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NFL POWER 15 – WEEK 10 2013

#1 The 28-20 win over San Diego was Denver’s 1st of 4 games straight that should define their season. Denver posted 28 points before the Chargers even scored so the game was out of hand despit the final score. The worry now is Peyton’s ankles & knees. Manning is having the greatest season in QB history. Now he needs to stay healthy to finish the job.
#2 Like Denver, Kansas City hasn’t beaten anyone of note on their schedule. They get a HUGE TEST this weekend in Denver followed by 2 home games against the Chargers & Broncos again. It’s silly to pretend the Chiefs aren’t for real. If they take care of business at home then they should wind up 13-3/14-2. That’s crazy to think this team was 2-14 a year ago.
#3 It’s not getting a ton of publicity in my opinion but Marshawn Lynch is on pace to rush for 1,394 yards & 11TD. He’s also on pace for 341 receiving yards. Along with Adrian Peterson & LeSean McCoy, Lynch is showing what an elite RB can do for an offense. One of the big differences between Russell Wilson & Colin Kaepernick is Wilson’s mistakes & completion percentage.
#4 That was dominant. Forty first downs in a single game set an NFL record. The Cowboys of recent memeory are notorious for bombing games like this but 42-17? Remember too that the Cowboys didn’t even commit a single turnover & Romo was only sacked 3 times. Carolina could post a serious threat but if the Saints get the #1 seed in the NFC then they’ll go to the Super Bowl.
#5 The Patriots are coming off a bye but I’m not sure how I feel about them. The return of Rob Gronkowski certainly makes the offense a lot more potent but notice something in their last 4 games. The Patriots defense is allowing 26.3PPG. That would rank 26th in the NFL currently! Is that a harbinger for things to come? Panthers & Broncos up next.
#6 Cam Newton isn’t tearing any thing up this season. He’s on pace to throw for 3502 yards with 23TD & 14INT, but it’s interesting how Carolina has become a run first team. The defense is insanely nasty & at 6-3, the Panthers are now in the #5 seed which likely means the Cowboys/Eagles in the 1st round assuming they don’t win the South. Beating SF 10-9 is a solid step.
#7 I don’t know how much stock you can put into Indianapolis’s 38-8 loss to the Rams. On the one hand it looked like St. Louis had an All-Pro defensive line but at the same time it also showed Indy has problems along the O-Line. Reggie Wayne was sorely missed in that game & Andrew Luck was seriously off. I’m willing to let it slide, but if Indy loses to the Titans then you can worry.
#8 The 49ers could be hurting. I don’t want to overreact to a 10-9 loss to Carolina, but the offense looks bad and Kaepernick just hasn’t looked right all season. What makes things difficult is that SF travels to New Orleans this week which could drop them to 6-4. I can’t see the 49ers missing the playoffs but they might not have the success they’ve had the past 2 seasons.
#9 The 21-19 road victory of the Bears means a lot. They have a season sweep against the Bears & stand at 6-3 with the NFC North lead. They’ll get the Packers in Detroit without Aaron Rodgers which should mean the Lions will go 5-1 in their divison. That should be enough and they’d like to get that #3 seed. If the Lions play to potential they shouldn’t lose again. What does 13-3 get you?
#10 Sometimes you have bad luck. The Bengals are a little down after having back-to-back OT losses to the Dolphins & Ravens. Both road games. The Bengals are 4-0 at home & 2-4 on the road. They shouldn’t lose any home games meaning at worst they get to 10-4 with road games against the Steelers & Chargers. If they split that’s 11-5. That’s a division title.
#11 Talk about the anit-Bengals. In their last 6 games, the Eagles are 4-0 on the road & 0-2 at home! Should Philly really be this high despite them being 5-5? I say yes. Beating the Raiders & Packers (without Aaron Rodgers) doesn’t look great, but you can’t deny Nick Foles. The QB is 3-1 in his starts with a 16:0 TD to INT ratio! If they take care of business at home it’s 9-7. East champs!
#12 The 21-19 loss to Detroit hurts quite a bit because the Bears are well behind the Lions with the tiebreakers. In more disturbing news, how much QB purgatory is Chicago in with Jay Cutler? Josh McCown hasn’t thrown an interception this season. He has a comparable completion percentage while besting Cutler in Yards per Attempt & Adjusted Yards per Attempt. That’s not exactly good news!
#13 That was a depleted Houston team the Cardinals beat 27-24, but I’m excited about Andre Ellington. According to Football Outsiders, Houston has the 10th best rushing defense in the NFL & Ellington hit them for 5.0ypc. If Arizona can ball control & limit opponents time of possession, they could win A LOT of ballgames considering they have one of the best defenses in the NFL. If they win out at home, 11-5 is possible.
#14 The Ravens are 1.5 games behind the Bengals at the moment, but note that the Bears aren’t playing that well & Baltimore travels to Chicago this weekend. Then they get 3 home games against the Jets, Steelers & Vikings. They could turn 4-5 into 8-5 rather quickly. Beating Cincinnati was a good first step & I wouldn’t count the Ravens out. They do need to work on that Hail Mary defense though!
#15 Are the Jets just lucky? Last week the Chargers, Dolphins & Titans all had opportunities to improve to 5-4 & tie the Jets record. All 3 lost. The Jets are 5-1 in close games this season including wins over the Patriots & Saints! On the other hand, don’t forget that the Jets are -10 in TO margin which suggest they are extremely unlucky! They have a shot at 10-6. Let’s see how Lady Luck treats them.


Green Bay Packers (Last Week #12): Losing to the Eagles wasn’t horrible but let’s remember that Green Bay’s defense is atrocious and without Aaron Rodgers at QB, this team is just lost. They are the 3rd best team in the North and possibly worse than Minnesota given how beat up they are at receiver.

Dallas Cowboys (Last Week #13): Losing to New Orleans in the Katrinadome isn’t awful per se, but the way in which Dallas got hammered 49-17 was humiliating. The defense is in the bottom 3rd of the league showing us that Jerry Jones made another horrific move in firing former DC Rob Ryan which has the Saints being in the top 3rd of the NFL.

Miami Dolphins (Last Week #15): With San Diego & Tennessee losing the Dolphins had a shot to be the lone team tied with the Jets at 5-4. Instead they lose to the Bucs? The 0-8 Bucs!? I know there is turmoil surrounding the Dolphins organization but wow they look terrible now. This team started the season 3-0 with a win over the Colts in Indianapolis. Since then? Miami has gone 1-6!


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