could go from being real players in the North to completely out of the playoffs!
No playoff implications here but a win by the Vikings could push Minnesota to 6-7! Minnesota still has road games against Miami & Detroit which means at best they finish 7-9 but an upset win could push the Vikings to .500 in HC Mike Zimmer’s first year. Could Minnesota make the playoffs if they win out & finish 9-7? It’s not a bad question but Minnesota didn’t play Dallas, SF, Seattle or Arizona this season so a lot would come down to conference record. At best Minnesota finishes 7-5 in the NFC. It’s a one in a million chance but Minnesota could still make the playoffs!
Like Minnesota, the Rams are 5-7. A win here would push St. Louis to 6-7 but do they have a shot at the playoffs? Probably not, but the Rams do have a good shot at getting to 8-8. If they beat Washington then they have 2 home games left followed by their season finale at Seattle. Assuming they lose that game then they would need to win the next 3 to get to 8-8. The Rams could still get into the playoffs if they were to win out. What’s crazy is that if both St. Louis & Minnesota finish 9-7 then the tiebreaker would go to Minnesota for having beaten St. Louis in Week 1!
Absolutely nothing going on here. The Giants are 3-9 while the Titans are 2-10. I guess the good news is that somebody has to win this football game. I still keep hoping the Giants somehow bust out especially with their new offensive scheme but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen. A huge storyline in my opinion is whether or not the Giants will keep the trio of HC Tom Coughlin, OC Ben McAdoo & QB Eli Manning intact for a 2nd go around with an offense that looks promising.

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