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New Notes on the SIAC

The Evansville Courier-Press is starting to ratchet up its coverage of the SIAC (we are 13 days away from opening night!) and there were a couple of stories worth mentioning that go along with the SIAC preview I did previously. Let’s take a look.

1. North QB Max Mooney Deals With Injuries Issues Heading Into Season

This is somewhat concerning for North. In my preview I thought Mooney could go either way this season. His season last season was dreadful statistically although North did finish 5-5. In his first 5 games, Mooney completed 48% of his passes for 475 yards including 3TD to 3INT. In his last 5 games, Mooney completed 51% of his passes for 466 yards including 1TD to 4INT. He didn’t get any better as the year progressed. That’s concerning to a degree although having a year of experience will help. To a degree you have to allow that Mooney’s running ability is part of his game and there is a comfort level to that. The knee injuries and the hesitation behind it could be concerning because North has some pretty lofty expectations coming into 2012. I don’t think they can play with Castle & Memorial at the top of the SIAC, but there is no reason the team couldn’t potentially finish the season 7-2 or even a lucky 8-1 heading into the Class 5A sectional. Mooney is a big part of that. You certainly don’t want him hindered physically because that could take away from his overall ability. On the other hand, Mooney is somewhat of a handicap for the football team as they are presently constructed. Mooney likes to run but Blake Howell and Duvante’ Lane should be the ONLY players running with the football! It’s possible the knee will prevent Mooney from running as much as he did in 2011 which should result in more handoffs. We’ll see. I could go either way on Mooney this season. As I’ve written previously, I could see him having a breakout year like Mitch Gilles did in 2011 for Castle. This will be interesting to watch and see what happens.

2. Harrison’s Aaron Killebrew Getting Noticed by Colleges

Well, Indiana & Kentucky anyway! Had a comment about Killebrew in the previews that was interesting in that the commenter said that Killebrew was 5’10/165lbs which is a pretty significant jump from the 5’5/150lbs he was last season! The linked article says he’s 5’9/165lbs which means he’s still probably in the 5’7-5’8 range. This article is interesting from a pure scouting standpoint. Note this quote from the text:

If Killebrew was a few inches taller, he would be receiving a lot more looks from college scouts, Lewis said.

That’s all we really need to know about how tall Killebrew is. If he legitimately has a sprinter’s speed then we are talking about size here. The article says Kentucky is looking at Killebrew as a cornerback. If he’s 5’10 then he doesn’t need to be a few inches taller. A few inches taller makes him 6’1-6’3 which then makes him a legitimate threat as a #1 WR and you can be certain he wouldn’t be getting looks at CB. Texas’s Qunadre Diggs is one of the best corners in the nation and he’s 5’10. Does Mack Brown believe he needs to be a few inches taller? The article notes that Indiana is looking at Killebrew as a slot receiver, but Wes Welker is all of about 5’9. Do you think Bill Belichick thinks Welker needs to be about 6’3 to get his job done? What about Randall Cobb? This gives us more insight into how big Killebrew actually is. If he’s in the 5’7-5’8 range then a few inches puts him at 5’11-6’0. That makes sense. Anyway, this is purely a scouting exercise and a look at how size plays an incredibly important factor in football. The bottom line is that no matter how big Killebrew is or isn’t, he’s one of the best players in the SIAC. That much is guaranteed.

3. Bosse’s Carrington Crutcher Best Back in the SIAC?

Here is a counter example to Killebrew. Crutcher took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame so you know he’s going to be big time. Another interesting note is that Crutcher is a 5’9/200lbs junior running back. This is significant. If Crutcher can grow an inch or two this season he could be a 5’11/220lbs wrecking machine as a college running back who has the size to be a bell cow running back. The linked article talks about some serious speed for Crutcher which combined with his size is going to make him a very difficult running back to handle for opposing defenses especially at the high school level. I think Bosse is a program getting better and better and other players will now be able to step into the spotlight now that Jalen Pendleton isn’t playing. Obviously Bosse hurts with the absence of a player of Pendleton’s caliber, but it’s going to be interesting to see what Bosse does if Crutcher can be a dominant running back. If that’s possible, he certainly can slow down games and grind out yards. If Bosse plays their cards right, they should not be involved in any blowouts with the possible exception of Castle.

Two weeks away! These are some interesting storylines moving forward!


August 4, 2012 - Posted by | SIAC

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