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NFL Week 14 – Can’t Miss Games

A lot of great games this week starting with Thursday night’s AFC South showdown between the Titans & Colts. What’s great about this week isn’t so much at the top of each conference, but with those teams middling around the middle. We already know that the AFC is pretty much going to get Wild Cards from the East & North, but the South is still a complete mess. However, the Cleveland Browns have all of a sudden become a very interesting team. After beating Miami last week the Browns are 5-7 with a game against the Bills this week. Both teams have played better than their records might indicate although Cleveland is catching up. A Browns win would put Cleveland at 6-7 with a game against the Bengals the following week. It’s possible for the Browns to get to 7-7 before back-to-back games against the Steelers & Ravens to close out the season. Sure it might be a 7-9 season, but the last good run for the Browns was 1983-1989. Imagine what Cleveland could accomplish if they had a quarterback!

In the NFC I think the Vikings & Cowboys could make things interesting with wins this week. The Cowboys have to beat Philadelphia and the Vikings will have to beat the Giants, but if the Bears lose and even if the Packers lose a tight one in Motown, the Cowboys would be 3 games out of 1st place in the NFC East with 4 to play. The same would be true of Minnesota with regards to Chicago. It might be too little too late, but the Vikings & Cowboys will still make it a bit interesting.

It’s so bad in Indy that Colts homers are calling for Curtis Painter! That’s insane, but a loss here all but eliminates the Colts from making the playoffs. I’m a Colts homer so I hate to say this, but I hope Peyton leaves town. He deserves better than this.
As I wrote above, the Browns are an amazing 5-7 and play better than that. They can’t necessarily overlook Buffalo b/c the Bills play a lot harder than their 2-10 record would indicate, but a win here could set Cleveland up to get to 7-7 through 14-games.
Really a must win for both teams. The Vikings need to keep winning to create complete chaos in the NFC and hope they win tiebreakers. The Giants have to win for the exact opposite reason. The Bears, Saints, Packers & Bucs aren’t making the Wild Card a sure thing.
McNabb wasn’t going to fix the Skins so it’s no surprise they are struggling. I still like some of the talent Washington has so Tampa h as to be careful. Washington isn’t elite, but they aren’t pitiful either. Tampa needs to keep beating these kinds of teams to stay relevant.
It’s crazy to think Oakland/Jax has significant playoff implications, but it does. The Jaguars need to keep winning b/c they probably want to avoid tiebreaker hell with Indy should they lose at Lucas Oil. Oakland has a legit shot to win out and take the West. It’s NUTS!
The NFC West is ridiculous, but I guess both teams are still viable. The Rams play the Saints this week so a 49ers win puts SF within 1 game of both SEA & STL. A Seattle win on the road puts them in 1st place again assuming the Rams lose.
The Jets are still probably good enough for a playoff spot, but they were embarrassed by the Patriots on Monday night and that’s not easily to overcome. Miami is clearly a team that absolutely loves playing on the road so the Jets have to be VERY careful or could be looking at the #6 seed.
The loss to Oakland was huge to San Diego assuming that Kansas City still loses this one but wins out. It simply won’t matter. The Chiefs could potentially have bigger fish to fry. They could easily win out to 12-4. They’d be 8-4 in conference. If the Steelers lose twice KC is the #2 seed.
I think this one probably gets ugly as New England is starting to look like the best team in the NFL by a significant margin. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how well Chicago’s defense plays and just how good the Bears are. My gut tells me the Bears are going to get routed.
The Cowboys will play the Eagles twice in their last 4 games. Dallas has to take it one game at a time, but if they win at home, they should be 8-7 traveling to Philly on the final weekend of the season. With any luck the Eagles will be 9-6 or 8-7 themselves. Dallas could still win the division for crying out loud!
An interesting game really. Houston can’t play defense, but Baltimore isn’t putting up a ton of points. If the Texans can explode offensively then they’ve got a shot which means they’ve got a shot the dismal AFC South. Who knows. If both Indy & Jax win then it might not matter even if Houston pulls off the stunner.

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