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2011 Week 10 – NFL Power 15

Hey hey hey! You get this before Sunday! Nice! This week’s installment of the Power 15 is all about the QBs baby! I’m going to post what each QB is on pace for this season. Should be fun.

#1 Aaron Rodgers: 382 of 524 (73%), 5,100 passing yards, 50TD, 5INT, 10:1 TD-INT ratio. The 5100 passing yards would be an NFL record. The 50TD passes in a season would tie Tom Brady for the NFL record. The 5 picks would also be the fewest with that many TDs. Remember that Brady threw 8 picks to 50TD back in 2007.
#2 Alex Smith: 268 of 420 (64%), 3,038 passing yards, 20TD, 5INT, 4:1 TD-INT ratio. Easily the best season of Smith’s career & more noteworthy because the kid has lead the 49ers to an 8-1 record. The win over the Giants last week left no doubt that this is the 2nd best team in the NFL right now. Keep in mind too that Smith was considered a bust up to this point. He’s doing a masterful job of staying within himself & the 49ers are reaping the benefits.
#3 Jay Cutler: 292 of 503 (58%), 3,614 passing yards, 20TD, 11INT, 1.8 TD-INT ratio. So Cutler isn’t going to be the next Kurt Warner. He’s done a good job, like Alex Smith, of getting out of the way. This has become Matt Forte’s & Brian Urlacher’s team. If Rogers wasn’t auditioning for best QB EVER then Matt Forte would be the hands down NFL MVP this year.
#4 Tom Brady: 423 of 640 (66%), 5,390 passing yards, 41TD, 18INT, 2.3 TD-INT ratio. Rodgers might break the NFL single season passing yards record only to have Brady break it by a wider margin in 2011!? The Patriots are having an OK year at 6-3. They should win the East now after hammering the Jets & could possibly be in for a #1 seed unless Pittsburgh takes it from them. As good as Brady has been, you almost feel like the Pats are betting running.
#5 Drew Brees: 478 of 675 (71%), 5,322 passing yards, 37TD, 18INT, 2.1 TD-INT ratio. An odd year for the Saints really. They can’t really be upset for being 7-3 & a #3 seed in the NFC playoffs. On the other hand, the year has been odd with injuries & that loss to the Rams. Brees would break the single season record of pass completions, get close with attempts & battle Brady for passing yards.
#6 Eli Manning: 359 of 569 (63%), 4,779 passing yards, 30TD, 14INT, 2.1 TD-INT ratio. Can’t hammer the Giants too bad for losing on the road to the 49ers. The week before they beat New England in Foxboro & winning back-to-back road games of that magnitude isn’t exactly easy. Something interesting, through age-29, Peyton had almost 100 more TD passes & almost 11,000 more passing yards than Eli through the same age.
#7 Joe Flacco: 352 of 642 (55%), 4,100 passing yards, 18TD, 12INT, 1.5 TD-INT ratio. I don’t get the Ravens. It’s a team that can beat the Steelers twice in one season, but that can’t beat teams like the Jaguars & Seahawks? Very odd. Flacco is putting up a big yardage season, but doesn’t have much to show for it. One thing about Flacco & Sanchez is that their completion percentage is terrible. Past Super Bowl winners like E.Manning, P.Manning, D.Brees & A.Rodgers all have percentages in the 60s if not higher.
#8 Matthew Stafford: 384 of 644 (60%), 4,459 passing yards, 36TD, 14INT, 2.6 TD-INT ratio. The Lions are crumbling in a hurry. They are 1-3 in their last 4 & you have to wonder if they aren’t a product of schedule just a bit. You can’t argue with that line by Stafford. That TD-INT ratio is nice while the completion % is getting there. This year was too early for Detroit, but Stafford could be well on his way to being an elite QB in the NFL that could win a championship. The hammering they took from Chicago hurts, but Detroit should still get to the playoffs.
#9 Matt Schaub: 285 of 467 (61%), 3,966 passing yards, 24TD, 10INT, 2.4 TD-INT ratio. You could make a pretty convincing case that the Texans are the best team in the AFC at the moment. At 7-3 they have the best record & would be the #1 seed if the season ended today. With Arian Foster & Ben Tate running to daylight all Schaub had to do was manage the game & not make mistakes. He’s done that. Unfortunately he suffered an injury last week that will cost him the rest of the season & potentially a Super Bowl appearance.
#10 Ben Roethlisberger: 358 of 566 (63%), 4,603 passing yards, 26TD, 14INT, 1.9 TD-INT raio. The Steelers got a crucial win last week against Cincinnati putting them at 7-3 & the #2 seed behind Houston. It doesn’t much matter. Baltimore OWNS Pittsburgh in tiebreakers. Big Ben is having a decent workmanlike season. It’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from him. I actually drop the Steelers this week as the Bengals game could have easily been a loss. That doesn’t bode well.
#11 Tony Romo: 356 of 549 (65%), 4,459 passing yards, 28TD, 12INT, 2.3 TD-INT ratio. Romo had his best game of the year by a significant margin last week in beating the Bills 44-7. Buffalo has a pretty good pass defense so it wasn’t like Romo lit up the Colts or anything. Romo has a way of doing this, but seems to always come back with a stinker of a game. Dallas is MUCH better than their 5-4 record indicates & with the Giants on the schedule twice, they’ll have the chance to prove it. Romo has to turn the corner at some point right?
#12 Andy Dalton: 308 of 510 (60%), 3,317 passing yards, 25TD, 16INT, 1.6 TD-INT ratio. Dalton throws too many picks, but you have to remember he’s got essentially one weapon on offense who also happens to be a rookie WR. Keep in mind also that Dalton is on pace to complete 60% of his passes in his rookie year. Something Joe Flacco & Mark Sanchez still can’t do. Cincy should have beaten Pittsburgh, but if Mike Zimmer keeps the defense playing great, Cincinnati could surprise & Dalton could be the next young QB to open a championship window. Carson who?
#13 Matt Ryan: 350 of 583 (60%), 4,105 passing yards, 25TD, 18INT, 1.4 TD-INT ratio. Just looking at Dalton’s numbers above, you can see that Dalton is having the better year & he doesn’t have guys like Mike Tuner, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez & Jason Snelling to throw to! Atlanta got a tough break losing to New Orleans last week & their playoffs hopes look slim given how the NFC North is shaking out combined with the Giants & Cowboys. I hope White was worth all those draft picks later on because it sure didn’t work out in 2011.
#14 Mark Sanchez: 309 of 541 (57%), 3,733 passing yards, 22TD, 16INT, 1.4 TD-INT ratio. Sanchez looked absolutely awful against New England this past week in a game the Jets needed to win & also had at home. Instead he barely completed half of his passes & the Jets got blown out! I don’t even want to get into what happened this past Thursday against the Broncos! I believe Rex Ryan can win a Super Bowl, but at what point does he realize that Sanchez isn’t the QB that can get it done?
#15 With Jason Campbell out for the season & Carson Palmer only playing a handful of games, it doesn’t seem credible to do any end of year projections for either QB. The Raiders put themselves in a great position to win the West with their Thursday night road win over the Chargers. Oakland looks good to be sure, but now they have to figure out a way to beat God at football & His chosen one Tim Tebow! It will be a classic matchup of good versus evil if the division really does come down to Oakland against Denver.


#14 BUFFALO BILLS: The Bills got HAMMERED by Dallas this past weekend forcing me to eliminate them from the power-15. The Bills are 2-4 in their last 6 and 1-3 in their last 4 with that one win coming at home against the dreadful Redskins. Oddly enough the Bills still have some juice to get into the playoffs. With the Jets losing, the Bills stay even with them & now will have to think about battling the Bengals & Titans for a final playoff spot! That’s wild, but given how the AFC has shaken out, it’s entirely possible for the Bills to still get in even if they’ve come down quite a ways from their 3-0 start.


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