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This is what I meant when I said picking only the top NFL games each week was difficult. There are story lines affiliated with all the games in the NFL in Week 2 so I have listed all the games from most important to least important in my opinion!


I’m not sure this game would have been this intriguing had Chicago beat Buffalo last week, but now the Bears head into San Francisco at 0-1 & this game for the most part should send the Bears to 0-2. The good news for Chicago is that the Packers lost in Week 1 too while Detroit & Minnesota have tough assignments this week. The Bears could wind up 0-2 & only be a game out of 1st place. The 49ers took an entire half off against Dallas in their victory. The Bears defense was suspect against Buffalo so what do you think is going to happen when Kaepernick, Gore & Hyde get to play their first game at home? Good luck with that Chicago!
I really thought Baltimore would beat Cincinnati at home last week. When that didn’t happen, the Ravens put themselves into a very bad spot this week. If they lose & the Bengals win, both Cincy & Pittsburgh will be 2-0 to Baltimore 0-2, but because they’ve lost to the Bengals & Steelers, they are effectively 3 games out of first. The worse news? Both losses would have come in Baltimore! If PIT/CIN hold home advantage, the Ravens are looking at 4 division losses! The good news is that this isn’t your older brother’s Steelers defense. On the other hand Baltimore looked like a total mess against the Bengals. The Ravens aren’t going to beat Pittsburgh with Flacco throwing 60 times.
I guess it took Philly a half to warm up. After being down 17-0 at halftime to Jacksonville, the Eagles ripped off 34 straight points to win 34-17. This is another interesting juxtaposition game. Tennessee & Houston have great chances to win so an Indy loss puts the Colts down 2 games already. While this would be forgivale for Philly to lose, things got really interesting with Robert Mathis went down with a season ending injury. Mathis wouldn’t played anyway because of a suspension but Indianapolis is hurting in pass rush & going against a Chip Kelly led offense isn’t exactly a nice remedy. This is a lot like the CHI/SF game except unlike the Bears, the Colts are at least at home.
No Cam Newton. No problem. One thing was apparent in Carolina’s win over Tampa Bay last week is that the Panthers are hurting on offense while their front-7 remains one of the most ELITE in the game. That is probably bad news for Matthew Stafford, but then again Carolina is dealing with a rebuilt offensive line. The Carolina O-Line can’t be wishing on a star to for Nick Fairley, Ndamukong Suh, Jason Jones, Ziggy Ansah & George Johnson to show up. Detroit’s offense will have trouble with Carolina front-7 as well so it might be a wash but Matt Stafford looks like he’s ready to make the leap. Both teams are 1-0 & getting to 2-0 would benefit both tremendously if gearing up for the playoffs.
Before Week 1 I thought this matchup was going to be between two teams that were 0-1! Instead both enter the game 1-0 & you can be sure that both teams feel like they are going to have a season that results in playoff berths. This should be a good game as it pits the “offense v. defense” storyline. Cincinnati has a great defense that seemed to play well even after losing DC Mike Zimmer in their win over Baltimore. The Falcons offense was a revelation last week against the Saints & Matt Ryan had a record setting day & Atlanta even rushed for 4.9ycp en route to 123yds rushing. I’m not sure how much playoff implication it has as an inter-conference game, but it’s intriguing.
It’s really amazing that these two teams are 1-0 because the teams they beat to get here were heavy favorites in Week 1. The Dolphins win over New England last week essentially puts the Dolphins 2 games up on the Patriots at this time, and that is the point. Tom Brady struggles against the Dolphins last week so it’ll be interesting to see what Cameron Wake & Olivier Vernon can do to EJ Manuel. That could be bad news. On the other hand, Buffalo has a tremendous amount of weapons all of a sudden & Manuel looked good using them in his defeat of the Bears. It’s wild to think one of these teams is going 2-0 & even wilder for Miami to potentially be 2-0 in the division!
Given how well the Seahawks played the Packers on opening Thursday night, we can conclude that Seattle isn’t losing at home & they might lose everywhere they play save SF, DEN & New Orleans. It’s scary to think Seattle might be even better than they were a year ago & that could prove interesting for the Chargers. San Diego endured a last quarter comeback from the Cardinals in a 17-18 loss, but now the Chargers have to come to the realization that they are more likely than not going to start the season 0-2. The Chargers were a playoff team last year so they probably won’t like starting 0-2 but the 2 teams they play first in 2014 had a combined 2013 record of 23-9! The schedule will ease up.
Another AFC West team who made the playoffs last year, the Chiefs find themselves in much the same situation as San Diego. I thought KC would at least squeak out a victory over the Titans in Arrowhead but instead KC has to travel to Denver. The Broncos themselves have stated they were pretty disgusted in how they played last week in their 31-24 win over Indianapolis so combining that type of motivation with an inferior team in front of a home crowd & you get the distinct impression this game could be a blow out FAST! Interesting enough if Denver wins, their first 2 wins came against 2013 playoff teams with a combined record of 22-10. I don’t think KC is going to make the playoff in ’14.
These are the types of games I find really interesting. The Cardinals are coming off a huge late win over San Diego at home to get them to 1-0. The Giants are coming off a humiliating defeat to the Lions on the road. To me this game is interesting because of the Cardinals. We all know the Giants are down, but if Arizona wants to make the playoffs they are going to have to win games like these because their divisional games are so tough. On the other hand the Giants aren’t going to lay down because you get the feeling that Tom Coughlin is feeling the heat as the Giants just suck. Arizona has a ton to lose in this game so we’ll see how they respond.
I’m not too worked up about this game even with the Vikings coming in at 1-0 & the Patriots at 0-1. I didn’t see that happening. Before we christen the Vikings a legitimate team just remember that they beat the Rams 34-6 and barely out gained St. Louis while the Rams had to deal with Austin Davis as their QB! New England wasn’t exactly inspiring the first week of the season in Miami but there is a HUGE difference between Austin Davis & Tom Brady so Minnesota won’t be quite as lucky this week with their opponent. The Patriots have to be mad in their own right after letting a divisional game slip. Unless New England is getting ready to free fall, I’d expect NE to win big.
Just a great game with potential. The Cowboys looked HORRIBLE against San Francisco. The problem with Dallas is that their defense is brutal and while the 49ers took the foot off the gas yesterday, I wouldn’t expect the same from Tennessee who probably plays with a little less confidence than SF. Jake Locker looked pretty good last week on the road in Kansas City which isn’t an easy place to play. The Titans come back home against a Dallas team that not only had a bad defense, but also had a QB not playing very well coming off 2 back surgeries. A win for Tennessee puts them at an advantageous 2-0. A loss for Dallas and Jason Garrett’s seat gets HOTTER!
Like the Patriots/Vikings game, I’m not sure I’d get too worked up over the fact that the Jets are 1-0 & the Packers are 0-1. The only thing disappointing about it all is that Green Bay didn’t even look very competitive against the Seahawks in their opener. I’d expect that to change this week against a Jets team that struggled a bit to beat Oakland! Hopefully Eddie Lacy plays for the Packers because if the Jets are good at something it’s stopping the run & Green Bay will need Lacy to perform to not bog down in being one dimensional. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t matter. I’m interested to see how the Jets play. They don’t look awful on paper.
All of a sudden this game holds a little more intrigue because Cleveland almost came back and pulled off a stunning win over the Steelers in Pittsburgh. I tell you what is really interesting here is that Brian Hoyer isn’t that bad & the Browns rushed for 183yds against the Steelers! Now take a look at what Atlanta did to the Saints & you wonder what could be in store. On the other hand you can also see that the Steelers put 30 on the Browns so the Saints have to be good for 45-50 right? The Browns can’t get into a shootout with New Orleans, but it is going to be interesting to see if Cleveland can play ball control offense & keep Drew Brees off the field. It’s their only chance.
Both teams have to be massively disappointed in their first games. I’m not sure what to think of the Rams. Austin Davis clearly isn’t the answer at QB but with Sam Bradford out & Shaun Hill banged up, what other options does Jeff Fisher have? Bradford is going down as a huge bust especially with the defense St. Louis has developed. It’s a shame because St. Louis could be pretty darn good. The Bucs could be good too but then you see them go out and lose at home to Derek Anderson! It doesn’t make sense. Tampa’s defense did a decent job but like St. Louis the Bucs just don’t have a QB. I don’t think Josh McCown is the answer but neither is Mike Glennon.
Both teams 0-1 but Jacksonville put up a helluva fight in the first half against Philadelphia. I think the Jaguars could have some fight in them and after Washington got beat by Houston last week, the Jags might be the 2nd AFC South team to hammer the Redskins! RG3 didn’t hardly scramble at all last week carrying 3 times for just 2 yards. I don’t know what to think about that. The NFL wants these dual threat QBs to make plays with their legs, but when they get to the NFL they get hammered and injured so teams are left without a QB after they use a high draft pick on one of these types of players. Why keep repeating the same mistakes? Griffin was efficient last week, but not the RG3 that is electric.
The least interesting game of the week in my opinion, I don’t really care who wins this game, but I wanted to make a couple of points. The NFL is SO SO MUCH better when Oakland is good. The rivalries with Denver & Kansas City are priceless. The Raiders have pretty good rivalries with the Steelers & Patriots as well so having the Silver & Black be a big deal is just so much better for the NFL. I really wish Oakland would turn it around. The other thought is that if Houston wins they’ll be 2-0. There is a good chance Indianapolis loses so a Houston win would put the Texans 2 up on the Colts which is amazing especially if Tennessee follows suit and wins too giving the South a couple of 2-0 teams!

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