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2011 SIAC Week 7 – Matchups!

I’m seriously neglecting the SIAC! I need to get into a better groove with Indiana HS football! Anyway, here are the SIAC games and my predictions therein. The funny thing about the SIAC this season is that it’s incredibly predictable. There are really only 2 games left of any interest, Castle v. Mater Dei & Mater Dei v. Reitz. Those games will determine the top-3 placings in the conference. Given the state of Class 5A football this year with Warren Central & Carmel, there is absolutely no way Castle gets to state. The same goes for Reitz in Class 4A with teams like Indianapolis Cathedral & New Palestine playing exceptional football. The one lone representative from the SIAC with a shot at a state title is Mater Dei. The only question will be whether they have an SIAC championship that goes along with it.

Bosse might have caught a break here with hosting Providence this week. The Pioneers are 3-3, but are a Class 2A school that really hasn’t beaten anyone of note this season. The Bulldogs could certainly use the win. They’ve lost 4 straight since upsetting Washington back in Week 2. With Reitz up next, a loss here could mean Bosse being 1-7 heading into the season finale with Harrison to once again decide who will finish last in the SIAC. I don’t know if Bosse has another dramatic postseason run in them like they did a year ago. If that doesn’t happen, this year has been a grave disappointment.
It’s pretty interesting that last week’s 22-13 loss at Castle didn’t dampen the media’s love for the Panthers. Despite the loss, Reitz only moved down to #2 in Class 4A behind New Palestine & 1 spot ahead of Cathedral. I think this game is actually more interesting than it looks. North certainly isn’t a great football team, but they are young & when they get on a roll rushing the football they can score some points. I don’t think North has quite enough to pull off a stunner here, but I didn’t think the Huskies would have beaten Memorial in a close game last week either. Reitz is living dangerously close to the edge and if North runs well, I could see this being a semi-decent game. In improbable North win could make North the #3 team in the SIAC.
Mt. Vernon isn’t going to know what hit them when they come into the WEST SIDE and take on Mater Dei. Mt. Vernon is a Class 3A school meaning it’s probably a bit too small for Mater Dei even though the Wildcats are a 2A school. The other thing not working in Mt. Vernon’s favor is that they aren’t any good. Mater Dei is coming off a 63-19 POUNDING of Harrison, but can’t quite make the leap to the #1 team in Class 2A. They are ensconced at #2 and their record will run to 7-0 after tonight. Another loss by Ft. Wayne Luers probably puts the Wildcats at #1. Maybe Ft. Wayne North can take care of Luers and help the Wildcats out.
It’s possible North is better than I’m giving them credit for, but Memorial has to be really upset they lost a 1-point game to the Huskies last week. It might not matter given the playoff nature of HS football, but it has to sting. Central has kept to their season of beating the teams they should while losing to those expected. The most interesting thing about this game might be what it tells us about North indirectly. If Memorial beats Central then you would think North could also beat the Bears meaning North could wind up finishing in 4th place in the SIAC. Given the youth of the Huskies, that could mean big things in 2012 & 2013. Very odd.
Good grief Harrison can’t catch a break. Harrison opened up their new stadium against Reitz and immediately got hammered 56-12. They followed that up with another home game against Central which was a little more respectable losing 35-25. They then went on the road to Mater Dei where they lost 63-19. Now they come back home to take on Castle in which they’ll probably give up another 60 points. The weird thing about Harrison is that they’ve actually been able to score points. Getting Mater Dei, Reitz & Castle in 3 of 4 straight weeks is NASTY! Castle absolutely dominates & Harrison can only hope they win that season finale against Bosse.

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