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Turns Out Aaron Rodgers = Great Guy

Previously I wrote about Aaron Rodgers not wanting to catch cancer from Jean Cavanaugh at the airport. It was a SWEET story, and in a way it makes sense. Clay Matthews went up to the cancer survivor like he was immune to the disease, and he very well might be. Watching Matthews play football, you really do get a sense of him being a superhero.

However, it has come out that Rodgers really didn’t see her and that he’s actually known Cavanaugh and has signed quite a few things for her. In fact, Cavanaugh is upset about the whole ordeal and cannot believe it has put Mr. Rodgers in a bad light.

I’m glad it’s come out that way. I’ve actually heard nothing but great things about Rodgers in his personal life. For a couple of years now Rodgers had been my favorite player in the NFL, not named Peyton Manning, so I’m glad the record has been straightened out for him.

Still, as a kid who loved the WWF, it would have been cool to see an incredible talent like Rodgers turn heel!


January 19, 2011 - Posted by | Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers

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