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NFL POWER 15 – WEEK 11 2013

#1 Heading into Sunday night’s game against Kansas City, there were massive concerns about how a hobbled Peyton Manning & an average O-Line would do against the best pass rush in the NFL. Manning wasn’t sacked a single time & the Denver D also showed up. This is the best team in football if they come to play. They can only beat themselves at this point.
#2 New Orleans esacped at home 23-20 over a jacked up 49ers team. Tough game really to look at as the Saints dominated statistically but they made quite a few mistakes and couldn’t convert in the red zone settling for 3 FG in their last 3 scoring opportunities. If those FGs are TDs then Saints win 35-20 which seems more convincing. A win is a win though even if you play poorly.
#3 Another week another win for the Seahawks who this time beat Minnesota 41-20. When was the last time the Seahawks have faced anyone good? Maybe Wee 7 at Arizona where they won 34-22, but that was a 3-4 Arizona team. The last time is probably when Seattle went to Indianapolis where they were beaten by the Colts. Next 4 are Saints, 49ers, Giants & Cardinals!
#4 I’m not going to bang Kansas City too hard for losing at Denver. The offense did a decent job and let’s remember that the defense held Denver to 27 points which was the lowest Denver has posted all year. You can make a case KC hasn’t played anyone, but in 2 weeks they get Denver in Arrowhead & if KC can win out at home, they have a real shot at 15-1. It ain’t over!
#5 Controversial call or not, the Panthers are now 7-3 after coming off of wins against the 49ers & Patriots! Carolina has won 6 straight & 7 of their last 8. Going back to last season they are 12-4 in their last 16 & are legitimate threats to win the South. They need to remember though they are a running team. Ball control should be the mantra for the Panthers as the defense is fantastic.
#6 The Colts rebounded nicely after their 38-8 debacle against the Rams by going on the road to Tennessee and beating the Titans 30-27. Oddly enough the Colts are 3-2 at home & 4-1 on the road. Go figure. Donald Brown is breaking out & I think TE Coby Fleener gave Luck a viable #2 option against the Titans. Hopefully Indy can take that forward as they are the current #2 seed!
#7 To be fair, you can argue that Carolina has the best defense in the NFL. The Patriots were bad in the red zone and were -2 in TO margin on the road against a 7-3 team and still was a controversial call away from having one more play to win the game 26-24. With all the noise surrounding Indy, Denver & KC, the Patriots almost get to play the role of spoiler. I wouldn’t want to face them.
#8 In Weeks 2-3 the 49ers lost 2 straight to the Colts & Saints. Those teams are a combined 15-5. SF would then win 5 straight against teams with a combined record of 17-33. They have lost 2 straight against to the Saints & Panthers who are a combined 15-5. The next 5 won’t be as easy but they do have games against STL, ATL, TB & WAS! They could win 10 without beating anyone!
#9 Cincy’s best case record is 10-1 while their worst case record is 3-8. They are 4-3 in close games so in some ways this team feels as if they are 6-5/7-4 team which is what they are. On the other hand sometimes it feels as if Cincinnati should be so much more. The win over Cleveland probably locked up the North but a team of destiny would be 10-1 right now. The Bengals aren’t that.
#10 Remember all the controversy surrounding Riley Cooper this past offseason? The guy is averaging 19.1 yards per reception with 7TD now. It’s amazing how stuff like that will go away. The Eagles have won 3 straight & 5 of their last 7. At 6-5, they can win 9 games if they win their remaining home games. That’s 9 wins and almost certainly an NFC East division title!
#11 Jacksonville actually led this game 14-7 after the first quarter before the Cardinals scored 20 unanswered to make it a 27-14 final. Better execution in the red zone could have made this one 41-14 & Arizona’s defense was dominant. It was a bit troubling that Arizona couldn’t run the ball effectively against the Jags. I’m not sure Carson Palmer can beat elite teams with his arm.
#12 Matt Stafford was terrible and the defense in no way should be giving up 37 points to the 3-6 Steelers! That game seemed like one the Lions would lose which only underscores the belief that this team simply lacks consistency to be considered a real player in the NFC North. Luckily for Detroit they swept the Bears or else I’m not sure they would have a shot for the division.
#13 In a game suspended by weather, the Bears found a way in OT to beat the Ravens 23-20, keeping them on pace with the Lions although they are in tiebreaker hell with them. At this point you almost feel as if the Bears are better off with Josh McCown at QB. If they keep flip flopping things could get weird but this team is alive even for the Wild Card with the 49ers down to 6-4.
#14 Take a week off and get back into the Power Rankings! Like Detroit, the Cowboys have had big problems with consistency and with the emergence of the Eagles, it doesn’t look good for their prospects. They are 1-4 on the road with no definite road wins left meaning 3 more potential losses which at best gets them to 8-8. The entire oganization needs a major shake up.
#15 In their first 6 games, the Giants went 0-6 and allowed 34.8PPG! In their last 4 games, the Giants are 4-0 and have allowed 11.8PPG! See what happens when your defense improves by 3TD! The defense is for real as Football Outsiders rank them 8th. They have a 2x Super Bowl QB & a history of making late runs. They host Dallas his week & a win puts them both at 5-6.


Baltimore Ravens (Last Week #14): Losing in OT to the Bears at Soldier Field isn’t the worst thing in the world. The Ravens are 2-5 in close games and -5 in TO margin. Sitting at 4-6 the team could actually rally & play well, but it is looking like this season is just one of those seasons where luck doesn’t fall the way it did a year prior.

New York Jets (Last Week #15): It isn’t easy beating the Bills in Buffalo even when they aren’t very good but 37-14!? Come on! Geno Smith was brutal and the Jets pass defense is just as bad. It’s sometimes easy to forget that this is actually a good football team. If they had a decent secondary & a good QB, the Jets would be in the playoffs. Even as it is, the loss didn’t cause them a playoff spot. At 5-5 and he tiebreaker over Miami, the Jets would be the #6 seed in the AFC Playoffs if they ended today!


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