No Sleep Till Football

Like Brooklyn Except It's Football

Pizza! Pizza!

Get it? Pizza! Pizza! Those old Little Caesar’s Pizza commercials!? This is the first bowl game that I think could truly get out of hand. Toledo HC Tim Beckman runs a pretty good spread offense while the Panthers of FIU haven’t had the most stout of defenses by any applicable measure. The guys in Detroit do get a break though. Tonight the NFL has suspended the Eagles/Vikings game until Tuesday, meaning if you want some football action on Sunday night, then the Little Greaser’s Bowl is about all you have.

Then again, I’ve got quite a few NFL games on the ol’ DVR ready & waiting so like most hard core football fans, I doubt they will think FIU/Toledo would be worth watching. Be that as it may, I’ll still probably tune in for some and you never know. It could be a wonderful game involving the pigskin.

The game is significant for Florida International. It is their first bowl ever in the history of the program and their 6 wins total this year comprises 20% of their total wins from previous years. It’s really amazing what football programs can do in the state of Florida with the high school talent that is based in the Sunshine State. We know about Florida, Florida St. & Miami-FL, but South Florida is turning into a top-25 program as well. Florida International & Florida Atlantic might not be able to get to the success levels of the Big-3, but I don’t see why they couldn’t in some form equal the accomplishments of South Florida.

As for Toledo, I think HC Tim Beckman is the next “big” coach coming out of the MAC. We saw Mike Haywood bolt from Miami-OH to Pittsburgh. My guess is that Beckman is the next to jump ship. He’s done remarkable things at Toledo despite this being only his 2nd full year as the HC. The matchup between FIU & Toledo has some intriguing storylines. For FIU those storylines are historical in nature. For Toledo, it’s the upcoming drama circulating about the rising star they have roaming the sidelines.

Florida International 6-6
Comments Toledo 8-4
FIU is going to keep running the ball behind Darriet Perry & Darrian Mallary. Toledo’s spread offense is going to go through QB Austin Dantin. Toledo has a sound rush defense, but keep an eye out for Toledo’s ball-hawking defense. The Rockets rank 4th in the NCAA in takeaways. FIU will have to avoid mistakes & ball control to get their first bowl win in history.

December 26, 2010 - Posted by | Florida International, Toledo

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