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NFL Week 12 – Can’t Miss Games

Thanksgiving games are usually hit or miss with Dallas & Detroit always playing, but this year it’s definitely a miss. We get Patriots/Lions, Saints/Cowboys & Jets/Bengals. It pits a team at least 7-3 against at team at best 3-7 in every single match up. I don’t expect any of the games to be competitive save the Cowboys/Saints game, and even then I have my doubts, but at least it’s football on Turkey Day so it can’t be all that bad right?

However, on Sunday we get a bunch of solid match-ups so while you are enjoying turkey sandwiches, the football should get significantly better! There are quite a few games with playoff implications with Bears/Eagles & Packers/Falcons being the headliners for the week. We also get games like Ravens/Bucs & Chargers/Colts which could be good also especially if the underdogs find a way to win. We’ve got 8 games on tap this week & remember that after this weekend we’ll only have 5 more regular season games in the NFL!

This will be a good test to see if Dallas is for real or not. Beating on the Giants when they don’t show up or a weak Lions team is one thing, but the Saints will be jacked because it’s Thanksgiving, but also because the Saints need the win in the ultra competitive NFC South.
An incredibly HUGE game. Keep in mind that Atlanta is 5-0 at home this season so this will be a difficult test for the Packers. The tiebreakers come into play here, but this could be a game that in retrospect determined home field advantage throughout the playoffs. If GB wants to avoid Atlanta in January they need to win now.
Odd to see the Jags in a can’t miss game, but all of a sudden the Giants need a win badly & the Jaguars are the AFC South leaders! The Giants could be in bad shape. Two straight losses & now losing Hakeem Nicks? This is a MUST win for New York.
I think the Titans can still control their own destiny if they win here & beat Indianapolis, but they aren’t going to beat Indy with Rusty Smith at QB. I think Tennessee loses this one making it 4-straight for a team in completely disarray. There was so much hope for a different outcome.
This is a pretty sweet matchup really. A couple of good 5-5 teams. Miami isn’t going to the playoffs, but they could certainly ruin Oakland’s chances with a win. Oakland is 4-1 at home. Miami is 4-1 on the road. My guess is that Oakland wins due to Tyler Thigpen being the starting QB for the Phins.
Great matchup of a couple of 7-3 teams. There is no question Chicago has a great defense this season so it’ll be interesting to see how Brian Urlacher & Lance Briggs try to contain the machine that is known as Michael Vick. It’s probably more of a mus win for Chicago.
The Bucs play a real team on the road so they most likely get hammered, but it’s an interesting tilt nonetheless if only because both teams are 7-3. In reality a lot of teams are going to watch this game. Indy, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, NY Giants & Atlanta especially are affected.
Frankly I expect Indianapolis to hold serve here which will end the Bolts winning streak. Still, San Diego always seems to play really well against the Colts so I don’t think it’ll be an easy task. The Colts might not HAVE TO WIN this game b/c the Titans & Jaguars probably lose, but getting to 7-4 while those teams lose is a huge boost. SD can lose, drop to 5-6 & still win the West.

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