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2011 NFL Football – Week 7 Best Games

Week 7 is a bit lackluster for the NFL. There are some heavy hitting teams that are on bye this week including Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, Philadelphia, NY Giants & San Francisco! I know the NFL likes having a game in England every year recently, but it’s too bad that a game like Chicago/Tampa Bay isn’t on the home turf for the fans of the Bears & Bucs to enjoy themselves. Although I have the Chargers/Jets game being more interesting/important, the more I think about the things the more I feel like Chicago/Tampa Bay might be the game of the week. Only 7games are “MUST WATCH” this week & really I had to reach for those. Not sure how much I like these bye weeks!

This was the week’s best game even before Rex Ryan starting making comments about how many Super Bowls he would have won in San Diego. Forget about Ryan for a moment, if San Diego ownership actually hired Norv Turner over Rex Ryan, then they deserved to have their nose rubbed in excrement! Remember that Ryan’s first two years as a Jets HC has lead to two AFC Championship games with a QB we are finding out isn’t all that great. I can’t believe the Chargers are favored here. Note that the Chargers are 4-1, but their wins have come over MIN, KCC, MIA & DEN! Those 4 teams are a combined 4-17! A win over the Jets pushes SD to 5-1 & adds some legitimacy to their season. The Jets absolutely can’t afford a loss at 3-3. Dropping to 3-4 would be exceptionally damaging to their playoff hopes. Current Line: Chargers (-1)
Amazingly enough this line started at Detroit (-6)! That many people are buying into Atlanta just because they are coming off a win over Carolina? The Falcons aren’t awful & this will be an excellent game to see how the Lions bounce back after suffering their first defeat last week against the 49ers. If they come out guns blazing then I think you can attribute the loss as tough luck against a solid team, but if Detroit comes out flat then who knows what happens. The Falcons are in much the same position the Jets are in. They certainly can’t afford yet another loss as it would drop them to 3-4 & apparently the Bucs aren’t going away. The South won’t get two wild card teams so if Atlanta has been waiting to turn it on, now is a good time. Current Line: Lions (-3.5)
How bad is the AFC South? This is a game that could be billed as a matchup between the two RBs who screwed your fantasy team. Chris Johnson through 5 games has 366 total yards & 1TD. Last year through 5 games he had 524 yards & 6TD. Arian Foster so far has 491 total yards & 1TD through 6 games. Last year at this time Foster had 815 total yards & 7TD. The game would be a major coup for the Titans if they were to win because it would put them at 4-2 to Houston’s 3-4 which essentially puts them up 2.5 games with 9 to play. It’s interesting because the game goes a long way in determining who wins the South, but it just feels funny with Peyton Manning having no say in the eventual outcomes of the AFC South. Current Line: Titans (-3)
Some really good storylines here in this game that almost make it the best game of the week. Obviously the Jay Cutler/Mike Martz stuff is intriguing, but from a big picture standpoint it’s even better. The Bucs finally had a breakthrough game last week beating New Orleans in a game that I think mattered. Tampa hasn’t played all that well this season, but they are 4-2 atop the South. The Bears are 3-3 coming off a 39-10 beating of the Vikings! No big deal right? Well, Chicago’s record is 3-3, but those 3 losses have come against the Saints, Lions & Packers who have a combined record of 15-3. The Bears are probably better than a 3-3 record would indicate and the Vegas line actually shows this, but if the Bucs can get this win off the heels of their win over New Orleans, then Tampa sits themselves up very very nicely in the NFC. The Bears need this win as the North getting 3 playoff teams could very well be a possibility. Great game here. Too bad it’s in London. Current Line: Bears (-1)
The Chiefs/Raiders game is one of those rivalries that automatically make it “MUST WATCH” on Sundays, but this game has some interesting subplots. With Jason Campbell going down, the Raiders made a crazy move by acquiring Carson Palmer who may or may not play this weekend. The Raiders are 4-2 and playing very well, but KC is 2-3 coming off 2 straight wins followed by their bye week. I’m not sure KC can win the game, but really they couldn’t be facing Oakland at a better time. If KC wins they’ll be 3-3. If SD loses to the Jets then the Chargers will be 4-2 & Oakland 4-3. With as bad as the Chiefs have been this season, could they find their way back into the thick of the West with quite a bit of momentum on their side? Don’t see your season tickets just yet Chiefs fans! Current Line: Raiders (-4)
This doesn’t seem like a game that would move the meter AT ALL, but there is a lot going on here. Tim Tebow makes a start for Denver back in his home state of Florida which should have some juice right there. The other thing is that Tebow is criticized more than Rush Limbaugh is by Michael Moore, but Miami stinks so Tebow could come in & actually win right away for the Broncos! On the other hand, because everyone sort of thinks Tebow sucks, this is definitely a game Miami could win especially because it’s a home game, which obviously impacts the Andrew Luck sweepstakes as the Dolphins would leave the ranks of the completely defeated. Get your old Dan Marino jerseys out Colts fans! Current Line: Dolphins (-1)
What is going on here? The Colts were actually 14-point dogs to start & the line has moved towards Indianapolis!? Amazing! I’m really curious to see how the Saints respond after losing to Tampa Bay. There is absolutely no way the Colts roll into the Superdome to get their first win of the season, but I almost feel as if the Saints need to reassert their dominance even if it is against an inferior opponents. That it’s a Sunday night game makes it a bit more important. A loss here puts Indianapolis at 0-7! That’s incredible. Does Peyton Manning win the MVP this season without playing a game? Clearly the Colts have been masquerading as an elite team despite the fact they are the worst team in football. Is there really any Brady v. Manning debate after this season? Current Line: Saints (-13.5)

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