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Early Compilation of Win Ranges

I got to thinking today about looking at the schedules and my projected win ranges for each team. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve projected each team’s win range from the Big 10, SEC, Big XII & Notre Dame. I’ve yet to do the Pac 12, ACC or Big East, but if we compile win ranges for the 3 conferences plus the Irish you get the following:

Alabama 11-12
Oklahoma 9-12
Oklahoma St. 9-12
Texas A&M 9-12
Nebraska 9-12
Georgia 9-12
South Carolina 8-12
Notre Dame 7-12
Michigan St. 9-11
Arkansas 8-11
Mississippi St. 7-11
Northwestern 6-11
Wisconsin 8-10
Texas 7-10
Penn St. 7-10
LSU 6-10
Ohio St. 6-10
Michigan 7-9
Illinois 7-9
Purdue 6-9
Kentucky 5-9
Florida 5-8
Kansas St. 4-8
Tennessee 4-7
Missouri 4-7
Texas Tech 4-7
Baylor 3-7
Iowa 4-6
Minnesota 3-5
Mississippi 2-5
Auburn 3-4
Indiana 3-4
Vanderbilt 1-4
Iowa St. 1-3
Kansas 1-3

With about half of the BCS schools accounted for, we can say there are at least 8 schools that have national championship capabilities. They are Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Texas A&M, Nebraska, Georgia, South Carolina & Notre Dame.

That’s actually a pretty interesting list. Texas A&M has a chance to really have a special season. Nebraska will be entering it’s first season in the Big 10. Georgia has been down recently, and a resurgence by Mark Richt would certainly do well to make his seat a little cooler in the interim. The Ole’ Ball Coach actually has a shot at a national championship this year. He’ll still have to go through Alabama, but still. The Irish could legitimately be playing in a BCS Championship game in Brian Kelly’s 2nd season.

Alabama & Oklahoma are the two known names everyone is expecting. That’s chalk baby!


June 16, 2011 - Posted by | Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Schedule, South Carolina, Texas AM

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