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A Few Stats from the First 3 Rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft

Here are a few interesting stats from the first 3 rounds of the NFL Draft.


1. SEC – 16
2. Big 10 – 14
3. Pac 12 – 13
4. ACC – 12
5. Big XII – 10
6. Big East – 8
7. CUSA – 5
7. Non-FBS – 5
9. Mountain West – 4
10. Sun Belt – 3
11. Independent – 2
11. Mid America – 2
13. WAC – 1

No surprise here with the SEC leading the way. A few notes here. In the SEC, Florida & Tennessee have yet to produce a draft pick! I don’t know if that is some sort of record, but I wonder when the last time we had an NFL draft where a Gator or Volunteer wasn’t drafted in the first 3 rounds? Of the 16 SEC picks, 9 of them have come from Alabama & LSU who also make up the teams with the most draft picks so far.

Speaking of teams who haven’t had a draft pick, look no further than Florida St.! The Seminoles haven’t had a player drafted yet which would make the criteria even harder for past drafts that didn’t include a player from Florida St., Florida or Tennessee in the first 3 rounds! Now when was the last time that happened?

Want to make it even harder? Consider that Texas has yet to have a player drafted as well! That increases the list to Florida, Florida St., Tennessee & Texas as teams without a draft pick in the first 3 rounds! WOW! A lot has been said about the demise of the Big XII as a conference, but to be honest, I think it’s only getting better. As a fan of the conference from a distance, I certainly don’t like them losing Missouri & Texas A&M, but mostly that is because I really like Gary Pinkel as a head coach & I like the storied history of Texas A&M. Then again, old school fans probably are still bent out of shape about the combination of the Big 8 and SWC! That said, you can easily make the argument that the Big XII got better by adding TCU & West Virginia. In recent years TCU has had much more success than Texas A&M with Gary Patterson being one of the best coaches in all of college football. West Virginia is a better program than Missouri. Dana Holgorsen is going to turn that program into a national title contender even with having to compete against Texas & Oklahoma during conference play. With only 10 players drafted in the first 3 rounds, the Big XII is behind all FBS conferences save the Big East, but that won’t stay that way for long.

In the Big 10 things are interesting too. Ron Zook was fired from Illinois for not winning enough games. If you are looking at NFL talent then the firing might have been justified. Alabama has the most players taken so far with 5 with LSU at #2 with 4 players. However, tied with LSU (and Stanford) is Illinois who thus far has had 4 players taken in the first 3 rounds! Looking at the top-3 teams with the most drafted players, it would have been easy to guess both Alabama & LSU, but coming up with Illinois as the 3rd team? I’m not sure even a Big 10 wonk like myself would have guessed.

If the 2012 NFL Draft is any indication we might be seeing a definite shift with the Pac 12. There is no question the Pac 12 was top heavy last season with Stanford, USC & Oregon all arguably being top-5 teams in the country, but the Pac 12 also had a few decent teams in Arizona St., Utah, Washington & California. The Pac 12’s 13 players drafted trail the Big 10 by 1 and the SEC by 3, but it’s going to get interesting going forward. The Pac 12 hired in some big named coaches in Rich Rodriguez & Mike Leach to take over Arizona & Washington St. respectively. David Shaw is looking fantastic at Stanford. I think a lot of people were thinking the Big 10 at some point would start challenging the SEC for college football supremacy, but the Pac 12 might be the conference that finally does it. Having Brady Hoke & Urban Meyer in the Big 10 is going to change things immensely, but the Pac 12 is well positioned to be a major player to break the SEC’s run on BCS Championships.

The Big East certainly is the weakest of the BCS conferences, but I think this draft is showing something interesting. The Big East has 8 picks, but 5 of them have come from UConn & Cincinnati. Those two members are staying. West Virginia has had just one pick while Pittsburgh hasn’t had any. The Big East is adding Temple who has a pick and losing WVU. They will lose Pittsburgh & Syracuse to the ACC, but if they add Boise St. & San Diego St. (4 picks between those 2 schools so far in the 2012 draft) they might come out ahead. It’ll be interesting to see the ultimate fate of the Big East football conference, but the draft paints a much less dire picture than what we’ve heard about recently.

Most Players Drafted By Team

5 – Alabama
4 – Illinois, LSU, Stanford
3 – Boise St., Cincinnati, Clemson, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wisconsin
2 – Baylor, California, UConn, Miami-FL, Notre Dame, Ohio St., Oklahoma St., USC, Virginia Tech

Nothing out of the ordinary except for Illinois, UConn & Cincinnati. I do think it’s interesting that Boise St. has had 3 players drafted. It’s one thing to assume Boise St. is simply a program taking lesser talent and doing amazing things with it, but when you consider the talent that is being drafted from the Broncos program, you can certainly argue that Boise St. belongs in the top-10 not only on their onfield accomplishments, but also the fact they have some tremendous talent. LB/DE Shea McClellin & RB Doug Martin were 1st round NFL draft picks. That’s getting it done.

Most Players Drafted By Conference in Round #1

9 – SEC
5 – Big XII
4- Big 10, Pac 12
3 – ACC
2 – Big East, Independent, MWC
1 – CUSA

Clearly the SEC dominates when it comes to ELITE NFL talent. The SEC had the same number for first round draft picks as the Big 10 & Big XII combined. The same as the Big XII & Pac 12 combined. More than the Big 10 & Pac 12 combined. More than the ACC combined with anyone. It would seem that the Big 10 & Pac 12 are conferences poised to challenge the SEC for college football conference supremacy, but a big step towards that is getting to their level when it comes to first round NFL draft picks. The SEC simply dwarfs everyone around them.

Most Players Drafted by Team in Round #1

4 – Alabama
2 – Illinois, LSU, Stanford, Boise St., Baylor, Notre Dame, Oklahoma St., USC, South Carolina
1 – Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Iowa, Mississippi St., Syracuse, Texas A&M, Memphis, West Virginia

Once again Alabama dominates. I still think Illinois is a great story. Illinois can say right now that the only team in college football with more total draft picks and more first round draft picks is Alabama. That’s amazing!

Rounds 4-7 will take place today, but I thought these lists were some pretty good food for thought.


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