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2011 NFL – Week 8 Best Games

Last week was pretty awful! When you consider that the most talked about game last week was Miami losing a 15-point lead to a absolutely terrible Denver team to lose 18-15 in OT, then you know something is going horribly wrong in the NFL. This week the games aren’t much better although the Steelers/Patriots is an incredible headliner. I haven’t done my post with the updated playoff seedings, but New England would be the #1 seed in the AFC while Pittsburgh would be right behind them at #2. Obviously if this were a playoff game we’d be in Foxboro, but the teams would be the same.

The NFL needs their “bye” week, but the Falcons, Packers, Jets, Bears, Raiders & Bucs are all on bye week which is pretty amazing considering how interesting those teams are! One thing to think about this Sunday is that the NFL has a week in which a lot of “good” teams play a lot of “bad” teams which means we are bound to have an upset or two which will shake up the playoff picture a bit so to speak. The Cardinals beating the Ravens or the Browns lucking up and catching the 49ers off guard would immediately become the story if the underdog happens to win. Although not considered “good” games from my perspective, they still will be worth tuning in if the score is close. Here are my picks for best games.

Really interesting because the opening line was New England by 1.5, but since has moved even further towards the Patriots! Regarded as somewhat of a measuring stick game, the Steelers really haven’t beaten anyone. They are 5-2 which is great, but more than any other year it seems Pittsburgh is a product of schedule. They’ve lost to the Ravens & Texans who are a combined 8-5, but their wins have come against Seattle, Indianapolis, Houston, Jacksonville & Arizona! Those 5 squads are a combined 8-24! Maybe they are better than I think, but the defense hasn’t been what it used to be and the rushing game is a bit soft. New England has problems too, but if the Steelers lose this one at home, they can’t hang their hat on much of anything. PATRIOTS (-2.5)
I guess beating the Redskins in Washington means the Eagles are BACK! To me this game is a lot more about the Cowboys than Philadelphia. Remember that Dallas needed OT to beat SF early in the season & I doubt Dallas wins that game with how the 49ers are playing. Beyond that game, Dallas has losses to New England, Detroit & the NY Jets. Like Pittsburgh, the Cowboys haven’t really beaten anyone, and this week is a great opportunity for Dallas to get to 4-3, but shove Philly out of the playoff picture & get a little closer to the Giants. If the Eagles really are back then a win here ties them with Dallas at 4-3, but remember Philly will be 2-1 within the division. The Redskins are non-factors meaning the Eagles will be a lot closer to the playoffs than you might think. EAGLES (-3)
It’s interesting to think the Bills opened up at -5, but the bettors thought that was too much against the Redskins! Oddly enough this could be a decent game simply because of the matchups. Buffalo has a pretty good offense, but their defense is a bit suspect. The Redskins pretty much have a non-existent offense because of their QB problems while the defense is actually pretty nice. I don’t think that means Washington wins the game, but a loss here would mean the Redskins have lost 3 straight after starting 3-1. Rex Grossman was going to turn into a pumpkin at some point. We all knew it, but it’s weird seeing them fall this fast. Buffalo just gave an extension to QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Kid has come pretty far and Chan Gailey deserves a little credit here. BILLS (-4.5)
HOW INSANE IS TEBOW MANIA!? I’m rooting for the guy like you wouldn’t believe! I hope he wins 4-5 Super Bowls (although I prefer it not be with the Broncos!), but the line here opened at Detroit (-3.5) and has since moved to Detroit (-2)! I know Detroit is in the midst of losing 2 straight games, but those games came against the 49ers (5-1) and the Falcons (3-3). The Broncos are downright terrible who needed an OT miracle to be the Miami Dolphins! Yes the 0-6 Miami Dolphins! If Tebow winds up beating Detroit then can you imagine the headlines! They’ll be psychotic! What I’m looking most forward to in this game is of course another miraculous performance, but also what Ndamukong Suh might do to #15 if he gets his hands on him. That could be UGLY! LIONS (-2)
How crazy is the AFC West!? If the Chiefs win this game, they’ll be 4-3 which will put them in a 3-way tie atop the division because San Diego & Oakland will also be 4-3, but KC would have tremendous momentum being on a 4-game winning streak. With Oakland losing Jason Campbell and the Chargers playing like complete garbage, is it possible for Kansas City to repeat as AFC West champions!? I think this game is really interesting for KC. If they win it, they’ll move to 4-3 with their next two games being winnable to push them to 6-3, but from their the schedule gets CRAZY! If the Chiefs can manage to win 6 straight, they’d then get: @NE, PIT, @CHI, @NYJ, GBP & @OAK. They might follow 6 wins with 6 losses which would put them at 6-9. One game at a time baby! CHARGERS (-3.5)
I’m sort of reaching to find relevant games this week because the games a bit thin as far as obvious compelling match-ups are concerned. Jacksonville sort of makes this interesting because they are coming off a win against Baltimore, and remember that the Ravens beat the Texans. Jacksonville’s offense is downright atrocious. There is no way around it, but Jack Del Rio has a pretty NASTY defense which the Ravens know all too well. Without Andre Johnson, maybe the Jags can key in on Arian Foster & pull off a stunner in Houston? It would make things interesting as the Jags would improve to 3-5 which isn’t great, but it would only be 1-game behind both the Titans & Texans. For Houston a win solidifies their hold on the division. I think this is a close one that’s interesting. TEXANS (-9.5)

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