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NFL Week 15 – Can’t Miss Games

I know this is out after Thursday, but the Chargers/49ers game wasn’t “can’t miss” NFL action. I know. I watched. You could have missed the 34-7 trouncing San Diego handed the hapless 49ers. The NFL schedule is a bit light this week with only a half dozen games worth tuning in for. This is to be expected as most of the playoff races are setting up, but really this is just a week with some off matchups. I suppose I could have listed Browns/Bengals or Vikings/Bears. If you are fans of those teams then you definitely want to tune in, but CLE/CIN is not even remotely affiliated with the playoffs. The Vikings & Bears could be entertaining on Monday night especially outside of the Metrodome, but it’s basically going to be a game Chicago must win with the Vikings being completely out of the playoffs.

Be sure to keep coming back. I’ll have my NFL Playoffs post up soon and I plan on getting a lot of stuff out about the college bowl games since the bowl season kicks off tomorrow! Let’s get to it!

Both teams are 9-4 & should be in the playoffs no matter what happens here given the demise of Green Bay, but the winner of this game moves ahead in the division by 1 games & could set themselves up as the #2 seed, especially the Giants. An incredible game which I can’t believe isn’t in prime time with the NFL’s rolling schedule. Nutty.
Another great game. Could possible be a Super Bowl preview although I doubt it. Saints are 6-0 in their last 6 while the Ravens are 3-2 in their last 5. Even if they lose the Ravens aren’t missing the playoffs, and I see this game more about the Saints. A big road win shows the Super Bowl champs are capable of a repeat.
Believe it or not, the battle of Missouri is between 2 playoff teams! Kansas City should win this game, but neither team has room to breathe if it wants to make it to the postseason. Matt Cassel will be back for KC, but he won’t be at 100%. KC still should pull out a win.
Easily the biggest game in the AFC South this season. It’s pretty simply in this one. If you win you pretty much are guaranteed to win the AFC South and get into the playoffs. The Colts have home field advantage here, but the Jags have MJD who the Colts can’t seem to stop. Indy has to win!
This could get interesting. The odds are good that the Jets lose putting them at 9-5. The Chargers win putting them at 8-6. Next week the Jets are at Chicago meaning NYJ could finis 10-6. If SD finishes 10-6, who goes to the playoffs via the Wild Card? Don’t forget the Jags could be 10-6 as well. NYJ has to win one of the next 2.
Sunday night’s game could have been decent if Aaron Rodgers would have been under center. Instead it’s looking like Matt Flynn is the guy which means New England probably wins 33-0. Good grief. The Packers are definitely not going to the playoffs having gift wrapped the North to the Bears.

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