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Potential Realignment Rumors

A few rumors popped up on ESPN Insider today involving 3 teams and prospective conferences.


If college football does devolve into 4 super conferences (likely), I’m not sure they can stop at 16 given the amount of quality programs in college football who should be able to compete for a championship. Let’s look at these 3 teams.

NC STATE: Somewhat living in the shadow of North Carolina & Duke because of basketball. Raleigh is the state capital and NC State would definitely get out from underneath those two by moving to the SEC. It would also signal a change that the college to play football in within the state of North Carolina would be NC State.

VIRGINIA TECH: This isn’t surprising in the least. Virginia Tech has had the most success recently in the ACC so they look like a prime target for the SEC should the SEC want to include another team. If the SEC makes a move to go to 16 teams and the other conferences do the same, it would force the Big 10 in my opinion to go to more teams, and I think Virginia Tech would be a team worth fighting.

What’s interesting about this is who the two teams are. The Virginia Tech bid would make sense, but it’s difficult to think the SEC would go to 16 teams and get out of their region, nor would they have to. Even if Florida St. heads to the Big XII, you still have South Florida & Miami-FL to consider. Clemson & Georgia Tech make a lot of sense. Then again, I didn’t think Texas A&M and Missouri were incredible fits into the SEC either. This could get interesting.

NOTRE DAME: The Irish to the Big XII rumors are just that in my opinion. To me I think ND AD Jack Swarbrick and Big 10 commissioner Jim Delaney like it this way. When talking about ND and potential conference suitors, all we are hearing about is the Big XII, ACC and Big East. We aren’t hearing anything about the Big 10 which makes me think the Big 10 is going to be ND’s eventual destination. It makes sense really. Geographically it’s a home run and while the Irish have solid rivalries with teams like USC, Boston College, and Navy, I don’t think it would be outrageous to give up those rivalries should conference schedules demand. I also think money is going to play a role in this somehow. Travel expenses to the Big XII from northern Indiana simply isn’t feasible from the perspective of all Notre Dame athletics.

Keep your ears & eyes open!


May 19, 2012 - Posted by | Realignment

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