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2011 SIAC Week 4 – Matchups!

We are only 3 weeks into the SIAC season and it’s turned pretty wacky. Last week showed us a bit more about how the conference is shaping up. Clearly Bosse lost too many players at the skill positions so it’s Jalen Pendleton and hope the other team doesn’t show up. Reitz won yet another close game last week in OT against Central. What is going on with the Panthers? Are they really good winning close games, or is something brewing that is setting them up for major disappointment. With another blowout win, both Mater Dei & Castle are setting themselves up as the class of the SIAC.

This week should give us a couple of blowout wins with Reitz hammering Harrison and Mater Dei murdering North. The Bosse/Memorial game should be a good one while the most instructive game is by far Castle/Central. What’s a Friday night without SIAC football?!

This is another Class 3A showdown with two teams who could face each other in the sectional. It’s interesting because last year Bosse surprised people in the sectional by beating Memorial & Washington. The Bulldogs already beat the Hatchets this past season. Can they do the same with Memorial? Memorial is getting a bad rap I think so far this season, but it’s gone the way it should. It doesn’t help they are doing without their starting QB, but a 1-2 start is what we expected. You can’t bang them for losing to Jasper & Mater Dei. A loss to Bosse would hurt. Bosse is worse than I thought. QB Jalen Pendleton doesn’t have much help.
In case you didn’t notice, there are two teams in the SIAC currently with 2-0 conference records. They are the two teams facing off in this matchup. I don’t care if this game was played in Mike Wilson’s living room with his parents & grandparents as the referees. North isn’t coming with 30 points of Mater Dei. The #2 (Class 2A) Wildcats have to be thinking State Title or bust and I simply can’t believe North is anything but the 6th best team in the SIAC. Mater Dei QB Dane Maurer is separating himself as the best QB in the SIAC while there is no question that RB Cody Hess is the best tailback in the conference. The Mater Dei offense is going to run wilder than Hulkamania at a Wrestlemania! North will have a tough time scoring. The only way this doesn’t turn out 55-0 or 63-7 is if Mike Goebel calls off the dogs.
Reitz needed another 2-pt conversion stop in OT against Central last week to keep their perfect 3-0 record intact and remain the #1 ranked team in Class 4A. Unfortunately that is a massive overrank. I think Indianapolis Cathedral, the 2nd ranked team in Class 4A would beat Reitz by 30 points. Reitz gets a solid week off this Friday with a game against Harrison. Reitz will have the opportunities to work out a few kinks before moving on to games against Mater Dei & Castle. I can’t get a good read on the Panthers. Henderson Co., Central & Paducah Tilghman are good squads, but Reitz’s worst case record now is 0-3! They’ve come out ahead in 3 close games meaning regression could get ugly. It won’t happen against Harrison, but with Jasper in the sectional, I’m not sure Reitz gets past them. They need to start showing something..
On paper this looks like a pretty big game, but I think we’ll learn a lot here. Central played Reitz last week extremely tough. Either Central is now starting to play well or Reitz isn’t that good. Castle has outscored their opponents 148-20 and is now ranked 7th in Class 5A which is extremely impressive. Then again, Castle hasn’t played anybody. You’d have a hard time arguing that Mitch Gilles shouldn’t be SIAC player of the year at this point, but Central is going to be a much more difficult game to play for the Knights. If Castle rolls here, then the SIAC is certainly looking more like a race between Castle & Mater Dei. If Castle barely wins or loses, then the first three games were practically meaningless and Castle won’t be a factor. I’m betting that Castle is for real.

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