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It’s All About Adjustments

Oregon, Auburn & Boise St. were all ranked #1, #2, & #4 respectively in the BCS heading into their games yesterday. All 3 had significant scares. Let’s take a look at the scores at one point during their games:

Alabama 24
Auburn 0

Arizona 19
Oregon 14

Boise St. 24
Nevada 7

Now let’s take a look at the scores afterwards of those 3 games not taking those initial scores into consideration:

Auburn 28
Alabama 3

Oregon 34
Arizona 10

Nevada 27
Boise St. 7

All very very interesting. What’s really amazing is how close we were to seeing 3 of the top-4 teams in the BCS falter on Black Friday. We had seen Oregon get down in the past & come back HUGE in the 2nd half so I wasn’t that worried about the Ducks making a run, especially so since they were only down 5. Auburn had been down against Georgia, but that was a home game & the Bulldogs aren’t nearly as good as Alabama. With a 24-0 lead, I thought for sure Auburn was dead in the water if only because Nick Saban was roaming the sidelines in his own backyard. Still, it wasn’t completely out of the ordinary to see Auburn make significant adjustments & come back for a victory.

The really surprising game was seeing Boise St. give up a 17-point lead after being up 24-7 at halftime. I must admit that I’ll have to watch the replay on ESPN3 because I went to bed when Boise St. made it 17-0. I thought Boise was well on their way to doing to Nevada what they did the week before when they hammered Fresno St. 51-0.

I guess I forgot that Nevada HC Chris Ault is a Hall-of-Famer!

Then again it was bound to happen. Take a look at the last 4 years of scores between Nevada & Boise St.

Boise St. 69, Nevada 67
Boise St. 41, Nevada 34
Boise St. 44, Nevada 33
Nevada 34, Boise St. 31

Nevada is a good squad. They deserve the win. I’m not sure it was going to make a difference either way for the BCS Championship game. If Auburn can get through Alabama on the road, then they’ll get through South Carolina on a neutral site. The same goes for Oregon. The Ducks are simply too tough, deep, fast & patient to get beat. It’s going to come down to Oregon & Auburn, and I think Oregon has a pretty good advantage here. I love War Eagle, but Oregon simply doesn’t stop & I don’t think they’ll give Auburn and opening should the Tigers get down. The only way Auburn wins is if they go TD for TD with the Ducks & I don’t think they have the stamina to stay with them.

So even if Boise St. would have beaten Nevada, the best they were doing was #3 in the BCS.

It was an amazing day of college football, but it did reenforce my idea that the two best teams in the land are indeed Auburn & Oregon.

And remember, the games aren’t over until they’re over! It really is all about the adjustments baby!


November 27, 2010 - Posted by | Alabama, Arizona, Auburn, Boise St., Nevada, Oregon

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