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Reactions To First BCS Poll

The first edition of the 2011 BCS poll has been released so I thought I would go over a few thoughts regarding the poll. As always, anything related to college football always seems to bring about debate & argument. Here are my reactions:

  • I’m not surprised LSU & Alabama are 1-2 with the Tigers being #1. The Harris Poll loves LSU while the Coaches poll has the Tide at #3 which I suppose you could argue isn’t a bad spot for them to be in.
  • I’m glad to see Oklahoma St. at #4. It’s amazing how much love the computers are giving the Cowboys. The aggregate computer ranking has Oklahoma St. as the overall #1 team in the nation. I suppose the computers can’t see the defense that is sieve like, but it obviously likes the amazing offense that OSU puts up. Then again, Oklahoma St. has road wins over Texas & Texas A&M.
  • I find it ridiculous that Wisconsin is at #6. The computers absolutely hate the Badgers as the aggregate computer rankings have them at a mind blowing #11! No disrespect to Kansas St. & Virginia Tech, but Wisconsin beats both of those squads by 3TD on a neutral field. Both the Harris Poll & the Coaches Poll have the Badgers at #4. I have them at #3, but I can live with #4. Right now Wisconsin is the most screwed team in the nation. Devil’s advocate would have you say the Badgers only have one legitimate win which is a home game against Nebraska. I wouldn’t argue there, but Wisconsin is rolling to 13-0.
  • I think it’s crazy that Boise St. is #5. Talk about reputation without doing anything! Boise St. is a top-10 team no question in my opinion, but it’s so hard to get a gauge on them. Obviously their BCS number will keep slipping and slipping until they are no longer a factor nationally. Remember that Wisconsin has yet to play Illinois & Ohio St. which will up their value. Boise doesn’t have those games on the schedule while TCU doesn’t look so hot. Neither does Air Force.
  • The computers think Oregon is the 12th best team in the nation? What? The Ducks basically beat themselves in the opener against LSU & have blown everyone else out. If you are going to say Oregon is a FANTASTIC win for LSU then you certainly can’t hammer the Ducks for being darn near perfect afterward.
  • I can’t believe how much love the computers are giving Kansas St. By the aggregate the Wildcats are the 7th best team in the nation! I’ll give you that beating Missouri, Baylor & Texas Tech are pretty nice wins, but I’ll be really surprised if KSU finishes in the top-4 of the conference. They can’t go anywhere but down.
  • Clemson is a top-5 team according to the computer aggregate. Ummmmm, this is the same team that just gave up almost 40 to Maryland & had a hard time putting the Terrapins away. What is an offense like Oregon going to do to that defense on a neutral field? I’m feeling Clemson this year so I don’t want to bang them too much, but top-5!? Come on.
  • I don’t know what to say about Stanford. One of the computers has the Cardinal ranked #15 while the other has them ranked #20! That’s INSANE! At this point all the Cardinal can do is keep on winning, but that computer ranking is nuts.
  • It’s interesting to see West Virginia at #15. The Mountaineers have a loss & are coming out of the Big East so they don’t have much of a chance to play for a championship, but given how the Big East has played out this season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see WVU finish 11-1. Some of the teams ahead of them are going to go by the wayside & I think they have a chance to get up to top-8 & maybe top-6 if they win out.
  • Surprised to see Notre Dame not in the initial rankings. The Irish are getting killed the polls. They are 27th in both the AP & Coaches polls so right now they aren’t getting much love nationally from the pollsters. Next week they play USC & a win there has to put a 5-2 Notre Dame team in the top-25. It certainly doesn’t help ND to see South Florida completely tank & Michigan lose, but then again, the win over Michigan St. looks better.
  • Arkansas is the highest rated 1-loss team in the first poll at #9. The Hogs are going to be interesting down the stretch because they really shouldn’t lose anymore games until their final game which is on the road at LSU. A lot of people are if Bama & LSU could potentially play for a national championship, but don’t forget Arkansas. They are 9th right now. If they win out and go 11-1 with their only loss at Alabama & everyone else has a loss, what do you do with the Razorbacks?
  • What’s certain at this point is that if everything goes to play the winner of the LSU/Alabama game is likely to play the winner of the Oklahoma/Oklahoma St. game for the national championship. What muddies those waters is if both Wisconsin & Stanford finish the season 13-0. That’ll have people clamoring for a playoff up in arms because it’s the perfect “PLUS 1” situation. Alabama at 13-0 taking on Oklahoma at 12-0 plays the winner of Wisconsin at 13-0 & Stanford at 13-0.
  • Houston starts at #19 despite beginning the year 6-0. The Cougars are the 2nd non-BCS team to still have a perfect record along with Boise St. I don’t know how CUSA is going to shake out, but Houston certainly as the schedule & team to go 13-0. How high that pushes them in the BCS rankings remains to be seen, but they have as good a shot as anyone else at being perfect.

It’s an interesting first look to be sure. Hopefully next week we’ll get some more insight in to how the end will look.


October 16, 2011 - Posted by | BCS, Rankings

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