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2012 SIAC Week 2 – Matchups!

What is amazing about football is how quickly it goes. I realize we are finished through just the first week of the high school football season, but it seems to have gone so fast. Maybe it’s because we’ve been waiting for high school football to start since last Thanksgiving so the anticipation builds so dramatically and then when games finally are played it seems like it went extremely fast due to the long waiting period. I don’t know. One week is in the books! That’s all I know. The SIAC went as planned last week, but the west side teams were a bit surprising. I really didn’t think Reitz would walk into Henderson Co. and win, although the Colonels giving up 5 turnovers certainly helps. The most shocking score of the week was Mater Dei absolutely HAMMERING Heritage Hills! I didn’t see that one coming! I’m going to try and go a bit more big picture this week.

This week Castle travels to New Albany. This game shouldn’t present any problems for the Knights. Last week New Albany went on the road to Class 2A Providence and won 28-15. Jeff Sagarin ranks New Albany one of the 11 worst teams in Class 5A despite opening up the season 1-0. They rank considerably lower than Terre Haute North, who Castle thrashed 32-7 in the first half of last week’s game before putting in the 2nd string players. I don’t live in Evansville so I don’t know exactly what is going on with Castle QB Mitch Gilles, but I would think it imperative to get him back under center. If you’ll remember, Gilles was suspended for the season opener, and I’m sure Castle would like to have him back. Hopefully he’ll play but Castle rolls either way.
Central didn’t get a lot of respect last week even after destroying Marion Co. (KY) on the road to the tune of 52-7! Central isn’t ranked in Class 4A and Jeff Sagarin has them as the #32 team in their class. Mater Dei however had mad respect after hammering Heritage Hills last week. The media gave Mater Dei the nod at being the #1 ranked team in Class 2A! The coaches & Jeff Sagarin have them behind Ft. Wayne Luers. Very interested here because Central looked amazing against Marion Co. in replacing QB Jacob Hester from last year. Mater Dei looked great in essentially replacing their whole team. If the Wildcats hammer Central then they are being severely underrated in SIAC circles! This game could be for 2nd place in the SIAC. I’ll go with Central at home.
North’s Blake Howell put on a clinic last week in the Huskies 55-33 win over Bosse. North now looks to have a 3-headed rushing monster with Howell, Duvante’ Lane & Ford Johnson. QB Max Mooney didn’t look too good, but as long as he can hand the ball off, North should be fine. This game will be fairly interesting because Henderson Co. should have beaten Reitz last week and did a good job containing KeAndre Vaughn & Drew Johnston. Now we’ll see how good they are at bottling up the North rushing offense. If North runs wild again and the defense improves a bit then we’ll know that North is at least better than Reitz and potentially the greatest challenge Castle might have in the SIAC. I’m going to go with the Huskies and their rushing attack in this one.
After losing to Jasper 21-7, Memorial travels to Illinois to take on Belleville West. That actually isn’t their helmet as I couldn’t find it, but Belleville West does have a maroon helmet with a white faceguard. I couldn’t find the artwork. Either way, Memorial has a lot to prove here. The loss to Jasper isn’t so bad because Wildcats are a solid team, but I think confidence could become an issue for the Tigers. The loss didn’t upset Memorial in the rankings. They still rank #11 in the AP and #9 in the coaches poll while Sagarin has them being the #28 team in Class 3A. That is somewhat alarming & why the Tigers need a big game. Dane Hurley & McKinley Warren need big games because they didn’t look so hot in the opener. Let’s hope it was just the Jasper D. Tigers win.
Also going on the road is Reitz who heads to Kentucky once again, but this time they go up the Ohio River just a bit to take on Louisville Central. Louisville Central is a Class 3A school in Kentucky and has won 3 of the last 4 state championship in their class which is equivalent to Class 4A in Indiana it seems, which is the class Reitz is a part of. This is Louisville Central’s first game as well as Kentucky opens their high school football season this Friday. I’m going to say the Yellow Jackets win this one. Reitz is INSANELY overrated in my opinion! The coaches poll as them at #2 in Class 4A. Jeff Sagarin has them #28 in the class which seems more reasonable. I’m not trying to hammer Reitz, but they got pretty lucky last week and I’ll predict they get exposed this week.
Harrison also goes on the road this week to Kentucky to take on Graves County. I know absolutely nothing about Graves County, but it will be interesting to see what Harrison does here. Harrison has won 4 games in their last 50+ and 3 of those have been against West Vigo who they beat last week. Amazingly enough, Jeff Sagarin believes right now there are 11 other teams in Indiana’s Class 3A that are worse than West Vigo! Who would have thought it. Last year after beating West Vigo, Harrison went to Kentucky & took on Mayfield and lost 59-14. This year they beat West Vigo 52-7 & go into Kentucky again. This game is extremely important if Harrison wants to win 3 games this year because the only other “maybe” win is Bosse. I’ll go with Graves Co. at home.
Bosse travels to Davies County to take on the Hatchets of Washington! SWEET! Really interesting game here. Sagarin ranks Bosse the #30 team in Class 3A while Washington checks in at #42. I think this is another barometer game for Washington, as was last week’s game against Boonville. Bosse put up 33 points on North last week and while Washington is considered a running team, they simply can’t come anywhere near what North brings to the table with their rushing attack. Bosse of course needs to get better on defense, but people are making a pretty big deal about the size of the Hatchets. If that’s the case they should be able to push Bosse around a bit, but Carrington Crutcher is a BEAST! It’ll be speed vs. power and I’ll go with speed & Bosse.

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