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I can’t believe this game didn’t get flexed out to Sunday or Monday night! If you are looking for a Super Bowl preview look no further. These are the two hottest teams in football with QBs playing better than anyone in the league currently. The Patriots are the most complete team in football at the moment especially considering how great their special teams play has been all season. This might be the last chance New England has to lose a football game. The same could be said for Green Bay as well. The big thing here is homefield advantage. I think even the loser still gains the #1 seed which is paramount given the weather conditions. Great game.
The battle for the NFC East! Both teams enter the game 8-3 so the winner here will effectively have a 2 game lead. It’s is PARAMOUNT that Dallas win this game as it doesn’t seem likely the Cowboys will beat the Eagles in Philly. A couple of things stand out to me about this game. The first is that Dallas’ defensive problems are starting to show up. In their last 3 games they’ve allowed 24+PPG & that’s to teams like the Jags & Giants! That could kill the Cowboys because of how explosive Philly is. The other thought is that Mark Sanchez might not be horrible in this offense. I keep thinking the wheels are going to fall off, but maybe not.
You sort of get the feeling that the loser of this game might be in trouble. Both Seattle & San Francisco enter the contest at 7-4, but the loser drops to 7-5 which gets dicey. Remember that Dallas/Philly is 8-3 so a loss for either still keeps them at 8-4. If Detroit beats Chicago on Thanksgiving then Detroit is 8-4 & Arizona still leads the division at 9-2. I don’t know if 10-6 is good enough to get into the playoffs out of the NFC. It’s possible, but I think you’d be safer at 11-5. Because they are at home the game is of far more importance to the 49ers but a loss here potentially screws them. Harbaugh might be on his way out but missing the playoffs ensures it.
How haunting is the opening week loss to the Titans for Kansas City!? Remember that Tennessee did something New England & Seattle couldn’t do this year which is beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead. This will not be an easy game for the Broncos & this is one of those old-school AFC West rivalries that are filthy. From a playoff perspective, the Broncos will remain in 1st place in the West even with a loss, but the more Denver loses the greater the possibility they fall out of that #2 seed. You have to feel for Peyton Manning. Denver’s defense is falling apart & there is no running game. The guy has to feel like he’s back in Indianapolis.
HUGE game here. San Diego & Baltimore are both 7-4 and this is the type of game that will have massive implications when it comes to Wild Card determinations as the winner will have the tiebreaker over the other. With that said, Baltimore has the superior team. The Ravens can argue they should be 10-1 at this point & are a balanced football team, good on both sides of the ball. San Diego can’t run, their defense is terrible & Philip Rivers isn’t playing well. In his last 5 games, Rivers had throws 7TD to 7INT. The Bolts schedule is nasty going forward. At 7-4 they need to be legitimately worried they don’t finish the year 7-9, but they might not be able to avoid it.
This might have been a lot better game had the Saints not started to suck so bad. Offensively New Orleans is playing like they normally do. New Orleans defense has been AWFUL this season & that doesn’t bode well going into Heinz Field to take on a Pittsburgh team that has a myriad of offensive weapons. At 7-4 it makes sense that the Steelers are in the thick of the AFC North but it’s amazing that the Saints are tied for 1st place in the NFC South being 4-7! The good news I suppose is that Pittsburgh’s defense is terrible as well so New Orleans should be able to score some points. You would think this game might be 51-48. It’ll probably end up being 17-14.
This late in the season you start looking ahead just a little bit to see how things will affect potential playoff outcomes. Buffalo is a tough out, but I wonder if they are good enough to beat bad teams but not quite good enough to beat good teams. Case in point is that they hammered the Jets last week but were hammered by Miami the week before. Cleveland is a solid team trying to win a division, but they aren’t exactly New England or Green Bay so Buffalo will have a shot. The Bills aren’t completely out of playoff contention but they need a lot of help and their schedule down the stretch is brutal with games against Denver, New England & Green Bay!
This is actually a game between division leaders!! If you are looking for games where an upset might occur then this game could be what you are looking for. Arizona is a solid team especially at 9-2, but their offense simply isn’t the same under Drew Stanton. The defense is still lights out so Atlanta is going to have problems moving the football but all of a sudden the Falcons have something to play for. With New Orleans in Pittsburgh, a win at home by Atlanta would put the Falcons up a game & effectively 2 because Atlanta beat New Orleans in Week 1. Despite being 4-7 there is quite a bit to play for & Atlanta should be motivated to know they control their own destiny.
I think you can easily make an argument that the Dolphins are one of the 5 best teams in football at the moment. The easy picks are New England, Green Bay & Denver, but if you are looking a #4, Miami is as good as any other. The loss in Denver huts & puts Miami at 6-5. The issue now with the Dolphins is that they can win the rest of their games but they have a road game against New England. Assuming they lose that game, the best Miami can do is 10-6. They have a tiebreaker loss to Kansas City but could have a win over Baltimore if they beat the Ravens in a couple of weeks. Everyone is watching Miami as they are a team NOBODY wants to face in the playoffs.
Sort of an interesting game, but Chicago’s last 5 games are pretty informative here. The Bears have played GB, MIA, NE, MIN & TB in their last 5 games. Against GB, MIA & NE they have gone 0-3 & have been outscored on average by a 44-17 margin. Against MIN & TB the Bears have gone 2-0 & have outscored their opponents by a 21-13 margin. I don’t think the Lions are as good as the Patriots, Packers & Dolphins, but you can see the pattern here. Detroit definitely needs the win to keep pace with the Packers & the Bears are a train wreck with Marc Trestman heading out of town & the realization that Jay Cutler truly is a 2nd tier QB sinking in.
The Bengals have done a complete 180 in my mind & a game against Tampa Bay gives them a chance to extend their lead in the AFC North. From Weeks 5-10, the Bengals went 2-3-1 and I thought they were definitely headed towards last place in the North. The 24-3 home loss to Cleveland all but sealed their fate in my mind. With a road game to New Orleans, I figured Cincy would lose & drop out of the race. But the Bengals beat the Saints & Texans in back-to-back road games & now at 7-3-1 they lead the North with a game against a brutal Tampa team that could get them to 8-3-1! I still think they are the worst team in the North, but 8-3-1 through 12!?
Remember when all those people were saying RG3 should have been taken over Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft? Those were the same people that said the Colts should take Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning. Now Colt McCoy is starting for the Redskins & everyone is talking about which team the RG3 might be traded to. The 42-20 loss to New England a couple of weeks ago showed us that the Indianapolis might be as good as we once thought, but the Colts should still lay claim to the South & a home game against Washington is a good game to pad the record with. It’s amazing how Washington’s & San Diego’s fates were affected by the Colts.
The Rams are playing a game of woulda-shoulda-coulda at this point. If they were to start the season over right now, I’m not sure the Rams lose their opener to Minnesota. The Rams have also lost close games to the Cowboys, Eagles & Chargers. If the ball bounces St. Louis’ way then the Rams could have won all 4 of the games I’ve mentioned! They go from 4-7 to 8-3! You could do this with every team of course, but St. Louis played tough last year & I’d argue they are the best 4-7 team in the NFL. Oddly enough the Rams have a shot to get to 8 wins. If they defend their home turf & beat Washington on the road, they could finish the year 8-8. That means 6-3 in their last 9!
Tom Coughlin goes home!!! This is a game between two teams going absolutely nowhere. I think the Giants are in for a regime change after this season unless they really do believe in Ben McAdoo’s offensive system & believe they needed a year to get used to it before really unleashing the beast in 2015! I’m not sure that isn’t right thinking. There are definitely some good pieces to work with offensively for the Giants & maybe they do need time to get better. New York definitely needs to shore up the defensive side of the ball but a complete system overhaul might do more harm than good especially after one season. Hopefully the G-Men can pull this one off.
I’m probably not giving this game enough credit as the Texans are definitely playing for the South title. Houston has a very favorable schedule and at 5-6 they have a shot to get to 10-6 should they win the games they are supposed to, defend their home turf & get an unlikely road win over the Colts. If that were to happen then a 10-6 record might get it done as the Texans would be 5-1 against the AFC South. The tricky part would be seeing if the Colts could lose a couple more games. If they lose to Houston that’s one so Indy would have to find a way to lose to Cleveland & Dallas on the road. It’s entirely possible so the South isn’t quite over just yet.
The Panthers have lost 5 straight games & in their last 9 they are 1-7-1. When you are talking about the worst teams in the NFL you could can probably lump Carolina in with Oakland & Jacksonville given their recent history! The Vikings aren’t playing that awful (they almost beat the Packers last week!) and are playing at home so this is a good chance for the Vikings to get to 5-7, but the Panthers are interesting because they could be leading the NFC South if they win in Minneapolis. The Saints are in Pittsburgh while the Falcons are contending with a 9-2 Arizona team. If those 2 teams lose & the Panthers win, then a team that is 2-7-1 in their last 10 games would be in the playoffs!

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