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A Look Back at Notre Dame’s 2011 Recruiting Class

Yesterday I took a look at Notre Dame’s 2012 recruiting class so far. What I really wanted to do was see how “elite” the athletes were that Brian Kelly recruited in relation to SEC talent. Obviously the SEC is the measuring stick for extreme football talent in the nation. Granted, we can also cherry pick some other schools such as Texas, USC, Oklahoma, & Florida St, but for the most part you have the top-10 SEC schools along with the aforementioned quartet in grading out talent. As I said yesterday, if a kid is a 5-star recruit but only has UAB & Bowling Green making offers, chances are great that the kid isn’t worthy of the 5-star moniker. With that being said, let’s once again look at the Rivals-250 for 2011 and see the other offers for the guys in Brian Kelly’s first recruiting class in South Bend.

#16 Ishaq Williams/DE/6’6″/230lbs/Brooklyn, NY/5-STARS

Other offers: Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Miami-FL, NC State, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn St., Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Carolina, Stanford, Syracuse, Texas Tech, USC, West Virginia

All the heavy hitters are here. Alabama, Florida, Ohio St., Miami-FL, Oklahoma, Penn St., Stanford, & USC. Wow. The SEC presence is felt here with Alabama & Florida. Remember that this was when Urban Meyer was still in Gainesville so Williams had both Meyer & Nick Saban putting the full court press on him & yet still he chose Notre Dame. Williams is also a player from NY state so you can’t make the argument he won’t be able to play in the cold. The Irish are using him this year as a 3-4 OLB which is INSANE when you think the guy is 6’6! The versatility is off the charts as well because Williams clearly has the size to line up as a 4-3 DE. Williams has seen time in all 6 games for the Irish this year, but he hasn’t made any starts and has just a couple of tackles.

#22 Stephon Tuitt/DE/6’5″/260lbs/Monroe, GA/5-STARS

Other offers: Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Louisville, LSU, Navy, North Carolina, South Carolina, Southern Miss, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

Another 5-star defensive lineman, Kelly wasn’t playing around in this class! The size is also deceptive. Tuitt was 6’5/260lbs in high school, but ND is listing him now at 6’6″/295lbs meaning he’s a true 3-4 DE or possibly even a legitimate NT in a 3-4 scheme making him incredibly valuable! He’s only played in 4 games this year but has 8 tackles. The recruitment of Tuitt was sort of interesting because he initially verbaled to Georgia Tech & the Jackets have to be sick to lose a talent like this. What’s kind of interesting is that you don’t see many guys that show up with offers from both LSU & Notre Dame, but wind up picking Notre Dame. It may happen that LSU & Notre Dame go after a lot of the same guys & that player ends up picking neither, but it’s interesting to see LSU here. Absolutely love seeing Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, UNC, South Carolina & Tennessee here! Plus the fact he’s from the heart of SEC country! Sign me up!

#28 Aaron Lynch/DE/6’6″/245lbs/Cape Coral, FL/4-STARS

Other offers: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida St., Iowa, Kentucky, Miami-FL, North Carolina, Ohio St, Purdue, South Carolina, South Florida, Texas Tech, West Virginia

From an offer standpoint you could easily see Lynch being ranked higher than either Tuitt or Williams. Notre Dame has Lynch now listed at 6’6″/270lbs and he’s made his way into the starting lineup as a 3-4 DE! That’s incredible! Lynch is turning into an absolute BEAST. He’s only played in 5 of ND’s 6 games, but has 12 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss & 3 sacks. He’s recorded 8 QB hurries which leads the team by a wide margin. His 3 sacks also lead the team. Clearly the offer sheet shows that Lynch was uber-talented player with the offer sheet to back it up. Bama, Auburn, Florida, FSU, The U, UNC, & Ohio St.!? Yeah, this kid is an elite level talent.

#70 Matt Hegarty/OT/6’5″/265lbs/Aztec, NM/4-STARS

Other offers: Arizona, Arizona St., Auburn, California, Florida St., Harvard, LSU, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Northwestern, Oklahoma, Oregon, SD State, Stanford, Texas, Texas Tech, UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt

There might not be a better offer sheet on the list. Here is a kid with offers from both LSU & Harvard! He’s out west in New Mexico so we aren’t going to see the glut of SEC schools try to pick him up although I think with offensive linemen it’s probably OK not to go overboard on having every SEC school involved. Skill position players & defensive players? SEC all the way! Offensive linemen & QBs? I think you can look elsewhere. Hegarty still has SEC flavor with Auburn & LSU which is more than enough. Hegarty hasn’t seen much playing time this season but he has to get bigger. ND lists him at 290lbs which is bigger but at 6’5″ he needs to be 300lbs at least. Outstanding athleticism should equal an NFL paycheck if he keeps working hard & improving. The offer sheet says it all.

#82 Ben Koyack/TE/6’5″/230lbs/Oil City, PA/4-STARS

Other offers: Boston College, California, LSU, Maryland, North Carolina, NC State, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Penn St., Pittsburgh, Purdue, South Carolina, USC, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Wisconsin

I don’t care who else offers, if LSU & USC are on the offer sheet, then it’s good enough for me! I absolutely love the TE position and you can’t argue with some of the schools here and who they’ve produced! A lot of these schools really make using the TE a priority. Wisconsin, Oklahoma, USC & Penn St. are just a few of them. Koyack is already up to 6’5/250lbs so he’s got incredible size for a TE. He’s played in 5 games for the Irish but has only 1 catch. Then again playing time is going to be hard to come by with Tyler Eifert on the squad & Mike Ragone being a senior. On the other hand, Koyack started last week against Air Force! Eifert is 6’6/250lbs with Koyack at 6’5/250lbs. Can you imagine ND going with 2 TE sets with those guys! Wow. Clearly Koyack was an elite level TE given his offer sheet. Nabbing him away from Pennsylvania when teams like Penn St., Pittsburgh & Ohio St. live there!? Even better.

#91 Ben Councell/DE/6’5″/225lbs/Asheville, NC/4-STARS

Other offers: Auburn, Duke, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, NC State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, West Virginia

Councell is a fantastic recruit as evidenced by his offers from Auburn, UNC, South Carolina & West Virginia. What probably hurt Councell a bit in his recruiting rank & his offers is his apparent lack of position. At 6’5/225lbs, he’s playing OLB in a 3-4 scheme although I suppose his frame might be big enough to hold enough weight to eventually turn into a 3-4 DE. Hasn’t gotten hardly any playing time since arriving in South Bend & also hasn’t seen the weight gain some of the other top level recruits have. ND lists him at 240lbs which is probably deal for him playing OLB in the 3-4. I love that Duke & Vanderbilt offered this kid and it’s not exactly easy to pull North Carolina kids out of the ACC/SEC yet ND did it. Will be great to see how this kid progresses.

#126 George Atkinson/ATH/6’2″/194lbs/Livermore, CA/4-STARS

Other offers: Alabama, Arizona, Arizona St., California, Illinois, Miami-FL, Nebraska, Northwestern, Oregon, Oregon St., San Diego St., San Jose St., Syracuse, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, Washington St.

Typically in this kind of analysis I want to see 2 big time SEC programs offer, but the other case that is considerable is a kid who is on the west coast that makes SEC schools figure it isn’t worth the effort. Except Alabama!!!!!! Atkinson is a freak athlete obviously. Look at the sheet. Alabama, Miami-FL, Nebraska, Oregon, USC & Washington! I’m loving that sheet! I also love the fact that Northwestern shows up here. Atkinson is already making an impact in South Bend as the primary kickoff returner. He averages about 29yards per return & even has a KO return for a TD. Atkinson was a RB in high school, but so far for the Irish he’s been involved in special teams. ND lists him as a RB, but at 6’2, he’s going to have to get into the 220-230lbs range to be effective. Obviously the offer sheet speaks for itself. He’s clearly an SEC talent especially if Alabama is the only SEC team that thought they had a chance with him.

#178 Davaris Daniels/WR/6’2″/190lbs/Vernon Hills, IL/4-STARS

Other offers: Arkansas, Cincinnati, Illinois, Iowa, Miami-FL, Michigan, Michigan St., Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin

Like Atkinson, Daniels is another 4-star talent not from SEC country that didn’t get the requisite 2-SEC offers, but did get Arkansas from the SEC along with HEAVY HITTERS Michigan, Miami-FL, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon & Wisconsin! It’s not like Ryan Broyles is doing a bad job in Norman! Daniels has great size and might have been a little underrated by Rivals. He hasn’t seen any playing time this year as the Irish WR corps is a difficult nut to crack. In time Daniels has enough ability to become a fantastic option although it’s possible he never becomes a true #1 WR. Then again, those are rare birds indeed. If Daniels becomes an excellent #2 WR then he’ll be playing in the NFL. There is more than enough on that offer sheet to believe he’s got SEC talent.

#217 Eilar Hardy/S/6’1″/175lbs/Pickerington, OH/4-STARS

Other offers: Arizona, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan St, Minnesota, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Hardy is probably the first recruit we come to without SEC level talent. He’s from Ohio so that might make some difference given his geographic location, but being from Ohio also puts Ohio St., Michigan, Penn St. & potentially Tennessee into play, all of which didn’t offer the 6’1 talent from Pickerington. One thing to keep in mind about Hardy is that a lot of scouting reports say he’s not an exceptionally gifted athlete, but he has “ball hawk” type of skills, & I think as ND fans that can’t be stressed enough. Has not seen playing time this year, but certainly adds significant depth. His future is a ball-hawking free safety which Irish fans will not be upset about in the least.

#221 Troy Niklas/OT/6’6″/243lbs/Anaheim, CA/4-STARS

Other offers: California, Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon St., Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA, USC

Really interesting here. Nicklas is now in the 6’7/250lbs range which is very odd considering ND has him listed as an OLB! Depending on which recruiting service you are looking at, Niklas was considered either a TE or OL prospect, but Brian Kelly has completely flipped on what he wants Niklas to do which is be an edge rusher. If Niklas has the ability to be an edge rusher and played TE in high school, then you’d have to think there is some athleticism there that could turn him into a LT. The 6’7″ frame is ridiculous and if he were 6’7″/320lbs, then we’d be looking at OT. Clearly he’s a very talented guy. He got the 2 SEC offers (including Florida!) despite being in California, but also picked up offers from USC, Oklahoma & Stanford. He’s contributing right away as a true freshman. He’s made a start at OLB and also has recorded 10 tackles which is 15th on the team. If Kelly winds up having 6’7/270lbs freaks at OLB in the 3-4 scheme then GOOD GRIEF the Irish are going to be downright monstrous.

NR Josh Atkinson/CB/6’0″/180lbs/Livermore, CA/3-STARS

Other offers: Arizona, Arizona St., Oregon, Oregon St., San Jose St., Syracuse, Utah, Washington, Washington St.

George’s twin brother, but could be a little bit under the radar. Lacks ideal athleticism for CB position, but apparently according to scouts, is an great cover CB. Gives the Irish some versatility in that he can play the nickel and possibly safety position if he were to bulk up a bit. I really like Josh because with the attention George gets, he has to be pissed & probably plays a bit with a chip on his shoulder. I really like seeing Oregon & Washington on the offer sheet, but clearly not an SEC talent although maybe geography has something to do with it? I like that Kelly takes guys like this. He might not be pretty, but apparently is some of a play-making, ball-hawking type of defensive back.

NR Jalen Brown/CB/6’0″/173lbs/Irving, TX/3-STARS

Other offers: Arizona, Baylor, Iowa St., Kansas, Kansas St, Minnesota, Nebraska, Purdue, Rice, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Wisconsin

Another kind of odd recruit. Brown has excellent size & speed for a CB, but lacks any WOW factor that probably kept teams like Texas & Oklahoma from pulling the trigger. No SEC interest here which stinks, but we do have Texas A&M and Wisconsin. The thing with a guy like Brown or even Josh Atkinson is that these guys are actually pretty darn good athletes. They have some things to work on which might have dropped them a bit nationally, but Brian Kelly has a way of getting the very best out of his players. A tall CB with great athleticism? I’ll take him with Kelly coaching him up.

NR Brad Carrico/DE/6’6″/270lbs/Dublin, OH/3-STARS

Other offers: Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Purdue, West Virginia

Clearly not an SEC caliber player, Carrico comes in practically at full size for a 3-4 DE, but the Irish wisely moved him to the OL where they list him at 6’5/290lbs. Obviously he’s probably going to be along the O-Line at RT most likely if he can gain another 15-20lbs. Again, this is another solid recruit by Kelly. Carrico destiny probably wasn’t as a 3-4 DE. He has some problems coming off the edge and maybe he couldn’t have sealed off an edge the way good 3-4 DEs are supposed to. However, as a DE he showed some athleticism that could translate very well to OT. That’s depth right there and you wonder if maybe Carrico would have gotten a few more looks from big time programs had he been a full time OT? Another guy the Irish & Brian Kelly have to develop, but the physical tools are there.

NR Matthias Farley/ATH/6’0″/194lbs/Charlotte, NC/3-STARS

Other offers: Duke, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, NC State, UCLA, Wisconsin

Farley is a good example of looking at how big players are. ESPN says he’s 6’1. Rivals has him at 6’0 while Notre Dame lists him at 5’10! He’s probably 5’9! Believing he’s 5’9″ makes a lot more sense when you look at his recruitment. He’s got a mean streak to him with great ball skills although his top end speed isn’t fantastic. Thus he becomes somewhat of a tweener. To be a 5’9″ WR then you need burner speed which he doesn’t have. To be a 5’9″ CB then you need burner speed which he doesn’t have. To be a 5’9″ safety you need to be another Bob Sanders or Ed Reed which Farley isn’t at this point. With Kelly you’ll see this a lot, but Farley really is described as a “ball-hawk.” That’s a good thing. The Irish list Farley as a WR which means he’ll most likely operate in the slot, but what do we normally associate with guys in the lost? Feisty, ball-hawkish type of players who like to dole out punishment. This is Farley!

NR Everett Golson/QB/6’0″/170lbs/Myrtle Beach, SC/3-STARS

Other offers: Clemson, Duke, East Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio St., South Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech

WOW! A late bloomer so to speak, ND was able to turn Golson away from an initial commitment to North Carolina! I think this recruitment is also interesting because Golson is clearly a dual threat QB and the list of teams are interesting considering the dual threat QBs. Clemson is using Tajh Boyd right now. Florida obviously had Tim Tebow. Michigan has Denard Robinson now. Ohio St. has had great success with Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor & now Braxton Miller. Virginia Tech has Michael Vick and Tyrod Taylor. The Florida & Georgia offers show this kid is a high end SEC talent. Athletically Golson is fantastic but I suppose the questions about his QB skills have to do with his height. At a listed 6’0″ we are probably talking about a 5’10-5’11 guy. He hasn’t played in any games this season, but I think Golson could give Kelly an incredible option at QB. It’s just a matter of time with him getting the opportunity to showcase his skills. Fantastic get for Notre Dame. I know I wouldn’t mind another Tony Rice coming to South Bend!

NR Jarrett Grace/LB/6’4″/240lbs/Cincinnati, OH/3-STARS

Other offers: Arizona, Boston College, Cincinnati, Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Miami-OH, Michigan, NC State, Northwestern, Ohio St., Stanford, Syracuse, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Wisconsin

ND lists him as 6’3″/240lbs which makes more sense as an ILB prospect. Grace isn’t as SEC type of player as far as the offer sheet goes although he did grab an offer from Tennessee. I love seeing Pat Fitzgerald & Northwestern on the list. Same with Stanford. Michigan & Ohio St. are gigantic recruiters as well so this kid has serious game. In reality the big picture is what’s intriguing. Grace apparently has a mean streak with the ability to cover a lot of ground. He’s 6’3/240lbs, but still “growing” into his body. If he keeps his speed up you are talking about the possibility of a 6’4/260lbs ILB! That’s Rolando McClain type of territory. Grace hasn’t seen time yet this season, but this is another recruitment that serves a purpose. Grace has the ability to be a very good LB. He provides depth, but also he shows that Kelly is really upgrading the size of the defense.

NR Conor Hanratty/OG/6’4″/305lbs/New Canaan, CT/3-STARS

Other offers: Boston College, California, Clemson, Florida St., Iowa, Louisville, Maryland, Stanford, Virginia, Wisconsin

The Irish now list him at 6’5/315lbs so he’s getting big enough to play OT. Hanratty isn’t an “SEC” player given his offers, but like I said earlier, I’m not really concerned about SEC offers for O-Line prospects. Take a look at the schools that did go after him. Boston College, Iowa, Stanford, Virginia, & Wisconsin. That’s a veritable assembly line for NFL offensive linemen! Also note the presence of Florida St. who had assistant coach James Coley going after the guy! The recruitment is also weird. From the scouting reports, this guy is a physical beast with fantastic strength, size & athleticism. I don’t see how he stays inside at OG although he’s an incredible run blocker given that he’s now 6’5 & over 300lbs. Maybe his geographic location had something to do with it given that he’s from the New England area, but it didn’t drive Florida St. away and clearly schools who know a thing or two about O-Linemen thought enough to want this kind inside their program. Kelly may have gotten a huge steal here.

NR Chase Hounshell/OT/6’5″/242lbs/Kirtland, OH/3-STARS

Other offers: Akron, Ball St., Boston College, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Duke, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisville, Memphis, Miami-OH, Michigan St., Ohio, Toledo, UCF, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Originally committed to Florida as a OT, but changed his mind and committed to Notre Dame where the Irish now list him as a 6’5/265lbs DE. A lot of reports talked about how Hounshell has the body that could hold on a lot more pounds which means he would be ideal as a DT at the collegiate level. However, if he gets to 6’5/280lbs or 290lbs then he’s an ideal fit in a 3-4 DE scheme. Hounshell is more of a run defender at this point so making him a 3-4 DE makes the most sense which is what Notre Dame has done. Obviously he’s not an SEC type of player, but having the Florida offer is interesting especially because apparently he committed to the Gators fairly early. Maybe that is why the rest of the SEC backed off? Who knows, but again, Kelly get a very interesting prospect because of his size. Remember that finding D-Linemen to play a true 3-4 scheme isn’t easy. Heck, it’s not easy in the NFL! Another very good pick up for the Irish.

NR Nick Martin/OT/6’5″/270lbs/Indianapolis, IN/3-STARS

Other offers: Ball St., Boston College, Cincinnati, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Miami-OH, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, South Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA, Wake Forest

Martin is an SEC caliber player given his offers from South Carolina & Tennessee. His older brother Zach was the starting LT last year as a true sophomore. Martin is somewhat of a beast physically by all accounts. He has the height & athleticism to play LT. He needs to improve his pass protection & add about 40-50 pounds, but all are definitely possible. I’ve read a few scouting reports where Martin is described has having a pretty big mean streak in him on the football field which is always an added bonus that I love to see. Kelly had an inside track because Martin had a brother in South Bend and maybe that is why more teams shied away from the guy, but he got the 2 SEC offers and he also got the big time O-Line schools in BC, Iowa, Michigan, Northwestern, & Stanford. Fantastic get by Kelly even if Martin is “only” listed a 3-star player. So was Clint Boling and I don’t hear Georgia complaining!

NR Cam McDaniel/RB/5’11″/192lbs/Coppell, TX/3-STARS

Other offers: Air Force, Army, Cincinnati, Colorado, Iowa, Iowa St., Louisiana Tech, Minnesota, Navy, Stanford, Tulsa

Clearly not an SEC type of athlete especially at a skill position. McDaneil is a white RB so there is obviously going to be some bias against him. However, the kid is an explosive athlete with serious fast twitch muscle action. ND lists him at 5’10/192lbs meaning he’s probably 5’8-5’9 and about 185lbs which means he’s pretty darn small to be playing RB. I think the problem with McDaniel is that he doesn’t have a ton of bulk and despite his quickness, doesn’t have top end speed. Combine that with his lily whiteness and you can see why the offers didn’t come pouring in. Still, it takes a particular kind of kid to draw offers from Air Force, Army, Iowa, Navy, Stanford & Notre Dame. You can bank on this kid being tough as nails and he’s precisely the kind of player that opponents absolutely hate. I already LOVE HIM! He’s actually gotten a few carries as a true freshman. He’s not SEC caliber, BUT he’s a weapon and I think Kelly will be able to utilize him well. So he can’t break off a 60-yard run. If he averages 6.0ypc and gets the carries, he’ll be one of the best RBs in the nation. Keep an eye out.

NR Jordan Prestwood/OT/6’6″/280lbs/Plant City, FL/3-STARS

Other offers: Auburn, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida St., FIU, Louisville, Purdue, Rutgers, South Carolina, South Florida, Tennessee, Texas Tech, UCF, USC, Wake Forest, West Virginia

An original commit to Florida St., Prestwood enrolled early in Tallahassee and then backed out and headed to South Bend. That makes him done for the 2011 season. Clearly Prestwood is an amazing talent worthy of SEC billing. Even USC was hot on his trail. Oddly enough some scouts looked at him more as a TE out of high school because he played the position quite a bit. The size is nuts at 6’6/280lbs although ND now lists him at 6’5/290lbs. That’s much too big to play TE so obviously he’s future home is at OT which is where Notre Dame has him down. Originally a 4-star recruit by ESPN, Prestwood was undervalued by Rivals a bit and then with the flip-flop between FSU & Notre Dame, we don’t know what we really have. Obviously his athleticism stands out as he was seriously considered a TE prospect despite his size. A great get for Notre Dame.

NR Anthony Rabasa/DE/6’3″/220lbs/Miami, FL/3-STARS

Other offers: Auburn, Duke, Florida, FIU, Florida St., Illinois, LSU, Maryland, Memphis, Miami-FL, Minnesota, Nebraska, NC State, Purdue, Rutgers, South Carolina, South Florida, Texas Tech, UCLA, Wake Forest

What the? You have to love this recruitment as Notre Dame went down to Florida (Miami even!) and snagged a legit SEC player in their own backyard. Rabasa is no DE. He’ll play ILB for the Irish. ND lists him at 6’3/240lbs so he’s already got plenty of size & bulk to hold down the ILB position. In fact his size is pretty much ideal. Amazingly enough, ESPN thought he was one of the best 150 players in the nation and had him as a 4-star prospect! Rivals clearly missed the boat. Rabasa hasn’t seen time this year for ND, but clearly this is an exceptional get for the Golden Domers. SEC quality defensive player that played in the Florida HS system??? Where do I sign up!

NR Tony Springmann/DE/6’6″/257lbs/Ft. Wayne, IN/3-STARS

Other offers: Boston College, Duke, Indiana, Louisville, Purdue, Stanford, Wake Forest, Western Kentucky

Clearly not an SEC type of player, Notre Dame lists Springmann at 6’6/280lbs which is ideal size for a 3-4 DE. Some scouting reports I’ve read thought Springmann had an outstanding future ahead of him as an OT as his size & frame clearly indicate an ability to handle the position. The one thing I’m learning about 3-4 DE prospects is that they typically aren’t highly rated. They are typically seen as OT prospects, because of the extreme height & weight. As always, we really don’t know what we have here, but it’s obviously a HUGE get for ND if only to add legitimate size to the D-Line which is one of the absolute biggest in the nation! Wow. If Springmann develops, then he’ll be a gigantic DE who could actually put on enough weight to be the extremely rare 3-4 NT.

NR Kyle Bridzna/K/6’2″/195lbs/Canton, MI/2-STARS

Other offers: Michigan

What can you really say here. Reports are that Bridzna has an incredible leg. He already handles the kickoffs for ND so they’ll have a serious weapon for the future. Note that David Ruffer is a senior so Bridzna likely becomes the face of FG attempts next season although he’s yet to attempt one this season as a true freshman. How bad can a kicker be when Notre Dame & Michigan are offering scholies!?

As with yesterday let’s take a look at the players who meet the SEC requirement:

Players With At Least 2 SEC Offers Not Named Kentucky/Vanderbilt; If Florida or Alabama Offered, Only 1 Required

Ishaq Williams/DE: Alabama, Florida, South Carolina
Stephon Tuitt/DE: Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Tennessee
Aaron Lynch/DE: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina
Matt Hegarty/OT: Auburn, LSU
Ben Koyack/TE: LSU, South Carolina
Ben Councell/DE: Auburn, South Carolina
George Atkinson/ATH: Alabama
Troy Niklas/OLB: Florida, Tennessee
Everett Golson/QB: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee
Nick Martin/OT: South Carolina, Tennessee
Jordan Prestwood/OT: Auburn, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee
Anthony Rabasa/LB: Auburn, Florida, South Carolin
Chase Hounshell/OT: Florida

That’s not bad having 13 of the 24 recruits being SEC compatible. Last night we saw that ND had 10 of 16 recruits be SEC type of players meaning that at a minimum, the Irish will have at least 23 players on the roster that had the talent & athleticism to garner multiple SEC offers from schools not named Kentucky or Vanderbilt. A closer examination though says the other 11 recruits from the 2011 class play a significant role in what that class is so stellar. It’s a fantastic time to be an Irish fan with arguably the best HC in college football! How lucky did Irish Nation get when Brian Kelly came to South Bend!?


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