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NCAA Football Week 14 – Can’t Miss Games

It’s championship week! Besides the obvious importance of the Oregon/Oregon St. & Auburn/South Carolina games, there are 3 games I’m really interested in seeing. The first is the UConn/South Florida contest. A win here for the Huskies puts them into the BCS at 8-4. I’m not so much up in arms that Connecticut gets a spot over teams such as Oklahoma St., Missouri, Michigan St. or LSU. I’m happy for Randy Edsall and Connecticut. I think it’ll be an interesting game & if they wind up playing the ACC Champions in the Orange Bowl, I think they’ll make it competitive.

The other two games are Nebraska/Oklahoma & Florida St./Virginia Tech. In the Big XII Championship it’s Nebraska’s swan song in the Big XII. I think it would be interesting to see Nebraska go out if the Big XII as Big XII Champions. It would make the move to the Big 10 even bigger for the Big 10 conference in that it would seem like the Big 10 would be taking away the best program in the Big XII. I don’t think the Big XII feels that way since they’ll still be left with Oklahoma & Texas, but in a way the Cornhuskers would be going out on top. On the other hand, an 11-2 Oklahoma team would be pretty sweet as well. The Big XII has been an outstanding conference & one I’m sad to see break apart. This is the last Big XII Championship game we might ever see. It’ll be a special one.

As to Florida St. & Virginia Tech, I think this is a game more about restoring some of the prestige to the conference. Although it isn’t Florida St. v. Miami-FL for all the marbles, the Hokies are a worthy substitute & in many ways have become the flagship school for the conference regarding football. It’ll be interesting to see which team would have a bigger impact nationally should they win the game. Would a 10-3 Seminoles team going to the BCS show the nation that the ACC is getting back to normal, or would an 11-2 Virginia Tech team on an 11-game winning streak be better? The Hokies aren’t getting much respect being ranked 15th despite being 10-2 due mainly to their early season losses to Boise St. & especially James Madison, but if they finish the year off with an ACC Championship and a BCS bowl win, would it help their & the ACC’s cause nationally?

Although we are on the brink of the season being over, there are some very interesting storylines to be written.

The MAC Championship! Ohio could have been here if they didn’t gag last week, but instead N. Illinois plays Miami-OH. The Huskies are 10-2 so a win over Miami-OH would put them at 11-2 & earn them a spot in the Little Ceasar’s Bowl! I don’t really care who wins, but seeing NIU at 11-2 would be pretty cool.
The CUSA Championship! The real interesting part here is that the 7-5 SMU Mustangs are going for their first conference championship in what seems like ages! It’s also an interesting coaching matchup with Junes Jones up against George O’Leary.
The Civil War! This is the last game for Oregon before the BCS Championship game. These are typically knock down drag out affairs. I’ve been saying this forever, but I think a Chip Kelly Oregon squad is just different from past Oregon teams. I don’t expect the Ducks to have much trouble here even on the road.
The SEC Championship! Like Oregon this is Auburn’s last game before a BCS Championship game. It’s good not to forget that Auburn only beat SC 35-27 in Auburn back September 25th. Cameron Newton just got cleared to play which has to be a HUGE weight off Auburn’s & Newton’s shoulders. Expect the team & Cameron to play with abandon!
The ACC Championship! It’s sort of anti-climatic, but it’s an interesting game because you could argue which would benefit the conference more depending on who won. I think FSU winning would do more to help the conference more. That’s a tough sentiment because a Hokies win puts VT at 11-2 with a good possibility at going 12-2 with an Orange Bowl victory.
The Big XII Championship! This is a really cool game because these two squads didn’t play each other during the regular season. The winner here goes to the Fiesta Bowl. A win here definitely gives credence to Oklahoma’s season. Getting to 11-2 with a championship salves the wound. Nebraska could give a huge middle finger to the Big XII on it’s way to the Big 10. Should be good
How great a job is Randy Edsall doing at Connecticut? It’s pretty amazing given the reputation UConn has as a basketball school. A win here gives UConn a BCS bowl. They’d only be 8-4 so they’ll take flack for it, but getting to the Orange Bowl is a huge accomplishment. Now 2 things remain. Can UConn beat USF & can UConn keep Randy Edsall?
Virtually meaningless, but it’s a beautiful game when USC puts on the maroon jerseys & UCLA puts on the powder blue jerseys. Although neither can get bowl eligible, it would be a nice win for UCLA to go out on. I don’t think either team wants to go out losing.
ASU can’t get bowl eligible but Arizona could get their bowl bid a little higher by getting to 8-4. It’s sort of an interesting game thought because ASU is better than their record & there have been some rumors about Dennis Erickson’s job security in Tempe. I always wonder by Arizona St. isn’t a dominant football team. It seems like they should be.
Nothing really important, but a loss puts Pittsburgh at 6-6 & I think things get a little dicey with Dave Wannstedt. I’m not sure if Wanny would all of a sudden be on the hot seat, but finishing the year 6-6 would be a massive disappointment for the Panthers.

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