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2011 NCAA Football – Week 7 Best Games

Week 7!? Are you serious? I’m changing up the “BEST GAMES” this week by adding any game that involves an undefeated team. We have 13 teams still undefeated through 6 weeks with 7 of those teams finished half of their regular season games a perfect 6-0. The BCS rankings don’t come out for another couple of weeks but essentially 13 teams are left with opportunity to play for a national championship unless everyone or only a single team winds up with an undefeated record. It’s always every week a season in college football, but for these select 13 teams, that maxim becomes even more important.

I just want to make a quick note and say that these are the most interesting games to me this week in descending order of importance. Obviously I think the most interesting and most important game of the week is the Wolverines/Spartans matchup. This should give you an idea of why the games are in the order they are.

It’s weird to think Michigan is the dog in this game considering the Wolverines beat Notre Dame while Sparty took a beating. Easily the best game of the week for me because it’s a statement game for Michigan. If Michigan wins here then I think they could easily go 9-0 to start the season with the potential to get to 12-0 because Ohio St. & Nebraska come to the big house. The last couple of years have seen Michigan start hot only to falter miserably down the stretch. I’m hoping that isn’t the case this season. Current Line: Michigan St. (-3)
I think you could make a very convincing argument that Oklahoma St. has a better offense than Oklahoma does. Seeing how the Sooners put 55 on Texas last week in Dallas, you would think OSU might have a field day. I’m not entirely sure about it though. It would be odd seeing Texas get absolutely hammered in back-to-back weeks by two Oklahoma schools without ever setting foot in the state of Oklahoma! On the other hand, OSU is a win today away from easily getting to 11-0 & getting a home game against Oklahoma which will probably decide one-half of the BCS Championship game. If there was ever a time for Oklahoma St. to win a national championship, it’s now. Current Line: Oklahoma St. (-7)
It looks like LaMichael James isn’t going to play for the Ducks this weekend which means Darron Thomas & Kenjon Barner are going to have to pick up the considerable slack that James typically carries. If you hadn’t had a chance to see ASU Vontaze Burfict yet, then this should be a great game to watch him as he’s an exceptionally talented kid that should be a 1st round NFL draft pick. I love the matchup here as it could easily be a prelude to the Pac-12 championship game, but I doubt Oregon has much trouble at home. Still, some think James is the straw that stirs the drink & if ASU comes up huge then it really makes the Pac-12 a different environment. Current Line: Oregon (-14.5)
A really big crossroads game for both teams. Ohio St. is currently on a 2-game losing streak so another loss that would drop the Buckeyes to 3-4 would be disastrous for the program with the Urban Meyer rumors reaching a frenzied pitch. On the other hand, Illinois could definitely be for real. They get Ohio St. at home here so it’s a great opportunity for the Illini to win this game which would mean the Leaders Division would come down to Illinois & Wisconsin. Just crazy really. The problem here with both though is that Illinois has back-to-back home games against Michigan & Wisconsin. Despite them being home games, they’ll be mad difficult to win. If Ohio St. loses this one, they’ll drop to 3-4, but also faces Wisconsin next week which could drop them to 3-5. If they lose their season finale then that’s guaranteed 6 losses! Could Ohio St. not qualify for a bowl!? Amazing! Current Line: Illinois (-3.5)
The loss to Auburn sucks to be sure, but oddly enough South Carolina still can determine it’s future by winning out, getting to 11-1 and the SEC Championship. The Gamecocks have the talent to pull of a huge upset in the SEC Championship game which could mean a 12-1 SC team will make a helluvan argument to get into the BCS Championship game. Stephen Garcia has been dismissed from the team so maybe the Gamecocks rally around this? Garcia had been horrible this season so it’s not as big a loss as you might think. I still can’t give up on Mississippi St. I believe in Dan Mullen as a HC and MSU is much of a veteran team to give up on the season. SC did lose to Auburn & MSU is another SEC West school so it’ll be interesting to see. Vegas believes SC is the better team, but 3-points isn’t hugely confident. Current Line: South Carolina (-3)
Interesting game for me because Florida is a favorite although they are suffering through significant injuries at the QB position so it’s weird to think they’d still be a road favorite. For me this game is interesting because an Auburn win here would have you think the Tigers could easily finish this season 7-5 or even 8-4 Remember that coming into the season, War Eagle took on MASSIVE LOSSES from their national championship season last year. Most everyone thought this would be a big rebuilding year in Auburn, but 8-4? That’s not exactly rebuilding & given the recruiting classes, Gene Chizik is bringing in, this year might be the worst Auburn sees in a long time. That’s scary. Current Line: Florida (-2)
Kansas St. hasn’t beat any of the Big XII blue bloods at the top, but this Wildcats team is 5-0 with wins over Baylor, Missouri & Miami-FL, now ranked #17 in the nation! What other superlatives can you say about the job Bill Snyder has done!? Kansas St. has really gotten over this year on the strength of their defense which will be sorely tested against Texas Tech’s offense which scores over 45ppg! The Red Raiders lost to Texas A&M last week at home 45-40 so that game could have gone either way. What makes this game somewhat interesting is that if Texas Tech wins then nothing major happens, but if K-State manages a victory here, then the Wildcats could be thought to have the ability to beat both Texas & Texas A&M leaving their games against Oklahoma & Oklahoma St as potential losses. If that’s the case, K-State could wind up 10-2 which nobody thought was possible at the beginning of the season. Current Line: Texas Tech (-3.5)
Speaking of Big XII teams, how great has the Big XII been this season!? Oklahoma, Oklahoma St,. Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Missouri, Kansas St. & Baylor! Only Iowa St. & Kansas haven’t been all that great & the Cyclones are actually a decent team! Baylor is ranked 20th in the nation at 4-1. The loss to Kansas St. by 1 point is a major, but with how A&M played against Oklahoma St. & Arkansas, Baylor can win this game. For A&M, the season can go down the drain in a hurry. A loss here pretty much means the season is finished & Mike Sherman might be out of a job as the school looks for a fresh start in a new conference in 2012. Current Line: Texas A&M (-8)
The Vegas line isn’t encouraging for Maryland, but this game is shaping up to be fairly interesting. Maryland isn’t a great team, but they are home & Randy Edsall is a good coach. Remember that Clemson QB Tajh Boyd is a little banged up and it’s can’t be stressed how great the QB has been so far this season. In Clemson’s 6 games, Boyd has completed 61% of his passes for 1742 yards to go along with 15TD to only 2INT! If he’s not 100% will be enough for Maryland to take advantage of some opportunities to pull of a close win? Remember too that Clemson has North Carolina & Georgia Tech in the next two weeks which means the Terps could be overlooked as well. A great game to see how serious Clemson is about being national players this year. Current Line: Clemson (-8)
I really like the Miami-FL games. The Hurricanes lost to Maryland by 8 points which I suppose doesn’t necessarily count as a “close” win, but their losses to Kansas St. & Virginia Tech were by a combined 7 points! All the stories you hear coming out of South Florida has Al Golden doing a tremendous job in his first year replacing Randy Shannon. A win here would be great for the Canes, but also not that surprising. I don’t quite understand the UNC program. To a degree, the first thing you think about UNC would be basketball just like you would Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas or Duke. On the other hand, UNC actually recruits well & Butch Davis is a fantastic coach. The Heels are 5-1, but haven’t beaten ANYBODY! Very odd. A solid win for either team & a game worth watching. Current Line: North Carolina (-2.5)
I love the Rebels with that old school light blue helmet instead of their current dark blue variety. Bama is a 4-TD favorite on the road so I don’t expect Ole Miss to put up much of a fight, but like I explained earlier, any game involving an undefeated team automatically becomes interesting now that we are at the halfway point of the season. Plus remember that Oxford isn’t an easy place to play & the more road SEC experience AJ McCarron gets the better. Current Line: Alabama (-28)
I was unaware of this before a couple of days ago, but LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu’s nickname is the Honey Badger. I can only think it’s because he’s a light skinned brotha’ which gives us Honey and then Badger because he plays like a wounded animal that is psychotic. Hands down Mathieu is the NCAA defensive player of the year, a player you simply can’t take your eyes off of and it’s why LSU is must watch TV every week. Unfortunately Tennessee, they lost QB Tyler Bray last week so some poor backup is going to get murdered today by the Honey Badger. It’s simply amazing to see Tennessee this down. They are 17 point dogs at home! Current Line: LSU (-17)
Good grief. Last year the Hoosiers went up to Madison and lost the game 83-21! Wisconsin put up 80 points on the Hoosiers and this was before the Badgers had Russell Wilson playing QB! This forces me to ask a couple of questions. The first is why in the world did the Big 10 schedule maker force Indiana to go to Wisconsin two years in a row!? The 2nd is why is Wisconsin “ONLY” a 40-point favorite in this game!? Like I say, anytime an undefeated team is playing I think it’s worthwhile to list it here, but this game will get U-G-L-Y! Kevin Wilson isn’t having a great year in his first season in Bloomington. Current Line: Wisconsin (-40)
Like Al Golden at Miami-FL, I think Mike London at Virginia is doing a good job with the Cavaliers. This game is a little more interesting involving an undefeated team. Virginia isn’t fantastic, but Georgia Tech has been a bit underwhelming in recent weeks in their victories. I have no doubt that the Yellow Jackets are going to run and run well, but for GT to really step up, I think they need a statement game that gets peoples attentions. Putting a whippin’ on Virginia might be just what the doctor ordered especially with Clemson coming up. Current Line: Georgia Tech (-7)
This should be blowout city for Stanford going up to Pulman to take on the Cougars. What might be the most interesting thing to watch today in this game is seeing if Andrew Luck can finally have a game this season where he throws more TD passes than incompletions! Wazzou has no chance today, but everyone will be watching to see how competitive they can make it. The Cougars could argue they should have beaten UCLA last week which wold have put them at 4-1 on the season. They still have a couple of games they could win so who knows? Paul Wulff might finally be turning things around. Current Line: Stanford (-21)
Surprised this game isn’t by a higher margin although if the game were in Norman, we’d be looking at the Sooners being favored by 41-42 points which is actually higher than what Wisconsin is favored over Indiana! It’s worthwhile because Oklahoma is an undefeated team, but basically this game is going to be a laugher as Kansas has absolutely no shot at winning this football game. Want to hear something scary? KU’s biggest win this year is over Northern Illinois and their defense ranks DEAD LAST in scoring defense among FBS teams at 49.4ppg! Oklahoma ranks 9th in the nation in scoring offense at 45.0ppg! If there is a chance for a team to put up 100 points, it’s today with Oklahoma visiting Kansas. Current Line: Oklahoma (-35.5)
An under the radar CUSA title, SMU is currently 4-1 (2-0) and off a bye before which they went into TCU and got a win. UCF is 3-2 (1-0), but lost back-to-back road games against FIU & BYU. This probably isn’t a potential CUSA Championship preview, but both schools are trying to get into the conversation. Southern Miss is 1-1 in the conference with a loss to Marshall of all teams so UCF might have a door open. SMU has conference road games against Southern Miss, Tulsa & Houston, but the Mustangs already won on the road at TCU. They can win at those places too. You have to love what June Jones is doing down in Dallas. SMU probably wishes they could get that opening week loss to Texas A&M back, but if they can go one game at a time & make noise, SMU is going to be a tremendous storyline for the 2011 season. A great game to watch. Current Line: SMU (-3.5)
It would be nice if Boise St. had a true road game against a team that was really really good. That happened last year against Nevada and the Broncos came up empty handed. I actually like Colorado St. as a program and wonder sometimes why they aren’t better than they are, but this year the Rams aren’t so hot and Boise St. should come into Colorado Springs and put a beating on CSU. I don’t really like it, but it’s going to happen. As for Boise St., it’s another win which is nice, but it’s almost virtually meaningless which is unfortunate. Current Line: Boise St. (-32)
This is game that shows just how great college football is. The MAC is pretty much a non-discussion when it comes to being nationally relevant, but I’m telling you that I think the MAC has been incredibly interesting this entire year and in the past couple of seasons actually. The Broncos are 4-2 (2-0) while the Huskies are 3-3 (1-1). Both teams are supposed to be right there with Toledo as the best teams in the MAC West. I don’t think either team is better than Toledo, but a chance to see a couple of the conference’s best teams. Current Line: Western Michigan (-1.5)

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