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Raise your hand if you thought the Cowboys would have had a better record than Seattle by the time this game rolled around? I’m a COWBOYS HOMER so I’m super excited about the 4-1 start but note the QBs Dallas has faced in their 4 wins: Austin Davis, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jake Locker & Drew Brees! A lot of people are making a scene about the potential Richard Sherman/Dez Bryant match-up, but the real story here is that Marshawn Lynch is hard to get down by even the best rush defenses & even though Dallas has improved defensively from 2013, they are horrible against the run. That will make the difference.
In their last 3 games, the Giants are 3-0 & have outscored their opponents 105-51! In their last 3 games the Eagles are 2-1 & have outscored their opponents 102-88! These 2 teams look like they are heading in opposite directions & it’s amazing to see what the Giants are doing now that Eli Manning looks to be adjusted to the new offense Ben McAdoo has implemented. This is a big game for the G-Men has it represents a real opponent over their last 3, and it’ll be interesting if NY wins. A win here & a Dallas loss puts the top-3 teams in the East all at 4-2! There might be some BEAST in the EAST after all!
I’m curious to see which New England Patriots team shows up today in Buffalo. Will it be the Patriots of their first 4 games who went 2-2 & were outscored by their opponents 80-90? Or will it be the Patriots team that just lit up an undefeated Bengals team 43-17? Which Tom Brady will show up? The Tom Brady of the first 4 weeks who completed 59% of his passes with a 4:2 TD/INT ratio or it will be the Brady against Cincinnati who completed 66% for almost 300yds & 2TD? Incredibly enough we don’t know much about New England at this point, but maybe we’ll get a better feel after this one is over. Win or Lose.
The battle for the AFC South. This looks like a pretty interesting game because both teams are 3-2 and the Texans did win the division a couple of years once #18 left Indianapolis. The Colts were back on top last year as injuries struck with a vengeance for the Texans. I wouldn’t expect much out of this one though. The Colts can argue for being 5-0 with wins over the Broncos, Eagles & Ravens. A couple of the Texans wins have come against the Raiders & Redskins. Houston might not be an awful team, but they aren’t going anywhere with Ryan Fitzpatrick as QB. They are still in waiting for QB mode. A tough spot.
It’s amazing to think Brian Hoyer isn’t the QB to lead this team. Although they are 2-2, according to Football Outsiders, the Browns have the 4th best passing attack & the 5th best rushing attack in all the NFL! The only other teams right now to rank in the top-10 in both categories are Seattle, Atlanta & Cincinnati! There is no other team in the NFL who ranks in both the top-5! Amazingly enough they are doing this without Josh Gordon! The big problem for the Browns is that they can’t play defense, but Pittsburgh doesn’t either so this should be a scoring festival! Amazing that CLE could be 3-2 with that schedule!
After struggling to start the season, Green Bay has turned it on in a big way the last 2 weeks beating division rivals Chicago & Minnesota by the combined score of 80-27! In those 2 games Aaron Rodgers has gone 34/45 (76%) for 458yds/7TD/0INT! Eddie Lacy finally got his game going last week against the Vikings so the Packers are all of a sudden firing on all cylinders. That’s a dangerous prospect for the Dolphins who are coming off a bye week. The Dolphins did take down New England in Miami & if they can control the ball with their rush offense they could find a way for the upset by keeping Rodgers off the field.
An odd type of game. I’m a little disappointed in Chicago this year although their losses have come against the Bills, Packers & Panthers. The loss to Carolina was on the road so maybe its justifiable for the Bears to be 2-3? The same goes for Atlanta although their loss to Minnesota doesn’t look great. This is one of those NFL games where both teams are in that 7-9 to 9-7 range. Not a horrible football team looking to rebuild but not an ELITE team either. I thought Chicago could be really competitive this year but that hasn’t happened. They need to win this game especially if Green Bay & Detroit get victories.
Cincinnati is quickly becoming like Seattle in that they rarely lose games at home so I wouldn’t expect the Bengals to drop one to a Panthers team that doesn’t look all that great. The Panthers do catch a break though because Bengals WR AJ Green won’t be playing. The Bengals are coming off a humiliating loss to New England while the Panthers are coming off a surprising win over the Bears. Carolina’s defense has been nothing like we thought but they could make it interesting by forcing a few turnovers & hoping the Bengals would rather pass the ball than run it behind Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill.
I think things like this are pretty fun. In Geno Smith’s first 21 games as an NFL QB he’s gone 333/591 (56.4%) for 3995yds/16TD/27INT. In Peyton Manning’s first 21 games as an NFL QB he’s gone 432/751 (57.5%) for 5134yds/37TD/35INT! Smith’s Yds/Att is 6.76 while Manning’s was 6.84! In Manning’s next 21 games he went 455/711 (64.0%) for 5690yds/36TD/18INT & his Yds/Att was 8.00. Incidentally the Colts were 6-21 in Manning’s first 21 games while the Jets have gone 9-12 in Smith’s first 21. Is it possible for Smith to be another Manning just waiting to bust out in his 2nd 21 games? Enter sarcasm here!
The Ravens had a tough time with Andrew Luck last ween in a 20-13 loss in Indianapolis to the Colts but I really like this Ravens squad the more I look at them. Offensively there are just so many weapons. I don’t like that Dennis Pitta is out at TE but Owen Daniels is decent enough. Defensively they are playing pretty well especially against the run. The Ravens have a chance to separate themselves a little with the Bengals over Cleveland & Pittsburgh if they can keep winning. The Bucs might be the worst team I’ve seen all season (and I’ve seen Jax play!) so I suspect we’ll see the Ravens getting crazy on TB.
A couple of thoughts here. I love AFC West rivalries so getting Chargers/Raiders is pretty sweet even if you think San Diego is going to thump Oakland by a significant margin. The other thought is that this is an interesting matchup because rookie Brandon Oliver really stepped up last week at RB for San Diego. Brandon Oliver rushed for 1535yds/15TD last year in college & was 1st team all conference. The Raiders have rookie Khalil Mack with the 2nd most tackles on the team. Last year he had 100tkl/10.5sks/8.5TFL as an all-conference performer. Where did Mack & Oliver go to college? Buffalo! That is very cool!
I don’t really get Detroit. The own wins over the Giants & Packers but can’t beat the Bills at home. I understand Buffalo might be better than what we’ve come to expect the last few years but Detroit has to win home games like that if it wants to be a player in the NFC North. Something else is interesting with Matt Stafford as well. He’s on pace to finish the season with 4502yds/19TD/13INT. That’s regression & nobody saw that coming out of him this season. Calvin Johnson is banged up that hurts but the offense isn’t clicking at all. The Vikings get Teddy Bridgewater back, but Detroit really needs this win to get to 4-2.
Washington simply can’t defend the pass which is a bad position to be in when you find yourself in Arizona getting ready for the Cardinals! I think the NFL is better when the Redskins are good so it’s painful to see the franchise struggle as much as it has. It’s also becoming clearer than the Skins might have whiffed on both RG3 and Kirk Cousins. When you think about long-term franchise QBs in Washington history you get Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen & Joe Theismann. Billy Kilmer & Mark Rypien maybe? The point is that the QB position is SO important & Washington hasn’t had one since arguably 1992!
I wouldn’t expect either Seattle or Arizona to lose but a win here for the 49ers keeps San Francisco at pace with a 4-2 overall record. I wouldn’t expect much out of St. Louis. They are a brutal defensive team and have gotten just 1 sack so far this season. If you believe sack differential is a key to success than look no further than St. Louis’ -10 in that category! What could be interesting about this game is what Austin Davis does at QB. He’s actually slinging the ball around decently & Brian Quick is emerging as a decent #1 receiver. With Zac Stacy running the Rams can score. They just can’t stop anyone from scoring!
Why does it always seem like the Titans are playing in the most boring game of the week every week!? These are the two worst teams in the AFC South and arguably 2 of the worst 3 teams in the entire AFC! If you are looking for an interesting storyline then maybe Tennessee could be better than we think. Their opening schedule was pretty tough & QB Charlie Whitehurst was playing fairly well against the Browns last week. The Titans can run the ball & Delanie Walker is a legit pass catching threat so the offense can score potentially. If the defense can catch on then the Titans can potentially flirt with a .500 record.

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