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2012 SIAC Week 4 – Matchups!

I say this every week but I can’t believe how quickly the high school season goes by! This is probably because the NFL just started Week 1 and the college football season hasn’t started Week 2 yet while Indiana high school football is getting ready to play their Week 4 games! It’s amazing how fast this is going. There is clearly some separation in the SIAC at this point. Castle & Mater Dei are once again better than everyone else. One very interesting plot line is the lack of support Castle is getting in the coaches poll and also the Jeff Sagarin ratings. Castle could have an interesting regional matchup with Center Grove if they can get out of sectionals, but Castle should be getting more love from the pollsters. Another interesting plot line is seeing if Evansville Central can knock off Jasper in the Class 4A sectional because that would probably force them to play Columbus East in the regionals. There are a lot of opportunities for the SIAC to shine this year in the postseason and I hope the teams can use the regular season to catapult their way into regionals & semi-state.

This one is going to get a bit ugly. Bosse has given up 50+ points to both teams it has faced in the SIAC. Granted, both North & Central aren’t bad football teams, but I think it’s safe to say Castle is much better than either the Huskies or Bears meaning the Knights are a threat to put up 60 points on Bosse. Castle still isn’t getting much love from the coaches or the Jeff Sagarin ratings. Although they are #8 in the media poll, the coaches have Castle at #15 while the Sagarin ratings show the Knights as the 19th best team in Class 5A! Sagarin has Bosse as the 31st best team in Class 3A. Bosse is a football team that is struggling right now with injuries & I also found out that their 25-19 win over Washington ended up a forfeit because Bosse used an ineligible player. That won’t matter this week. Bosse could have a few ineligible players playing & still lose this one.
The hits just keep on coming for Memorial! The Tigers have lost their first 3 games & now play a Mater Dei team that is playing as well if not better than any other team in the SIAC! The Wildcats are simply this good. Sagarin as them as the #3 team in Class 2A. The media have them ranked #1 while the coaches have them ranked #2. QB Jace Hartz is making everyone forget about Dane Maurer on the west side. At this point you’d have to say that Hartz might actually be the best QB in the SIAC! Crazy! The Wildcats even got contributions from Nolan Goebel last week. Memorial is having a rough go of it. They’d dropped completely out of the polls but Sagarin still as them at #22 in Class 3A. I don’t get QB Dane Hurley or Charlie Greif. They have to play much much better although the Tigers probably drop their 4th.
This is the most interesting game of the week for me. Central & Reitz have dome somewhat of a flip flop in Class 4A to start the year. In the media poll, the 2-1 Bears are now #14 while Reitz is #15. In the coaches poll, Reitz is still hanging on to past performance demanding respect as their 1-2 record still has them at #12 while Central stands at #14. Sagarin has Central ahead at #14 to Reitz’s #20. To be fair, Reitz has lost to Louisville Central & Castle. If I had to guess I would have said Reitz would open up 1-2. Maybe it’s meaningless. Conversely I probably would have had Central at 3-0, but Mater Dei is better than I thought. Reitz needs to figure out a way to get QB Drew Johnston playing adequate football. He’s been terrible so far this season, but what might be even more problematic is Reitz’s defense. Central can score insane amounts of points on weak defensive play. If the Bears get their ground game going & Reitz can’t stop them, the Panthers might move to 1-3! I think Central cashes in and overtakes Reitz.
This shouldn’t even be a game, but what has me intrigued is seeing Harrison battle back last week against Mater Dei. Down 22 in the 4th quarter against an elite team in the entire state, Harrison didn’t fold and scored 2 TDs to cut the Wildcats lead to just a TD. Mater Dei would score to put the game out of hand, but this version of the Warriors isn’t quitting. If North puts their head down and runs the football with reckless abandon then Harrison is likely to get blown out by at least 40 points. On the other hand, North has been reluctant to completely abandon the pass & you never know what Aaron Killebrew is capable of from week to week. A few turnovers here, a couple of big Killebrew plays there and all of a sudden it’s a game for Harrison. I think North wins, but this could get interesting if North tries to get fancy. It’s worth noting that despite being 2-1, Jeff Sagarin ranks North #48 in Class 5A. There are only 63 Class 5A schools.
HEY HEY! You might think Washington is 0-3 (I still do!) but the loss to Bosse is actually a win due to the Bulldogs having to forfeit the game. Washington has had some problems so far this season. They are either beating themselves or not showing up on defense or playing very apathetic on their way to losing the first 3 games of the season. The Hatchets are odd because they could easily be 3-0. This weak they have Class 1A doormat North Daviess. North Daviess is a Class 1A school and is one of the worst Class 1A schools so far this season. The last time Washington lost to the Cougars was 2008. Even though Washington has a one in the win column, they’ve yet to actually end a game ahead. If they can’t beat North Daviess, they might not win a game! The Hatchets finally draw blood!

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