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NFL Games of Week 13 2013

This really could be moving week or it could be yet another week that the NFL playoff picture is as muddy as muddy can get! Keep an eye on the possibility of these events happening:

NFC: San Francisco, Green Bay, Arizona & Seattle lose. Dallas, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, NY Giants & Chicago win. In that scenario the Seahawks & Saints are now tied at 10-2 each, but SF, ARI, DAL, PHI, DET & CHI will all be 7-5 and STL will be 6-6! The Giants would be 5-7 and the Packers would only drop to 5-6-1!

AFC: Indianapolis & Cincinnati lose while San Diego & Tennessee win! The winner if BAL/PIT is going to come out 6-6. The winner if MIA/NYJ is going to come out 6-6 but in this scenario the Titans & Chargers are also 6-6 while the Colts & Bengals drop to 7-5! The MIA/NYJ loser is still 5-7 as is the BAL/PIT loser. The Browns & Bills are also likely 5-7 which causes massive chaos in the AFC for the final playoff spot but also causes some uncertainty for 2 divisions!

A lot could happen this weekend! It will be fun to see how it unfolds!

With Detroit & Chicago losing last week, the Packers had a prime opportunity to get back into a tie for NFC North bragging rights, but an OT tie pushed them outside. The good news is that Matt Flynn looked pretty sweet & Chicago could lose this weekend at Minnesota which means a Packers win would actually push them into 1st place if the Bears lose! The Packers aren’t as bad as people think. Flynn looked pretty solid & if he stays that way then Eddie Lacy is more than enough to keep defenses honest. Could they be better on defense? Absolutely but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Green Bay force the Lions to beat them with the run. As for Detroit? They need to win this game. I don’t think a 3-game losing streak and handing the Packers the better record is the way to win a division title. That’s just me!
With their win over the Giants, the 6-5 Cowboys regained the #4 overall seed in the NFC due to them having beaten the Eagles earlier this year in Philadelphia. The key for Dallas now is to now blow the opportunity. They get a pretty poor Oakland team coming who is 4-7 with 2 of those wins coming against the Texans & Jaguars who are a combined 4-18! It’s a Thanksgiving game at home & a win puts Dallas at 7-5 & I think a step closer to the playoffs especially with the Redskins imploding & the remaining game against Philly in Jerry World! What is more intriguing is that Dallas could move up to the #3 seed given how the NFC North is playing. Some are disappointed with Dallas but they’ve lost to DEN, SD, KC, NO & DET. Those teams are a combined 38-17 & 4 of those were road losses.
Both teams are currently 5-6 but Pittsburgh has the tiebreak advantage and currently hold the #7 seed in the AFC while the Ravens are a spot behind with the #8 seed. Earlier in the year Pittsburgh beat Baltimore 19-16 in the Steel City making me wonder if the boys from Charm City don’t return the favor. It would be a most inopportune loss for the Steelers as it would move Baltimore a game ahead & if the Bengals were to upend the Chargers in San Diego, Pittsburgh’s playoff hopes could be out the door. What is amazing is how much the teams are playing for. If the Titans lose to Indianapolis then the winner here is going to take the #6 seed. Let’s see if Baltimore can generate any type of offense because if that happens, the Ravens are likely to win the ballgame.
Can you believe that Josh Gordon caught 14 balls for 237 yards last week! His longest pass was 47 yards so taking that out of the equation still had him averaging 14.6 yards per catch! Amazing indeed. Losing at home to the Steelers last week all but crushed Cleveland’s hopes to make the playoffs. A win here could push Cleveland to 5-7 but the problem is that the Browns still have games against the Patriots, Steelers & Jets all on the road not to mention a home date with Chicago. Getting to 5 wins this weekend could be the high water mark of the season. The 2-9 Jaguars moved up to the 15th seed in the AFC with their win over Houston last week. They’ve won 2 of 3 & to be honest, they have 4 potential wins in their last 5. If this team goes 6-10, they should celebrate.
Oddly enough, in his first 2 seasons as a starting QB, Andrew Luck has never lost consecutive games. The Colts were beaten badly by St. Louis 38-8 but then came a road game against the Titans the Colts barely won 30-27. Next up was Arizona in which Indy took another beating 40-11. Who is up next? The Titans again except this time Tennessee comes to the Circle City. The Colts are 4 point favorites so even Vegas is doubtful about this one and the only way things get really interesting here is if Tennessee finds a way to win. A win drops Indy to 7-5 but pushes the Titans to 6-6 & remember Indy has 2 road games against KC & Cincy left! The Titans have back-doored their way into the final playoff spot in the AFC. They won’t give it up easily. Expect this to be a fantastic rivalry game!
The Vikings have no chance at making the playoffs or winning the NFC North but they could play big time spoiler this week. Last week against the Packers in Green Bay, the Vikings somewhat blew a game they should have won, allowing the Packers to make a furious comeback at the hands of Matt Flynn to end the game in a 26-26 tie. Early in the 4th quarter, the Vikings had a 98.6% probability of winning that game as they were up 23-7! The Packers would score 16 unanswered to make it 23-23. Both would kick FGs to make it 26-26 where it stayed. Note that Christian Ponder completed 70% of his passes & didn’t turn the ball over. Adrian Peterson ran for 100+. If the Vikings can minimize mistakes again & this time be playing at home, they could have enough to beat Chicago which would be a big spoiler.
Last week at this time the Jets & Dolphins were both 5-5. The Jets were the #6 seed occupying the final playoff spot in the AFC while the Dolphins were right behind them at 5-5 in the #7 seed. They both lost last week while Pittsburgh, Baltimore & San Diego won. Those 3 teams leaped both of these teams and now the Jets are the 10th seed & the Dolphins the 11th! To be fair neither team is that great although if you are looking for units, the Jets have an extremely good defense. The Dolphins are fairly middle of the pack both offensively & defensively while the Jets are putrid on offense. I’m not sure either team makes the playoffs but one team is going to come out of this week 6-6 & in the thick of it. The Jets are 4-1 at home. The Dolphins are 2-3 on the road. The Jets could still make the playoffs!
Battle of the birds here should be AMAZING! A really interesting stat for you. The Eagles are 5-1 on the road this year and just 1-4 at home! That’s INCREDIBLE! The Cardinals by contrast are 5-1 at home & 2-3 on the road. There is a ton on the line in this game. At 7-4 the Cardinals are the #7 seed in the AFC by virtue of losing the tiebreaker with San Francisco, but Arizona is also just a game behind Carolina for the #5 seed & outside of the Panthers, Arizona is the hottest team in football. The Eagles are tied with Dallas top the NFC East but lose the tiebreaker which pushes them back to the #7 seed, but Philly would have the tiebreaker over the North meaning they are playing for the #3 seed! This could be the game of the week in a must win situation by 2 teams that are extremely hot at the moment!
Tampa Bay is pretty hot at the moment, having won 3 straight after losing their first 8, but the Panthers are on a 7-game winning streak of their on and at 8-3 have the 3rd best record in the NFC! I appreciate what the Bucs have done over the last 3 weeks, but Carolina is going to bring their winning streak to an end especially with the game being in Charlotte. Here is what’s amazing going forward with Carolina. The Saints are Seattle meaning a New Orleans loss & Carolina win puts them both at 9-3. If they both win out but split against each other that leaves both teams at 12-4. New Orleans would actually win the tiebreaker based off of Carolina’s Week 5 loss to Arizona 22-6! That’s the difference between the #2 & the #5 seed at the moment!
Houston is absolutely terrible so I have no qualms about saying the Patriots are going to walk into Houston & put a HAMMERING on the Texans. With the win over New England, the Patriots are now just 1 game back of both Denver & Kansas City. New England’s remaining schedule is a joke with their toughest game being a road date in Baltimore. For the most part they should finish 13-3. That means Denver cannot lose another game or else NE wins the tiebreaker & gets the #1 seed. Kansas City is the question mark here. If the Chiefs win out then 14-2 is better than 13-3 but if the Chiefs lose a game and fall to 13-3 would they have the tiebreaker over a 13-3 New England team? The answer is probably not as the 3rd loss is likely to come from an AFC team giving the Patriots a better conference record.
This week’s game that is virtually meaningless, the Falcons at 2-9 have fallen into last place in the NFC as the 16th seed. The Bills are coming off a bye week, but at 4-7 they are the #14 seed in the AFC. The Bills are actually pretty tough to handle at home so I’d say the Bills win this game. Think about this for a minute. If Buffalo & New England win this week, both the Falcons & Texans will be 2-10! Last season the Falcons were 13-3 & the #1 overall seed in the NFC! The Texans were 12-4 and the #3 seed in the AFC. From a combined 25-7 to a combined 4-20 and last place on both conferences! I wonder if that has ever happened in NFL history? Injuries have killed both teams but what a fall for both franchises!
Advanced metrics still have San Francisco as a superior team even with their 4 losses, but the Rams are A LOT better than people are giving them credit for with their 5-6 record. The losses to Dallas, San Francisco & Carolina were for real but the other 3 losses were close meaning STL could be an 8-3 squad. I’m really interested to see how the Rams run with Zac Stacy & Bennie Cunningham against an extremely stingy SF run defense. The Rams are super hot but SF is getting healthy & playing to their capabilities. That’s scary. If SF wins then nothing happens but let’s assume SF & ARI lose this week. The Cardinals & 49ers will drop to 7-5 while the Rams improve to 6-6. Philly, Dallas, Detroit & Chicago could all be 7-5 as well. The Rams have a chance to seriously jack up the NFC playoff picture.
At this point this is a must win game for the Broncos but also for the Chiefs I suppose. To be honest nobody ever though KC was for real. That schedule was insanely soft and now to have lost back-to-back games against Denver & San Diego, the Chiefs sort of look like paper tigers. Maybe that isn’t fair? I don’t know, either way the Chiefs are now banged up along their D-Line which can’t bode well for a Peyton Manning led squad that knows it has to win. You might be wondering when KC lost back-to-back home games and whether or not it’s rare, but don’t worry Denver fans. Kansas City pulled this trick off twice last season. The 2013 Chiefs aren’t the 2012 Chiefs, but Denver should still win the game. If KC wins then a lot of stuff starts happening atop the AFC playoff picture. I think #18 gets it done.
This could be an underrated game that everyone should be watching! The Bengals are 7-4 and the #4 seed right now but remember that either Baltimore or Pittsburgh is going to emerge this week at 6-6. If the Bengals were to lose to the Chargers, they’d be just 1 game ahead the PIT/BAL winner & Cincy still has both teams left on the schedule! San Diego’s defense has been atrocious lately, BUT the offense is so good it masks it well. SD’s best care record is 10-1 so they aren’t pushovers. The Bolts are just 2-2 at home but Cincy is 2-4 on the road! A San Diego win here puts the Chargers at 6-6 & in a tight battle for the last playoff spot. They play at Denver later in the season but if they can get to 9-7 that should be enough. They have to beat Cincinnati though to get there.
This game would hold a lot more meaning if the Giants would have beaten Dallas last week & came in with a 5-6 record instead of a 4-7 mark. You almost get the feeling this game is more about the Redskins at this point. HC Mike Shanahan has come out and said everyone is playing for their jobs while opposing defenders are now coming out saying that Kirk Cousins gives Washington a better chance to win than RG3! Crazy time for the Redskins! The Giants aren’t exactly out of it yet, but they are playing for their lives. Having been swept by Dallas they actually have to have a better record than Dallas to win the tiebreaker. The Giants have to win out getting to 9-7 & hope the Cowboys flub up in their last 5. Philadelphia is also in the picture. Every week is MUST WIN for the G-Men at this point.
Very intriguing game here. Let’s look at each team. Even if New Orleans loses & splits with Carolina, the Saints win the South, finish 12-4 & are the #2 seed. With that said, note that the Saints do have a road game against the Rams who are proving to be difficult. If the Saints win this game & split with Carolina they wind up 13-3 meaning Seattle will have to lose another game for New Orleans to be the #1 seed. It’s a little easier for the Seahawks. A win here pretty much secures the #1 overall seed even if they finish 13-3 because a win means the Saints are likely 12-4 to finish. Keep an eye on Seattle. They haven’t played well lately & their schedule has been soft. Their last 5 games are: Saints, @49ers, @Giants, Cardinals & Rams. All 5 of those teams are desperate! Both of these teams need homefield because it is such an advantage in both cities & the team getting that #1 seed has to be the odds on favorite to win the NFC and reach the Super Bowl.

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